Arrowhead Addict Is Giving Away A BIG JAMBOX By Jawbone

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In celebration of the big game this Sunday, Arrowhead Addict is partnering with Verizon Wireless to give one of our readers a free BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone.

I know what you’re thinking….

“What do I have to sign up for?”

Nothing, this is a no strings attached give away. The fine people at Verizon are providing us with the JAMBOX so we can say thank you to our loyal readers. All Verizon wants to know is how you tie technology into your sports watching activities. So to enter yourself all you need to do is explain in the comments section below how you use technology as part of your sports watching ritual. It’s that easy. You’ll need to include an email or twitter handle that we can contact you at if you are the lucky winner.

The JAMBOX would be a great way to enhance your next tailgate or party and we all know that NOBODY tailgates like Chiefs fans. So hit up the comments below and you may be able to add this cool wireless JAMBOX to your next get together.

The deadline to enter is midnight on this coming Sunday night, February 2nd.

Here are some specifics on the device:

BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone Info:
Stream hi-fi audio from any Bluetooth® device
Download new features, apps and software upgrades right to your speaker
Built-in microphone lets you enjoy hands-free phone calls and video chats
Stream hi-fi audio from any Bluetooth® device
Download new features, apps and software upgrades right to your speaker
Built-in microphone lets you enjoy hands-free phone calls and video chats

Turn any mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) into a portable, party-powering, hi-fi sound system. Fill any space, indoors and out, with stunning audio.
Stream hi-fi audio from any Bluetooth® device and control BIG JAMBOX from across the room, or use the buttons on BIG JAMBOX to pause, play & skip through tracks.
BIG JAMBOX isn’t just a speaker—it’s a SmartSpeaker. It evolves and gets smarter with time. Plug into MyTALK to download new features, apps and software upgrades.
Exclusive technology that lets you experience your music like never before—as if you’re sitting front row, hearing it live. Turn LiveAudio on and immerse yourself in 3D sound.
BIG JAMBOX does more than play music. Its built-in microphone lets you enjoy hands-free phone calls and video chats using Skype®, Google Talk™ & Facetime®.

Okay Addicts, if you’re interested in this cool device just hit up the comments with how you use technology to help with your game day experience. Thanks for being the best readers around and GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • Weston Mills

    Technology has completely enhanced my sports fandom. Between watching the game on my hi-def TV or constantly checking scores on my iPhone, the sports world is always a touch away for me. My favorite of course is reading arrowhead addict from my tablet. ([email protected])

  • Joel Goldman

    As I watch the game in HD, I have a laptop synced via Chromcast to another display showing highlights and stats from the game and the league. A JAMBOX would be a great addition to the setup. (@JoelRGoldman)

  • CSconce

    As I don’t live in an area that televises Chiefs games very often I normally stream Chiefs Radio over my phone via either my two main radio apps (WunderRadio or IHeartRadio) or directly via a browser (I bought Puffin as it has the required flash Plugin). Afterwards I will watch the games on my iPad through the NFL Rewind app!

  • CrispySBC

    I started listening to Mitch and Lenny, on game day, on the Chief’s radio network. Since I live in Denver most games aren’t on TV. However, once the Chief’s started their 9-0 run I would only listen to the game via internet streaming … it was my lucky charm for a Chief’s win and I never deviated from it. Even after they lost I still listened to Mitch and Lenny hoping it would revive their winning streak. So all season I listened to “TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY” and loved it. I love me some Lenny D but man he doesn’t add a lot of “color” to the show … I wonder if he realizes it’s radio and he should be talking more. I know it’s not the most exciting story but I support my Chief’s 120%. I was a senior in high school when they won their last Super Bowl and I have faith that in my lifetime they will win another …. in fact I think in the next 3-5 yrs. they’ll be a perennial Super Bowl team. With the addition of Coach Reid, John Dorsey and Alex Smith I have faith that this proud franchise will rise to a new level of success. As I tell all my Bronco friends …. “the futures so bright I’ve gotta wear shades”. Yeah I know they all think I’m a crazy Chief’s fan but it’s the truth and how I feel …. Chief’s pride baby!

    • CrispySBC

      BTW … I listen to Chief’s radio on my HP laptop so it’s really …. “touchdown Kansas City” if I won the Jambox I’d truly be able to listen to Mitch say : TOUCHDOWNNN KANNSASS CITYYY” :}

  • Robert King

    Technology has immensely changed the way I view my televised sports. Just the other day I received a notification from an app I downloaded telling me which winter olympic sports are the most anticipated this year. try explaining that process to your grandma or grandpa.Technology is going to allow me to watch the super bowl via xbox one this year. Even if my xbox one malfunctioned I could watch the game on my iPad. even if my iPad blew up I could catch the game on my iPhone or droid! Even if my iPhone or droid retired I could still listen to the action on my radio. We truly are in a technological renaissance! ([email protected])

  • Jason Moore

    As I sit and watch the Chiefs in Dallas Cowboys Country, I’m surrounded by an array of electronic devices. My HD TV, Iphone, Ipad and Macbook all surrounding me, it looks like I’m trying to conquer the universe! In all actuality I’m in electronic heaven! Constantly checking scores around the league and also keeping up with my fantasy football team. Keep in mind also watching the glorious KC Chiefs tear somebody up! I also proudly represent in the big state of Texas with my KC Chiefs flag flapping in the wind and my personal license plate on my truck that says “KCCHFS” in red of coarse! ([email protected])

  • kcpauly

    I don’t really use a whole lot of electronic devices when watching sports, I have a smart TV and I am a RedZone watcher, unless the Chiefs are on the network channels, then I watch and record them, but I use my Kindle Fire to read AA and other Chief sights, and I have the Fanside mobile app on my phone([email protected])

  • Cj Phillips

    My game day ritual involves a nice HD Sony projector screen set at 96″, Sony surround sound (volume set at 36 with the combination of Jamaal Freakin Charles and Alex TheGamer Smith’s jersey numbers), and the lights are dimmed low to create the best viewing pleasure. I love the way the man cave is set up, and it really wouldn’t be anything without technology. Technology is vastly improving our everyday lives, and not just sports fans and I’m very thankful for it. @MrYaggaYagga

  • Andrew

    When I watch sports, I watch it on my 40 inch LCD tv with Bose surround sounds so I feel like I’m really there ([email protected])

  • domenic
  • Chiefzfan7
  • Ephrom Marks
  • MrTailgater

    When the Chiefs are on the road we watch them on TV but prefer to listen to the radio and. “The Voice of the Chiefs” for our sound and the Jambox would allow us to do that better
    And when the Chiefs are at home we are always there when the gates open to get first row parking in Red Reserve to get our tailgating in. The Jambox would up our level of tailgating with sound and it would also allow me to take the music with when I hop on the motorized beer cooler to run see other fellow tailgating friends or to give rides to the porta-johns thereby sharing the wonderful music helping get us all pumped for the game and supporting the HOME OF THE CHIEFS!!!!!!!
    ([email protected])

  • AdamAndrew

    I use technology to enhance my game day experience by always staying tapped in to my favorite team! Radio/live tweets/ and even internet video to always know how my CHIEFS are doing!

  • Shawn Bell

    I watch with my cellphone tuned into my fantasy football league so I can keep tabs on my players that are not Chiefs while I watch NFL Sunday ticket to always catch the Chiefs very game. ([email protected]

  • kcfirechief

    I live in Alaska. So to keep up with the Chiefs I make use of both my phone (NFL mobile NFL red zone as well as phone radio apps) and NFL rewind on my laptop.

  • Rock

    As a Chiefs fan that lives in Brooklyn NY, without technology I would never get to see my boys play. For 10 years every game day, I must live stream the games off of my laptop then project it to my tv using an HDMI. Quality visual and sounds are usually blurry and horrible, but as long I get to see red I’m content. I actually flew out to KC for the game opener last season against the cowboys and we won by 1 point thank God! #GoChiefs! ([email protected])

  • Peter C

    I live in Denver(please stop screaming).So I see shockingly depending on the year 8-12 games a year. The rest of the time I watch the NFL Red Zone channel. This combined with the Yahoo Sports app. If I’m away I will switch on NFL game rewind as well. I am also a BIG sports junkie. So I watch NFL AM in the morning, NFL Total Access at night, and between commercial breaks read Arrowhead Addict or Bleacher Report. If anyone wants to know, I have a Samsung 32” TV with a Sony soundbar. ([email protected])

  • Joshua Johnson

    I am a Chiefs fan from Lowry City Missouri, But i currently live in Lakenheath England where i am stationed with the USAF.. I watch the chiefs games on TV if they are playing it on the Armed forces Network, otherwise, i watch it on my laptop using NFL gamepass. ([email protected]) GO CHIEFS!!!

  • josh miller

    I have been a Chiefs fan my entire life, originally from KCMO. My family and I were season ticket holders, and I still have family that currently are. I moved to NC about 8 years ago and as you can imagine keeping up with the boys is pretty hard. I use AA to keep up with roster moves signings and other news chiefs related. For games I use ESPN ScoreCenter and NFL Mobile apps when I’m not at home and at home I use IHEARTRADIO to listen to live audio on 101 the fox. I rarely get games out here so am always on them. GO CHIEFS!!!
    ([email protected])

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m eligible, right? *looks around nervously*

    • DoubleD

      Pretty sure that Sr Staff writers are ineligible. Sr contributor should be a different story.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I was only kidding around. This contest is for “fans” of AA!!!

        • DoubleD

          I was kidding as well.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Touche, my friend.

  • Nick Schweitzer

    Besides watching TV on a Big Screen, being a KC fan outside Kansas City means that I’ve been using the internet for years to listen to live broadcasts of Chiefs games by Chiefs loyal announcers. In general that has meant finding different local radio stations that stream on the internet, and lately, using Sirius-XM to listen in my car.

  • Doc

    I have been a Chiefs fan for all of my adult life. When I lived in San Diego (yeah, I can hear the boos now) I had to buy season tickets just to be assured I would be able to see the Chiefs play once a year. This was way before streaming media and the Internet. Living back in MO for 20 years now, I don’t miss a game. In fact I call Chiefs games LAS (Life After Sara – ex wife who hated football). All of my family knows they will not be able to contact me, or hear from me, while the Chiefs game (and post game report with Mitch Holtus). I lived through the good years and bad years. This last year was great! If I win the Jawbone, it will allow me to listen to radio broadcast while watching the game on TV. Plus it will allow me to listen to Mitch Holtus post game show. With any luck I’ll be able to listen to the Red Zone during the week. In the meantime, I watch the delayed broke casts on

  • DTVTechGuy

    Being able to hear the game while grilling the dogs!!

    What more could you ask for?!?!?

    Thanks for the chance Fellas!

  • BobbyP

    As an avid golfer and chiefs fan, sometimes Sunday afternoon decisions become pretty tough. I try to keep up with the scores with my Verizon Samsung G III but often my Motorola bluetooth head set goes flying. It surewould be nice to to be able hear the game while hitting the links. [email protected]

  • Drewfish

    Well as a hawkeye fan as well as a chiefs fan. I dont have cable just over the air channels and when the game isnt on regular tv then I listen to the radio on my phone but thats hard to hear…..would absolutly love this to help me drowned out my wife and kids on gameday!!!! Thanks AA!! [email protected] is my email.

  • Mr. Mektakular

    I enjoy watching the game on my 42″ Sharp TV. It would be nice to have an upgraded speaker system while watching my CHEIFS perform every sunday. But overall technology has forever been beneficial to my everyday life. @MrMek913

  • Greg Fears

    I don’t have much technology outside of an Samsung Galaxy S4. Its been very useful as I can now do a lot of stuff without using my hands. This jam box would be so beneficial and would look and sound great while I cheer on the Chiefs while they kick Phillis Rivers and those sorry Charger’s BUTTS! Regardless of the outcome, GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  • Terrik King

    Watching the game downstairs kind of sucks right now. My wife, who records all her shows upstairs took my surround sound. So this Jambox Jawbone would be a nice addition to the man cave.

    Also, drinks on me if I win.

  • Greg Fears

    I don’t have much technology outside of an Samsung Galaxy S4. Its been very useful as I can now do a lot of stuff without using my hands. This jam box would be so beneficial and would look and sound great while I cheer on the Chiefs while they kick Phillis Rivers and those sorry Charger’s BUTTS! Regardless of the outcome, GO CHIEFS!!!!! ([email protected])

  • melissa t

    We watch the games on the TV then have phones in hand to chat on twitter and to see what’s going on with other games.

  • Michael Tavis

    I host watch parties every weekend on my 55″ Samsung LED TV. I have Sony surround sound system hooked up and stream the cable through my Xbox One. I also like to play the 101 the fox Chiefs pregame on the radio. Nothing like Mitch and Len Dawson to get everyone ready for the big game. I also track my fantasy football on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. My man cave is Teched out and would love to listen to Mitch Holthous and Len Dawson through the BIG JAMBOX. Thank you for the oppurtunity.

  • Lance Arsenault

    I used to only have the Sunday paper sports section that I stole out of my neighbor’s driveway. That was good for a couple articles and win-loss records; not nearly enough to hold me over from one game day to the next. After my uncle climbed the pole and hooked us up with cable (birthday present from him to my mom) I found sports fan paradise on channel 28: ESPN! Here was a near constant source of news and flashy sports stuff. I didn’t know until then how much I loved the Chiefs defense of the 90s. During the season , I could eventually catch replays of Derrick Thomas terrorising offensive tackles & traumatizing visiting QBs. Still, I was limited to what little coverage the network producers put together for my Midwest teams.
    Fast-forward a decade and you’d find me in dial-up chat rooms and sports forums. This is how I would send out positive vibes for my teams and troll hard on the enemies. It didn’t make a difference, but it was kinda fun. It was an exciting time when a team would make a big move and you could discuss it with so many other fans & haters. I wasted so much time of my most vital years scouring the early internet for what I considered pertinent.
    Shit is my way now, I have countless videos to access instantly at amazing speed to watch on my hand-held, my TV or PC. I can discuss sports on social sites with like minded people that I actually know & like. Compared to the old sports page–this is awesome.
    Even though cable companies have made it more difficult to siphon their channels, I now have the technology to partake in all live sports online with people that paid and are cool enough to broadcast it for us. I have technology to find & bash sensitive fans of other teams. If I want to go to a game I have technology to find the dirt-cheapest tickets last minute. And when I want to zoom way in on a cheerleader, I have that tech too.
    It’s hard to imagine what more technology can improve on at this point , but the specs on the big jambox sounds real propa like!

  • Matt Thompson

    I use technology to get the most up to date news and also get different perspectives on the games and teams I love. Everyone has an outlet for their opinion with new technologies and information is readily available at all times

  • Mike Lehnus

    I use my Motorola Droid Ultra powered by Verizon to enhance my game day experience. I check the Direct Ticket for scores and highlights from other games as I sit in Arrowhead stadium watching the Chiefs
    play. I also log into the Chiefs mobile app; where I can get exclusive in stadium videos, real time game stats and even
    order concessions from my seat. Additionally I would be lost without the technology to keep up with the Chiefs during the week between games and in the off season to keep up to date on all of the activity.

  • CSconce

    Was the winner announced somewhere?