Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (left) introduces Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) as the number one overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

AA Writers Mock Draft: Coming Soon


Eight Arrowhead Addict writers will get together and conduct a mock draft of the first round. Each writer will pick four times, spread out over the entire draft. Each pick will be accompanied with an explanation why that writer made that particular pick. At the end of the round, the entire draft will be posted.

The writers picking in the draft are (in order of selection):

Jason Seibel – Assistant Editor picking for the Houston Texans (1), the Buffalo Bills (9), The Baltimore Ravens (17) and the San Diego Chargers (25)

Stacy D. Smith – Featured Columnist picking for the St. Louis Rams (2), the Detroit Lions (10), the New York Jets (18) and the Cleveland Browns (26)

Lyle Graverson – Featured Columnist picking for the Jacksonville Jaguars (3), the Tennessee Titans (11), the Miami Dolphins (19) and the New Orleans Saints (27)

Nicholas Clayton – Featured Columnist picking for the Cleveland Browns (4), New York Giants (12), Arizona Cardinals (20) and the Carolina Panthers (28)

Jeff Grasser – Staff Writer picking for the Oakland Raiders (5), St. Louis Rams (13), Green Bay Packers (21) and New England Patriots (29)

Nick Floyd – Staff Writer picking for the Atlanta Falcons (6), Chicago Bears (14), the Philadelphia Eagles (22) and the San Francisco 49ers (30)

Damian Nelson – Senior Contributor picking for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7), the Pittsburgh Steelers (15) the Kansas City Chiefs (23) and the Denver Broncos (31)

Ladner Morse – Featured Columnist picking for the Minnesota Vikings (8), the Dallas Cowboys (16), the Cincinnati Bengals (24) and the Seattle Seahawks (32)

The draft will begin on Monday morning and we will post seven picks on Monday through Thursday with the final four picks posted on Friday along with a recap of the entire draft.

Where will Johnny “Football” Manziel go? Which teams will Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles or even Jadevon Clowney? Who will Double D take for the Chiefs?

Who will your favorite AA writer pick? Make sure you check back to AA starting next Monday to find out.

We appreciate your readership, and as always, GO CHIEFS!

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  • Travis Forsyth

    With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Kansas city chiefs select Ha Ha Clinton- Dix FS Alabama

  • micah stephenson

    With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Kansas city chiefs select….If Jonny Football is still on the board, id draft him, if he aint, trade to a scrubby team for a 2nd or 3rd this yr and a 1st next yr. That way, the next yr I’d have a top ten pick, another 1st, and the rest of my picks to get the QBOTF. With the 2nd and 3rd rd picks get a WR, FS, or DE

    • Royals_Fan

      Not sure who would give us a 2nd, 3rd this year and a 1st for next year for our 23rd overall pick. If we had a top 5 pick then yeah I could see that, but not the 23rd. No way Manziel makes it to the 23rd pick either. Also, I don’t see the Chiefs being in the top 10 next year either. You make it sound like they were absolutely terrible this year and they went 11-5. They need another WR and secondary help. Either one they can find in FA and then draft the other with the first round pick.

      • BWrangler

        My personal belief, Manziel isn’t going to translate to the NFL very well at all. Geno Smith II…

        • KCMikeG

          #1 candidate for bust of the year.

        • micah stephenson

          Well which QB do you think will translate to the nfl well.

          • BWrangler

            Bridgewater will do well. That’s the only NFL-ready QB I see this year.

      • 3rdgen CHIEFS fan

        He’s saying the top ten will come from a scrub team.

      • micah stephenson

        I said 2nd OR 3rd, not both. I’d want a 2nd this yr and they 1st next yr, but wud except a 3rd this yr instead of a 2nd if they threw in a lil more to even it out.

        • Royals_Fan

          So what you are saying the Chiefs should do this year is sit out AT LEAST 64 draft picks this year? Sitting out till the third round just to get a first round next year? That is totally illogical and makes zero sense. Most 3rd round draft picks don’t make the team, muchless make an impact on the team. Davis did this year, but that doesn’t usually happen. If the Chiefs sit out till the 3rd round, why even bother drafting this year?

          Just accept the fact that the Chiefs will only get a 2nd round pick if they trade a player away, which Flowers fits that picture more so then any other player. He would be lucky to be worth a 2nd rounder, but would be more of a 3rd rounder. That’s it.

          The Chiefs need WRs and Secondary selections. Drafting anything other then that is idiotic and asking for Chiefs Nation to uproar. Being in the playoffs, why did they lose? Yes, injury killed us but we had zero WRs after Avery went out. I understand that Bowe had 150 yards, but he was all we had. Charles isn’t going to last a full year because of how much he is used in the passing and running game. So solve the problem, draft a WR or sign Maclin (if you want Tate then you’ve gotta do some serious research). The Secondary got slaughtered as in the second half of the game. So your two sides of the game that need to be improved and you suggest signing a QB and trade away our frist round pick and sit out 33+ picks? No.

          • micah stephenson

            No you would not wait till the 3rd rd, you will get a scrubby teams high 2nd rd pick, which you can still get a good player with plus they pick next yr is a top ten. So you trade down a lil bit and still get a wr or fs or what ever and gained a top ten pick in thr process.

          • Royals_Fan

            You’ve got to stick to one idea here. You just made a comment saying something about taking Manzeil, yet you don’t want to take a QB this year and take one next year.

            The point is, you don’t know if a team will be a high draft pick next year or not. The Rams weren’t anticipating having the 2nd overall pick this year after RGIII took the team to the playoffs the previous year. Huston went from being the Super Bowl potiential team to being the first overall pick. Having a team in desperate need of improvement…they aren’t going to trade away their first round pick either because they know they need it. WAS needed a QB that was going to take them places, that’s the only reason they got rid of their first round pick. Patriots seem to do it every year, they don’t need a first round pick ever. The Raiders wont, the Dolphins wouldn’t trade a 2nd rounder last year so you know they wont trade a 1st rounder, the JAX can’t afford to do that because they have been terrible for years and need the pick as well. If the Chiefs want a 2nd rounder this year they have to trade a player away. Trading back in the draft wont give them a 2nd rounder this year and a 1st rounder this year. We don’t have a player with that kind of caliber and worth, except for Charles, Berry and D. Johnson. I mean Alex Smth was only worth a 2nd rounder and he took/helped take the 49ers to the NFC Playoffs 2 years in a row.

            So if you can’t trade back, who do you draft? If the Chiefs do find a team to trade the 23rd pick to, who takes the pick and gives us their 2nd rounder this year and 1st rounder next year?

          • micah stephenson

            I’d b pickin the QB NEXT YR, not this yr, will still still b able to get a couple of pcs this yr with the 2nd and 3rd/free agency.

      • micah stephenson

        Manziel is there at 23 do we pull an Arron Rogers move and pick him?

        • Royals_Fan

          No way. Drafting a QB is totally pointless. Plus, he wont have a very successful NFL career. The Chiefs aren’t going to be able to move up the board and moving back would hurt the team more then help the team. They need to draft in the first round. Secondary or WR, it doesn’t really matter, but taking a QB, muchless Manziel, is absoultely ridiculous.

    • Jason Seibel

      The won’t nor should they draft a quarterback in the first round this yearn

      • micah stephenson

        They should if one falls to the ala Arron Rogers. Passing on all these QBs, Like Wilson, Kopernick, Foles, Geno, and others is why we still need to draft 1. They keep passing up on QBs in the draft like they stacked at the position or something.

    • KCMikeG

      A top ten pick? So you are already writing off next year? Already counting on us being one of the 10 worst teams? Sad, very sad Micah.

      • micah stephenson

        I said trade our 23rd pick to a scrubby team for THEY 1ST round pick, meaning when they have a bad season it shud mean a top ten pick on top of where ever we pick at. That mean we can use THEY top ten with OUR lower 1st to trade up if needed.

        • KCMikeG

          Got it – my bad.

  • Royals_Fan

    With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Kelvin Benjamin. WR – Florida State

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    Mike Evans,Odell Beckham Jr or Ha Ha Clinton Dix are the only three players that need to be considered based on where our pick is!