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January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Rice quarterback Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs (11) is pressured by Team Sanders defensive tackle Gerald McCoy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (93) during the 2014 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Team Rice defeated Team Sanders 22-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom today.

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It’s a Pro Bowl wrap up kind of morning here at AA. Pretty much everything Chiefs related on the web today is talking about last night’s all-star game and how the Chiefs players dominated. Kevin Patra from NFL’s Around the League had this to say:

Alex Smith, the final pick in Wednesday’s Pro Bowl Draft, led Team Rice on the final touchdown drive on a rain-soaked field. Then Jerry Rice and Riverboat Ron Rivera went for two and clinched a 22-21 win over Team Sanders in the first unconferenced Pro Bowl.

Heading over to the Kansas City Star there is a post up by Oskar Garcia from the Associated Press recapping the game.

Dallas running back DeMarco Murray caught a 20-yard touchdown pass [from Alex Smith] with 41 seconds left adn Carolina running back Mike Tolbert plunged into the end zone for a 2-point conversion to give [Team] Rice a 22-21 win over [Team] Sanders in the first schoolyard-style Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Finally today, moving away from Pro Bowl news, Adam Teicher at ESPN continues his analysis of the Chiefs positional groups by breaking down the running backs.

The Chiefs asked a lot of Charles last season and he consistently delivered. Charles led the Chiefs in rushing, receiving and touchdowns. It took a concussion that knocked him out of the playoff game in Indianapolis before Charles stopped being productive. Charles is still only 27 but has a lot of wear and tear on him. It would be wise for the Chiefs to plan for the day Charles slows down or has another long-term injury similar to the ACL tear that ruined his 2011 season.

Don’t forget, the AA Writers Mock Draft will begin at 12 Noon, Arrowhead time today. The first six picks will be revealed. Make sure you check back to see who your favorite AA writer drafted.

Until then, enjoy your Monday and GO CHIEFS!

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  • micah stephenson

    I knew you would try to make a story out of this. I said it would take a whole probowl oline, a probowl rb, and probowl wrs and TEs for him to look decent. Lol. You could definitely see the drop off in talent at QB when he came on the field tho.

    • Jonathan Moomey

      Really…A drop in talent? So a drop from Brees that was sacked MULTIPLE times or throwing in the dirt…Or a drop off from the two picks by Rivers? Or the drop off from the fact he had more yards than ANY other QB that played yesterday? Your song and dance gets old. I am forced to believe you were in junior high school with Alex and he took your lunch money or gave you a swirlie…Which must have led to you dropping out, because upon reading your posts, I am yet to find one above a junior high level in grammar or intellect…

      • Chiefsred

        That’s why we call him the douche

        • micah stephenson

          That’s why we call you the (fill in blank with your own insult) I don’t want patrick trying to kick me off the website, so I’m going to refrain from calling you names.

          • Chiefsred

            Sad that you are trying to get a rise. You are a virus to this site. You need to find a Another team to infect. All the positive energy on this site and then there’s you. I see you for what you are, unhappy maybe someday that will change. I’ll be rooting for you douche. Go Chiefs!!!!!

          • Brandon Mecham

            He’s a virus because he demands the best? I’m firmly on the Alex Smith hater side, but if he shows me he can hang with the top 5 qbs I’ll change my tune. This good enough mentality breeds a fan base that’s OK with a mediocre team and a front office that knows it.

          • micah stephenson

            Thats what I’m saying!!! I said I will give Alex a chance to impress me, and he hasn’t. Some are more easily impressed than others. Alex still has a chance to impress me next yr. I dont care how many coaches, systems, wrs or whatever he has had, after 96 games of experience you would think he would b a lot better than he is. I don’t know what it is about the QB spot in kc but the fans just don’t care about the level of talent at the spot.

      • micah stephenson

        Why was Foles offense MVP then instead of Alex?

        • Jonathan Moomey

          Because they had to pick one from each team. To have anyone other than DJ on defense would have been reason for street riots and who else could they have chosen on the offensive side of the ball from team Sanders? No offensive player had a HUGE game. A case could have been made for Gordon (but again he was team Rice), and again, Smith had the yardage and the clutch TD (again, team Rice). Im not going to stand here and scream from the mountains that Smith is the end all be all, but to say he doesn’t belong in the Pro Bowl is absurd. He not only went toe to toe against pro bowl caliber defense, he put up better numbers than ANY other qb on the field on that given day. Ok, so he only went because others sat out…So did DJ. Did that stop him from having the best game of the day on the defensive side of the ball? Nope. You can dream up any excuse you want, but when it came down to it, Smith had a better performance with the same weapons for him and against him than Brees or Rivers yesterday. As for Foles, again, I don’t disagree with his MVP nod because there weren’t any other standouts on that team on offense to give it to. However, I also anticipate Foles proving to be a much more “mid-level” qb next year as defenses scheme differently against their system, his numbers will prove to be much inflated this year.

      • micah stephenson

        He just sucks to me. Others are more easily impressed. I’m not. If he starts to ball out out will start to like him, but so far he ain’t beep to me.

    • mattU

      Come on man. What about the Pro-Bowl defense he was playing against? This wasn’t Pro-Bowl’s of old where nobody on D was trying. Team Sanders d-line made the Rice O-line look bad all day…no team Rice QB was comfortable back there.

    • Corby

      How are you going to come in on a Chiefs fan site and dog our starting QB? Are you doing it bc you like to get a response out people? He played well. I am not saying he the best QB in the league but the hell out of here with your BS

      • micah stephenson

        Becus I don’t like him and I can.

      • micah stephenson

        The same way some dog our FS, WRs, TEs, CBs, or whatever position they feel need upgraded.

    • nathan82

      Micah, I don’t like that people are calling you names. It is not right, and its not deserved. You have the right to your opinion. That said, I just don’t see how your opinion is grounded in what is actually happening. I wasn’t thrilled by the trade either, and I was sad that we didn’t take a qb, but looking back can you honestly say that you would rather have a qb from that draft class over ASmith? He is clearly a superior qb and probably will be moving forward. Maybe they tried to get Foles and couldn’t? We don’t know. Smith is not Manning, but he is very capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl in the next few years.

      • micah stephenson

        It don’t even bother me dog. I can dish it and I can take it. Some lil ole name calling dont bother me. I have thick/tuff skin. I know I can b pesky, persistent, nerve racking, annoying as heck, so every once in a while I will get the bisness. I can handle tho. Thanks for caring.

  • micah stephenson

    You know how back in school, how the scrubiest kid always got picked last, yea Alex Smith was the last player picked in the draft, lol. Mr irelivent. I herd about 20-30 players turned down the probowl before they were finally like Alex is a nice guy, he will come and play. Call him and see if will play sinse nobody else is. Lol

    • hmmm

      Is that what happened to you?

      • micah stephenson

        Knaw, I’d b insulted if I’m not one of the 1st players picked cus I know my game and value. I wrecks havoc on defense. Its better to pick me just to not have to play against me.

        • Michael Shaw

          Seriously Micah!! If you were that good, why didn’t we see you in a KC jersey. You crack me up brother!!!

          • micah stephenson

            Playing flag football or basket ball at the neighborhood gym is a lil different from playing for the Chief lol.

        • hmmm

          I think the best thing that you could do is maybe contact Alex and try to become friends with him. Maybe some of your expertise would help him get to the elite level. I think everyone here would be appreciate that.

    • mnelson52

      Why are you the only one that heard this? It wouldn’t hurt to see a tutor to help you with your spelling. Nothing personal, just trying to help

      • micah stephenson

        Its all over ESPN. No Broncos or seahawks are going. 7-8 49s said they ain’t going, when you mix in a few other players that didn’t go due to injury you get down to asking Alex will he b nice enough to play.

  • Joshua


  • Michael Shaw

    Seriously guys????? Micah doesn’t like any QB on this team and won’t until we draft one with a high pick! That is it. It is that simple. I admit that I also get tired of reading Micah’s useless rants about our QB’s this year, but he IS entitled to voice his opinion on this site. That is what this site is for!! For us as fans to give a voice to our thoughts on what the team should or shouldn’t be doing to get better. Micah and I have had some interesting bantering going on back and forth, but I don’t believe for a minute that he isn’t just as passionate about our Chiefs as the rest of us are. Some people just have to ground a player into the ground until they do something to prove them wrong, and until Alex gets us a win in the post season, or two, or three or…………..well you get the idea, then Micah will almost never have anything good to say about him. Getting personal, and yes I have done this until I realized it wasn’t alright, is not the right answer. Keep throwing stats and facts in his face and eventually he might see the light. I doubt it as he seems as stubborn as I am about working out!! LOL!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!

    • micah stephenson

      Part of it is his age and skill level. Also its P.Manning, Rivers, and please don’t let the Radiers get J.Menziel like I got a funny feeling they will. If the other QBs in the afc west sucked, then Alex would b ok. But to win the superbowl we need a gun slinger, we need that dude that can throw it all over the field all day. Alex comfortable in a pass happy offense. like that playoff game if Alex gets down by 21pts or more, he is not coming back. I will give Alex another chance to impress me again next yr, not that I have a choice, he will have to play all 16 games, like he did the last 7 games plus make it to the acf championship game for me to b satisfied. 10, 11 wins don’t impress me. We use to winning, or at least I am, and use to making the playoffs. I want to win the superbowl and I just don’t think Alex got it in him. I could b wrong. I could b right.

      • Royals_Fan

        Question, how good would you be having 6 different OCs in 6 years? When he finally had a coach and some consistency he took the 49ers to the NFC Championship game in 2011 and helped get the team to the Super Bowl in 2012. Alex Smith might not be the flashy QB or a gun slinger, but who does he have to throw to on the Chiefs? Avery? Gets hurt or a concision almost every game. Bowe? He won’t catch the football if he knows he’s going to get smacked. And Charles, the only RB to be a consistent WR for him all year. It’s kind of hard to be a gun slinger or flashy when you don’t have any WRs to throw to.

        He’s my real question though for you Micha, if the Chiefs don’t have Alex Smith and you said it yourself, you’re used to the Chiefs winning, you’re saying Brody Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Damoud Huard, Matt Cassel, Kyle Orton…those are all winning QBs and flashy QBs the Chiefs have had since Trent Green during the Dick Vermil era. The Chiefs had one good year with Cassel and lost first round in the playoffs. The Chiefs got lucky another year and made the playoffs with a 9-6 record. The other years they finished either 8-8 or lower. That’s not exactly winning. Alex Smith comes in and his first year he throws for 3,300 yards and only 7 INTs. Rushes for nearly 750 yards. Takes the team from a 2-14 record an first overall pick in the draft to a 11-5 record and the playoffs. What QB would you rather have since Smith is terrible to you? EJ Manuel? Geno Smith? What would your QB of choice be, in all seriousness.

        • micah stephenson

          Ok I understand he has had a few different coaches and cordinators but he still has 96 games experience, he needs to be better than he is for that amount of games played. You asked who does he have to throw to, uh Bowe, A.Luck didn’t have a problem using Avery, he has Mcluster, Hemmingway, Jenkins, The TEs, the RBs. The good QBs can use whatever wrs he has, he elevates they play. Alex ain’t that type of guy, with him you have to have all 10 positions around filled with hella good people for him to have a chance, he can’t put the team on his back and win it no matter what. I want you to go look at the other 31 teams wrs, and tell me which team is stacked a wr, and how many teams are stacked at wr. There are hardly any teams with more than one really good wr. Its a lot of teams with just avg wrs, just like us. Its the QB that makes the difference, not the wrs.

          • Royals_Fan

            You still haven’t answered my question, who would you want as your QB sense you say Smith is so bad?

            I understand the idea of, “he still has 96 games of experience, he needs to do better” but be realistic. You’re asking a QB to learn a new scheme every year for 6 years, with one of the worst offensive lines and a team that is falling apart in the media. He finally has something stable in a franchise and what does he do, NFC Championship, Super Bowl, get the worst team in the NFL to the playoffs. That’s a pretty good 3 year run in my opinion.

            As for Avery, he rarely played in a full game. “A.Luck didn’t have a problem using Avery”… Luck threw to him 125 times and he caught the ball 60 times for 3 TDs. Alex Smith threw the ball to him 72 times and he caught the ball 40 times for 2 TDs. Avery had 781 yards with Luck and 596 yards with Smith. I think Smith did better with Avery then Luck did. Avery isn’t that good, hints the 4 different teams in 5 years and never going over 1,000 yards once.

            Hemmingway, Jenkins, McCluster and the 3 TEs we played with because all 3 got hurt numerous times throughout the year is a terrible idea of good WRs if not average WRs. Those are below average. Jenkins was with the 49ers and we traded Baldwin (crap) for Jenkins (crap), We traded crap for crap. McCluster had a pretty good year, I won’t deny that, but he isn’t your prototypical WR. Hemmingway is coming along but his role he had this year is about as good as his carrer will get. Thats way he was a low low draft pick. Fasono/Kelce/McGrath was a weak TE group, especially with all the injuries.

            Ready for this….you told me to look at the other 31 teams and their WRs/TEs so I did and this is what I found.
            BAL – Jacoby Jones, Torrey Smith, Dennis Pitta
            CIN – A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham,
            CLE – Jordan Cameron, Josh Gordon
            PIT – Antonio Brown, Jerricho Cotchery, Heath Miller, Emmanuel Sanders
            HUS – Owen Danniels, Garrett Graham, DeAndra Hopkins, Andre Johnson
            IND – T.Y. Hilton, Reggie Wayne
            JAX – Justin Blackmon (really bad team, no WRs for QB to throw to)
            TEN – Nate Washington, Delaine Walker, Kendell Wright
            BUF – Steve Johnson (No WR, mostly ran the football)
            MIA – Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace, Charles Clay
            NE – Rob Gronkawski, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola
            DEN – Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker
            OAK – Denarius Moore, Rod Streater (still not a good passing team)
            SD – Danario Alexander, Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates
            CHI – Martellus Bennett, Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall
            DET – Calvin Johnson (fell apart once Johnson was always doubled)
            GB – Randell Cobb, Jermicheal Finley, James Jones, Jordy Nelson
            MIN – Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson (still a bad passing team)
            ATL – Harry Douglas, Tony Gonzalezm Julio Jones, Roddy White
            CAR – Greg Olsen, Steve Smith
            NO – Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham (just the big names)
            TB – Vincent Jackson (not a very good passing team)
            DAL – Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten
            NYG – Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks
            PHI – Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, DeSean Jackson
            WAS – Pierre Garcon (not a very good passing team this year)
            ARI – Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd
            SF – Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis
            SEA – Golden Tate, Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin
            STL – Tavon Austin (terrible passing year)

            As you can see, if you read this far, there are plenty of teams with above average WRs and TEs on their teams, and see the ones that are at the top of the draft boards every year are the ones without a quality WR core and/or a QB. The Chiefs have a joke of a WR core and Bowe is only out there for himself, not the team. Smith did amazing with the lack of support he’s got.

            He’s played 9 years and has had 7 diifferent offensive schemes to learn. Find another QB who can do that and still be in the league.

          • micah stephenson

            The reason I asked about the wrs is to show you that its a lot of teams that don’t have 2 or 3 top flight wrs. Yall blame Alex’s deficiencies on not having no wrs but its a lot QBs that don’t have much at wr. With Alex we need TWO 1STrd wrs plus a whole lot more. If you a good QB you make everyone around u better, with Alex it takes everyone else to make him look better.

          • Royals_Fan

            Which I totally understand your point, but look at the list of QBs and the WRs they have, those are players any QB woud want to have to throw to. Donnie Avery is on his 4th team in 5 years. Not a sign of a good/reliable WR. McCluster is undersized and had some playing time but he isn’t looked at as a WR someone would want. He’s a punt/kick returner. That’s his game and he does a great job with it. Bowe has games where he looks like a #1 WR, and then he has games where it looks like he doesn’t want to be out there. If we were to let Bowe go, he woud’t be a #1 WR with another team. He would be a #2 maybe a #3 WR. He’s the best we have, which isn’t saying much.

            If you look at the teams who don’t have a WR, they don’t have much of a QB either, which is why they will be drafting a QB in the first round. Here’s my next question for you, with the 23rd pick in the draft, who would you want the Chiefs to pick up? What QB in this class or even next years draft looks like they can put up the numbers Smith did and even do better than he did (Especially with the WRs we have right now). Be realistic too. Manziel is looked at as the #1 overall pick, Bridgwater is looking like a top 5 and so is Brotlles. So who else is there that we should pick up in the first round that will succeed?

          • micah stephenson

            Notice how the teams with the worst QBs have the worst wrs and the better the QB the better the wrs.

        • micah stephenson

          Win I say use to winning I’m talking all the way back to the 90s, the Vermiel era, and a decent season or two besides then. All those QBs you named is even more the reason to draft somebody, how many good QBs did we pass on while they where the QBs? I’d rather have EJ or Geno.

          • micah stephenson

            Before you talk beep, EJs wrs are S.Johnson, R.Woods, T.Graham, M.Goodwin. TEs are S.Chandler and Tony Moeaki. Only one decent wr so he has very lil help. Genos wrs are S.Holmes (ain’t been beep sinse he left pit) J.Kerley, D.Nelson, S.Hill, TEs are Bum ass Kellen Winslow and Cumberland. Again no weapons. With a rookie QB we would win less games this yr than with Alex. But it don’t matter, becus we ain’t gone win any playoff games, which we didn’t. Next yr these guys will b better, and they teams will start to put weapons around them.

          • Royals_Fan

            Trent Green and the Vermeil era ended in 2006. We took Derrick Johnson with the 15th pick instead of Aaron Rogers in 2005. Things could have been different but we still had Trent Green who was doing a pretty good job with the team and Vermeil. 2006 with the 20th pick the Chiefs took Tamba Hali and their was zero QBs for them to take that was worth anything. 2007 with the 23rd pick the Chiefs took Dwayne Bowe passing on zero productive WRs. 2008 with the 5th pick we picked Glen Dorsey and passed on Flacco. Once again, things could have been different I guess if we had Flacco instead of Croyle/Thigpen/Huard. This was during the Herm era, which was a joke from the beginning. 2009 with the 3rd pick the Chiefs took Tyson Jackson and passed on Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman…not to upset about that one. 2010 with the 5th pick overall we took Eric Berry. We passed on Tebow and Jimmmy Clausen, both of which aren’t playing anymore and our pick who just got done playing in a Pro Bowl. in 2011 with the 26th pick we took Jon Baldwin. We passed on Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. Thats the worst draft so far. 2012 we had the 11th overall pick and took Dontari Poe – Pro Bowl NT and one of the best in the league. We passed on Russell Wilson, which could have changed something maybe. Then last year we took Eric Fisher first overall, passing on EJ and Geno. Looking back to the end of the Green/Vermiel Era, we have missed out on 3 QBs. They could have changed our franchise but maybe not, we wont know but because we had such bad years we managed to get 5 to 6 Pro Bowls players. We didn’t miss out on to many stud or quality QBs and if we did draft a QB throughout those years we could be playing against these Pro Bowl players instead of having them on our team.

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