Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans inside linebacker Joe Mays (53) reacts after a defensive play during the second quarter against the New England Patriots at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Linked To Joe Mays and Joe Morgan

Hey, looks like the Chiefs are going to make an attempt to sign a couple of free agents after all.

Two separate reports have the Chiefs linked to wide receiver Joe Morgan and inside linebacker Joe Mays. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

First, it should be known Morgan missed all of last season with a torn ACL. As a result it would not be a surprise for the Chiefs to land him on a cheap one-year deal, which seems to be what the team is angling for given their cap issues.

Morgan, who turns 26 later this month, was an undrafted free agent in 2011 and did not play that season. In 2012 Morgan caught 10 passes on 19 targets and scored three touchdowns in five starts for a deep New Orleans team. His aforementioned ACL injury was the cause of his release by the Saints.

Next up on the interest list is Mays.

The other Joe, Joe Mays, is a former Denver Bronco who has never really been a productive player. Mays spent last season with the Houston Texans in “Akeem Jordan” role but he was not as successful as Jordan was for KC. Mays totaled 66 tackles and 36 stops, according to PFF. He also missed 11 tackles.

Mays’ 2013 PFF grade was -1.8 but he did have a +1.1 grade against the run. One would assume if the Chiefs signed Mays it would be to backup Nico Johnson. Otherwise the move would make little sense.

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  • Tristian

    Well while Denver goes after the big names the chiefs do the opposite. Denver just signed Aquib Talib so Bowe is already locked down in 2 games vs Denver this year. Better hope reid had a plan ready for these guys.

    • Michael Shaw

      I am guessimg they are throwing in the towel until Peyton is gone???? Especially since they are cap tight???????

      • Tristian

        Im not as worried as I may sound. Thia is the 2012 eagles all over again. Free agents dont get u a championship. Ask the redskins cowboys eagles etc. Denver fell hard last year but it wouldn’t shock me if they didn’t win a playoff game thia year

  • 808Chief

    I swear every year our competition goes out and gets all the big names that contribute to their growing success and our Chiefs go get the nobodys. WTF are you guys doing in KC? Unbelievable, I know the money is the biggest issue but Damn this sucks!!!

    • berttheclock


      The over payment phase will ebb and Dorsey will add role players who better fit the schemes of the Chiefs. Just signing BIG NAMES is not the answer to winning football.

      • 808Chief

        It may not be the answer to winning games but it helps a lot more than ROLE PLAYERS who will do their thing and be out in a year, then we’re back to square one the next season signing nobody’s again. All I’m saying is I wish we could go out and snag up players that are dominating at their position and lock them into Kansas city for long contracts, instead of taking guys that will simply FILL IN for the ones we loss.

        • Troy Utt

          We see Denver making knee jerk decisions right now because they truely have a window that is about to slam shut at any given time!
          You can’t tell me signing Talib isn’t without huge risk as he hasn’t played a full season in 2-3 years, if I’m not mistaken???
          I don’t believe the Chiefs are done yet… Let’s wait & see? I have gotten over being butt-hurt on not being able to resign “our own.”
          Let’s see what the next 7-10 days bring…

      • Name

        Right so we can overpay for a team full of decent roleplayers for 2 years until we’re good enough to make the playoffs again and then if we don’t win lose it all? That is an AWFUL strategy even if it sounds like its nice and productive. The sorry truth is the BIG NAMES are big for a reason, and if the Chiefs aren’t willing to sign any (the last 10 years come to mind) we’re simply going to be a middling to low tier team for the rest of the damn century. I’m tired of people like you who make excuses for this kind of total incompetence in the name of “role players” and “the future” when in reality these two free agents aren’t going to do CRAP for this team but put us in more debt when we could be making moves for a winning season instead of just risking everything on a draft without even a second round pick. Its ridiculous, and you just let it happen because it “sounds right”

        • Brody Hall

          Lol… What BIG names did we have last year exactly? And didn’t we do pretty decent? I thought so. Dorsey built GB through the draft not FA… Give him a chance to do the same here in KC.

        • Troy Utt

          I was frustrated as well but for a much different reason. Wanting KC to resign “their own” in an attempt to keep the continuity on the OL was the most important item on the agenda as I saw it. And yes it hurt as the FA clock ticked right by…
          Where I believe your passion is misguided is when it comes to the “Big-Name” FA signing’s, as regardless what our Chiefs did that was just not going to happen… When you consider the amount of cap space they had approx $9.6mil, & what they must keep in the coffers to sign the rookie draft class approx $5.5mil, that just doesn’t leave much to fill all remaining roster spots let alone go after the big name FA’s as you suggest.
          I believe we will yet see KC make some moves, free up space after contract extensions are signed but we must remember it’s not the fault of Dorsey & Reid the Chiefs are in this conundrum! Honoring these back loaded contracts which go back as far as Pioli, Crennel, & Haley is the right thing to do at this point. As restructuring now would only prolong the problem & cutting them makes it worse! When you check the cap situation at “” you will find that for the most part the Chiefs have no choice! That site will also show you what the “dead-money” is attached to each contract & I believe you will find that there really is no other alternative… It sucks, but it’s a mess R&D are digging us out of!
          IMHO… Whether we understand it or not I believe R&D have a plan.
          Let em work it and let’s see what happens… Hell we’ve given a more latitude to much less qualified, with much rockier starts!!!
          WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Jacob

    I’m pretty much speechless. I’m not an expert on strategy in Free Agency, but I feel like this isn’t right. Should we just expect a 7 win team at best next season? I know FA isn’t over and there’s still the draft, but…

    • Tristian

      Ill say this. Every one should calm down. Like I said im more confident than I let on. Heres what I know we have before free agency is overwith and the draft has taken place. A mobile QB that dosent make mistakes and makes plays. A top 3 running back. A defense that still has playmakers that can get it done when healthy. And the oline that has lost 3 starters? The oline we have now is the oline that started against Oakland when Charles scored 5 Tds. Alex Smith had a perfect rating. We will be picked 3rd again in the division. And just like last year we will rise up and shock the world. Go Chiefs!

      • Brian Dempsey

        Not the SD has an elite Defensive front 7, but in the season final, the backup O-Lineman that played didn’t do too bad. In particular a Guard named Rishaw Johnson that came from the same school as 6th round draftee C Eric Kush and I’ve heard the Chiefs brass really likes him. He did play some in the Indy playoff game. They’ll draft at least one in the upcoming draft and probably get another for cheap in FA. Hoping Fisher and Stephenson stay healthy and continue developing as they are the key to this O-Line.

      • Name

        No, every other team in the division has gotten better and we’ve gotten worse, and we actually play a schedule this year. Your optimism is misplaced and childish. They have completely given up on this year even if they haven’t told you. They’re only real expectations are that we might get lucky with what we have, but if we throw out the same formula as last year we’re going to get crushed. And newsflash, we basically finished third anyway, since at least the chargers won a playoff game.

        • Tristian

          Whats the evidence san diego got better or denver? Talib haa never played 16 games in a season and even in a contract year last year he played 13 and was still hurt throughout. He averages 9 games played per season. So he the likelihood is he wont be around at least once when we play. Then they signed an in the box safety in TJ ward. Oh my god im so scared. They have 2 starting lonebackers that are free agents and who os thier second corner? No DRC and Harris tore his ACL in thr playoffs so he wont be back till at least November or December. They lpst Eric Decker and replaced him woth an old guy literally. I they also lost 2 starting offensive lineman. John Elway is a terrible GM because he dosent know how to draft. The only impact player he drafted was Von Miller and he was selected at number w because most idiots dont screw that up. But off the field he is terrible. All the players you see josh Mcdaniels drafted. So id relax if were you and this free agency wave happens every year and the team who wins it never wins the super bowl and most times they don’t even make the playoffs

    • Dave

      You are right to be worried. We need outside linebacker depth, we need inside linebacker depth, we need a safety, a corner back, safety and corner back depth, a couple wider receivers, we have no idea what to expect from the offensive line, we need defensive ends. All those needs on a cash strapped team with no second round pick….

  • Pealvin

    Mays would be a good backup. A healthy Nico Johnson is going to be better than Akeem Jordan and Jordan played good this year. We need to remember that we just need good fits this offseason. We had a great off season last year. We also had a good draft last year. I think our big splash will be in the draft. There will be moves made.

    Go chiefs!

  • Roger Mihalko

    im ok with going after cheaper role players and depth players. I would make it a rule to stay away from any ACL injury returning players. The ILB sounds very weak and the receiver even weaker.

  • sidibeke

    Commings and Nico J. better stay healthy and produce.

    The way other teams are going after KC’s FAs and paying them, you’d think KC had won the SB. I suppose that tells me I should trust Dorsey et al’s scouting.

  • Dave

    Well it appears that we simply cant do anything to overtake the Broncos. On Day one the Broncos improved their safety play with Talib and Ward. On day two they are likely to ink either Jared Allen or Demarcus Ware. They are fixing holes left and right before the draft even happens where they, unlike us have a second round pick. I am still wondering what the hell we are going to do about our defensive backs, our linebacker depth, our defensive end woes, our now makeshift offensive line, and needs at receiver. Considering we managed to just do ok against real competition last year, things are just not looking up for the Chiefs in my opinion. That schedule does not lend to a team that has so many holes.

  • yh8tme

    We have twoBIG name contracts we’ll have to deal with next season……Houston/Berry. These guys will expected to be paid, so we need to seat back and enjoy the ride.

  • Nick

    It’s looking to me like the plan is going to be to look for a safety and WR in the draft. It’s not exciting but if they get it right they can still be better next year.
    Losing three OL is scary but probably smarter then give late in their career guys five year deals.
    I know they can’t but it would be fun to see them sign Steve Smith.

  • Steve Sobaski

    Isn’t this the same Joe Mays that took a dirty shot on Tony Moeaki during a kickoff?