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AAMA: Chiefs Home Games, Sound Record, The Masters, And Beer

Arrowhead Addict’s Ask Me Anything is back for another great slew of questions. I’ve got nothing to rant on this week so let’s get to the questions.

The NFL schedule is expected to be released sometime this month, and it should be soon given the NFL just released the preseason schedule today. Football is coming soon, folks, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Zach’s question is a good one for previewing the Chiefs’ home schedule. Kansas City will have their three games against AFC West foes as usual, and will have five games against New England Patriots, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, and Seattle Seahawks. A jam packed home schedule that doesn’t really have a bad game in the bunch.

If I were to rank this games by “most interested in seeing” to “least interested in seeing” this is how it would go as of now:

Denver, Seattle, New England, San Diego, St. Louis, Oakland, New York, Tennessee.

However, I don’t think that represents how good the Chiefs schedule is from an entertainment stand point. On a scale of 1-to-10, with 10 being a “must see” I would say there is nothing lower than a 4 on the Chiefs schedule. So the ranking would look something like this.

Denver (10), Seattle (10), New England (9), San Diego (7), St. Louis (6), Oakland (6), New York (5), Tennessee (4). 

And this can only improve after the draft. Tennessee has the 11th overall pick and could end up with Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles. Oakland could end up with Johnny Manziel. St. Louis has two first round picks and may feature either a defensive line with Jadeveon Clowney, Robert Quinn, and Chris Long or a wide receiver group that includes Tavon Austin and Sammy Watkins. How is that not must-see football?

Not everyone can go to four or eight games so if you’re saving your money for one game then I’d flip a coin for the Denver and Seattle games. The game against Denver will have more playoff implications than the Seattle game, but Seattle is the defending world champions and the blueprint for what the Chiefs are trying to become. Plus, one of those games is bound to be a primetime game, one would think.  Those are the two that are a must for Chiefs fans. 

It is really hard to ignore the injuries when talking about Danerio Alexander. The talent is certainly there and he could be a help to the Chiefs wide receiver group if he could stay healthy. But at this point, it is pretty clear he cannot stay healthy.

A former Missouri receiver to keep an eye on, possibly after the draft is over, is L’Damian Washington. He has the similar size/speed combination Alexander has but he does not have the injury history. Washington is raw and would probably need to spend a year on a practice squad but the raw tools are there for him to be a downfield weapon in Reid’s system.

No reason not, right?

Should the Chiefs bring in the Guinness World Records people again for another attempt at the sound record then the Seattle game would be perfect for it. We need to be sure to add some sort of metallic covering in order to enhance our “outdoor” stadium.

Friggin’ Seahawks.

Tiger Woods is out of the Masters with a pinched nerve in his back. It is the first Masters he will not be a part of since Tanya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan’s legs taken out. Crazy to think about.

Still, I’m not sure Tiger would have been much of a threat for the Masters this year, so I don’t the field is hurt too bad in terms of the contenders.

Rory McIlroy is playing really well right now, so he’ll probably be my “favorite” pick. Phil Mickelson has been dealing with an oblique injury so who knows where he’ll be this weekend. Adam Scot is the defending champion but only three players have ever repeated as Masters champions, with Woods being the last one to do it, so it may be wise to bet against him.

If you’re looking for a deep sleeper, Hideki Matsuyama. He’s a PGA rookie, but he’s got multiple top 25 finishes as an amateur in PGA tour events. This is the third time he’s played at the Masters, first as a pro, and was the winner of the Silver Cup as the best amateur player at the Masters in 2011. The kid has the skills to win the tournament if he can overcome the mental hurdles of playing in the Masters as a pro.

Too many beers to rank to come up with a top three, so I’ll give you my three favorite breweries at the moment. 

Tallgrass Brewing Company. Three top-of-the line beers from Tallgrass that I cannot drink enough of: 8-Bit (Pale Ale), Ethos (IPA), and Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat. They’re a newer brewery, 2007, and based in Manhattan, Kan. They don’t have a “Tank 7″ like Boulevard does, which is probably my favorite beer, but they make consistently solid beers that cover a wide spectrum.

New Belgium. New Belgium makes my favorite IPA, Ranger, so the brewery ranks higher for me than it probably should. Fat Tire is an excellent amber ale that is good for the summer and fall. Their 2 Below ale is a solid winter brew.

Rogue. Rogue just makes great beer. My two favorites are Dead Guy Ale and American Amber Ale. They also sell a Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale that I’ve yet to try but is on my list of beers to try immediately. I mean come on, bacon? It has to be delicious. 

A random beer I had recently that I really liked was Left Handed Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro. Delicious. 

This is the most optimistic view of the Chiefs’ playoff loss I’ve seen all off season.

Assuming I can only choose one of those two, Bryant’s. A quick email to the AA writing crew has Bryant’s with a slight lead over Gates.

Here’s how I break it down: Bryant’s sauce, Oklahoma Joe’s meat, Gates sides. I should note I have yet to try LC’s so my opinion could change this summer.

He has the tools to be good there. He has great size, is a physical player, and has sub-4.5 speed. A lot of people commented on his athleticism (was drafted as a centerfielder in the MLB draft but opted for football) and has excellent ball skills.

Health is a concern, as always, and there are some things one would imagine he still needs to learn in order to be trusted by himself as the one-deep. But when you watch some of his college film and read some of the reports on him it makes sense why John Dorsey is so high on him.

Rice is younger and probably has more left in the tank than Austin at this point. Both have had serious injury issues which probably ages them faster than normal players.

What Rice brings is a deep threat and a guy who is very good at blocking in the screen and run game. I don’t think that can be underestimated given how often Reid likes to use the screen and stretch running game.

With that said, I’d be surprised if the Chiefs signed either.

I don’t think you are talking about the same AAMA as I am.


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  • mnelson52

    Trying to break the noise record against Seattle will only work if we are winning. Other wise it would be a lost cause.

    • Ben Nielsen

      In fairness, you could say that about any game the Chiefs try to break the record in.

    • berttheclock

      One record the Chiefs will never be able to wrench from Seattle is “The Most Obnoxious Fans”.

  • berttheclock

    Hmmm, Rogue, eh? Well, at least you have dipped your taste buds into Oregon. But, there are so many more here.

    • Ben Nielsen

      Where’s “here?”

      • berttheclock

        Portland is an ale heaven. BTW, I have had dinner at the Rogue outlet in Newport and they have a great brew pub in Portland, but, then, several others have such as well. The shame of it for myself is just after I began learning more and more about the wonders of the many Pacific Northwest craft ales, the VA told me I had Diabetes Type II and, now, I can only drink an occasional one. I happen to like Ninsaki out of Eugene, but, it is one of those you either love it or hate it types. However, quality ale breweries have exploded in Oregon and there are several in Washington, as well.

        • Ben Nielsen

          Sounds like I’m going to need to try some more NW beers.

  • tm1946

    So much material, so little ability on my part.

    Masters, walked it one time, one day as part of Arnie’s Army. Tell you if psychic powers existed, every drive would have been straight and longest ever, will power would have sank every putt from the edge of the green. It did not happen. Almost like being in church, just me and about 200 friends trying for one for Arnie. This year, Zach Johnson, there is a golf bag involved.

    Beer, sorry don’t drink, no clue.

    Bryant’s or Gates, depends on one factor, which is closest to the current location of my car.

    WR, no idea but we are getting past desperate unless Andy has someone currently on the roster ready to play. Not sure a rookie can start by the beginning of the season and produce, though there are several good looking kids out there.

    • Ben Nielsen

      That Masters story is pretty sweet. I’m jealous.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I’m a big fan of Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Ale and New Belgium’s 1554 and Abbey. So while we might not agree on all the same beers, we can at least agree on some quality breweries.

    I also really like the Left Hand Milk Stout and their Blackjack Porter is pretty good too.

    • Ben Nielsen

      You have good taste, Lyle. No worries. I have a strange pallet.