Jan 3, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Michael Sam (52) runs on the field before the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at the 2014 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Missouri beat Oklahoma State 41-31. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Draft Prospect, Former Missouri Tigers Michael Sam Announces He Is Gay

Michael Sam, a 2014 NFL linebacker prospect, announced through several media stories he is gay. It is expected he will be the first active NFL player who is openly gay in the history of the league. As of today, there a no active players in the NFL, NBA, NFL, or Major League Baseball who are openly gay.

From the New York Times story:

Mr. Sam, 24, is projected to be chosen in the early rounds of the N.F.L. draft in May, ordinarily an invitation to a prosperous professional career. He said he decided to come out publicly now because he sensed that rumors were circulating.

“I just want to make sure I could tell my story the way I want to tell it,” said Mr. Sam, who also spoke with ESPN on Sunday. “I just want to own my truth.”

Sam’s road is not expected to be easy. There were rumbling from NFL scouts about the possibility he was gay, and some thing it may negatively effect his draft status. “I think he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted,” Jonathan Vilma told the NFL Network. A full interview with his thoughts can be seen on the NFL website.

“I’m not naïve,” Sam told the times. “I know this is a huge deal and I know how important this is. But my role as of right now is to train for the combine and play in the NFL.”

While Sam will be trying to figure out his path in the NFL, his former Missouri teammates all seem to be behind him. Sam came out to his teammates last August.

“Once I became official to my teammates, I knew who I was,” Mr. Sam said. “I knew that I was gay. And I knew that I was Michael Sam, who’s a Mizzou football player who happens to be gay. I was so proud of myself and I just didn’t care who knew. If someone on the street would have asked me, ‘Hey, Mike, I heard you were gay; is that true?’ I would have said yes.”

No one asked.

“I guess they don’t want to ask a 6-3, 260-pound defensive lineman if he was gay or not,” Mr. Sam said. And he laughed.

Many fans and teammates voiced their support for Sam on Twitter.







The NFL has already released a statement on Sam’s announcement:

We admire Michael Sam’s honesty and courage. Michael is a football player. Any player with ability and determination can succeed in the NFL. We look forward to welcoming and supporting Michael Sam in 2014.

Sam was named a first team all-American and the SEC defensive player of the year in 2013 after recording 31 tackles, 11.5 sacks, and 19 tackles for loss. He had a sack, tackle for loss, and forced fumble in Missouri’s win over Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl.

Sam was also voted Missouri’s most valuable player by his teammates.

As for the Chiefs, Sam could provide much needed depth to the team’s outside linebacker group. When both Tamba Hali and Justin Houston went down it the home game against San Diego, Kansas City’s pass rush was non-existent. Adding Sam would provide both the depth and a future replacement for Hali. Sam’s size is a concern to some, but he is about the same size as Houston. His 40-time will be very interesting to watch at the combine.

KCChiefs.com has a brief interview with Sam from the Senior Bowl on their site.

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  • micah stephenson

    Being gay is so gay. Lol. Will he have to shower in a seperate stall? That’s nasty, this dude likes to b cuddling up with dudes. He he he. Lol.

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if he will talk with a lisp now.

    • micah stephenson

      Looks like 3 doo doo chasers have down voted us. Lol

  • ahsum99ss

    May God site himself to Michael in a mighty way.

  • andy

    Why do famous people think we give a darn who they sleep with? Why do they think this is some courageous thing he has done? Go to a Muslim country and see how courageous you are. Really, most people don’t care, the novelty has worn off.

    • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer upperturion

      And so many wonder why ‘they’ hate us

    • DoubleD

      You wish the kid lived in a Muslim country because he’s gay?

  • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer upperturion

    Welcome to today’s Sodom…………. I don’t give a rats-ass who you fornicate w/ Michael; but it’s down right disgusting that we need to promote this garbage as a Godly way of life. How sad we’ve become! God’s wrath is just around the corner…

    • Erik Hild

      God doesn’t exist so his/her wrath is non existent too

  • CrispySBC

    I personally could care less. I think the young man has made his road to the NFL much more difficult but that was a personal decision. I do admire his courage for being honest about who he is. We are all god’s children and I just hope he’s judged on his ability not sexual orientation.

    • DoubleD

      Exactly. Let’s be clear here. This is not in any way a situation where the guy is trying to draw attention to himself and saying “hey look at me I’m gay.” He spoke up simply because he felt needed to address the rumors that were circulating about him and speak for himself rather than let others speak about him. Makes perfect sense to me and it’s hard not to respect what he did.

  • DoubleD

    One has to wonder how Jack Harry feels about all this?
    Rock Chalk.

  • tm1946

    Only thing interesting is how or if he can fit in the NFL, did this announcement effect his stock up or down. As a player, he is small would fit in 3-4 and possible OLB but might even have been a undrafted player except for this announcement…..where does this soap opera end.

    • arrowheadaddict

      It is a story because of he will be the first openly gay player in the NFL. Just like Jackie Robinson, when people break down barriers, it is a story, it is news. Until now, no NFL player has felt comfortable to publicly acknowledge their preference in a mate. That means, unlike their teammates, not living their lives in the open because they feel the pressure to hide a part of themselves for fear of retribution. Take a look at some of the comments in this very thread and you should be able to see why it is news.

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    This is totally serious, but how is this situation any different than racisim and discrimination? The way whites tried to prevent African Americans from playing sports or saying they are less human than the whites. We have plenty of star African American athletes and a lot of entertaining African American atheletes. What makes us so worthy of judging Michael Sam for being gay? What makes us so sure that Michael Sam is the only gay athelete playing right now?

    When Jackie Robinson came to play in the MLB the media was all over the Dodger organization and were all over Robinson for thinking he was good enough to play a “white mans” game. He had a pretty solid career and paved a path for African American baseball players to play in the MLB. Michael Sam is a great LB and a hard working player. He gave 100% effort every game, and who know, he could be the next Ray Lewis/Robert Mathis, or in his own right a super star. What gives us the to say that professional sports are a “straight mans” game?

    Media will be all over him and I’m sure his team wont know how to feel at first, but any team to get Sam will be lucky. You can call him names and try to beat him down, but listening to him talk it doesn’t seem like that will work. In fact, you might be motivating him. I would love to see everyone who is calling Michael Sam “gay” and making fun of him say that to his face. Take a hit from Sam, I bet it will hurt just as much as a straight players hit.

    I hope that the Chiefs get him because I know he will make the defense better and I would love nothing more than to be a fan of an organization that could paves the way for the future.

    • micah stephenson

      The way this is dfferent is men are not spose to be with men. You may think its ok but its nasty to me. A man feeling on another man’s stuff, uh yuck! O and I’d take a punch from him after he signed his NFL contract. Lol

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        Right, just like how Aftican Americans were supposed to be slaves for ever according to the Southern part of the country? Just like how African Americans were supposed to be uneducated people who are only here to do work that the “white man” doesn’t want to do. Just like how women were supposed to be obident house wives and never think on their own. Just like how women weren’t supposed to do anything other than have babies, make dinner and give a man his beer. Or just like how African Americans weren’t supposed to play any sport with the white men. Or how white people thought they would get AIDS or another desease from sharing a water fountain or bathroom with an African American.

        Hmmmm…when we look back at all these “these people aren’t supposed to do this” people we now think of them as being arigant, ignorant, idiotic or the reason society and priorities are so messed up. How man African Americans do we have in the HOF in any sport? Who do we argue to be the most entertaining and best athletes of all time? How many of them are white? How many people thought we would have a African American President? How mean people thought that the state they live in would be represented by a woman in Congress or Supreme Court?

        I’m straight, but my brother is gay along with a couple of my friends I grew up with. We label people as “shouldn’t be able to” because they were a different race, and now it’s sexual preferences. What it really boils down to, Micah, is you are uncomfortable with your sexuality. If you were secure in your sexuality, being around a gay person wouldn’t bother you, which based off of what you’ve been saying, you aren’t comfortable with gay’s, which means you aren’t comfortable with your sexuality.

        To be honest, I enjoyed arguing with you over Chiefs related topics Micah. But to be frank, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you because you’ve let yourself get traped in the ignorance and relaps in history. You find yourself to be so superior that you can disrespect someone else based off of one difference. If you think a man or womens sexual preference is something you can make fun of or disrespect, then you are no better than anyone who disrespected women and African Americans. You can say they are different, but they aren’t. Anything you say right now makes you sound ignorant, idiotic and asinine. You might want to open your eyes, because I bet you’ve got some friends or family who are gay. I bet you anything within the next 5 to 10 years gay marriage will be approved and their will be more open gay athletes than you ever expected or thought possible. In 20-30 years you will be the people we read about and think, “wow, those are the people I never want to be like. He was so narrow minded and that was what was wrong during that time.”

        Think about it…

        But I want to know, how is it different? What you are saying and how disrespectful you are being, how is it different then the segrigation and racisim of African Americans? How is it different from the hostility and disrespect towards women? Because what it looks like is discrimination against gays. What it looks like is a cowardly way of saying “I’m better than you because I’m straight and you are gay”. You might as well say “I’m better than you because you’re black and I’m white” or “I’m better than you because you’re a woman and I’m a man”.

        • micah stephenson

          I just knew you was gon b gay. Lol. Im comfortable with my sexuallity. Only ladies for me buddy. I don’t have anything against them having any kind of equal rights. But I can find that nasty and real b**ch @$$ ness like. The goal is to b the alpha male if you a man how you gone b acting a girl? Lol. All these fine chicks out here and they chasing meat. Lol.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            You’re pathetic. Insulting and attacking me to deflect your ignorance. Is that how you make yourself feel better about yourself? I’m more than comfortable with my sexuality and as straight as they come, but I also try to be accepting. You should probably work on that.

            Back to Michael Sam though since your first and only reaction to your ignorance and idiotic thought process is attacking me instead of staying on topic, I hope the Chiefs draft him and he’s a stud DB. I hope he falls to the 4th round and we get him and he is successful.

          • micah stephenson

            Just cus I don’t get down with that gay stuff don’t mean I’m ignorant.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Right, just like how whites used to discriminate against the African Americans because they were black. They weren’t ignorant either.

          • micah stephenson

            Don’t get me wrong, as far as the equall rights go, I think everybody should have them. Should everybody b treated the same. Yes. I’m all for the equality, equal rights and all that stuff. You more accepting of it cuss yo family and friends are gay. Where I grew up my Dad, Mom, family, friends, neighbors, church, teachers all taught me that ain’t right. And it will b hard to convince me it is. Its one of the most easier things to figure out. Men are design to match up with women. What the beep are two men gone do together? Up, wait, uh don’t answer that. Lol. I know being the way I am is not right but that’s just the way I am. When I see them they are funny to me. especially the ones that dress like girls, and have they hand folded to the side saying EWWW, lol. Where I’m from if you act like b**ch, then we gone treat you like one.

        • micah stephenson

          R you SURE your not gay?

    • cd3382

      Well said…Good for Michael Sam! It takes a lot of courage to do what he did. Also, it has been proven there are gay players in the NFL today, plenty of former players have stated they have played with players who were gay and the locker room knew as well. You never hear about it because locker rooms are so close knit and you are part of a family. I’m sure it might affect his draft status, but if he is there in the later rounds, then I say that’s a no brainer and you take him. He would be a nice situational pass rusher for the Chiefs.

    • KCMikeG

      Lamar Hunt and Hank Stram played vital roles in the creation of our franchise. They were the kind of men who knew what was right and weren’t afraid to stand up proudly for their beliefs. Stram was a keen evaluator of talent, he helped break down racial barriers by bringing in players from traditional African American colleges, including Willie Lanier, pro football’s first black middle linebacker. Willie was my favorite player and I modeled my style of play after his. It angered me when some discriminated against him. What difference did it make what color his skin was? He was my hero leading one of the greatest goal line stands in the history of the NFL vs the Jets in the playoffs.
      Well here we are almost half a century later and some still feel they have the right to judge others as less than themselves. Sad that this even needs to be discussed. I would be proud to have Michael Sam wear the Red and Gold. Clark Hunt has stepped into his father’s shoes quite nicely over the last few years and would do his memory proud by making a brilliant football decision in spite of the distorted opinions of some.

  • andyred

    why the hell is this even a story? The missouri team he was on knew and didnt care, why should we or any player. If it doesnt affect us, it shouldnt bother us.