Trent Green breaks his silence


Yesterday on ESPN Sports Radio 810’s “Between The Lines” with Kevin Kietzman, Trent Green spoke about his current situation with the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time since this all went public. If you are Greened out, stop reading now…

The first thing I noticed is that Kietzman might as well be Trent’s agent at this point, forget Jim Steiner. I understand — Trent Green is a great guy, who mostly played at a high level as a member of the Chiefs and did considerable work charity-wise in the Kansas City area. That’s fine; I know lots of people who are nice, good at their jobs and make charitable contributions, and I like them all. However, my loyalty — along with GM Carl Peterson’s loyalty, and the loyalty of every legitimate Chiefs fan who’s worth a damn — lies with the Chiefs.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t rationalize rewarding the way Trent Green played in the playoffs with a seven-million dollar contract. What’s next, Lawrence Tynes getting a raise for shanking PATs? Jared Allen getting incentive-based bonuses put in his new contract for every DUI he racks up?

Among some of the statements Trent made:

  • Why was their a need for change when things were going so well?

Um, excuse me, but the Chiefs didn’t win a playoff game during your tenure, and only made the postseason twice. Not only were you not even responsible for that last playoff birth, but the offensive lineman that made you look like Johnny Unitas back in the pocket are drinking Piña Coladas in the Carribean right now. Change is inevitable, the suckers are the teams who can’t adapt and make the necessary changes. We all saw where a failure to act and actually become younger took the Raiders after the team’s Super Bowl birth in 2003. They’ve been the worst team in football the past three or four years. Change was needed, because things weren’t going nearly as well as Trent implied.

  • It’s not a fair shake” and “it’s a weighted competition” and “the opportunity to start is going to be very slim.”

Well, boo-hoo. I like you Trent, but this is a business. You were given six years here when nobody else would give you one, and you couldn’t deliver a playoff win, let alone a Super Bowl. It’s time to move on. Every other AFC West team has a good young QB. The Chiefs had to find a long-term solution in order to stay competitive, and why not start looking for that solution now.

Starting Brodie Croyle is the right move to make with the future in mind. Now that our defensive talent has been upgraded and we drafted a stud WR (D-Bo!), I really think Brodie is the way to go at the QB position. Why not see what the kid can do at this level? After all, we did spend an early draft pick on him.

I understand that Trent feels like he’s earned the chance to finish his career off on a good note. I also understand that he wants to find the best situation for both he and his family ASAP. The Chiefs, however, have just as much of a right to do what’s best for the franchise and its 53-man roster, humongous staff and even bigger fan base. You see, the Chiefs are a family, too.

  • At some point, the Chiefs have to release me (indicating that he won’t report to training camp in River Falls, WI).”

The Chiefs don’t have to do anything. You are still under contract with the Chiefs, Trent. He acts like the Chiefs are being completely unfair, when in actuality he was the one who put the Chiefs in the position to get nothing in return for an ex-Pro Bowl QB. Hell, an ex-Pro Bowl return specialist landed us a fifth-round pick, can we not get that for Trent? No, because Steiner, Trent and the Miami Dolphins tried to strong-arm King Carl on this one. I still think there is some bad blood between both Dolphins GM Randy Mueller and Peterson, and also Peterson and Trent. I think King Carl is still bitter about having to give up a second-round pick for Pat Surtain, and that Trent is still bitter over ex-Chiefs and current Dolphins QB coach Terry Shea being canned by King Carl without his consent.

I still also think that Peterson is making a statement to guys like Jared Allen and Larry Johnson — “Don’t even try to pull this *bleep* now, or any other year. Remember, I call the *bleepin’* shots here.”

  • Trent also said that Brodie Croyle has a “great football mind” and “a great amount of talent.”

Coming from a guy that was a pretty damn good, and smart, quarterback, that has to mean something.

Trent even said that he understood why Brodie is going to see 80 percent of the snaps in training camp and the pre-season, and likely be our starter next year.

Other things I took away from the interview:

First off, cutting or trading Trent would save roughly five-million dollars this year and three- or four-million dollars next season. That came out of his own mouth. The thing I respect is that he even said that this isn’t about money, and that starting means the most to him at this juncture of his career. I hope he does get that opportunity, but not at the Chiefs expense. Does he really think that it’s fair for the Chiefs to pay him millions of dollars to throw TDs for another AFC team, yet not receive anything in return?

Trent was also very complimentary when it came to Kansas City, Chiefs fans and his teammates. He even said that he and his family will likely move back to Kansas City after his playing days are over.

All in all, I’m not exactly pissed at Trent. I understand his situation. I just have a hard time hearing him cry foul when we might get nothing in return for a Pro Bowl QB due to the way he and Steiner handled this thing. I guess that there is a chance we might get some kind of future pick, since King Carl and Mueller are “talking” again, but don’t count on it. This reminds me of the Real World or something. The drama!

I don’t have any answers for what the Chiefs should do at this point, but I do think King Carl is doing the right thing. You can question him, sure, but there is a reason that he is the “LTGMIPS” (longest-tenured GM in pro sports) You can’t not get jack squat in return for Trent Green. You can’t rebuild when you are just giving away your best assets.

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