Kansas City Chiefs Draft Rumors: Quarterback In Round One?

Dec 5, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) hugs his mother after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats 31-24 at Nippert Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City has not selected a quarterback in the first round since 1983. Will the streak end in 2014? Rumors say there is a chance.

There are a couple of ways to look at this, with the most obvious being this is a smoke screen by the Chiefs in an attempt to trade down. The best scenario for the Chiefs to get someone to trade up to 23 overall is if one of the top quarterbacks in the draft falls to them on Thursday. There are certainly other very good players in the draft who could muster up offers, but a top quarterback is more likely to get Kansas City what they may want in a deal.

What works in Kansas City’s favor is there is a legit reason for the Chiefs to take a quarterback early, and the their is a history with John Dorsey taking quarterback when the immediate need does not exist. Kansas City has nothing behind Alex Smith at quarterback with serious starting potential for the 2015 season. This puts the Chiefs in a bind when it comes to contract negotiations. Drafting a Teddy Bridgwater – who only a few short weeks ago was considered a potential number one overall pick – would give the Chiefs a security blanket for the near future or a valuable trade piece is Alex Smith pans out.

Keep this quote from Jay Glazer in mind about John Dorsey when it comes to pre-draft chatter:

“It was great because everybody had just put in their mock drafts. And all of a sudden, boom, I come out with Fisher’s going to be the number one pick and every mock draft in the world is screwed up,” Glazer said.  “I knew the information and was trying to make sure it’s current and make sure it’s solid and they absolutely are doing it. They did an unbelievable smokescreen on that. The Chiefs had people fooled. They should have worked for the government last year. “

It is difficult to really know what the Chiefs are thinking heading into the draft. These quarterback rumors only make it more complicated.

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  • Kody Latham

    I wouldn’t mind takin teddy personally I would rather trade down though

  • unclejesse40

    Who are the character issue guys that should be 1st round talents but won’t be because they screwed up?

    • Justin Gideon

      Colt lyerla, although he may not even get drafted and would have to bid for him as a udfa. Definite talent, serious character and mental questions.

      • berttheclock

        Had only Phil Knight been able to afford a team shrink.

  • freshmeat62

    Chances that Chiefs take a QB in rd 1 – about as good as the proverbial snowball in that hot place. Rapoport and Mortonson must have been desperate to write something that day.

    • micah stephenson

      I know. Does he not realize that we don’t do the 1st rd QB thing.

      • Deadmeat

        So glad you know what our new head coach and new gm does.

      • BWrangler

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTmBvPg-Kto I was just chilling, watching some touchdowns from last season….oh! Did you say we need a QB? I think we got our guy. Thanks for playing!

        • Kevin Hart

          That’s for sure

        • micah stephenson

          Did you notice that ALL but 3 tds where passed less than 20 yards and Averys tds in the Playoff game wss the only 40 yard pass all yr. I don’t mean jc screen play 40 yard plays. I mean 1 td where he threw it through the air 40 yards. This dude is the Check down king. The throws and plays he made, I have faith that the top 6 qbs in the draft can make those same plays as a rookie.

          • BWrangler

            Sure, a rookie could probably make the same reads and get the ball to the playmakers….but I can guarantee you that they’ll have way more than 7 interceptions while doing it.

          • micah stephenson

            Idk. A lot of the rookies have a very low int number for the number of pass atts. Even lil Matt Cassel only had 9 ints for us in 2010. Now wat about Alexs future contract vs a rookie contract? What about the rookie having a higher ceiling at younger age?

  • Jacob

    Kinda scary to think of secrecy as being a good quality of government. I’m gonna have to disagree there.

    …uh, anyway… I’m hoping this is just a smoke screen. We can’t spend 2 2nd rounders on Smith and only get him for 2 years.

  • mr357magKC

    Personally I don’t think we should pick a QB with our first pick unless Bortles, Bridgewater, or Manziel happen to fall. Just finished my first mock draft per fanspeak.com. With D. Carr being the only quarterback available when I picked I decided to pass on taking a QB. I went into this wanting to fill the holes I fill is most important WR, DL, OL. Also decided to pass on taking a DB in this draft cause I believe the secondary will be ok as long there is some kind of pressure on the QB. So here’s what I came up with tell me what you guys think……..
    Rnd 1. Odell Beckham JR. WR, LSU
    Rnd 3. Trent Murphy OLB, STANFORD
    Rnd 4. Brandon Thomas OG, CLEMSON
    Rnd 5. Jeff Janis WR, SAGINAW VALLEY STATE
    Rnd 6. Ed Stinson DE, ALABAMA
    Rnd 6. Ryan Groy OG, WISCONSIN

    • BWrangler

      The Chiefs need to add some young talent in the secondary. I’d go CB in the 4th round like Bashaud Breeland, Jaylen Watkins, or Nevin Lawson. Move the OL pick up to the 5th round and take the best player (almost) regardless of position in the 6th.

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    I think this is a way to put a bug in Clevelands mind. Bridgewater is a QB that is either going to be great or awful. He is such a big question mark, being drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round the expectation wont be as high and if he is a bust it wont be a big of a deal than if he was taken in the first round. Cleveland has expressed interest in drafting Carr, but with their second pick in the first round. If the Chiefs start expressing interest in Carr, I think we can get Cleveland to trade us picks. We get a 2nd or 3rd from them and still have an opportunity to draft Beckham or Cooks while picking up an additional pick.

    If we draft a QB in the first round and keep them, we have zero need to extend Smith and we might as well start over at the QB position. I don’t think this is a good idea and I think this will set us back so many year. Hopefully we can make a trade back to get additional pick(s) and we extend Smith on a 3-4 year deal.

  • berttheclock

    Phil Emory, the GM of the Bears, just stated he didn’t believe in taking any QB lower than the 3rd round. Perhaps, he has not really studied David Fales out of San Jose State, who could be a steal from round 4?

  • micah stephenson

    Cus I’m happy!!!!

  • micah stephenson


  • micah stephenson

    QB? The 1st rd? Yea right! Not the Chiefs style. They rather trade for some other teams thrash or draft a QB in the 7th rd.

    • trinity

      Lol I know you’re happy. That would be great if they got bridgewater. If he falls, it would suck if the chiefs resisted.

  • trinity

    That’s a great idea if they can get bridgewater. They should drop Alex Smith on his ass, especially if he’s asking for more than he’s worth.

  • Stan Colbert

    Somebody called Dorsey and begged, give me somethin’. Please! Anything!

  • tm1946

    More of an SWAG, Smith extension is not moving towards completion, so let’s float a rumor for his agent to get it going before the draft – alert, Chiefs might look at drafting a QB at #1. Not going to happen, how do you explain, no #2 this year and a QB at #1. Not Chief’s style.

  • KCMikeG

    Tajh Boyd was forecasted as a 1st round pick last year before deciding to stay at Clemson another year. Watkins and Bryant didn’t both get ranked in the top 14 WR’s in the draft by themselves. Boyd would be dynamic in Reid’s offense with a year or two to develop behind AS11. Plus he is projected as a 6-7 round or even UDRFA! NONE of the QB’s ahead of him are that much better to be worthy of being a 1st round pick if he could be had so late. Get him with our last pick in the 6th and let him beat out Daniels & Bray. He could be ready in 2015 if for some reason we don’t get AS11 extended.

    • micah stephenson

      If Boyd is as good as you think he Is he won’t last till the 6th rd.

      • KCMikeG

        Luckily I don’t rank the picks. That’s where he is ranked. Even if we took him in the 5th it would be a steal. Don’t you think he would fit Reid’s system? Don’t you think his consistently good performance over the last three years would translate to him being a good NFL QB? He has been over 3,800 years, 3 TD to 1 Int ratio, completion percentage rising from 60% to 68% and QB rating from 141 to 168.

        • micah stephenson

          I’m ok with him as a last resort?

  • sidibeke

    And R&D likened Geno to Vick last year. This is why Dorsey turns of the TV and doesn’t read the papers; he doesn’t want to fall prey to his own tactics.

  • Joshua telemaque

    If they wanted a 1st round QB they would have drafted one last year they need an experienced NFL ready QB. I wouldn’t mind a developmental QB in later rounds but that would give the chiefs a total of 4 QB’s and thats pushing it.