Dec 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid talks with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (18) during the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. Th Redskins defeated the Eagles, 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs FA Targets: Jeremy Maclin vs. Golden Tate


The worst fears of most Kansas City Chiefs fans have been realized. Not only were the Chiefs painfully bounced from the postseason without a win, but now they must tolerate two weeks of Super Bowl coverage focusing on a certain quarterback and his team that is located in the Mile High City. You won’t see their names printed here. This is a safe zone. What you will find is a look ahead to possible free agent targets that KC may consider this offseason, starting with wide receivers. AA’s Joseph Hoyt offered up his opinion that KC should draft a WR in the first round to fill their need, but if they do go the free agent route, who should they sign? The general consensus is that Jeremy Maclin, who was drafted by and played for KC’s head coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia, makes the most sense for KC to sign this offseason. While that reunion does seem logical, I will also offer up an alternative, Seattle’s Golden Tate (some may bring up Eric Decker as well, but with his numbers the past two seasons his price tag will be too steep for KC to afford). This post will compare Maclin and Tate and see if one appears to be the better option for KC to pursue.

First off, let’s just look at their basic stats that they’ve compiled thus far in their careers. Both Maclin and Tate have played four seasons in the NFL. Maclin has been in the league one year longer, but missed this entire past season with a knee injury.

Jeremy Maclin:
2009: 55 rec, 762 yards, 4 TDs
2010: 79 rec, 964 yards, 10 TDs
2011: 63 rec, 859 yards, 5 TDs
2012: 68 rec, 861 yards, 7 TDs
Total: 256 rec, 3,446 yards, 26 TDs

Golden Tate:
2010: 21 rec, 227 yards, 0 TDs
2011: 35 rec, 382 yards, 3 TDs
2012: 45 rec, 688 yards, 7 TDs
2013: 64 rec, 898 yards, 5 TDs
Total: 165 rec, 2,195 yards, 15 TDs

So Maclin has put up 91 more receptions, 1,251 more yards, and 9 more TDs in just four seasons. That clearly shows that Maclin is the better WR, case closed, end of discussion, right? Well, just for the sake of getting your money’s worth out of this article (not that you paid anything to read this), let’s delve a little deeper into things.

First off, it doesn’t take a statistician to see that Tate’s numbers are trending in the right direction. Maclin was clearly more ready to play as a rookie and built most of his “lead” in those stats early on. The last season that each played was nearly identical. Second, Maclin was also playing in a much more pass heavy offense under Andy Reid in Philly than Tate was in Seattle. So let’s not make this about sheer statistical volume. Let’s see if we can get a better idea of their actual skill at the position.

While I don’t live and die by the numbers at Pro Football Focus, I do find that they can give you a general idea of how well a player is doing his job on the football field. It is ultimately subjective, but they do watch and grade the player on every single snap that they play. Here are the scores that PFF have given Maclin and Tate in their four seasons thus far.

2009: 2.4
2010: 0.6
2011: 3.2
2012: -9.1
Total: -2.9

2010: 0.6
2011: 4.4
2012: 9.8
2013: 11.0
Total: 25.8

That certainly paints a different picture than their overall statistics, doesn’t it? The first thing that sticks out to me is how Tate’s performance score has been improving at the same rate that his statistics have. That indicates that his increased production is the result of his improved play, not just a change in system or more balls thrown his way. Second, Maclin has never had a highly rated season by PFF and his last season they rated him as one of the worst WRs in the entire NFL. Again, PFF is not law, but clearly they are seeing some flaws in his game.

So what is Tate doing better than Maclin to grade out so much better?

After pouring over their numbers I came away with two things.

First, Tate catches the ball much more reliably than Maclin. In four NFL seasons (according to PFF) Golden Tate has only been credited with 6 dropped passes. Meanwhile, Jeremy Maclin has been credited with 27 drops in his four seasons of play.

Could that have to do with Maclin simply being thrown the ball more often since Tate didn’t play as much early on?

To see if that was the case I divided each WR’s total career drops by their total career catchable passes (drops + receptions). That should give us the percentage of dropped catchable passes for each player.

Jeremy Maclin has dropped 9.5% of his catchable passes.

Golden Tate has dropped 3.5% of his catchable passes.

That’s a pretty big difference. Over his career Maclin has dropped one in ten of the balls that were deemed catchable. In 2012 (his last season) that percentage was actually 11.7%. As a point of comparison, since PFF has been keeping stats, Dwayne Bowe has dropped 11.5% of his catchable passes and Donnie Avery has dropped 12.1% of his. So the numbers say that Maclin wouldn’t be much of an upgrade (if any) over their current WRs in terms of drops. Golden Tate, however, would be drastically better with his 3.5% drop rate.

Sep 22, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate (81) during the national anthem prior to the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Jacksonville 45-17. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The second area where Tate scored VASTLY better than Maclin was in the “missed tackles” department. In other words, how often does the WR break a tackle or put a move on a defender that makes him miss.

2009: 2
2010: 5
2011: 1
2012: 3
Total: 11

2010: 5
2011: 13
2012: 16
2013: 21
Total: 55

If you factor in the fact that Maclin has 91 more career receptions, those missed tackle numbers become all the more absurd in Tate’s favor. In other words, Maclin breaks a tackle once every 23 receptions while Tate does it once every THREE receptions. His 21 missed tackles this season lead all NFL WRs, despite the fact that he only had 64 receptions. So not only does Golden Tate catch the ball at a much higher rate, but he does a LOT more with the ball once he gets it in his hands.

That ability to make defenders miss leads me to my next point. Signing Golden Tate would not only fill KC’s need for another starting caliber WR, it would allow them to save money by not re-signing Dexter McCluster. You just saw how many missed tackles Tate has been able to generate on his receptions. Now imagine him returning punts on a special teams unit coached by Dave Toub. Tate’s punt return average this season was 11.5 yards per return. Dexter McCluster’s average this season was 11.8 yards/return. So even with Dex’s two TD returns (and the magic of Dave Toub) he only averaged 0.3 more yards per return than Tate.

In case you were wondering, Jeremy Maclin only has 13 career punt returns with an average of 5.8 yards per return.

So on one hand, we have a player that has compiled more career statistics while playing in Andy Reid’s offense, but is coming off of a major knee surgery and prior to that injury had his worst season as a professional. It doesn’t appear he’s any more sure handed than KC’s current WRs and he almost never breaks tackles (which would be nice in a Reid/Smith lead offense that is built around the short passing game). On the other hand, we have an ascending player that has shown improvement every single season that he’s been in the NFL, has been consistently sure handed, lead all NFL WRs in broken tackles last season, and could fill KC’s possible need of a featured punt returner.

Which player would you want on your team?

For me the answer is simple. I want Golden Tate. Last week I pointed out that KC won’t have much money to spend this offseason. So if they only sign one or two starters this offseason they need to hit on those players if KC is going to improve next season. After looking at those numbers, Jeremy Maclin scares me to death. I would MUCH rather pay a couple of million more and get Golden Tate. Since Tate hasn’t put up big numbers in the NFL yet, he shouldn’t break the bank on this contract and is only 25 years old. You could sign him to a 5-6 year deal and still have the entire contract be in his “prime years”.

I realize that the connection that Maclin has with Andy Reid makes him a natural fit for KC. I was on that bandwagon too until I really looked at the numbers. So what do you think? Am I on to something here? Is Tate clearly the better option? Would anyone still pick Maclin over Tate after seeing those statistics? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • james

    This team desperately needs a true number one receiver like yesterday and i know bowe is our guy but come on he is so unreliable and yes he had a good playoff game but we need a guy who will be reliable in all games not just a big game.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I think the total package of having Bowe, Tate, Kelce, and Charles out of the backfield would make KC hard to defend in the passing game. It may not include a “true #1″, but that’s a pretty fearsome foursome if Kelce is what we all thought he would be before getting injured.

      • Jim Harper

        That would be an awesome receiving corps.

  • berttheclock

    I have wondered ever since that 2010 draft why Charlie Weiss didn’t really lobby Pioli for taking Tate. He was still on the board in the second round when Pioli picked Arenas with the Tony G pick. Maybe he did, but, Scott, as usual, was just stubborn.

    But, I really feel for the Forty Niners. Imagine, to be just “one game manager” away from going to the Super Bowl.

    • Tony Parker

      ZING….good one Bert

    • Calchiefsfan

      That last sentence is just a thing of beauty Bert.

    • D forte

      you can tell everybody, I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man….hahahaha

    • Jim Harper



      When I saw Kaepernick out there late in the game, I thought that if we were watching Alex Smith, he would have made the passes that Kaepernick just cannot make. Yeah, I know, he did make that play for the TD in the end zone, but like a lot of those passes, it was a bad pass that could of been picked. The three turnovers in the fourth quarter would not have happened to Smith. Sorry, Niners.

    • Jimmy Tenderoni

      Weis wasn’t involved in the draft that season. he was gone. maybe not technically but he wasn’t involved. i still to this day though, even without weir, can’t understand how they took mccluster over tate in rd 2 that yr.

    • Jimmy Tenderoni

      just wanted to also point out that TJ Ward and Rob Gronkowski were also picked right after McCluster. Jimmy Graham, Novorro Bowman, Geno Atkins, Erik Decker and Alteraun Verner went in rd 3. lots of great players in that draft.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Good work, Graversen! The case has been made. Tate will probably also be a cheaper sign than Maclin. Though if he is signed to come in and compete for the No. 2 receiver spot, I DO NOT want him returning punts. Give the job to Knile Davis or to Demps (if he’s re-signed).

    • berttheclock

      I still believe Joe McKnight might well surprise quite a few in returning kick offs if the conditioning program of the Chiefs whips him into shape and he will come at a bargain basement price.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I forgot all about McKnight. Good catch.

  • Mortis5150

    Can we agree Bowe is better suited as a #2 receiver and go get a TRUE #1! Unfortunately we just paid him to be something he clearly can’t be!

    • Lyle Graversen

      I think you’ll see better numbers from Bowe next season. Not only did Smith come around and start getting comfortable, but it seemed like they realized that Bowe shouldn’t play strictly outside down the stretch. I think you’ll see Bowe used more as a slot/possession receiver next season and his catch #s will rise.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    You’ve totally sold me. Hopefully his stock doesn’t go up to much in the next two weeks. I will be majorly pissed if he’s the Super Bowl MVP.

    • berttheclock

      I would love to see the Tate pickup, but, I would, also, like to see both Dexter and Demps resigned, as well.

  • berttheclock

    Lyle, I’m sure you will appreciate this article, which was up last Friday at SB Nation concerning building teams through the draft and free agency considering very much cap room. There is a mention of Tate being a second round pick, as well. Only one minor glitch on the Seahawks side which was corrected lower down. Chancellor was a 5th round pick, not a first. But, check out:
    written by Jason Chilton.

  • Tony Parker

    Great article Lyle, hopefully the Maclin talk will stop now. besides all the great points you made, Maclin is too injury prone at this point. that’s all we need, another injured player. btw, I would bet that Dorsey signs Wes Dressler from the “go riders” of the CFL and releases Dex. instant improvement.

  • tm1946

    Have we got the dinero to sign either one?

    • Lyle Graversen

      It would take letting guys like Albert and McCluster walk and probably restructuring some of the guys like Berry, Flowers, and Hali, then we could. If not, we’re not signing anybody for any more than the veteran minimum.

      • tm1946

        Dorsey has to balance an entire roster. It would have been a bit easier if last draft had produced some relief, at least more relief.
        Figure Albert is gone, he did not like the contract offer last season why would he change now. McCluster seems more of a player who can be replaced for a less costly one, even tho he is a fan favorite.
        Lyle, do you consider it is time to start looking to send expensive players down the road. I am thinking Hali, a favorite of mine, is getting older and injuries start showing up. Also Berry, maybe the best defensive player, what could the Chiefs get for him, quite a bit I would imagine. What if some team would sell their soul for Charles…..would Dorsey have to consider moving him? Not saying it is the year to move our stars but many successful teams send players on to keep the pipeline open for younger, cheaper players, the next generation so to speak.

  • Christopher Chance

    I say we sign Tate and Draft Lee or Beckham JR if they are there and possibly a TE with the 3rd round pick.But this team needs to restructure Hali,Flowers and Berry then resign Asamoah,Schwartz,McCluster,Demps,cut Lewis, Robinson,Jenkins.And target a safety in free agency obviously not Byrd unless he comes at a major discount but someone like Ward or even Abdullah and Commings already on the roster might be able to do it for a year or 2 they have to be better than Lewis

    • Lyle Graversen

      Holy cow, our offense would be impressive if we did that!

  • berttheclock

    Lyle, while this is about wide outs, I would add one player to the list to be considered. A situational pass rusher in Michael Bennett of the Seahawks. He has played well enough to start elsewhere. The Seahawks may be fine at the moment in cap room, but, there is going to be a mad rush for John Schneider’s door in February and March. Several are going to want major paydays and many teams will want such as Bennett, Tate, Walter Thurmond, as a nickel back, and others. I would imagine seeing Belichick looking very closely at Tate. The Niners need legitimate wide outs, as well, but, for some reason, Trent Baalke’s one weak spot is in selecting wide outs. However, that said, with the track record of Green Bay on bringing in FAs, I would believe Dorsey will be very quiet in FAcy. Look what happened in Philly to Reid with his “Dream Team”, the Redskins with over loading FAs and the latest to bite the dust has been Jeff Ireland of the Dolphins, who vastly overspent and gained one victory. As freshmeat has stated often, free agency is not the way to build a team, unless, you only do it sparingly and with players who can fit your system.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Look if Michael Bennett falls into KC’s lap at a reasonable price I’d be thrilled, just not sure that happens. While the defense needs fixing, I wouldn’t look for any huge contracts on that side of the ball. KC already has the highest % of salary on the defensive side and think they’ll try and fix things through the draft and underrated signings like Akeem Jordan and Marcus Cooper. Just my opinion.

  • JacobTamaney

    Mac attack!

  • ArrowFan

    Good job. Tate defiantly looks to be the better FA. However what is the price tag difference?

  • Aaron Martin

    I would love to see Tate on our team. I live in Hendersonville, Tn and have known and followed Tate all through highschool and his play at ND And I will tell you this, he is a winner and will play with everything he has got. He was an incredible running back at PJII in HS and plays with passion. He could very well be the leadership that the WR’S need in that department. I do like Maclin but I want someone like Golden who plays with everything he’s got. Guess that’s what happens when your told your to small for the NFL. Lol. Plus, seems that the small, fast, slot reciever is the way to go.

  • Royals_Fan

    I still take Maclin over Tate. If the Chiefs are really going to pick up a WR this offseason in FA, they need to pick up someone who has made an impact already and Tate isn’t that guy in my opinion. Maclin knows Reid and most likely already knows a lot about the offense. You’ve got to keep in mind to that Maclin was a deep ball threat. Maclin is coming off a torn ACL and people are going to be hesitant on signing him. You could get Maclin for realitivly cheap and give him a chance to prove he’s fine. If you’re going to try and sign Tate this off season INSTEAD of Maclin, you might as well save your money and draft a WR first and try to fix your secondary through FA. Letting a player like Maclin go just because he doesn’t break a lot of tackles, or because he drops the long ball every once in a while is absurd. Look at the team. Bring Maclin proves you want to build up. Bring in Tate proves you’re taking a guy who could continue going up but he could also be another WR the Chiefs have that makes the mediocre WRs just a yard less mediocre.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Agree to disagree. I think the case I’ve made shows that if you put Maclin and Tate in the exact same situation, Tate would outproduce him. If a WR catches more of the passes thrown to him and does more with the ball once he catches it, I’m not sure what more you need. Yes, Maclin knows the offense, but I have confidence in this coaching staff that they can teach Tate the offense.

      • Royals_Fan

        I went back and looked at his stats and the completion difference between the two isn’t As big of a gap as it looks. Looking at the completion to pass attempts Tate has Maclin beat by 2%. Looking at the 4 years comparing the two Maclin has better stats around. Maclin has over 200 more targets than Tate in those 4 years, as you stated over 1,000 more yards and 11 more TDs then Tate. Maclin has only missed one year with a torn ACL but he’s played all but 5 games in 4 years and Tate has missed 6 in the same time. With more pass attempts comes a higher drop rate. Maclin had 122 targets before he got hurt which is about as many as Tate had in 2 1/2 years. Yes, Tate’s numbers seem to be going up, but you can’t tell me Tate is the better or more reliable between the two. This of course is my opinion, and you have yours, but I feel like some stats are hidden and made to look better because they don’t show all the details going into making the stat line and how uneven they can be. You can’t compare the two and if you do you can only compare production, which would make Maclin the better option for the Chiefs to peruse.

  • Jacob

    This kinda stuff certainly isn’t my strong point, but you have me pretty much sold on Tate. Only thing, I’d have a really hard time parting with McCluster. He’s one of my favorite players, and he just belongs in red and gold in my mind.

    • Lyle Graversen

      If we had $ to spare I’d agree with you, I like McCluster. However, I just don’t think he brings enough to the offensive table to warrant any kind of $ and as far as punt returns go, I’m a believer in Toub. I think if you give that guy an average return guy, he’ll get good results.

      • Calchiefsfan

        When you see McCluster, Demps and Davis all excel in the return game you have to think there is something to Toub’s system.

  • Tommy

    I don’t even see where the debate is…Tate is a hands down a better option for KC…Everything else aside he played awesome yesterday in a big game…I would say we could use a little of that on our team.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    You make some good points Lyle, truthfully I’d be happy with either of them. But what is your opinion on Hakeem Nicks? I know he didn’t play well this previous year but when he’s healthy he can make big plays and he’ll probably come really cheap too.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Not a Hakeem Nicks fan. His flashes of brilliance will be enough to make his asking price more than his production. Someone will pay for his upside (true #1 WR ability), but his health ? just make him too big of a risk for a team that is cap strapped like KC. It’s a lot like I now feel about Maclin, he could pay off, but he could bust big time. I’d rather spend on Tate who I feel is a much safer bet.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Tate’s got great hands and would be a good addition. Maclin would be a concern because of the injuries.
    I would rather see the Chiefs put their resources into the defense though. The offense was just fine the second half of the season, once Smith started getting familiar with the offense and receivers. Yes it would be nice to upgrade a #2 receiver but our secondary should be the top priority, imho. But since this is a Tate/Maclin discussion I like Tate if we can get him for a good price. The guy just simply catches everything thrown his way. I’d be surprised if Seattle let him go.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I understand the offense got better, but I think McCluster is gone and Avery isn’t worth his contract. I think by signing Tate you could let McCluster walk and cut Avery to create more cap space. In my opinion, AJ Jenkins can do what Avery did this season (run and occasional deep or crossing route) at half the cost. Plus, Jenkins salary is already guaranteed, so cutting him doesn’t save $ like cutting Avery would. As far as Seattle goes, they have so many key players with contracts coming up in the next year or two that they’ll have to be really selective on where they spend their money. I think with the emergence of Doug Baldwin and the $ they have wrapped up in Percy Harvin, they’ll likely let him walk.

      • Calchiefsfan

        As much as it pains me to see McCluster go you’re probably right. I do agree on letting Avery walk but only if we can get a suitable upgrade at a reasonable price. I have to say that I am intrigued with A.J. Jenkins. If he pans out that could be a real boost. I’ve always been a Tate fan and would love to get him. I just don’t want the D to suffer if we’ve put a ton of money into the WR spot.

      • Jim Harper

        Hope you are right.

      • mnelson52

        Also Hemmingway was showing a lot of promise toward the end of the year

  • Matt Dickson

    Great analysis– I’d prefer Tate over Maclin simply because of the injury predicament. This just makes it an even clearer decision. Loved the dropped passes & broken tackles stat.

    Chiefs desperately need a receiver who is both a reliable pass catcher and a good after-the-catch runner. We really don’t have either right now.

    Any idea of what these two would command in FA compared to each other? I wonder is Tate would also be cheaper?

    • Royals_Fan

      Besides Maclin’s ACL injury, he played in more games then Tate in 4 years. To say Maclin is injury prone is a joke. Is Bowman injury prone now since he tore his ACL? Is Payton Manning injury prone because he needed neck surgery and was out a full year?

      Look at the stats of the two here. Maclin has over 200 more pass targets and almost 100 more completions then Tate in the same amount of time. The stat line for drops and broken tackles is scewwed because of the difference between the two. That’s like saying Alex Smith is a better QB then Tom Brady because Smith had a better completion percentage and Passer Rating and Touchdown to Interception percentage. We all know Smith is not the better QB, yet those little scewwed stats prove he was better then Brady.

      I’m not trying to call you out here, because everyone is riding this Tate train for some reason, but that’s what people do. You give them a little bit of information to make them think and then they agree with you. But what you’re saying is, if you had to pick. You would pick a 5’10″ WR who has 1,200 yard, 200+ targets, 100 receptions and 11 TDs LESS then a 6’1″ WR because his breaking tackles and dropped passes is a little higher? Every other state is higher then Tater, but because of those two stats, you pass? No way. Reid loves Maclin because he’s a game changer. If you’re going to pay attention to those two stats, then you have to pay attention to them all. You can’t just pick two out of the 20 and say you only have 18/20 better? I pass, bring in the kid with the 2/20 (I don’t know if it’s actually 20, but it sure seems like they have 20 different stats)

  • Calchiefsfan

    Just out of curiosity Lyle, what do you think Tate would require to sign with the Chiefs?

  • Andy

    Thanks for the article. Good points. We could be in the market for TWO WR if Bowe gets suspended. I believe the suspension will be a year since he has been in trouble before. Wonder how his contract was worded? Any thoughts on what we do if Bowe sits a year?

  • Bdiddy

    If you are going to drop a player to make cap space for a FA signing, you gotta ask yourself why we are paying Bowe what we are. Unfortunately, we porked that pooch to the tune of 10 mil a year…for a player that ranked 58th in receiving yards in 2013! He was 46th in receiving yards among WR’s, which would make him an average #2. He can’t be trusted to come down with a ball in bounds with a game on the line. He absolutely WILL NOT extend his arms to make a hands catch, which is essential when you don’t have separation, and don’t kid yourself, Dwayne Slowe gets no separation any more. Mitigate your losses on this dead money now!!!

    Your article toys with the idea of getting rid of McCluster, because Tate could handle the return duties. Well…while I believe you are spot-on with the Maclin vs. Tate debate, I think you are absolutely all wet about having your #1 receiving threat returning punts. And, you read that right, Tate would be our #1 receiver without a doubt.

  • Jim Harper

    I loved your post Lyle! I wanted the Chiefs to take Tate in 2010, but Seattle got him with the 28th pick overall and we took McCluster at #36. I am in total agreement with your analysis but I doubt Seattle lets him get away. We can only hope.

    • Jimmy Tenderoni

      nope. chiefs took mcluster at 36 and tate went 60. blew my mind considering weis was our OC and Tate was a BEAST at ND. one of the all time nd greats. but apparently, i’ve heard Weis was already out the door at that point for Florida to be with his son and didn’t factor in to that offseason

  • upperturion

    Excellent break-down here, Lyle! You have sold me on Golden Tate … although I was intrigued w/ him since his days at Notre Dame. What is very exciting to me is that he breaks tackles and catches everything. In my younger days watching the Raiders and how they simply would not go down after 1st and 2nd contact, and caught everything………..frustrated the bageeberzzzz outta me!!! That’s what Denver does today, and what we need to become — a team that can’t be stopped.

    Nice work, myman!!

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    Get rid of Bowe and his contact and sign both. Boom, we have better receivers

  • Doc

    Tate would be the better choice. We don’t need to pick up Macklin so we can have a Mizzou reunion team on the sidelines (because he will be there due to injury). Statistically, Tate gives us a better upgrade. Sadly, it is probably time to let McCluster go and get as much for him as we can. I Dorsey/Reid I trust. Go chiefs!

  • KCMikeG

    I have been against the Maclin pick up since talk about it started so thanks for the homework to support that perspective beyond the obvious injury concerns. I would be supportive of Tate based on your evaluation and specifically the upward trend in his production combined with his lack of drops and ability to break tackles. Plus he has some serious attitude which we lack at that position. But I would replace Avery instead of McCluster as he had 100 more yards in returns than Tate and 2 TD’s are nothing to overlook. Plus Dexter added another 511 yards of receiving and another 2 TD’s. Avery added a few more yards with the same 2 TD’s but brings nothing in the return game. Plus Reid really likes Dexter and I think he will utilize him out of the backfield more next year leading to him being an ever bigger contributor. This would give us a better receiving corp and the top two punt returners in the NFL from last year. Win-Win for KC!