Nov 25, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) is sacked by Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won the game 17-9. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Bradshaw Rips Peyton Manning [Video]

If you’ve ever needed a reason to love Terry Bradshaw then this post is for you.

A video from PFT Commenter shows Bradshaw giving a speech to a group of people large enough to need an projector screen talking about quarterbacks. Bradshaw notes Peyton Manning is one of the best all-time but… well I’ll let him finish.


Manning has been to three Super Bowls in his career, winning only one of them. In 23 playoff games his 11-12, and has four one-and-done playoff appearances in his last six trips. Granted, the two times they were not eliminated after one game his team went to the Super Bowl – and lost. Manning sees his INT% increase from 2.6% in the regular season to 4.2% in the postseason, which seems to be his bugaboo since virtually every other number is either comparable or better than his regular season performances.

No matter if there is a good argument for Manning and the playoffs, it’s still fun to hear him get slammed by Bradshaw. Well played.

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  • tazer15

    Im not seeing a video

    • Blaize Richardson

      I’m glad I’m not the only one than. Thought it might just have been my computer at work.

    • Alex Rodman

      Neither am I.

    • Ben Nielsen

      How are you viewing the site? Are using the app or something else?

      • Blaize Richardson

        I’m using a laptop and am using firefox. I’m sure I’ll be able to see it at my computer at home though, so no worries.

  • Blaize Richardson

    Peyton Manning is a great QB. One of the greatest of all times, but he’s not the greatest of all time and he’s not even the greatest of his era. Tom Brady is the better QB and it’s not really that close in my mind.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Definitely has a curious postseason record.

  • Trevor Johnson

    Bradshaw is an embarrassing fool. He should have been paying his respects to Chuck Noll instead of attempting to lambaste a far superior QB.

    • berttheclock

      Perhaps the glare from his donated FOUR Super Bowl rings still affect his vision, eh?

      • Derodney Walker


    • John Walsh

      The far superior QB can’t match Bradshaw’s success in Super Bowls. Since the talk wasn’t about Chuck Noll, maybe Bradshaw had the right to express his opinion? Given Bradshaw’s success, I’d say his opinion counts more than most.

      • Trevor Johnson

        Roger Staubach was far superior too and lost head to head twice. Eli Manning v. Tom Brady. Who’s better? The best QB doesn’t always win does he? Brian Sipe would have 4 rings had he been the Steelers QB in the 70′s. Who wouldn’t. Bradshaw is just jealous/petty/something. He’s always thrown barbs towards Manning. His opinion is too jaded.

    • berttheclock

      Bradshaw and Noll had a long and very contentious relationship. They did not speak to one another for almost 20 years. They did have a meeting in 2003 which seemed to clear the air. However, I realize he is, now, taking the heat in Pittsburgh for not attending the funeral. All grieve in their own way. Give it a rest.

      • Trevor Johnson

        That’s fine. be a bigger man. Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay don’t have the best relationship, but if the billionaire douche relapsed and O’d tonight do you think Manning wouldn’t attend the service? He’s taking heat as he should.

        • Derodney Walker

          be a bigger man do you go to everyone’s funeral that you know, everyone is quick to judge someone that doesn’t do what they mite have done but you don’t know the circumstances behind the reason why and even if you did you still really maybe wouldn’t understand…..

          • Trevor Johnson

            All I can do is call em like I see em, and him being in Pittsburgh that weekend, and not making any attempt to go, or even reaching out privately like the great Jack Lambert ( did, I have zero respect for this buffoon. Sure there are circumstances where I would agree with him not going, but to my knowledge Noll didn’t steal his wife, rape his children, or rob him blind.

            At times you can call balls & strikes from the stands, not always as accurate as the ump behind the plate, but some you can just tell. This is one of those cases.

    • berttheclock

      Yes, Manning gets it done in the regular season, but, he is mediocre when the real season begins. Michael Jordan used to refer to the regular season of the NBA as the Pre-season. Jordan notched up his game in the real season of the playoffs, something, Manning has never accomplished. Yes, look back at the record setting 16 game regular season from last year for Manning. Then, fast forward to his debacle in the Super Bowl where he only threw one gimme TD and ended up looking very Old and Slow.

      • trinity

        Answer this question straight up. Right now with the Kansas city chiefs as they are. Would you take Terry Bradshaw over Peyton manning if you had the chance for both?

        • 7yahweh7

          NONE of the above. Manning can’t run, at all, and Terry is 70 years old. There is only ONE QB in the NFL I would have Right now, and that is one who can run when the weak pass blockers /FAIL, and also one that can complete passes to the sub par WR’s on the roster. Knowing the playbook would clearly be a bonus as well, so in light of the FACTS, I would take Alex Smith over every other QB in the NFL….. Right now.

          • trinity

            Did you just say you would take Alex Smith over Peyton Manning? That is so absurd, there aren’t even enough words to express it. I’ll try though. Picture the look on your face if someone looked you in the eyes and declared that they would rather eat shit than eat cake. You would first wonder if they were joking, then you would think they were stupid, then you would finally settle on the opinion that they are simply delusional and out of their mind. That’s the exact feeling I got from the utter nonsense that you just uttered. It was literally like you just said you would rather eat shit than eat cake. Simply, completely ludicrous. Period.

      • Trevor Johnson

        Foolish. Do you think before you type?

  • berttheclock

    I have admired Bradshaw since the first time I saw him, as a rookie, run to his right and hurl a bullet across his body to his left and hit a wide out going the other way directly in his chest.

    For a fellow often knocked over the years for not having much between his ears, he has always had a very high football IQ and his comments pertaining to the fellow in Coorsland is, as the Aussies and Brits would say, Spot On.

  • Michael Shaw

    “Some people consider Peyton Manning the greatest QB of this era. If you like winning during the season and losing in Super Bowls then yes I guess he is great!” WOW!! That was both harsh as hell and…….right on the money!!! Very funny!

  • Craig

    Meh. Funny and fairly true. But he also did not attend Chuck Noll’s funeral while he was just down the road from Pittsburgh, nor did he give his condolences to the family. He’s kind of an all around jagoff.

  • jimfromkcj

    There was no salary cap when Bradshaw was playing and teams with owners who really wanted to win could build teams that were loaded with talent. It is very hard to put a team that is solid on both sides of the ball under the restraints of the salary cap. We would never have played in two super bowls if it wasn’t for Lamar wanting to build a team to compete with the old NFL. After he won a super bowl and got accepted as a legitimate pro team he never again went out and got the players to compete. We either had good offense with a weak defense or a good defense with a weak offense.

    • Andy

      Every team in every era worked under the same rules. Bottom line, what wins is coaching and properly evaluating talent, mainly the draft. Bradshaw its right, Manning has issues in the playoffs. Brady has won under the same era manning plays. Each era has its warts. I don’t think anyone can be’loaded’ with talent today, except maybe for a short time.
      What has killed us, and most bottom dwellers, is our drafting.

    • Derodney Walker

      you are right but they didn’t make a lot of money then but that doesn’t matter if your team gets to super bowl i think that means you have a really good team and win or lose so don’t give me that this offense was good this defense was good thing play ball

  • trinity

    I don’t think even Terry Bradshaw would rather have Terry Bradshaw than Peyton Manning, so he should zip it.

    • Derodney Walker

      lol are nuts or what Bradshaw played with heart while Manning play for stats give me a QB that will take the blame for mistakes before pointing fingers at someon other then himself

  • jimfromkcj

    The difference I see between Bradshaw and Peyton is that if you go to the players they had around them Bradshaw had several hall of famers and anyone would be hard put to point to any weak spots in the lineup. Peyton had just the opposite. His teams were made up mostly of no names who he made better. Name one player who Terry made better. As for the remark someone made about going to funerals, I am 80 and I drive 150 miles one way to go to funerals of friends, school mates and teachers and former co workers. It is just a form of respect and a final farewell to their family to let them know that you valued their friendship however contentious it might have been at times.

  • BurtGummer44

    I’ll take Peyton’s playoff record over the Chiefs playoff record any day. Hell, all I want is ONE lousy playoff win before I die!