Jan 20, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) celebrates a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers during the second quarter of the NFC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

NFL To Ban Dunking

In an effort to take as much fun out of the game as possible, the NFL has reportedly banned dunking celebrations after touchdowns.

NFL Head of Officiating Dean Blandino told Dan Patrick today the NFL rules committee has banned dunking a football through the goal posts. It is now subject to a 15-yard personal foul. You can listen to the interview with Blandino as well as read a brief rundown of the interview here.

Blandino also talked about celebrations and explained there’s a rule against using the ball as a prop. Players can no longer dunk the ball over the goalpost. Blandino explained dunking the ball and things like the Lambeau Leap had been grandfathered in. But now players will be penalized for dunking the ball.

The timing of the “no dunk” rule being enforced after Tony Gonzalez retired in interesting. It seems a bit rigged, really.

But it makes sense they would ban the dunk. I mean, look how offensive this celebration is:

Hide the kids, hide the wife. I’ve never seen such offensive material in all my life.

Further, this means we’ll never see this guy dunk after a touchdown.

What a waste. Well done, NFL. I’m glad “a respectful atmosphere” means ridding the game of emotion.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    New interpretation of an old rule. The No Fun League rides again. Sheesh. They ought to ban anything that might give a player a reason to celebrate. Let’s all watch them drink tea from the 50-yard line.

    • DieHard_ChiefsFan

      Agreed… If they are worried about losing time due to the celebration, then ban the Lambeau leap.. It amazes me that they will spend time on such stupid things. Hey maybe ban the owners from charging more for tickets when you team sucks… When they step in and make these changes, it truly shows how much time they have to waste at these gatherings..

      • Justin R Groth

        the bad thing is there were some legitimate game improving ideas on the table… and they ban tg’s dunk

  • berttheclock

    Was anything of value accomplished at the winter meetings?

    This reminds me of the insipid NCAA rule which cost The Dub against BYU. Jake Locker had led the Dubbers on a long drive and raced into the end zone to put the Dub into a chance to tie the game. However, as he pulled himself off the turf in the end zone, he flipped the ball above his head. Immediate flag which set the extra point kicker back and he missed tying the game.

    As to drinking tea, the new rule is each team must provide Royal Doulton cups and saucers with perry winkles added for the ceremony, especially, for games played in London as one would not want to upset the Queen, would one?

  • Troy Utt

    I had no problem when the NFL established the original rules for excessive celebration. As most had gotten way out of hand, turning into a showboat, one-up, what’ll-u-do next format.
    There is no reason for an entire team to be dancing in the end-zone.
    (unless of course you just won the Super Bowl!!!)
    For the next T.O. to pull a sharpie out to signing autograph’s while on the cell phone that was stashed for a quick call to the President…
    The NFL drew the line in the sand… They just had no idea what they were drawing, or where they were putting it!
    I personally see no harm in the dunking of the ball, an occasional leap, or an individual expressing emotion!

  • micah stephenson

    That rule sucks. No fun!

  • Chris Tarrants

    The irony of it all coming just days after Cuban claimed the NFL would topple! Its fine though, even without fun these stupid sheeple will give us all of their extra earnings so that we can pay people like Roger Goodell 50 times what he is worth .

  • T.Hagen

    The NFL is more like the government ,year after year, slowly constricting.

  • T.Hagen

    The NFL is the new world order.

  • T.Hagen

    If i didn’t love the Chiefs and football so much then I would be done with it. The NFL is getting more constraining then ever.

  • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer='defer upperturion

    Don’t have a problem w/ this rule in the slightest; too much celebration as it is … freakin me-me-me league is ENOUGH already!! Now let’s get some hair length limits goin on!!! SOOOO tired of watching man-girls running around.

  • KCMikeG

    I could care less either way. My favorites like Priest, Allen & Sanders plus many of the all time great players would just give the ball to the ref. Act like you’ve been there before. It bothered me that Flowers was penalized for using the ball as a prop when he put his foot on it in Oakland yet so many could dunk it without penalty.

  • bhud

    I’d like to put a gopro on every fan in the country when their team scores. Let’s see how many of you are on pins and needles wondering what a player will do after scoring. Bet I’d see more high fives, jumping up and down, and beers being spilt on buddies more then people actually watching the crap players do. I’m to busy screaming “We’re going to beat the H#@^ out of you” to care about what’s on the field. Grow up and stop whining every time the league makes a rule change. The league is still great.

    • Justin R Groth

      Kind of a useless rule change that doesn’t help out the game any. Also this particular celebration is kinda significant in ic memories as the guy who made it a big deal was only like the greatest te in forever.

      • bhud

        Well I guess it’s ok that they made sure it passed after he left the game.