Chiefs Training Camp Quotes: Doug Pederson and Tamba Hali

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Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson along the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tamba Hali and Doug Pederson talked to the media after practice today and we’re here to bring you the transcript of what they had to say. Pederson talked for a long time and had a lot of interesting stuff to say so be sure to check it out.

As always, comments from AA are in italics.


Q: Who won the trash can competition?

PEDERSON: “I didn’t see it. It sounded like Tyler (Bray) and Alex (Smith) were kind of in the running for it.”

Q: Did you learn anything about some of your younger receivers like Albert Wilson, Frankie Hammond, Kyle Williams – probably not a young guy but he’s probably still new to you. Did you learn anything about them in the game the other night?

PEDERSON: “Yeah, it was great to see those guys get in there for the second half. The goal was to get everybody in the game, and get everybody on tape, and then we can evaluate and make a good evaluation of everybody, but those guys are working extremely hard in practice, they deserved to play. Guys like Fred (Williams) and Darryl (Surgent) and Albert (Wilson) when he was in there – they did some nice things. Not only in the passing game but also in the running game and they’re taking pride in that.”

Q: What about Kyle Williams, a wasted year last year, only two plays on special teams, you had some hopes for him, what are your hopes for him this year?

PEDERSON:  “He’s another guy that’s been new to our team last year, and it was an unfortunate injury he sustained. He’s worked himself back into shape, and he’s had a really good camp, and he’s right there in the mix at that receiver position. He’s a tough kid, and I just look forward to seeing him in these next couple of games, and making a really good evaluation on him.”

Q: When you think of slot guys you think of a guy like Kyle Williams or Albert Wilson. You guys have obviously been using Junior (Hemingway) doing some of that, what do you like about Junior Hemingway specifically, in that role?

PEDERSON: “Because he’s bigger in size, he’s a little more versatile for us, meaning the run game, we could use him in there as a blocker. And he’s big enough to use him over the football where there’s traffic with linebackers and safeties, and he’s physical enough to bang guys around and get open in there. We can mix and match the versatile speed with the power guy as well.”

Q: The first guy you went to when you used a slot receiver last year was obviously (Dexter) McCluster, I know this still has to play out, but do you imagine it’s going to be more of a committee type deal this year rather than just one guy getting most of the reps?

PEDERSON: “I think there’s a possibility, and again, it’s hard to speculate going forward. Each week’s a different week as far as what our needs are for offense and defense and special teams, but it can be that way, we can mix and match and put different personnel on the field, and that just, again, creates those matchups that you like for your offense against the defense.”

AA: We’ve talked a little bit about the Chiefs attacking their ‘wide receiver issue’ with numbers. This would seem to backup this theory. Having a bunch of guys with different assets and strengths who match up well against different opponents may be able to overcome the Chiefs lack of having a top-flight receiver. Emphasis on the word ‘might.’

Q: It’s one thing to do it in the spring, but Demetrius Harris finally played in a real live football game for the first time in his life, talk about his one good catch and what he’s showing when there are pads and lights on.

PEDERSON: “He’s showing that toughness, that willingness to compete; again today he made some tough catches. He’s learning; every day is a new day for him. He’s done good things this training camp, it was good to see him out there and play, and again, every day is a new day for him. He’s learning, and he’s getting better.”

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