CFL Star Weston Dressler to Try Out For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs desperately needed a consistent option not named Dwayne Bowe this year at wide receiver.

Donnie Avery was explosive at times, but he also missed some huge plays. Junior Hemingway was a revelation at times, but he also disappears far too often. Dexter McCluster was great, but he already does so much for Kansas City. It’s hard to ask him to do even more.

Finding a wideout will be important for Kansas City this offseason, whether it be in the draft or free agency.

I suppose looking at the CFL ranks could work as well, and reportedly, that’s exactly what the Chiefs are doing.

Here’s a report from the Facebook page of 620 CKRM, which is a radio station in Saskatchewan.

620 CKRM sports has learned Weston Dressler’s NFL tryout is with the Kansas City Chiefs. Dressler leaves for Missouri today and will work out with coach Andy Reid’s Chiefs on Tuesday.

Dressler’s contract with the Roughriders is due to expire on February 15 at which time he’s free to sign with any pro team. The University of North Dakota product has spent the past six seasons in Saskatchewan where he’s had five, one-thousand yard seasons and been named CFL All-Canadian twice. He’s also a five-time division All-Star.

Here’s Dressler’s CFL page, which will show you his impressive stats. At least I think they’re impressive, but I can’t be sure because I’m not 100 percent learned on Canadian football. In six seasons in the CFL, Dressler has has caught 6,531 yards and 43 touchdowns. He’s run for 286 yards and two touchdowns and he’s also returned a punt back for a touchdown.

Apparently he’s also completed one pass, notched 24 tackles, and punted it once for 42 yards.

At the very least, Dressler seems versatile.

Watching some highlights, he obviously has speed and talent, so why not take the chance if you’re Kansas City?

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  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    I like this potential move ! This kid looks like a younger version of Wes Welker and he has some wheels ! We have seen that Alex can hit our wide outs in stride in the playoff game so he would be a very good edition to the team.

  • toperspective

    Beat the bushes. Dorsey works hard to find undervalued players that can contribute.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Yes but can he play free safety?

  • Pridenpoise

    Dressler is a huge star in the CFL, he is virtually unstoppable, I don’t know if his game will translate, but he probably deserves a shot.

  • CFLer

    Here’s a problem. When Brandon Browner played for the Calgary Stampeders he covered Dressler when he came to town. Guess who got shutdown? Dressler.

    • berttheclock

      It was the good fortune of the Chiefs that Browner ended up his rookie training camp with the Broncos with an injury. The Broncos decided he was going to be out for some time and released him. So, he healed and went to Calgary, thus, the Chiefs did not have to face him twice a year.

    • berttheclock

      Dressler signed with the Rough Riders in 2008 and came on late in the season. In 2009, he was injured in October. So, let us compare the 2010 season which was Browner’s last season with the Stampeders. The teams met three times. For the three games, Dressler caught 17 passes for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns. So, where the hell was Mr Browner?

  • doug

    Dressler is very stoppable. But he could potentially be a Wes Welker type player. He is a better deep threat than slot receiver, at least in the CFL, but with a few pound (he’s under 180) and some courage he could be quite effective with Smith

  • paul pace

    Canadian ball is not the NFL. The players in the CFL are usually players that could not make it in the NFL. I know some are comparing him to Wes Welker, but Welker began his career in the NFL and made it big time competing against the best of the best. But, with that being said, the Chiefs have everything to gain in having him try out for the team. I am sure if they decided to sign him he wouldn’t demand a huge superstar like salary.

    • berttheclock

      er, paul, ever hear of Warren Moon? He threw for a slew of yards and TDs against the Chiefs at Arrowhead when he QBed for the Oilers after playing in the CFL. Did you happen to notice the fellow for the Colts who intercepted Smith on the failed pass attempt to Fasano going into the end zone? Freeman. Have you watched the play of Browner in Seattle? BTW, Browner had been strongly considered to be part of the Denver Broncos his rookie year when an injury forced him off the field and Denver ended up cutting him because he was not going to be able to return for some time. So, he went to Canada. Freeman went to Canada. Smart GMs in the NFL have learned to study CFL players. I love this move because Dorsey has really learned to keep scouting players, no matter if they are on other squads in the NFL, his own team, college and, now, the CFL.

  • tm1946

    Seems to me if this is a guy for the Chiefs, McCluster is not.

  • Tristian Shelley

    Hey guys here’s his highlights. He can catch more than anything else. Very consistant. He could make the team just based off his handsWatch “Weston Dressler Top 10 plays” on YouTube

    Try to watch in HQ cause the quality is poor

    • Mitch Nini

      he’s had better catches than what these highlights are showing. These are from early on in his career.

  • Travis Forsyth

    hmm. kid shows speed, great hands, and seems very consistent he certainly deserves a shot. I just hope this doesn’t mean Dorsey is going to let McCluster walk…..

    • Jackson Anderson

      Mcclusters production has really only been on special teams. And Dex is gonna ask for too much money. We need to free up cap space and watching you tube videos of this guy he’s really good.

  • CFL and NFL Fan

    I am a very proud Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, as well as, a fan of both CFL and NFL football. I must tell you, Weston Dressler is one of the best receivers any team could have playing for them. It is almost like he has magic in his hands, sometimes. Catches even the referees have to look twice, or three times, to believe he made them.
    I must, also, admit, I will hate to lose Weston. He is a great person, as well as a superb player.
    However, any NFL team fortunate enough to sign him, will never regret it. He deserves to play in the NFL. His talents are worth more than any CFL team can afford to pay him.
    I hope his workout goes good, and people look beyond the height to the talent.
    Best of luck to the Chiefs in the new season.

  • tomflex

    Who knows…anyway…I can’t imagine he’d do so bad in the workout that he wouldn’t at least get invited as an unrestricted free agent. Depends I guess on what he’s looking for too. If he’s just looking for a shot I’m sure the Chiefs could find room for him to compete for a position. Now if he’s looking for something more like guaranteed money or roster spot, or anything long term he’d better be ready for one kick ass workout….
    Also can’t imagine him taking the first offer from the first team he comes in contact with..this is the US of A. You gotta shop around.

  • berttheclock

    In 2010, Dressler faced Browner three times. Dressler caught 17 passes for 347 yards and 3 TDs. In fact, Dressler improved so rapidly from the beginning of his first season, 2008, with the Rough Riders, his skills as a kick returner were put on the back burner and he was only used as such if absolutely needed.

  • berttheclock

    Just love that over used phrase “Couldn’t make it in the NFL”. What does that really mean? Was the player given a chance to work out with an NFL team in training camp and, then, was cut? Did he make a roster, but, ended up being cut? Was he even invited to any combine to order for teams to view his skills?

    Look at Dressler, who, coming out of a relatively, at the time, unknown school was undersized in the view of many NFL teams. He was not invited as happens to many players who end up signing with NFL teams as UDFAs and several blossom into stars. Sometimes, it really matters not what skills they may possess, but, they may not fit the needs of certain NFL teams or they might not fit being able to being added to play different positions, such as an offensive player and a special teams player. More of that has to do with cap room. However, Jeff Garcia went to the CFL, as did Mr Hail Mary and Warren Moon, all of whom came back to play in the NFL and, especially, Moon played very well. Look at Kurt Warner, who “couldn’t make it in the NFL”, but, honed his talents in Arena Football. If one really wants a correct label of not making it in the NFL, I suggest you read the history of one Lenny Dawson, who tried to play for two different NFL teams before walking into the training camp of the Dallas Texans.

  • Edenwold Rider

    As a diehard Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, I don’t want to lose Weston, but I wish him all the luck in the world in pursuing his dream. A suggestion though – receivers are a dime a dozen in the NFL, so I would sign him as a kick returner. His speed and maneuverability are amazing and his size makes him very difficult to grab on to. Whatever happens, best of luck to him and Chiefs in 2014.

  • Mitch Nini

    Enough said…

  • unclejesse40

    Does anyone know how fast this guy really is? One thing that I have seen numerous times is that a guy looks fast on film in other leagues and then looks very average when up against other NFLers.