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Chiefs Express Frustration After Loss To Colts

The Kansas City Chiefs are disappointed after losing to the Indianapolis Colts 23-7 at home this past Sunday.

To be fair, it wasn’t a game the Chiefs needed to win considering they’ve already locked up an AFC Wild Card spot. That said, momentum is huge heading into the playoffs, and especially against a team in Indy that will be in the playoffs as well, a win would have been nice.

Unfortunately, the Chiefs fell short in just about every way possible. Kansas City turned the ball over four times, including two interceptions and a fumble from Alex Smith, and the Chiefs’ defense was only able to notch one sack. Andrew Luck completed 26-of-37 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown, and Donald Brown added 79 yards and a touchdown on the ground, as well as a receiving touchdown for the Colts.

Kansas City also gave up four sacks and went 0-for-1 on field goals, so overall, it was an incredibly disappointing game for a team that should be gearing up for the playoffs.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed with the outcome of the game,” head coach Andy Reid said. “I didn’t think we were coached very well, starting with me, and I don’t think we played very well. We obviously have to do a better job than that.”

“We’ll learn from it, and we’ll get better and get ourselves ready to play against the Chargers,” he said. “We do appreciate the fans and their support. I know it was a messy day as far as the weather goes and they keep showing up and cheering us on and we appreciate that. They make it tough on the opposing team and we have to do our part and do a better job there and we’ll get that done.”

At one point this season, Arrowhead seemed like a near-impossible place for opponents to play. The Chiefs have lost four of their past six games though, with three of those losses coming at home.

The Chiefs’ quarterback also expressed his frustration after the game, saying,  “It’s tough right now. I didn’t think that we played very well in any facet of the game, certainly not good enough especially on offense.”

“We didn’t have the production and with the turnovers, you make it about impossible to win. We’re going to have to learn from it. I mean right now it stings, but we’re going to have to sit down and watch the film and look at it and get better from it. But yeah, right now (it’s) frustrating,” Smith said.

Kansas City does have a playoff spot clinched, but the Chiefs will have to get back on track very quickly in order to make a legitimate run through the AFC playoffs.

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  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    What makes this lost hurt more is that we have to hear how my team sucks against better teams and I feel like we are better than that. Look at the first drive of the game. We had that team off balance. Then we fell apart. I want a playoff winner, something I haven’t seen since I was in the 7th grade. Is that too much to ask?

    • sidibeke

      It doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it? All I want for Christmas is a playoff win.

      • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

        This reminds me of the Steve Deberg led Chiefs in 90-91. Hopefully we do better than he did.

  • 2dogs

    Get over yesterday’s loss. It meant nothing. Would you prefer using your best game plan in yesterday’s game and hope it works a second time in the playoffs.

  • wdhbs

    I don’t know if there is anything to this but It sure looked like it was vanilla as hell the pass plays to bowe looked like preseason and while mathis and bethea are bad asses sure did not think they could shut us down like that. I know they did not play a good game with turnovers and what not but something just seemed off just did not seem like our offense the last five weeks. I am not sure but did cooper get benched? one more thing I would like to mention yes our defense has not been able to get to the qb and secondary gets burned but it was almost like they were trying to show indy something they are not used to running. how many blown assignments really?

  • wdhbs

    Kool-Aid 4 life

  • Chris Tarrants

    The more I think about yesterday’s game, the more my gut tells me that it was a flop of Labron James caliber. Why show your cards if you are playing with house money? We are set at the #5 seed and Reid knew that Denver isn’t going to lose again so it all makes sense if you take a step back and look at the whole picture! I will bet money that the next time we square off KC will be a completely different team and have plays that Indy hasn’t seen yet. Add in the factor of Houston, and Albert coming back. Fasano getting two more weeks to get healthy and what should be a week off next week for Charles and booooy I have a good feeling about round one fellas

  • tomflex

    One thing that impressed me at the beginning of the season was the cool efficiency and discipline in how this team went about their business. Players performed in an impressive, coordinated fashion with hardly any penalties, turnovers or mistakes. Tackling was crisp, coverage was tight and the intensity of the pass rush was overwhelming. On the offensive side, though not dynamic the offense managed to keep the chains moving giving the defense rest and winning the field position battle.,,,
    This is no longer the case

  • wdhbs

    at least we wont have to hear there is a long way to go. its just about here.

  • sidibeke

    We are what we are. I want a playoff win, and I still think we’ll get it. The KC team from yesterday was horrible, but we haven’t seen it all year, not like that. Until I see two points, it’s not a trend. Just an aberration.

    The big question for me is: what to do with the #1 pick. #1 WR because of the drops/inability to get consistently open? A FS to help what should be one of the best secondaries but doesn’t play like that? A pass rushing OLB as insurance and Hali’s replacement? DL help to get more pressure with 4 man fronts? More O line help (This is my last thought, but I think the oline has come together and yesterday isn’t a good measure)? Love to hear what you all think.

  • wdhbs

    k lewis sucks sorry

  • paul pace

    It is simple to analyze Sunday’s game. The Chiefs got their a@@ kicked by a team that they will, more than likely, see again in the playoffs. The game with the Chargers Sunday is meaningless for the Chiefs when it comes to standings. I don’t know what Reid is going to do with his starters when they play the Chargers, but the problem of poor play still remains no matter if you rest your starters or not. So, this team needs to do a gut check to see what kind of team they want to be. I firmly believe they have the talent to compete well in the playoffs but they have to play a lot better that what they played Sunday, or it is going to be lights out for this team. The turnovers, penalties, and dropped balls are not going to cut it in the playoffs. The Chiefs were embarrassed by the Colts so when they probably play them again in two weeks they (Chiefs) need to come out and hit them in the mouth and never let up. The one and out theme that this team, historically, seems to have will happen again if they don’t notch their play up a level and play as contenders and not pretenders! Sorry for the ranting but I had to vent and now I feel much better!!