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Mocking the offseason or… mocking the draft? For me, one is becoming passe and the other provocative.

Have you ever wanted to play General Manager of the Chiefs? Well, here’s your chance without all the real risk of course. It’s kind of like being a Fantasy Football League General Manager for six months. Just funner and faster.

So, what does it take to mock the Chiefs whole off season? Here are some possible guidelines:

1) Create a one-team specific 7 round mock (see fanspeak link below)

2) Make at least one free agent signing (3 tops)

3) Make at least one trade- either inside or outside of the draft

Fanspeak draftTo complete #1 of my Off-Mock, I used an online mock draft generator at which helped pick all of the other teams picks for me after I told it which team I was drafting for (the Chiefs). My fanspeak automated draft turned out like this. See the chart to the left.

You’ll notice that Fanspeak didn’t provide me with the opportunity to draft a second round pick… because the Chiefs don’t have one… currently.

However, I will be making a trade for a second round pick, and with that pick I will be drafting, WR Jarvis Landry, LSU.

After reading my “Off-Mock” narrative please go to Fanspeak and create your own “Off-Mock.”

Some writers this offseason have suggested that John Dorsey will need to “hit home runs” with all of his draft picks, so… it’s obvious to me that Mr. Dorsey needs our help.

So, I’ll begin… and give you not only my complete seven round mock but, a free agent signing and one big trade. Well, at least a trade bigger than Javier Arenas for Anthony Sherman.

And away we go….

Round One: DT Aaron Donald, 6-1, 288, Pittsburgh

In the past few weeks I’ve fallen in love with DT Aaron Donald. Donald is an interior penetrator, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Megatron punched Optimus Prime in the stomach.

Donald’s long legs and stocky torso appear perfectly suited to slipping past anyone the offense places in front of him. Donald is quick and fast and when comparing him to other, successful defensive tackles, Warren Sapp comes to mind. Although, Donald doesn’t look like Sapp, his ability to fight off of blocks and move around offensive linemen is reminiscent.

The primary advantage of having Donald in the middle is that, while Poe can drive Centers in this league back easily, Donald can use his skills to, for the most part, evade contact and dive up field. The primary advantage of that is getting to the QB in the fastest amount of time possible. IN a passing league gone wild for even more passing, getting to the QB ASAP is at a premium and Aaron Donald should help with that immediately. Plus, Donald is terrific at wrangling RBs once he clears the Center or the Guard.

At this point, Donald looks like a player that would have to be double-teamed on a regular basis. If that’s the case… then the Chiefs will have reached an primary goal: forcing teams to choose who they will double-team. One thing is clear in that case, no team can double-team Dontari Poe plus Justin Houston plus Tamba Hali… and a DT.

~ ~ ~

A Draft Related Trade

Do you remember Terrell Owens? You know… the guy who stood on the Cowboys star after scoring a TD to mock their whole organization and branding. You know… the guy who had contract conflicts with San Francisco, who tried to trade him to the Ravens but he ended up signing with the Philadelphia Eagles… and Andy Reid. That Terrell Owens.

Do you remember Michael Vick? You know… well, you just know. The point is, Andy Reid takes in stray beasts who happen to have a bit of toxic national news identity to them. He’s unafraid to take on the project especially when that “project” has tremendous upside.

Enter Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins… and Branden Albert.

Ben Nielsen at KC Kingdom says of the Chiefs situation with Branden Albert,

“Letting Albert walk, franchising him, or franchising him in order to trade him seem to be the three likely outcomes for Albert and the Chiefs.”

Ben NielsenAs John Dorsey and Andy Reid sort out the best possible ways to deal with Albert, I’m sure they’ve long ago come to the realization that getting something for him is better than nothing. That’s why they spent all that time, last year prior to the draft, trying to work out a trade with the Dolphins.

Now, with Andy Reid penchant for not being afraid to deal with a player’s bad behavior… or a player with an estranged background…  MARTIN FOR ALBERT trade could be a romance made in the land of BETTER THAN NOTHING.

I believe this is part of Andy Reid’s make up. Knowing a little about Reid’s Mormon heritage, which includes a major component of “grace” is be played out in Reid’s, “next-play, next-game, next-man-up” approach. Players who play for him find this freeing. They can be themselves, without judgement, when they play for him. It’s a huge reason you’ll find a high number of players who feel loyalty to him even years after playing for him.

Consequently, you shouldn’t be surprised at all if the Chiefs make a trade with Miami and part of that trade includes Jonathan Martin.

What to do with Martin is another conversation, because I think he’d best be utilized on the interior of the Chiefs OL.

If Martin were to end up in KC, it will be controversial but, I would welcome the addition. Firstly, because the Chiefs would be getting something for nothing. Secondly, Martin will come in with a something to prove and players like that usually do well. Plus, I believe that Martin could develop into a top notch Guard.

Next, if the Chiefs could sign Richie Incognito to help motivate Martin……..

I hope Reid has enough grace to forgive me for that one.

Now, if for some reason the Chiefs do trade Albert, hopefully a second or third round choice will be part of the deal. If both Arizona and Miami are interested it will be a positive for the Chiefs to get a bidding war going because Albert is worth it.

In the end, I’m more interested in seeing the Chiefs acquire draft picks than other team’s tradeable pieces (players).

So, why bring a “possible” trade up here? Because I’m going to present this full monty mock with a second round pick. That’s where the Chiefs go for a talented wideout.

~ ~ ~

Round Two: WR Jarvis Landry, 6-0, 195, LSU

Landry appears to be the quintessential Andy Reid WR: quick and fast with good hands who can get open on his own and advance the ball up the field. Landry however, offers much more. Jarvis Landry has attitude and fire to match his 4.38 speed. He frequently, jumps high as he locates the ball at it’s zenith and as he’s leaping is turning in a planned 360 degree circle. I’ve seen him, many times, go up, running full steam, catch the ball as his back is turned to the goal line, finish his sky-bound-pirouette then land on his other foot without missing a step.

Landry has speed. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him run faster than a 4.38 at the combine. Unlike many wideouts with speed, he uses his, all the way through his routes and continues his acceleration as he catches the ball.

Some may be asking why he’s a second round choice but that may simply be because he was on the same team as WR O’Dell Beckham and those interested have been forced to choose between the two. Well, my father always taught me to recognize a great deal when I saw one and Landry is that great deal. A first round talent with first round speed and first round hands… shuttled to the second round for no other reason than… well to honest… I can’t think of a reason why.

If, and that’s of course a big if, the Chiefs can snag a second round pick, Mr. Jarvis Landry would be incredible to see streaking down the sideline in red and gold this coming autumn, in front of a capacity Arrowhead noise breaking 12th entity crowd going bonkers.


Round Three: ILB Christian Jones, 6-4, 232, Florida State

Christian Jones is a big strong inside linebacker who could be “the one.” Jones runs a 4.54 40 and when DJ came out he ran a 4.52 so Jones is right there with him. While Derrick Johnson was in on 482 tackles in college, Jones was only in on 223 so let’s not confuse the two. However, the Chiefs would likely be asking Jones to take on blockers so DJ could fly to the ball carrier.

Here’s what Dane Brugler of CBS Sports has to say about Jones’ strengths and weaknesses,

“Tremendous athlete with has fluid footwork who flawlessly flips his hips to blanket tight ends or receivers down the field in coverage. Tall and long, which he uses well in coverage. Plays with excellent range and speed to chase down the action, taking proper angles in pursuit. Flashes the take-on strength to blow past blockers when he uses proper technique…

Needs to improve his awareness to turn his head and find the ball. Length is advantageous, but at times will cause him to play too upright, and he needs to improve his overall leverage, especially on tackle attempts. Will get hung up on blocks at times.”

 As you can see in this highlights video of Christian Jones, he plays some inside and outside linebacker. This may be another reason the Chiefs actually do give him a look come this May on draft day.

~ ~ ~

Round Four: TE C.J. Fiedorowicz, 6-6, 262, Iowa

Tight end is one of those positions that is not only critical to the success of Andy Reid’s offense but is a position that the Chiefs have had trouble keeping anyone in on a regular basis since Tony Gonzales defected to Atlanta. Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce, last year’s third round pick, may both come back strong this year but, the Chiefs can’t afford to not make sure they have the TE position infused with talent. Fiedorowicz is probably closer to 6-7 and has a sure set of hands. With a 4.68 40 he has the speed to get down the field. He doesn’t have elite moves but has good moves and will be a load in the running game.

~ ~ ~

Round Five: S Kenny Ladler, 6-0, 200, Vanderbilt

Kenny Ladler’s 4.46 40 time and his 87 tackles, 5 INTs, 5 forced fumbles and 2 passes broken up in 12 games makes him a player to watch on draft day.  Walter Football sayd of Ladler,

“Ladler was very good for Vanderbilt in 2012. He is an instinctive and gritty player who flies around the field and is always around the ball. Ladler is impossible to ignore when watching the Commodores. “

Sanders Commings may be the answer or splitting time between Quintin Demps and Husain Abdullah but, the Chiefs must bring in players like Ladler who can step in and improve the position.

~ ~ ~

Round Six: WR Mike Davis, 6-2, 195, Texas

Mike Davis 4.4 40 time is just what Alex Smith needs to help stretch defenses, especially if the Chiefs choose not to bring back WR Donnie Avery.

~ ~ ~

Round Seven: OG Brandon Lindler, 6-6, 319, Texas

If the Chiefs are going to trade for Jonathan Martin, who they may use inside or out, it’s important to bring in big Andy Reid type linemen plus, Lindler is listed as the 8th or 9th best OG.

~ ~ ~

Free Agent Signings

Aside from signing several of their own free agents, if the Chief are going to have one big offseason signing this year it would be WR Jeremy Maclin. With Maclin’s familiarity with Missouri and coach Andy Reid, as well as Reid’s offense, the possibilities of him coming here increase greatly.

With Jeremy Maclin and the two receivers I have drafted, the Chiefs should be able to go into 2014 with fire power they haven’t seen in 10 years or more.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s my first “Off-Mock” and if you’d like to give one a try… please let us know how yours comes out.

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