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Kansas City Chiefs Show Character in Loss

With nothing to gain or lose, the Chiefs played as hard as they could against the San Diego Chargers.

As we all witnessed, they should have won. Ryan Succop is normally a very consistent field goal kicker. As it turns out, he should have had another chance, five yards closer.

The NFL issued an apology for not calling the illegal formation on the Chargers, which would have given Succop and the Chiefs a second field goal opportunity. I’m sure the Steelers and their fans feel much better because of the apology.


Moral Victory?

Despite the loss, we saw some encouraging things from Kansas City this past Sunday. Bob Sutton, missing in action of late, was found. Frank Zombo proved he’s a first line starter. With four tackles, a sack and four quarterback pressures, he and the entire defense was relentless. If this is any insight as to what the Chiefs have in store for their playoff opponents fans have much to look forward to as the playoffs begin. The Chiefs were passionate, fierce and never gave up.

With Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Dwayne Bowe and many others watching from the sidelines, the Chiefs played well enough to win any game, against any opponent. They also proved that they have the depth that most good teams possess.


Football Gods = Chargers Fans 

It seems the football gods were on the side of the Chargers this weekend, or maybe they were against the Steelers. The Chargers faked a punt and ran the ball on a fourth and two. The Chiefs stripped the ball and ran it into the end zone for what appeared to be a game winning touchdown. It was called back.

The officials ruled that Eric Weddle’s forward progress had stopped. It was not a reviewable play (the spot is, not the play). I watched it a number of times and it appears the officials got that one wrong as well.


Chiefs Show Character

All of that, however, is irrelevant, except to the Steelers. Yes, it would have been nice if the Chiefs had won. But even in a loss, they showed character.  They showed that this team is well coached and stands together.  Case in point, just re-watch the game and focus on the interaction between the starters and their “replacements” when they came off the field. This team is truly a team.

Now that Sutton has returned from his vacation, I fully expect him to implement the same attacking style of defense  they utilized against the Chargers when the Chiefs play the Colts on Saturday. If that had been Hali and Houston on the field on Sunday, the Chargers would have been dismantled; just like they would have been in the first game had both not been injured early on.


The Season Starts Now 

No more talk about strength of schedule, who they beat, who they lost to, etc. For those who are interested, all five of the Chiefs losses came against playoff teams. It’s a new season now, the slate is wiped clean.

It has already been a great season for Chief fans. A season that many of us will remember, and remember fondly.

Don’t tie the knot on 2013 just yet though.  I think there are still some good things ahead.


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  • John M Dowd

    l feel bad for the second stringers as they put in a tremendous effort and deserved to get the win.

  • KCMikeG

    Excellent post. As mad as I still am on both of the game changing blown calls – yes I have suspended my normal 24 hour rule of letting a loss go – I too am proud of our team and encouraged for the future. Many of those guys out there could be our starters and we could be buying their jerseys. Time will tell but John Dorsey is doing all the right things for this team (except maybe Bowe’s extension?) and our future is so bright I gotts wear shades!

    • John Bartram

      I think this has one of Bowe’s best seasons. No, it does not show up in the stats, but with the type of offense they run, his blocking is essential and he has always excelled at it and never more than this year.

      • KCMikeG

        Yes he has been a great blocking WR throughout his career but you can’t justify paying a blocking WR $56M. I have always given him credit for his efforts in the run game but he has to produce like a top 10 WR to earn that much money.

        • John Bartram

          Granted, but you have to have the offense and QB in order to do that. It’s not Bowe’s fault that they don’t have those things in place. Look at what he did with Cassel. It’s just not what the KC offense does. I’d like to see more of it, and think we will as they develop.

          • Calchiefsfan

            We watched this offense grow all year with Smith just starting to throw it down field in the last quarter of the season. I’m anticipating that will continue to develop into next year and Bowe getting back to his 1,000+ yards seasons. As a matter of fact I’d like to see that growth continue into the playoffs. It would be nice to see Bowe have a monster game against Indy or New England.

          • KCMikeG

            Couldn’t agree more and pray you are right. I know the offense has shown it can explode for points and hopefully Bowe will blow up vs. the Colts AND NE AND SD AND the sea chickens.

          • John Bartram

            If the Chiefs beat the Colts, chances are they will have to go to Denver next. Might as well get it over with.

          • KCMikeG

            Unless SD beats the Bengals. Either way is fine with me as we can beat anyone.

          • John Bartram

            True, but I think the Bengals will win. I can’t believe I would ever type this, but I’d rather KC go to New England. I do, however, think Brady is more dangerous in the playoffs than Manning. Broncos just have a better team this year, but I do agree, if KC is on their game, offense and defense, they can beat anyone.

  • Chris

    They missed the first field goal. There’s no guarantee that their kicker would’ve made the 2nd one.
    Yes the Chargers lined up and there should’ve have been a penalty. Did they play a perfect game, NO.
    Who ever said there Refs were perfect??

    • John Bartram

      I’m pretty sure Succop would have made the second kick. In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t make the first. I never blame the refs for wins or losses, and as I stated, it didn’t mean squat for the Chiefs.

    • Deadmeat

      You fail to realize, we won in OT. They botched the call on the fake punt. Didn’t need Succup to make the field goal, when your defense scores. Oh well, SD gets a freebie and the Steelers lose their playoff bonuses.

      • John Bartram

        I agree, and stated that in the article. It means nothing for the Chiefs, but if I’m a Steeler fan, I’m not very happy. Maybe they should have won one more game though, and it would be a moot point.

  • Chris

    On another note, if you’re playing to WIN then play your starters. Yes the backups played incredible throughout the game. If they wanted to rest some of them for the 2nd half as the Broncos did Manning then do that.
    I’m sorry my team didn’t make the playoffs they SUCKED and had to use a backup at QB for their win or go home game.

    • John Bartram

      I don’t think the Chiefs were playing to win, but they played with heart and guts. BTW…who IS your team???

  • Larry Devore

    I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!!! KC just has to let it all hang out this Saturday.