The K.C. Chiefs Player Rankings And The Hinge Draft

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The 2014 Kansas City Chiefs are in a bit of a pickle. The new regime of Andy Reid and John Dorsey have been espousing two truths this off season: they will only be selecting the “best players available” in the draft and that the Chiefs are not going to be “active” during the Free Agency period which begins in exactly one week (March 8th for verbal agreements and March 11th for signing contracts). The problem is, the Chiefs are going to need good players from both the draft and Free Agency to improve an organization that is teetering between mediocrity and excellence and depending on how they do this offseason will determine their future status as a contender.

The salary cap is now officially $133 million leaving the Chiefs with much more than they started out the offseason with, giving rise to the speculation that they’ll actually do more to save the players they thought they might lose otherwise.

On Friday morning, AA’s own Nicholas Alan Clayton posted a piece called Salary Cap Boost A Huge Win For Chiefs, in which he reveals that if the league does in fact make the cap $133 mil then the Chiefs will have $12.458 at their discretion. Clayton goes on the say,

“With this amount of room, the Chiefs can sign (or re-sign) one valuable free agent like LT Branden Albert, WR Golden Tate, or WR/PR Dexter McCluster. Or, they could extend QB Alex Smith.”

So, the news changes the game for the Chiefs. At least it should. If the Chiefs could possibly re-sign their best offensive lineman… shouldn’t they think about attempting that? In an interview a week ago, as the combine was beginning, GM John Dorsey said he and his staff had already sat down and laid out their plan for the offseason. In the same interview, he stated that he had already sat down with LT Branden Albert’s agent to see what could worked out.

Which means even with a limited cap number a week ago, John Dorsey wanted to re-sign his Pro Bowl left tackle and he will probably want to do that more than ever now since there will apparently be more cap space to work with.

There’s a train of thought that the elevated amount of money that it would take to keep Albert means… he’s not worth it. For an offensive line that has spent the better part of the past ten years flailing in ineptitude you would think fans would not want to take a major step backwards at the very moment when the OL appears to be coming together. Building around Albert and Fisher would be much easier than going with Fisher and Stephenson. Some of us can too readily recall the Barry “Ole” Richardson years to ever want to be taking a step backwards.

It raises a question about where Branden Albert actually falls on the list of most valuable Chiefs? Recently an AA blogger asked me to reveal a rating system I might have on NFL prospects in this draft. What I do have time for is a ranking of all Chiefs players which, as it turns out, takes more energy than time.

Energy… because making decisions about who is more valuable, for instance, DJ or Hali, is not a one thought process. In any event, following my February of 2014 ranking of all Chief players. To get there, first I ranked all players by position. Then, I ranked players from those lists into an offensive list and a defensive list. Lastly, I took the offensive and defensive lists and made a whole TEAM ranking.

First, the position by position lists:

1 Off POSITION ranks


1 SPEC Rank

Obviously, there is no science to this task. Choosing DJ over Hali was difficult but, in my mind he’s more valuable to the Chiefs even tough Hali plays a critical OLB pass rusher position.

Next, the whole offense and whole defense was ranked:


1 TOTAL DEF RankSpecial teams was incorporated into the offense in this case.

Lastly, players were taken from these lists to come out with a whole TEAM Ranking:

1 TOTAL Team Rank

*Both Donald Stephenson and Eric Kush have mistakenly been left off of the charts above. They will be included below.

Jamaal Charles is easily the most valuable player on the Chiefs in my mind. He was competing against perhaps the best regular season QB in the history of the game for league MVP honors for much of this season. So, Charles it is.

Alex Smith started slowly this season, yes. However, considering all of the changes, and non-changes, that took place last year, Smith is “the” major cause for the Chiefs altered fortunes in 2013.

Branden Albert  has progressed every year since coming to the Chiefs culminating in a Pro Bowl season in 2013. I rank him here too in recognition of the time honored QB-LT-OLB idea that these are the most important positions on a roster in the NFL especially since it’s a passing league more than never.

Derrick Johnson has been one of the Chiefs premiere players for years and I may have a bit of a man-crush on DJ but if not for Ray Lewis I think he’d have a handful of Pro Bowls in his pocket that he doesn’t have now. DJ has been in on 871 tackles, had 11 INTs and 22.5 sacks and he’s not usually asked to sack the QB.

Justin Houston could be the premiere OLB who leads the league in sacks one day soon. His arrow is pointing up and that’s the reason I placed him above Hali in value.

Tamba Hali is still one of the most feared pass rushers in the league and paired with Houston gives the Chiefs what I believe is the best pass rushing tandem in football.

Dontari Poe. It goes Poe/Berry or Berry/Poe. Either way they have each become elite at their respective positions. The difference here is that I believe it’s harder to find an elite DT like Poe than a Safety like Berry.

Eric Berry has been Pro Bowl caliber since he arrived in fountain town. Sidelined by an injury in year two takes nothing away from his recognition across the league as star.

Dwayne Bowe is still destined to become the Chiefs all time leading receiver. However, he didn’t live up to his reputation this season when many were expecting him to breakout under new coach Andy Reid.

Dexter McCluster just happened to have a breakout season in his contract year which makes it harder to see him returning to the fold. Dex ability to return punts bumps him up the value ladder.

Eric Fisher is supposed to still be the eventual replacement at LT for Branden Albert, whenever he is gone for good. His rookie year tells us he’s not the Joe Staley (3 Pro Bowls in 3 years) clone that some, like myself, thought he might be. Fish needs to live in the weight room this summer.

Jon Asamoah has been Mr. Consistent at RG since he was drafted by the Chiefs in 2010. No, he’s not been to a Pro Bowl but the Chiefs would like to keep him if possible.

Donald Stephenson has become the heir apparent to either Branden Albert or Eric Fisher at one of he Tackle positions. He’s played well enough in substitution to deserve a shot.

Sean Smith came to the Chiefs last year and solidified one of the CB positions. He’s an above average CB with an open upside at 6-3, 218. He’ll be in the Chiefs plans for the next few years.

Dustin Colquitt continues to be one of the very best Punters in the league. His value, as with all the players here, is dependent upon the ability to replace them. That should place Colquitt in the upper tier of Chiefs players, value wise.

Tyson Jackson had his best year as a Chief in my humble opinion. Aside from Poe, I’d say he was the next best DL the Chiefs had in 2013.

Mike DeVito was right there with TJ and aside from Alex and Sean Smiths, DeVito was the next best Free Agent brought in last off season.

Brandon Flowers didn’t really have a much better year than newcomer Marcus Cooper. His move to the slot is the best thing for him if he’s going to stick for the next couple for years. I felt like his Pro Bowl selection was a cumulative award more than a statement about what he did this past season.

Knile Davis progressed at the right times and contributed in a big way in the Chiefs playoff game. His continued value as a possible super-sub for JC and a kickoff returner moves him up the value scale a tad.

Quintin Demps was a two way player: returning kickoffs and subbing in at the Safety position. I’d like to see Demps back and his double-duty moves him up the value scale as well.

Marcus Cooper was the surprise player of the year. His work at cornerback was very good and even on plays he was beat you could see he was only inches from making a play… and all as the 252nd pick of the 49ers in last year’s draft. He has a “wow upside” and he’s a big reason I can’t wait for the season to begin.

Anthony Sherman was a pleasant surprise after coming to the Chiefs in a trade for Javier Arenas. Sherman made Jamaal Charles’s job a lot easier.

Akeem Jordan came in and calmed a big position of need. He wasn’t the answer at ILB but did help to make us forget what, and who, needed to be forgotten.

Allen Bailey appeared in 15 games for the Chiefs in 2013. He had 25 tackles and one sack… not 8 sacks that he predicted before the season began. However, he did have one more tackle than Tyson Jackson and has more upside as a pass rusher… we just haven’t seen it yet.

Abdullah Husain was the first player that Andy Reid signed last offseason and was coming back after a religious hiatus. He was a very good Safety for the Vikings and by the end of 2013 was beginning to show some of that same promise.

Rodney Hudson was an average Center in 2013. I was surprised the Chiefs used another center with very little experience as a backup because Hudson was out the previous year. Hudson maintains value here because he’s a starter.

Geoff Schwartz was a starter without a starting position. I’ve made it clear before I like him a lot and think he should have been moved ahead of Jeff Allen.

*Eric Kush would be placed at number 41 right in front of Cyrus Gray. If the Chiefs have to have a center, Kush better be ready and I would hazard a guess that it would be easier to go out and shop for a RB in the middle of the season than it would be to find a Center.

~ ~ ~

Now that I’ve explained my ranking of each of the players who have spent time starting this past season, I’ll move on to more important and arising issues. While creating this ranking system I noticed my ideas and preferences about who to keep on the rosters… shifting.

When you look at LT Branden Albert who ranks the 3rd most valuable on this roster (in my estimation), it’s difficult to grasp the idea of the Chiefs allowing him to simply walk away in free agency. Yes, it would cost an inordinate amount of cap dollars to keep him but, how can a team attempting to ascend the league ranks let their 3rd best player go?

Now that the cap appears to be set 10 million higher than we thought at the beginning of the offseason. Does that help? Yes and no. While many are calling for the Chiefs to spend the cap space on Free Agents, it doesn’t make much sense when you consider they’ll have to give up their 3rd most valuable player to do it.

The Chiefs either bring back Albert now, or not. If not, it places more pressure on the Free Agent period. You know… the Free Agency period that the Chiefs aren’t going to be active in…. and so… a lot more will hinge upon their success in the draft.

What really needs to happen and what would really be most convenient for the Chiefs is… for the draft to happen BEFORE Free Agency. Talk about Fantasy Football. Since we’re well aware that this is not going to happen we are left with the following scenario:

… the Chiefs have to guess who — and what positions — they will get to draft (dictated by who’s available) and attempt to fill their holes by signing players in Free Agency beforehand.

Here, I’ll play it out for you with a couple of examples:

1) Albert is re-signed along with Asamoah or McCluster then the Chiefs (who say they’ll only take the BPA (best player available) are stuck hoping the draft will produce players that will help fill some of the needs that made them playoff losers last year like, FS, WR, TE or ILB.

2) Let’s say the Chiefs go the opposite direction and use Dressler (an unknown) to replace McCluster and decide to sign an ILB, FS, and WR in free agency… but are then left attempting to draft a couple of starting quality offensive linemen plus another starter at CB.

It’s comes across whimsical and foolish for the Chiefs to say they’ll take the BPA in the draft and not be players in Free Agency. There’s too much ground to cover and one week from today, we’ll see if the Chiefs are talking to any of the free agents or not.

Hopefully the Chiefs won’t become short-sighted this offseason because not only has the cap been raised to $133 million this year but the 2015 cap is said to be $10 higher and in 2016 the cap soars all the up to $150 million. Which means, the Chiefs could virtually structure contracts so that they could take care of all of their own plus fills some holes.

In Ben Nielsen’s post yesterday called, “Report: Salary Cap Set At $133 Million” he states,

“Kansas City has only 15 guys under contract so far for 2016, not including the two drafts that will take place before the 2016 off-season. Assuming a $150 million cap, this gives the Chiefs nearly $101 million in cap space to work with.”

For me, this is often like the week before Christmas… and it can’t pass fast enough. At least it was last offseason. Then I have the same feeling again the week before the draft. Ahhh, the smell of fresh baked rookies and free agents.

Now, Addict fans, want to re-order my team ranking system? Or, who should the Chiefs focus on in Free Agency so that they don’t have to worry about that position in the draft?

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  • berttheclock

    Ah, the dilemma. Get better while trying to get younger. jimfromkcj brought up an excellent point, yesterday, of the need to get younger. But, there is another element included in getting younger. Due to the CBA agreement, new rookies are being paid far less than those of recent years. One of the reasons many teams are cutting “stars” this week is the fact those players had been given rich extensions and the bill is coming due. Teams don’t want to pay the tab, so the new free agency market is building rapidly.

    When, you look at the four year success of the Seahawks, with the cuts of Bryant and Rice, that team only has 3 players left from when Paul Allen hired both Schneider and Carroll. But, they will face a financial dilemma starting next year when, many of those low salaries for young stars will come due for extensions

    However, another dilemma for the Chiefs is keeping continuity in their offensive line. Remember, last season when, for the early part, several players on that line were still introducing themselves to one another. There was an interesting breakdown at the Philadelphia Inquirer as to the categories of how sacks came to be. One was miscommunication/misreads. File this under the first part of last season with the Chiefs line. Hudson had to learn the many different reads to convey to his line. There kept being a mix and match at positions which led to confusion. Factor in the “physically over whelmed” category of such as Fisher playing in the Bigs for the first time and in a new position against top pass rushers and he kept being over powered and even juked out of position. All of these caused Smith to have to scramble far too much and was a major reason why the offense sputtered so often. Therefore, the dilemma of signing Schwartz and Asamoah, while working under the Cap. We do not need another start of “Hi, my name is SoandSo, what’s yours” or even “Come here often?”. However, back to the 4 year plan of Seattle. During that early run, they signed a top pick at LT, who lost most of the season with a High Ankle Sprain. The next year, they drafted O-linemen in both the first and second round only to see both of them go on IR. However, they kept mixing and matching and, finally, put it all together at a reasonable cost.

    Not easy for Dorsey to have to evaluate talent in the draft, UDFAs, on his team, on other NFL and CFL teams, while wearing his green shaded CPA visor.

    • ladner morse

      Yea bert… after ranking this Chiefs unit… it gave me a new appreciation for the fact that Dorsey and staff must rank every player coming out, every player on every other team, every player in every other league… and then throw them all into one humongous ranking system so that if any one player becomes available… he’ll know how to respond appropriately.

    • Tristian

      Wow. After posting my comment above I read yours. I still dont think we should resign Albert but after reading your comments I do appreciate it all starts up front and that means continuity on the oline. I love Alex Smith but I dont wanna see what I saw last year in the 8 games at the start of the season. Too much scrambling. Ill say this bert…if they resign him I wont complain

  • Canad-Ian

    Speaking of “baked rookies” it would be nice if one pulled a Justin Houston and slipped to us in the 3rd round.

    • ladner morse

      It does make one wonder if that’s the only way we can make a giant leap in getting better… is to take advantage of someone’s “oops.”

    • berttheclock

      Remember, that was a combination of trading down with Cleveland and, perhaps, some Alice B Toklas “Grass” brownies thrown into play.

  • Tristian

    Im sorry but Albert is too inconsistent/not as dominant as he should be for his measurables and what he is asking for money wise. Dude wants Ryan Clady type money (top paid left tackle) and he isnt worth that..not even close. We gotta let him go. Id rather have an average left tackle getting paid cheap or what hes worth than an above average left tackle receiving elite player money. Not to mention he is 29 I believe. Think of Tyron Smith from Dallas. He is only 22 or 23 and he is the 2nd or 3rd best left tackle in football. Anyways id rather they keep Mccluster and extend Smith. Im coming around on Dex’s value to this team and wouldn’t mind keeping him at the right price. I still say resign/restructure Hali Houston Berry and Smith to free up 10 to 15 million in cap room then go from there.

    • ladner morse

      Although we were “supposed” to have picked up a left tackle in last year’s draft… I wouldn’t mind leaving Fisher at RT and rafting someone like Taylor Lewan and we’d be set for ten year. Albert may not “be the man” but that doesn’t change the fact that the Chiefs will have to “make a move” there this offseason one way or the other.

      • berttheclock

        One caveat about what Andy Reid wants.

        Peruse the career of Danny Watkins with the Eagles.

      • Tony Parker

        what to do, what to do….let albert and Schwartz and or asamoah walk and lose all continuity that was built last year. Or do we try to keep them and give AS a decent line to work behind instead of running for his life or even worse, getting injured.
        Ladner, this is a bad situation we are in right now and we may very well have to use our new found money on the O-line instead of perhaps going after Byrd in FA’y.
        Unless fish can make a huge impact next season we may be in trouble. Nothing else is nor should be more important than keeping a cohesive O-line together and improving it with depth.
        How much money do you think it would cost us to keep them all together and would that be the popular choice?
        looking forward to your respected opinion.

        • KCMikeG

          I agree that the OL working as a cohesive unit was a challenge in the first half of the season and that they developed into a very productive unit. If we do let Albert go, which I’m still thinking is the right choice, then I’m with you that Schwartz and Asamoah both should be resigned. This also allows us to draft defensive players to fill the gaps that were exposed last year that ended our season.

      • Jarad

        Flowers is ahead of S Smith in DB rankings, but behind him in other 2. Simple mistake or some other meaning? These rankings definitely bring up some interesting decisions to be made in the near future. Although I don’t think resigning Albert is the right move, poor O-line play would derail this team in 14′. We’ll know soon enough

        • ladner morse

          Smith/Flower was a “process” flip. I should have gone back and moved Flowers behind Smith in the DB rankings after I placed Smith ahead of him when making the overall TEAM rank. When making the TEAM rank I realized Smith probably means more to the Chiefs than what Flowers has become — a slot CB.

          The OL situation is the conundrum isn’t it: overpay Albert to keep the OL strong and lose out on signing some free agents to fill important holes. Or, let Albert walk and the OL goes down hill just so we can sign some free agents who may or may not fill these important holes.

          It’ll all unravel in one week.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Nice breakdown, Laddie. I think my biggest disagreement with your rankings is where you slotted Schwartz and Asamoah. I am a big Asamoah fan, but there is a reason Schwartz started over a healthy Asamoah. I think Schwartz fits what Reid wants in a Guard more than Asamoah.

    • ladner morse

      Agree that Schwartz fits the Reid mold but for the life of me can’t figure out why Schwartz didn’t start all year over Allen who I think is crap.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Personally I think that Allen must have compromising pictures of Hunt, Dorsey and Reid. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me :)

        • ladner morse

          Actually… I hope that’s the case.

          A little worried otherwise.

      • berttheclock

        “The Reid mold” – Hmmm, now would that be in the Danny Watkins mold? When Andy Reid was more involved with the draft in Philly, he and Howie Roseman, their GM, took Danny Watkins, a guard in the 1st round of the 2011 draft (23 pick). He did not start because a guard they picked up off waivers from Indy out played him. Eventually, he did start for the few games only because that same former Indy guard started to fade. Watkins was dropped from the Eagles and picked by Miami. So, I sort of question what mold that might be. Perhaps, far more moldy than just a mold.

      • KCMikeG

        Agreed. Not seeing any improvement in Allen who has struggled from the start.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I like Asamoah too but it did seem that Schwartz played better than Asamoah when he was in. Does that have to do with scheme? ZBS vs PBS? Personally I’d like to see Albert get realistic, ($7-7.5 mil not 9.5) and we sign all three. The problem is Albert will probably attract a bidding war.

  • Stan Smith

    Albert is gone & that’s fine he’s too fragile

    • Tony Parker

      He is also our best option of protecting the QB’s blindside.

      • ladner morse

        Exactly and that’s the one big problem I have with letting him walk.

      • Stan Smith

        So we sign albert and rookies only right? Sounds like a plan! We don’t have $$$

  • KCMikeG

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into this rating system. I would mention that Sanders Commings was left out of the equation. From the manner that R&D handled him last year I believe they expect him to step up to replace Lewis. This, combined with having Abdullah, Parker and Demps, removes the need for a FA like Byrd and an early draft pick on a safety. Bring in DE Tuitt with our first pick would help to solve the diminishing pass rush especially at the new critical point of interior pressure to stop QB’s like Manning using the quick release beating our OLB’s.

    • ladner morse

      Sorry Mike… I was attempting to include everyone on the active roster and like Stephenson and Kush, Commings slipped through the cracks. I would place him next to Kelce around #33.

      Like you, I think the first pick will likely be a DL of some kind. One with the ability to penetrate.

      • KCMikeG

        No problem Laddie. What do you think the potential is for Commings and Kelce? How critical is it we draft players behind them? I not terribly concerned as I have faith both could step up into starting roles.
        For insurance/development/depth I like SS Ahmad Dixon or Tre Boston with our 4th round pick. We can build our receiving corps in rounds 5-6 with TE’s Aurthur Lynch or Joe Don Baker and WR’s T.J. Jones, Jeff Janis or Shaq Evans. My favorite ILB Andrew Jackson should be there in the 7th. That would leave us with our #1 and #3 pick open for more defensive impact players like DT/DE Tuitt #1 and CB McGill or Baptise at #3.

        • ladner morse

          Mike, I like all your picks and especially like Andrew Jackson.

          As time goes by, I understand more and more about why Bill Parcells doesn’t make comments about players that are hurt. Is it possible to say you trust in them? I don’t know. Is it possible to predict how they’ll do? I don’t know. Is is possible to say they will be “the one” to fill the hole?

          I have as much hope in Commings and Kelce as anyone. I have a little more faith in Kelce because he has a brother who is performing at a high level in Philly playing Center. Commings is a speedy fly around guy who hits hard and if his shoulder went out on him once, was that a freak accident or is it going to be a recurring thing? My guess right now is that he’ll have more problems with it in the future. But, it’s all just guesswork. Pure guesswork.

          So, have I said anything that’s helpful? In my mind, no. Nothing will help except to see them survive training camp and begin to make real contributions in a regular season game. Many of them.

          • KCMikeG

            Thanks. I have completely flipped from my draft WR/TE with our #1 and #3 picks based on Kelce’s potential, that Fasano if healthy will be a great #2 and at WR if we resign McCluster along with the development of Jenkins/Hemingway and potential from Dressler and our roof draft pick in the later rounds we should have excellent production fro that group.

  • jimfromkcj

    I’m sorry guys to rain on somebody’s parade, but I think what we should do is trade Flowers for a 2nd rd pick if at all possible. Then we can draft a CB in the first such as the kid from OK. St. if he falls to us. Saftey or WR in the second. The extra money we receive from the Flowers trade plus the extra money from new cap should allow us to keep Schwartz and possibly Albert if that is what they want to do. I think if we do that we might be able to compete this year, but it will be tough sledding what ever we do to get beyond 8 or 9 wins.

    • ladner morse

      Jim I like your trade idea and Flowers has lost something for sure. I wouldn’t want to project the number of wins yet… not before the real haggling has begun. Let’s wait til at least mid-May to do that.

  • jimfromkcj

    Laddie, this would be my choices for off line, considering everyone is healthy. 1st Schwartz, 2nd Albert, 3rd Asamoah, 4th Stevenson, 5th Hudson, 6th Fisher, and 7th Allen. I am not considering any promise in the future, just what they are today.

    • ladner morse

      Are you saying… that is the rank you would place them in? Or… are you saying that it’s the order you would try to re-sign them in.

      • jimfromkcj

        Both, the only exception is I have my own ideas of the position value and I don’t believe in overpaying. If you look back I was never on the Peyton bandwagon. I think he is grossly overpaid and probably the Broncos will have to shred their team in order to stay under the cap as the skill players demand their fair share of the cap. If it wasn’t for Peyton getting such preponderance of the cap in Indie, they would have won 2 or 3 more super bowls. Same way with New England, ever since brady started getting such a high percentage of the cap it has been harder and harder for the Pats to win. No matter all the excuses, Belecheck wouldn’t have got rid of players who still had fuel in the tank if he didn’t have to because of the cap restraints.

  • Calchiefsfan

    First of all Laddie thank you for doing this. I love player rankings and don’t have the time it takes to do it myself. This gives me the opportunity to have fun off the hard work of someone else and pick them apart at the same time, a twofer!

    Seriously though it got me thinking more about Albert. After suffering through bad O lines, (post Roaf, Waters and Shields), I dreaded the thought of going backwards this year. Would I rather the Chiefs have a good line with an overpaid LT or a mediocre line with a “good value” at LT. I decided, because of your article, I wanted a good O line. Even if it means not going after Byrd, (which I don’t think Dorsey was going to do anyway).

    Secondly, don’t be too hasty about Fisher. He actually appears to be an exact clone of Staley. Staley was moved to RT his rookie year and sucked, then moved to LT his second year and sucked. Two years after that he started his pro bowl run.

    I think it’s interesting that one of the guys you don’t have on your player rankings could turn out to be one of the most valuable players next year, Sander Commings. If he can stay healthy and play up to his potential that would be a huge boost for the Chiefs, filling their biggest need.

    I would have Schwartz higher on the list. I would also have Flowers higher. I think Flowers could come back strong next year, especially if Sutton gets the FS thing and the secondary in general figured out. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Sutton right now.

    • ladner morse

      Good point about Fisher. In fact, it’s my policy to not evaluate OL until 3 years have past. I guess we get too used to first round picks being “plug-n-play” …….

      Also, as I mentioned to Mike…
      I was attempting to include everyone on the active roster and like
      Stephenson and Kush, Commings slipped through the cracks. I would place
      him next to Kelce around #33.

      It’s hard to say he means more than that until we get to see him do something first.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Yeah, it’s an instant gratification culture we’re living in. I have no idea of Commings worth because he has yet to play. 33 might be too high. I hope that he plays well because that would solve a lot of the Chiefs problems. I hate to see Dorsey stand pat on FS with Commings being such an unknown. Hopefully Husain will be better after a year of getting back into it.

        • ladner morse

          It’s hard to place Commings lower than #33 because if you look at all the players below… except for Succop being selected in the 7th round… all the other players are not draft picks of the Chiefs and so… since the Chiefs did invest a draft pick in Commings… he has to be worth more. Right?

          Who knows for sure. Bottom line is… it’s just one man’s opinion.

          However, going through the process of making the ranking system… felt like it gave me a tiny bit of insight into what the Chiefs go through… and consequently how they think, at least to some degree.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Like you said, it helps you to appreciate Dorsey’s job a little more. I wonder though. if you were being paid lots and lots of money to evaluate players all day, would that be a fun job or what?

          • ladner morse

            If I had a the job of evaluating prospects and it was my only job… I’d love love love it.

            Most all of the articles I write come about because I’m a Question guy. The question occurred to me this week, “Is there anything to be learned from ranking all the Chiefs players?” Hell yea is the answer now that I wrote the piece.

            I have questions all the time that would need full time attention. Questions like: I wonder if anyone has done a study on the relationship between a scouts “personality type” (like Myers-Briggs type indicators) and the “personality type” of the prospect he falls in love with? If scouts overwhelmingly recommend prospects who are in a similar personality type category… it would be good to know how successful those scouts are when their suggested prospect is actually chosen, signed and plugged into the starting line-up.

            Anyway… great question Cal pal.

          • KCMikeG

            I too would enjoy reading evaluations of the scouting department and more on the coaching staff. Not just back grounds but what they bring to our team, how they fit in the system, players they have coached up, etc.

  • Brett

    Let Albert go, he’s going to be requesting a huge contract that I don’t think he is worth and I don’t feel comfortable giving him sign Schwartz and Asamoah to contracts. Then look toward FS in Free Agency. We can then go WR in the first round which can help take pressure off Bowe and bring out the most in him and all of the other receivers and TE because they won’t be facing as much pressure. If it all works out that way other teams would really have to start respecting the passing game and that would hopefully open up the run more for J. Charles

  • jimfromkcj

    At this time, the only FA that I have seen discussed that pricewise and age and healthwise is Nate Allen at FS. He plays SS for Philly, but I have also read several story lines where they talk about the benefits of having two saftys who can Interchange positions and keep the other team guessing. And anytime you create doubt in your opponent it is good. Most of the other FA’s I hear about are going to want more money than they were making last year and that is the main reason they are FA’s.

    • KCMikeG

      I like the flexibility and deception approach you are proposing!

  • Stan Colbert

    Wow! I admire your attempt disagree with some of your conclusions. I wouldn’t rank Albert as high, because of Stephenson, on the other hand I see letting him go as a significant loss. If we should be unable to sign all three o-linemen that would be disastrous! If Albert stays can Fish play left guard so Stephenson can start? Is Asamoah really better than Schwartz? If Asamoah and Schwartz return and Albert leaves can Asamoah move to left guard? Allen is definitely the weak link this year, but next year might be the strength of the line, worst case scenario!

    • ladner morse

      If there is a scenario in which Allen is ever the strength of the line… whew… don’t even want to think about that one.

      When creating the ranking system… I found myself not so much asking, “Which player is better” but, “Which player has more value” moving forward. That could mean taking experience, versatility, upside, attitude, whether they’d been given a real opportunity, if they came via draft pick, if they have are under a huge contract — all of that — as well as their game day performance in to consideration in 2013.

      Asamoah has started for about 3 years for the Chiefs and Schwartz was never given a position as “the” starter… which I really wish they had done. And I wish they’d offered him a multi-year contract.

  • Stan Colbert

    This may sound crazy, but am about to decide KC #1 pick should be the Martin kid out of ND. He is said to have the ability to play all across the line and be all-pro at guard. He is still on the board in most mocks and though guarrantees missing out on the top Safet and WRs there is depth to address needs in later rounds.

    • ladner morse

      There are a couple of AA staffers who are high on Martin… so you may be right on the money.

  • Stan Colbert

    Certainly agree with you about Allen! Have always liked Asamoah. Since seasons end have read he doesn’t fit Andy’s scheme. Is that because Schwartz replaced him after injury or because of agility issues?. Any insight? Didn’t mean to come off critical with your list, I sure couldn’t do better!

  • Stan Colbert

    That would be a first if I were!

  • Brian Dempsey

    ” Building around Albert and Fisher would be much easier than going with Fisher and Stephenson”

    RUBBISH !!! The Chiefs O-Line didn’t suffer one bit when Albert was out and Stephenson and Fisher were manning the Tackle spots over the last part of the season. Add to that, Stephenson and Fisher have played both sides, whereas Albert hasn’t. Albert will go to the highest bidder in FA and I hope it’s not the Chiefs. Time to part ways and move on. Schwartz is higher priority at this stage than Albert is.

  • David Fritch

    I’m not disagreeing with you, but wasn’t it Cooper who gave up 4 TD’s to Decker our last game with Denver? Maybe I’m only remembering the bad and not the good but I wasn’t too impressed that game.