Aug 16, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher (72) and guard Jon Asamoah (73) block against San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Tony Jerod-Eddie (63) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. San Francisco won the game 15-13. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Where Do Right Guards Come From?

There has been some debate amongst Chiefs fans about when the team should address the right guard position in the draft. As things currently stand the Chiefs do not have a starting right guard, unless you want to count Rishaw Johnson as being the man. This has led some to argue the Chiefs should select a right guard in the first round of the draft in order to fill the current void.

To get an idea of where some of the better guards come from, I put together two very simple charts of what some of the better teams are doing with the right guard position and where some of the more notable right guards were taken in the draft. Let’s start with what some of last year’s best team’s did at the position first.

TeamPlayerDraftPFF Grade2013 Cap Number
Seattle SeahawksJ.R. Sweezy7th Round-6.1$494,212
Denver BroncosLouis Vasquez3rd Round+33.6$3,250,000
San Francisco 49ersAlex BooneUndrafted-1.9$1,940,000
New England PatriotsDan ConnollyUndrafted-13.7$3,333,333
Green Bay PackersT.J. Lang4th Round+11$3,100,000

There is a lot of diversity in terms of how much money each team is willing to spend on the position, but it is notable none of them spent higher than a third round pick on their start right guard. In fact, three of the teams used a seventh round pick or no pick at all on their starting right guard.

Green Bay was added to this list because of the John Dorsey connection. It should be noted both of their guards, Lang and Josh Sitton, ranked among the best guards in football last year. At the very least we can assume Dorsey has been exposed to offensive line scouting that has been successful at identifying good interior linemen. Whether Dorsey can transfer that into his role as a general manager will be something to pay attention to.

Also keep in mind Andy Reid came up through the coaching ranks as, among other things, an offensive line coach. One would hope between Dorsey’s scouting experience and Reid’s coaching knowledge will help the Chiefs in their search for a guard.

At the very least, we at least learned from this chart that it is not necessary to have a top-end right guard to have a successful offense. This isn’t to discredit the importance of the position, but to say that their are places more important along the line of scrimmage then right guard.

Here are five more right guards who were among the best in football last year.

TeamPlayerDraftPFF Grade2013 Cap Number
Detroit LionsLarry Warford3rd Round+22.8$579,250
New Orleans SaintsJahri Evans4th Round+10.5$6,740,000
Houston TexansBrandon Brooks3rd Round+13.8$654,359
Baltimore RavensMarshal Yanda3rd Round+10.7$7,450,000
Pittsburgh SteelersDavid DeCastro1st Round (24th overall)+11.8$1,775,886

Note that only one of these guys  - meaning one of the 10 guards we’ve discussed in this post – was drafted in the first round. And DeCastro isn’t much more valuable or in some cases as valuable as some of guards taken in the mid rounds our later. It would seem that if the Chiefs are particularly concerned about the position then they should select a player in the third or fourth round where there appears to be several valuable options historically.

With this said, Kansas City may not be too worried about the position. Seattle, San Francisco, and New England all received below average production from their right guard’s according to PFF’s metric. Keep in mind that the guard many wanted the Chiefs to re-sign, Geoff Schwartz, was a seventh round draft pick. In terms of former Chiefs greats, Will Shields was a third round pick, Brian Waters was undrafted, and Dave Szott was a seventh round pick. Both Shields and Waters may end up in Canton one day.

Guard – or at least right guard – seems to be a position a team can fill and fill well at any stage of the draft. There does seem to be a trend of the best guards being third and fourth round picks, so that’s something to keep in mind once we get to the end of day two of the draft. This may be why it would be unwise for the Chiefs to select a guard with the 23rd overall pick.

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  • mnelson52

    Every player in every round is a crap shoot. Lucky for us, Dorsey has been good at finding people that are able to transition from college to the NFL. Andy has also been able to teach lineman

  • Roc

    After watching them let Schwartz and Asamoah both go, I have a feeling that they really see something in Rishaw Johnson. I don’t think they will a guard until round 4

  • jimfromkcj

    This is the second year in a row that we haven’t had a second rd pick. It really screws up your draft as you should usually find a first and a 2nd rounder to start when you have as many holes as we do. Take that, and the fact that we have an over paid safety, CB, WR and LB which puts us upside down with the cap and you have the 2014 Chiefs. When you are in that kind of predickament You might not be able to pick your RG in a later rd and take 2 or 3 years for him to develop. That is the reality that we have to look at, and why I would reach and draft Jackson from Miss St in the first rd. You have to make some difficult and unpopular decisions if you want to dig out of the hole Pioli and now Dorsey have put us in.

    • Kisersosay

      LOL….Jim is to Dorsey what Micha is to Alex……same old song over and over and over again…..

      • jimfromkcj

        Micha and I don’t agree on much, but when it comes to the mismanagement of the chiefs we are in agreement. Maybe some of you geniuses who seem to always agree with management until they screw up so bad that you can’t praise them with a straight face any longer should listen to some of us decenters a little more and we just might be right.

        • Kisersosay

          Well Jim let’s just say that you and I are on a different plane when it comes to evaluating the job Dorsey has done. While I don’t agree with every move he has made I do think he as made more positive moves than negative ones. I really don’t get the hate you lay on him for what he has done. But then I am not a “genius” …just a long time fan like you with a different perspective and possibly a different outlook of the future with the leadership (or as you put it “management”) of this team. So until they prove something one way or the other I will support them. I certainly will not act like a teenage girl and play the same song until everyone around me gets tired of hearing it. :)

          • jimfromkcj

            Kiser, what gives you the right to call me a hater? Are you so wrapped up in being a fan that you don’t understand the difference between a hater and someone who disagrees with the course the several different management groups have taken the chiefs. I think that any one who can think beyond the kool aid that emanates from Arrowhead can see that not having won a playoff game for such a long time, and not even competing in the last two, would make my point. Again, as for hate, it is not in my make up to hate. Whether the Chiefs succeed or not is not going to bother me much at all. I love the recognition we garnered during the super bowl win and the Royals winning a world series. But neither one of them made a difference for me. I still had to get up and go to work and take care of my family and the chiefs came in a distant third in my priorities.

          • Kisersosay

            Jim, reading your comments the last few months has led me to believe you are passionate about how bad a job Dorsey has done. While you may not feel like you hate the job he has done in my opinion the manor in which you convey your opinion shows some hostility towards the job he has done. Not saying that is right or wrong but just the way it comes across to me. While I don’t agree with you I do recognize your right to feel this way and comment on those feelings. As far as being a hater….by definition….I believe is accurate whether intentional or not. Hate = ” To dislike (something) intensely; detest. From that point of view I believe it to be accurate. Does not mean it is a bad thing. There are plenty of things I detest. Dorsey’s performance for the Chiefs so far is just not one of them. I understand you feel differently.

  • berttheclock

    Excellent point about many guards coming out of lower rounds, but, as for Louis Vasquez, yes, he was a 3rd round choice, but, by the Bolts, not the Broncos. When his rookie contract was up, the Broncos swooped and offered him the bucks and, last season, he did not allow one sack even when facing such as Poe. The Chiefs could have made an equal effort for him, but, they were either late or they didn’t try. AND, one thing, the Chiefs DO NOT HAVE AN OVERPAID SAFETY!!! Plus, Dorsey has NOT put the Chiefs into any mess and why don’t some posters just give up on the Bowe deal because due to the Chiefs rebuilding and not having a legitimate receiver, plus, Miami had just opened the vault for Wallace, Dorsey had no choice but to resign Bowe for just more than Vincent Jackson and less than Bowe. That has become an old saw which has gone very stale and puts it into the class of micah’s constant griping about Alex Smith. Clark Hunt did not hire Marty, but, he consulted with him on signing Reid, and he did not sign Al Saunders, so, live with it. Had Dorsey reached out and signed Vasquez to a large contract, the, I suppose that would be another thing for some posters to moan and groan about..

  • berttheclock

    One other thing about Vasguez. He was drafted in the 3rd round, went to camp and beat out all competition. On the other side of the coin, Alex Boone went undrafted, largely, due to perceived alcohol abuse problems he had at Ohio State. He was allowed to walk on to the Niners, was cut and resigned to their practice squad, where he remained for two years. Finally, through really tough conditioning on his own, he worked his way into starting and, as some writers have said, he is still underpaid.

  • [email protected]

    Agree, but what we really need is a left guard. Jeff Allen is a weak link, what with Fish moving to the left we can’t have a lackluster left guard making life harder on him and Hudson. Should address the right guard position around the sixth. Rishaw might very well be our guy there but can’t hurt to add depth.

  • [email protected]

    These are my positional hopes per round. Not necessarily the position they played in college as some players can come to the NFL as converts from other positions. Based on where you can find value and need. 1st: WR, 3rd: LG, 4th: corner, 5th: safety, 6th: TE, 6th: OL

  • Tra Tha Chief

    We need to draft based on our opponents make up in our division…. We need to be extra solid on our line, we face the best division in the nfl for pass rush in the NFC WEST next year; Seattle, San Franciso, Arizona, and the Rams, and lets not forget to mention what Denver has done with their pass rush, added Demarcus Ware with Von Miller….. I strongly believe we should put up what we need to put up in order to draft the Best Offensive lineman possible…. Possibly a 1st round pick next year, and Tamba Hali or Brandon Flowers, and our first round pick this year to the rams for their number #2 overall pick or possibly less for their 13th overall pick, to take our choice of the top Tackles Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews….. I think we need to do with our line what the Washington redskins felt they needed to do at their quarterback positions. Give up a lot to get a lot….. If we get one of these tackles we have no need to worry what our opponents do with their defensive lines…. We would be set at these two anchor positions until the end of this decade with Eric Fisher and Greg Robinson/ Jake Matthews…. we could pick up a wide out in the 3rd round and a safety/ cornerback/ defensive end/ depending on what player we had to give up for the #2 pick in the fourth…. Just a philosophy i would think we should try……….. the other option is to trust Donald Stephenson against the best defensive pass rush in the league…. trade down to pick up a later pick and filling the oline with lesser players like we have done with Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson two players who based on this writers philosophy is the key to building a solid oline…. But sorry this is a part this writer failed to mention…. that his philosophy the chiefs have tried recently in the past 3 years and it hasn’t turned out that great for the chiefs…. Lets stop kicking the can down the road and use another top draft position on the OLINE, like we did for so many years with our defensive front seven which has four of the best players at their positions in the league in Hali, Houston, Poe, and Derrick Johnson only 1 of them were drafted out of the top 20 draft positions and thats Justin Houston who we probably made up a failed drug test rumors about so he would drop to us…. SO lets invest in our Oline, like we have in our Defensive front seven…. Let Eric Fisher continue to grow and flourish, and bring in a beast in Greg, or Jake to solidify the other end, and let alex smith, and Jamaal Charles reap the benefits of a subdued rush from the ends which leads to more time for receivers to break free, and great run blocking for two great running backs Charles and Davis, to eat up yards cleared by road graders on both ends either way we want we run on whoever it is…. If we need to try to put donald at guard which was an option when he first came out…. that leaves us with robinson/ Matthews on the left, allen at guard, Hudson at Center, johnson/ Stephenson at guard, and leave fisher at right tackle since he already has one year there and should improve next year as the last quarter of the season showed….

    • berttheclock

      The Chiefs tried to take a tackle in the draft and move him into the left guard spot and Allen has failed.

      A few picks lower than the Allen pick, the Ravens took a tackle, had him start at RT for half a season, then, moved Osemele to LG, where he has helped solidify the offensive line.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Good work, Ben! Hopefully Rishaw’s the guy and they can focus on upgrading other spots.

  • BWrangler

    I think Stephon Truitt would look damn good lining up with Dontari Poe.

    • tm1946

      DE was my choice from beginning, Truitt would be just fine. I am scared to death of WR, so many had less than stellar careers. Of course, trade down and get an extra pick or two would be for the best, team will need all the new blood it can get, we seem very short bodies who can start.