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John Dorsey was quoted at the combine as saying, “At the end of the day, can the guy make plays?” In other words, the player is just a player, if he’s not a playmaker. Yes, the Chiefs are also looking for players with athleticism and competitiveness but, the bottom line is, they are looking for playmakers.

With that in mind, here’s The Kansas City Chiefs Playmakers Mock. Each of these players chosen have the ability to make plays and I’m offering proof to boot. You’ll find a video supporting my stance that each is a playmaker.

Just a spoiler alert, I didn’t draft a Safety so if you’re looking for one of them, look no further than your own back yard… Sanders Commings.

As several writers here at Arrowhead Addict have mentioned before, we’re using Fanspeak.com and their draft simulator. The simulator allows you to pick for your own team while they pick for all other teams. Fanspeak was used for my Playmakers Mock. Once Fanspeak make all the other selections in a given round, I perused the rest of the available prospects and assessed them for their overall ability as a playmaker and… vuala… you have the playmakers mock.

Here’s a snapshot of the outcome of the Playmakers Mock Draft:

1 Playmakers Mock

Following is an overview of each playmaker chosen:

ROUND 1. Pick #23. CB Darqueze Dennard, 5-11, 197, Michigan State, Sr.

Darqueze Dennard is believed by many to be the best corner in the 2014 draft. DraftTek ranks him #14 overall, CBS Sports #11 and ESPN (Mel Kiper) #19. Consequently, if Dennard falls to #23 and the Chiefs select him, he’ll be an excellent pick. Not only would Dennard be one of the best players available at that point, he’d be a tremendous pick to fill a great need for the Chiefs secondary.

Darqueze Dennard has good size (5-11, 197) but, he’s not the Super-sized order many teams are looking for now in their corners. His ball skills, when the ball is in the air, are excellent. His ability to keep his head facing the QB while covering a WR is uncanny. Dennard’s speed is very good but not great, however, his ability to break on the ball once it’s thrown is excellent. So many times he becomes the receiver and the WR is forced to play defense. His body position when tackling is often the primer for others to keep their eyes on plus, the timing of his hits is like speed reading with Wreck It Ralph. He won the Jim Thorpe Award for the Most Outstanding Defensive Back in 2013 and for good reasons. Dennard not only had 10 INTs in his Michigan career but 167 tackles to go with them. Dennard is not at all afraid to stick his head in on running plays and the best aspect of his skills may be that he can play both man coverage and zone. The skills of someone like Darqueze Dennard would make him a number one corner on the Chiefs team immediately. He’d be “plug-n-play” right away. I would compare his style to Joe Haden’s. Haden is a similar size (5’11” and 190) and is quickly becoming one of the best corners in the game. Of course Dennard isn’t nearly there yet but has Haden’s upside.

Downside of Dennard: As I mentioned, Dennard isn’t the new proto-typical giant CB but is an excellent athlete with great range and smooth hips. He can be overly aggressive at times and didn’t get the opportunity to ply his trade in the best conference in college football, the SEC. However, the Big 10 is no slouch and he’s proven he can play in the adverse conditions of a northern conference where the weather isn’t always so friendly.

As Mike Mayock said, some players need to “check” certain questions off their checklist when they attend the combine and Darqueze Dennard did exactly that by running a fast 40 time of 4.42.

In the end, John Dorsey is looking for playmakers. Is Darqueze Dennard one? I say yes. Now, you be the judge.

 ~ ~ ~

ROUND 3. Pick #87. ILB Christian Jones, FLorida State, Sr.

Christian Jones is a versatile linebacker who’s started inside and out this season but, at 6’3” and 232 pounds can easily slide inside where the Chiefs need a LB to both stop the run and cover TEs when necessary. What I saw at the combine was a gifted athlete who flowed from one challenge to the next seamlessly. Rob Rang of CBS Sports says of Jones,

“Tremendous athlete with has fluid footwork who flawlessly flips his hips to blanket tight ends or receivers down the field in coverage. Tall and long, which he uses well in coverage.”

Jones is a long legged hitter who’s played each of the WILL and the MIKE for a season and led his national championship team with 95 tackles including 7 tackles in the championship victory.

Jones playmaking ability is just what the doctor has ordered for a hole in the gut of the Chiefs defense that has been there for years. Make up your own mind:

~ ~ ~

ROUND 4. Pick #120. WR Robert Herron, 5-9, 193, Wyoming, Sr.

Robert Herron is the prototypical Andy Reid wide out: small, quick and fast, someone who can get open with their own moves, catch the ball cleanly and make positive yardage up field. NFLDraftScout says Herron has a chance to drafted in the top 100 so if the Chiefs could pick him up at pick 120, they’d be getting a great value. Here are some highlights from practice during his Senior Bowl week.

~ ~ ~

ROUND 5. Pick #151. RB Devonta Freeman, 5-9, 209, Florida State, Jr.

Devonta Freeman reminds me of a cross between Michael Turner and Jamaal Charles. I love his cut decisions and it’s those cuts that remind me of JC. When he gets to the point of contact he lowers his head and shoulders to knock the crap out of the tackler even though he’s an inch shorter than Michael Turner. Freeman is the Little Wrecking Ball the Could. However, the great benefit he can provide for the Chiefs is when he gets lost between the tackles. He’s so short it’s hard to find him and then all of the sudden he’s hitting you in the nuts. I just love that and Andy Reid will love his ability to catch the ball too. That ability to catch the ball out of the backfield may also be a legitimate reason he is selected by the Chiefs in one of the later rounds. Here’s a highlight tape of his many mini-moves.

~ ~ ~

ROUND 6. Pick #177. DE Aaron Lynch, 6-6, 244, USF, Jr.

Aaron Lynch is a freaky athlete who started out at Notre Dame as a Freshman where he recorded 33 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, 14 QB hurries and 7.0 sacks in 2011. Next, Lynch went to South Florida and in 2013 he recorded 29 tackles and 5 sacks going from 260 lbs to 244. However, if there’s any coach who can bring out the “freaky” again in Mr. Lynch it’s our Mr. Reid. Here’s a video of Lynch vs. Florida State in 2011, he’s wearing #19.

 ~ ~ ~

ROUND 7. Pick #184. CB Andre Hal, 5-10, 188, Vanderbilt, Sr.

This draft is loaded with excellent corners. Hal’s 4.40 40 yard dash should garner some consideration as late as the 7th round and if he isn’t picked, he’ll likely get an invitation from any of a couple of dozen teams wanting to shore up their CB unit. Hal was second for the second year in a row with 14 passes defended. He also had 40 tackle and for a cornerback in the SEC was tops. Sometimes I end up asking myself, “Self, how could a player fall this far in the draft?” This is one of those time.

Here’s quote from an article by  called Andre Hall Holds His Own Against Texas Mike Evans

“It made little difference on the scoreboard, where Texas A&M scored a runaway win over visiting Vanderbilt on Saturday, but Vanderbilt cornerback Andre Hal did a better job covering nearly uncoverable Aggies receiver Mike Evans than just about any corner Evans has seen this season.

Evans finished with five receptions for 77 yards and a pair of touchdown catches — productive, to be sure — but for a player who has torched two SEC secondaries for more than 275 yards each this season, it wasn’t a poor showing for the Commodores’ senior.”

~ ~ ~

We spend a lot of time hoping the Chiefs will fill their “hole” in the roster but the reality is that the Chiefs need “playmakers” as GM John Dorsey has stated. No, we may not be able to locate and draft a playmaker in every single round but, the above “mythical” draft shows that finding playmakers may not be as hard as it seems.

So, Addict fans, is there a playmaker you’d like to see the Chiefs nab come May?

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  • Tristian

    Darquese Dennard is the best corner in the draft and it isn’t even close. His man to man skills are exactly what we could use but as you mentioned he turns around for the football every time. Morse no question he is plug and play right away. Jones is a freak and if he lined up next to Johnson id be absolutely thrilled. It makes me wonder how big that sspot next to Johnson is on the Chiefs list. I remember when the ninera just had patrick willis and my dad asked me what do you guys need to draft? And I told him above all else we need a guy next to Willis in my opinion. And sure enough Navarro Bowman is drafted and the niners D took another step into elite category. The Wyoming WR is sick and he catches. That jump step at the line the coaches will take out of him but outside of that he seems to have quickness speed and good hands and upside to boot. Like him but it made me wonder if The CFL receiver we signed isnt the same guy. Like the mock alot Morse good article keep it up!

    • berttheclock

      Plus, remember when the Bolts thought they had outsmarted Baalke in that draft pick trade. The Bolts took Butler, who, almost had a Pick Six to open the last game against the Chiefs. But, Bowman’s play has made that argument moot.

      Dennard will prove this new Big Corner theory to be completely wrong. There are exceptions to every new rule. This rule has come into play due to the Big Receiver fade pass to the back shoulder and many smaller current D-bs have problems with it. Dennard can get into a receivers mind from the line of scrimmage to the point where he out leaps them.

      • ladner morse

        I agree about Dennard and think many teams may over react to Seattle’s SB win by taking too tall DBs because of it which is no guarantee the DB will be any good.

        • berttheclock

          Two things about the work of Seattle’s D-bs. First, they jammed and threw off timing. Secondly, once again that ye olde “Best Friend of a D-B’ showed up in the hitting of Peyton’s arm by a legitimate pass rush.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks. I heard Mike Mayock saying he thinks Justin Gilbert is the best corner but I think he’s off on that one. The one I really wonder about is Aaron Lynch who could be a steal if he cna return to form and then develop into the player many thought he was headed to become as a freshman.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Don’t much care for the Robert Herron pick. He only had one really productive season in college. He’s also short for the position. I like Dennard and Freeman.

    • berttheclock

      My counter to you is, yes, his senior season was his best, but, after coming to Wyoming to play RB for the most part, he did improve each year at receiving.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I’ll give you that. Still, I think there will be better options in that round at wide receiver. I’d prefer a Donte Moncrief.

        • berttheclock

          I would prefer Brandin Cooks (Still chill when I remember how he looked in the Gauntlet drill), but, he would be in the first slot and it would come down to what do we really need to fix first, CB or WR. Should the Chiefs be able to pick up an extra very fast wide out, such as Moncrief or Herron in the lower rounds, fine. BTW, where do you think Gaines, the CB from Rice will fall? Very consistent combine times.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            For my money safety and wide receiver are our biggest priorities.
            Gaines’ stock is up after the Combine. He could go third or fourth round.

          • berttheclock

            Thanks. Can’t really argue with your points. However, some NFL team is going to overlook the lack of height in Joyner and end up with a real hitter at safety

          • Stacy D. Smith

            His height isn’t that big a deal to me. He’s a little light in the pants though. 187? Earl Thomas is short, but he’s 2 bills plus.

    • ladner morse

      Reach… I just think… at that point in the draft… given all the players available… Herron looked like he fit to a “T” the type of receiver that Reid has coveted before.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        In some ways, you’re right. I’m just a bit enamored with Moncrief. He’s bigger, faster, runs better routes, and his last two seasons were productive at Ole Miss.

  • berttheclock

    Jones would be a great addition to the line backing corps. I had listened more to the mouth of Tyler Stagg’s bragging about how he was going to be very fast at the combine. However, he turned up looking much closer to Amos Alonso Stagg.

  • berttheclock

    Jones would be excellent. I listened too much to the hype coming from Tyler Staggs. His so-called speed ended up at the Combine reminding more of Amos Alonso Stagg trying to lead wind sprints for his teams of yore.

    • ladner morse


  • Jason Seibel

    Great job, Laddie! I loved the Denard video. I could almost see him in a Chiefs jersey! Is it September yet?

  • Hawthorne

    Great point about the play-makers, I think a lot of people put too much focus on finding positions of need which leaves you reaching for players like Jimmie Ward in the 1st or Terrence Brooks in the 3rd. Free agency and trades are for filling holes. The draft is for getting the BPA. I am hoping that Dee Ford, Aaron Donald or Ha’Sean Clinton Dix fall to us as they are all great play-makers, but Dennard or Gilbert would be pretty great too.

  • http://www.bobsightford.com Justin Borum

    I personally would be looking for a big tall receiver in the first round. I believe that is the first priority for us in the draft. The only other thing that I didn’t like was not taking a Safety in the 3rd round, unless Sanders Commings is the answer, we need that just judging by the torching that Kendrick Lewis got in the Indy game. Other than that I really like the draft as far as the playmakers go. I believe that Cooper will turn into a good number 2 corner and flowers has gotten to where he can cover the slot with Smith on the outside. But i think the team needs are there and we need to capitalize on the deep WR draft and the deep DB class this year.

  • Kody Latham

    I liked most of your decisions except st running back I know this is about play makers but we need some o lineman to help us make those plays and skipping that in this draft could be disastrous for us

  • Kody Latham

    I also think it’s funny how everyone is saying we need a wr I mean we do but not as bad as everyone thinks our offense started rolling once they understood what was going on while our defense flopped due to lack of depth we need to fill some holes in the D with this draft and get a decent wr in the fourth or fifth round I personally like mike Davis from Texas but that’s just me