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Kansas City Chiefs: Pieces in Place for Promising Future

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After starting the season 9-0, no one associated with the Kansas City Chiefs envisioned a first-round playoff exit.

Instead of memories of postseason glory, fans will have visions of T.Y. Hilton trampling all over a depleted Kansas City secondary as the Chiefs surrendered the second biggest comeback in playoff history; losing to the Indianapolis Colts 45-44.

While dwelling on the loss to the Colts will be the initial reaction, in time, fans will see that this team has the pieces in place to be a Super Bowl contender moving forward.

“I certainly think we have the pieces here, no doubt in my mind that we have what it takes,” quarterback Alex Smith told reporters Monday. “I think the guys will tell you even last night, more so than ever we feel like that we’re capable of not only just getting to the playoffs but going deep into them and making runs. We have that kind of talent here, we have the group together to do that.”

Making a championship team is a complicated formula, and it starts at the top of an organization.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a 2-14 campaign in 2012, Kansas City owner Clark Hunt made some changes. He got rid of head coach Romeo Crennel and fired general manager Scott Pioli. He then hired head coach Andy Reid and John Dorsey to replace them, and the move paid off dividends immediately. Due in part to Hunt’s hands off ability when he found the right contingent of football people.

The Chiefs already had a strong running game and a stingy defense, but one thing they were missing was a successful NFL quarterback. Dorsey found that in Smith. Under center in Kansas City, Smith showed what he was able to do in San Francisco the past few seasons: keep control of the ball. Smith threw for 23 touchdowns and only seven interceptions in 2013.

Losing to the Colts is sure to leave a bad taste in the Chiefs’ mouths. A taste that can only be erased with redemption in 2014.

“You know, I certainly think you use this as drive,” Smith said. “I think it’s good to be playing in these types of games. I think these types of games are contagious. You go back to playing in just regular season games, you want that itch, you have that urge to try to get to these types of games, these playoff games – the stage, the feeling is just so much different. With that, I think you use it. Certainly I think the foundation has been laid for us as a team.”

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  • Travis Forsyth

    Kc isn’t too far from being a true super bowl contender. If we can fix the secondary, the chiefs will be a tough team to compete against.

  • Troy Utt

    Alex Smith has proven that given the tools he can hang with the best of them… He ran KC’s / Reids WCO for the most part without the help of the TE position as they were all on IR for most of the season! And in the biggest games he played even bigger… Having a career year without a clear #1 WR, a solid #2, or a TE corp speaks volumes for his fortitude!
    Alex Smith is a KEEPER!!! I hope we get him locked up for the next few years, as thats one less piece we have to worry about! WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • UsnCapt2003

      spot on. this is my last post on this site as their are just to many Alex haters here that can’t enjoy what this team will become with ALEX at the helm

    • Deadmeat

      I agree.

    • Tristian Shelley

      Completely agree. People forget in the NFC championship davis was the only one getting open. Crabtree wasn’t so why go there? Dude had Brett Swain as one of his recievers for most of the year like stop. He has never really had weapons at any point in his career. Im begging andy reid to get this dude a legit number 2. Maclin seems to be staying in philly so hes out. Gotta get a speed threat. When Avery went down we saw how that impacted the offense last Saturday.

    • Jim Harper

      Well said Troy. Alex played his ass off. All we lack IMO is a top FS and WR. Hope you have a great new year, and how bout them Shockers!

  • Chris Tarrants

    KC can make a strong playoff push but they have to upgrade 4 key spots in order to do so. 1. First and formost help at CB, 2. A close 2nd is help at safety, 3. A blocking and pass catching TE who stays off the injury report!. 4. WR help, we need a true number two and a good slot guy. Dex just isn’t it. Hemmingway could be a good one but hasn’t solidified his spot yet

  • PGA GM

    Alex is the guy and a top 10 guy for the foreseeable future lets lock him up to a cap friendly deal so we can address FS, WR, ILB & CB. Does anyone think Commings will be FS and is Nico Johnson going to step in at ILB.

    • Jim Harper



    Make no mistake about it, Alex Smith is a damn good QB. I think with the right parts around him, he could take the Chiefs to a Championship. Look at what he did in Indy. Barring a complete coaching and defensive collapse, we would be playing the Pats on Saturday night. And the Chiefs have shown that they can win on the road. They were 6 and 3 and should have been 8 and 1. Even the game vs. the Broncos was closer than it looked. I am not being a homer, and Alex Smith is not Peyton Manning. But he also does not have the weapons that Manning has. Put Bowe and Avery in Bronco land and see what happens. On the flip side, give the Chiefs the targets that Manning has and I think Smith’s numbers would be scary.