Three questions: Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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Jun 17, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws passing drills during the Kansas City Chiefs minicamp at University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, we are a mere 17 days from the start of training camp and the 2014 season. To help get our minds focused on the 2014 season we are asking ourselves three questions for each position group that need to be answered during July and August.

Our focus today is centered around quarterbacks and the seemingly unending list of questions that surround them. It would make sense for the most important position in football to have the most questions so take heart in that. For once the Chiefs are in a position where they are sifting through talent and raw ability as opposed to questioning whether or not their starting quarterback is good enough to win football games. This shift in thinking takes away a lot of the scary questions we’ve normally had to deal with as fans.

There are, however, a host of questions, and in the interest of time we will narrow those questions down to three key ones. Let’s get started.

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  • berttheclock

    Why have so many forgotten the very first pass by Daniel against the Bolts? No, it was not the 2nd one which went for many yards down field. The first pass ended up being muffed by an excellent line backer for the Bolts and, had he hung on to it, it would have been a Pick Six and not the kind favored up the highway at Del Mar.

    The entire game hinged on that first throw. So, do you really want a high priced backup coming off the bench and throwing a Pick Six?

    • Ben Nielsen

      There is never a scenario where I want the Chiefs to have a high priced backup.

      • Stan Colbert

        How about first round draft choice backing up veteran All Pro?

        • Ben Nielsen

          More than likely I would not like that situation either unless the All-Pro is 37 years old or something.

          • Stan Colbert

            So…you are saying there is a chance?

  • preston riley

    Considering the amount of time all the teams put into researching and interviewing players before the draft – can it really have just been the knee injury that caused Murray to go from potential 1st rd pick all the way down to 5th round? It must have been clear to a lot of teams that his injury was healing well, yet all the other teams passed on him 4 times and for some teams 5 times.

    Not a big a college football watcher, but with that said – is there really much of a difference between Daniel and Murray other than age and salary? They both seemed to be real good, but short, SEC quarterbacks. If so, seems better to stick with Murray.

    • Ben Nielsen

      The knee injury was a big part of it, especially you are looking for a quarterback to come in a start right away. NFL teams typically don’t draft guys they cannot play – or think they cannot play – in the first three rounds.

      Plus, the medicals teams would have received would have been given to them in February. The draft wasn’t until May. It is not unreasonable for NFL teams to not have a great understanding of Murray’s progress.

    • Reggie Flenory

      You definately need to watch more college fb murray was the best qb in the sec we got em at a steal in the 5th

      • preston riley

        but is being the best QB in SEC really saying a lot? Outside of Cam Newton, and Stafford several years earlier, is the SEC really a QB factory?

        • Reggie Flenory

          Your still playimg in a conference tthat has been in the national championship game for the past 8 yrs and produces top nfl defenaive talent which these qbs have to play against every yr

    • Olivier

      Basically, added to size, arm strength, you also have to take account of the offense style you want to play. I may be wrong (I don’t Watch college football) but the skills set of Murray despite his excellent experience in SEC and pro style offense, are not in sync with half the league. Sure he can be compared to Brees, but teams want a Brees, not a Brees in the making with knee questions.

  • Reggie Flenory

    Its risky to cut chase i like em as a back up however am7 and tb9 have way more upside hopefully smith stays healthy and we can cut chase and save money i dont like cuttting a good qb chase played well in his one start but we need to allocate this money else where

  • Andy

    To be consistent with my posts about this chief’s session, Daniels will probably be cut our traded. We are a transitioning team right now. We could have found a couple missing pieces this off-season to build off our 11 win season, but we didn’t. I see a couple possibilities.
    1. Bray does enough in camp, Daniels is cut/traded.
    2. Daniels hangs around one more year, Bray or Murray end up on some sort of injury list. Under no circumstances do I see either of our qb on the practice squad.

  • Jim Harper

    I have 2 questions. First off Ben, if you want to be a professional journalist you must proofread your work. You had 3 very obvious mistakes. Secondly does KC gain anything in terms of cap space for this year if Daniel is cut?

  • Olivier

    Is there somewhat a possibility they keep 4 Qbs on the roster ? I mean Daniels won’t go to the the practise squad for obvious reasons (salary and experience) ; but Murray and Bray can go through waivers and I feel teams will claim either of the two : both have upside and in the case of Bray he has one year of Reid tutelage that can be valuable to some.

  • Daniel Alvarado

    i think they brought in chase as insurance for smith in case he didnt pan out…. now that they know what they have in smith i think chase is gone!!!! maybe the only reason why they overpaid for him

    • Stan Colbert

      They knew what they had in Smith, they didn’t know if he would stay healthy.