Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; KKansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) runs after a catch against Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris (25) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

What to Expect 2014: Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe

This is going to be tough. As Kansas City Chiefs fans, we expected big things from our “big time” receiver Dwayne Bowe. However when the 2013 campaign came to a close we were disappointed with our newly paid wide receiver.
Bowe has a dismal season and that is really putting it the nicest way possible. Bowe’s season stats were a unimpressive 673 yards and 5 touchdowns.

The fans expected more, mainly because he has shown us that he is capable of out preforming his fellow wide receivers. In 2010, with Matt Cassel under center, Matt Cassel! Bowe put up big numbers in 1162 yards, and 15 touchdowns. All with the inconsistencies of Cassel at the helm of the Chiefs.

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So naturally when it was announced that the Chiefs were finally getting a decent quarterback in Alex Smith, Chiefs fans hopes soared for the tandem of Bowe and Smith.

Now as we know Smith is not your typical throw it deep and often, but the thing about Bowe was ability to gain yards after the catch. Once again he has shown he can be that guy for the Chiefs and so it was huge disappointment that we realized that was not the case. This offseason will hopefully allow Smith and Bowe to gain a better connection with one another in terms of trust and faith in giving the ball to Bowe.

As for 2014, what should one expect of Dwayne Bowe? Well hopefully bigger things are in store for the receiver. However with the loss of three offensive starters on the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line, plus the lack of a true number 2 wide receiver, it might turn out to be much of the same as we saw last year. This is disappointing to Chiefs fans everywhere and also disappointing to Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid. Dorsey made it a goal to sign the wide receiver when he came on giving Bowe a nice huge contract worth 56 million over 5 years. Now to see that amount of money go to waste, for now, is bad because with that we could have kept one or two players that we lost to free agency.

Now will we see more of the same for Bowe in 2014? Well, truthfully who knows? With training camp coming up fast we will finally get to see if Smith and Bowe have developed more into a complete QB to WR combo.

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Not much has been said about Bowe other than his current off the field issues. With players getting more into the spotlight for what they do off the field than on, it is a dangerous game to play with one’s career.

There is hope though. If Bowe and Smith have bonded there could be some great things in store for both of those key offensive players. Then throw in the leagues most dangerous running back in Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs offense could once again be firing on all cylinders and truly become a threat in the AFC West. We saw a glimpse of that in their impressive offensive wins in the second half of the season, and only time will tell if Dwayne Bowe will regain some of the greatness that has escaped the receiver in the last few years. If Bowe can return to the player he was he may be worth the nice contract he was given, however if there is no improvement to be found the Chiefs may very well be saying goodbye.

What say you Addicts? What are your expectations for Bowe in 2014? Sound off below.
Go Chiefs!!!

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  • Anthony Poole

    A very real question we all have to consider. I believe Bowe will be better in 2014 for a few reasons. ONE: Reports (even though it was just mini camp) said that Bowe was in excellent and his attitude shows determination. Not a strong point, but one that could still make some difference. TWO: Smith and Bowe were beginning to come together at the end of last season. THREE: A healthy Fasano and Kelce is going to add to the arsenal of pass plays that will confound many defenses and add extra receiving threats. FOUR: I think we all need to remember that under Reid we may never see a 1000 yard receiver again, but under his offense we won’t need to. As long as plays are executed well and assignments are carried out, our offense will effectively “move the ball down the field” (with a workable OL. ). That’s why I was never too concerned about the WR situation. The Chiefs offense doesn’t need superstars. Just effective executors. Hopefully, Avery will produce at a higher level now that he’s healthy and Hemmingway will move to the next level. With an effective DAT and improved AJJ (maybe), we should be much improved.

    • area

      I hear you, only problem is that Bowe is being paid as a 1000 yard receiver.

      • Josh Landers

        Bowe can still put up 1000 yards this season. Even in Reid’s offense. If we are able to get some 2 tight end sets with our promising young (and older) te’s them it should open things up more for bowe. He was in double coverage a lot last year because we had no one besides jc to pull coverage away from him. I think year 2 will yield better results.

        • Stan Colbert

          Agreed! The WCO has always been one based on reading the defense correctly & running correct patterns. I am not sure Bowe has been great at the head part of the game. With another year of training Alex will better trust Bowe to run the right pattern. Also, there are a number of players doing same thing.. As they gain exp. they will improve performance. The offense will be better!

        • area

          Oh, I believe we’ll see an uptick in Bowe’s yards this season, but I don’t believe we’ll see a two tight end set threatening any defense down field until the new(er) o-line gels and at least one tight end isn’t made to stay-at-home and block. Hopefully by game three or four the new o-line has gained enough cohesion that the offense is allowed to be more aggressive.

          • Bdiddy

            Most of your two tight end sets are designed with the idea that one of them will stay at home to block, but which one? What really makes this set dynamic is when both of those tight ends are equally viable receiving threats.

          • area

            agreed, other teams will have tape though, they will know which side of the line to exploit, which tight end is used more for blocking, etc. Until the line gains familiarity with one another, a two tight end set does not hold the advantage.

          • Josh Landers

            You make a valid point but 4/5 members of our o-line started at least 7 games last year. We probably will need a couple of games to get fish and whoever will be at rg acclimated to their positions though. We have the personnel to stretch the field with 2 te’s though once that happens. Especially if Harris can live up to his potential (and make the roster lol).

  • Angry Tim

    I think Bowe gets a bad rap sometimes. He has had spotty QB play through his entire career and still manages to produce. Bowe is also a damn good run blocker.

    • Michael Shaw

      Agreed, but we didn’t pay top 5 WR money to him to be a damn good run blocker! If that was the case we majorly overpaid for his services. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids run blocking and blocking for other receivers, but we honestly paid for the production he had in 2010. I think with a year under their belt the entire offense will be better barring any stupid injuries. Let’s face it, in that playoff game we got hammered by the injury bug to some major players and still almost won the game. Had Kendrick Lewis or Dunta Robinson been able to actually cover TY or Brazill in that last drive, we win the game.

  • mnelson52

    Don’t forget, a lot of Charles yards gained were do to good blocking by Bowe in the run and pass game. Without Bowe, Charles production would have been a lot less.

    • area

      I’m not downplaying Bowe’s contribuition to blocking, J.C.’s yards, or even trying to slight the guy. All I’m trying to convey is 56 million is a lot of dough to shell out for blocking down field. For 56 million Bowe had better lead the team in receptions and yac. Hopefully in year number two Bowe fulfills his duty to the team in more ways than clearing lanes down field.

    • Michael Milbourn

      You don’t think another WR would block? They don’t measure WRs in blocks for a reason, because their value to the team is being able to catch the ball.

  • Reggie Flenory

    We need to stop worring about bowe and worry about the produuction around him we need jenkins,avery,kelce,and dat to show up and show out so peopel stop double teaming bowe

    • Michael Shaw

      True. But he is big enough he should win almost any double team. Not all of them mind you, but most of them.

      • Reggie Flenory

        Hes playimg against corners as big as him now and hes theonly wide out on the team that needs a double t we need someone else to be a consistent threat not just bowe

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I expect him to return to form. Smith’s had a chance to learn what to expect from Bowe. I think with more trust of his No. 1 receiver he’ll target him more often. Bowe also says he’s leaner and refocused. We saw what how he bounced back last time he had a poor single-season performance.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    It’s sad to hear you say we don’t have a true number 2 receiver because we sure as hell don’t have a true number 1.

    Stacey Smith, I don’t want to start an argument with you but I remember a year or two ago you claimed the cheifs have an “above average” receiving corps. I, like then, still consider out receivers well below avg. Was curious what you think!

  • tm1946

    Bowe had a disappointing season last, at least for fans. He is the best the Chiefs have at WR (bigger issue than money, if asked). But Bowe is Bowe, we have seem the good and bad, that all folks.

  • Butch Davis

    The receiving corps will get better as a whole obviously and Bowe will have better production for a multitude of reasons I just dont like the fact that it has to be a year where he’ll face Richard Sherman Patrick Peterson janoris Jenkins aqib talib and Darelle revis…if he produces even close to 1000 yds I’ll be ecstatic (and of course a few scores every now and again)