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Chiefs vs. Colts: A Lot On The Line In Week 16

The Indianapolis Colts are 9-5 and have clinched the AFC South.

They boast a great coach in Chuck Pagano, a potential superstar in Andrew Luck (some would say he’s already there) and a defense that’s ranked No. 13 against the pass. Indy is actually in a position to clinch a first round bye if it wins out and the Ravens beat the Patriots and Bengals in the final two weeks of the season.

The Colts have a lot going for them and they have a lot to play for, so without a doubt, this weekend will be a challenge for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City has a lot to play for as well, though.

The Chiefs got off the losing path two weekends ago in Washington, putting up a dominant 45-10 win on the Redskins. The very next week, Kansas City traveled to the bay and put up 56 points on the Oakland Raiders, winning 56-31. Over the past two weeks, the offense has clicked and the defense has held. The Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot and they’re still in contention for the AFC West title.

The NFL playoffs may be technically a few weeks away, but for the Colts and Chiefs, it starts in Week 16. There’s a lot on the line for both teams in regard to standings and even a bye; but that’s not even considering momentum.

Some don’t believe in momentum in sports, but you can count me among those who swear by it; especially in football. If you’ve watched the game long enough, or just have good intuition, you can literally feel momentum change within the course of the football game. Not only can you feel a crowd getting sucked out of a game, or the energy that they bring to it; but you can see momentum in the eyes and body language of players. Count me among those who believes body language can impact the game as well. Mistakes seem to compound or the ball just tends to bounce your way the whole game.

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I believe that same momentum can be translated from game to game. Winning streaks? Losing streaks?

That’s all momentum folks.

In any league, but especially in the NFL, playing your best in the weeks and days leading up to the playoffs is preferable. Often times, it’s not the best team that makes a run and wins the Super Bowl, but the healthiest and hottest team heading into the playoffs.

Just ask  both New York Giant squads that won the Super Bowl in the past six years, or even the Packers team that won it in 2011.

You don’t have to be the undefeated New England Patriots to make the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be the most talented and you don’t have to be elite.

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The Chiefs have a chance to win three in a row going into San Diego to end out the season. Make no mistake about it, the ‘Bolts are going to bring it just like they did at Arrowhead, so winning this game is crucial for Chiefs.

Building momentum for the playoffs is integral. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be hot at the right time.

That’s what’s on the line this weekend. You can still find Kansas City Chiefs tickets for the regular season schedule from PrimeSport so make sure to grab some now for a potential AFC playoff matchup preview.

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  • Jason Seibel

    I just saw something that said momentum has nothing to do with winning in the playoffs. I so disagree with that view. While I would love for the Chiefs to take the AFC West away from the Broncos, I almost hope they stay the #5 and win out so they can have that momentum heading into the playoffs.

    • chris

      However if the chiefs do get the#1 seed that means the Broncos will lose either 2 in a row or 2 out of 3 assuming they don’t loose both of the remain games which would mean thatthey would have negative momentum heading into the playoffs

      • Jason Seibel

        That’s a good point, Chris. I think the Chiefs would have a better shot at the Superbowl if the road to the Meadowlands goes through KC, but they’re playing damn good on the road too. I don’t know. I’m just excited to see them play in January!

        • chris

          Me to, believe me, I was in Afghanistan for the 2010 playoffs so I missed the last playoff game (not that it was a very good game at all) and I don’t even remember the last time the chiefs win a playoff game (I was about 4) and I feel very confident about us winning at least A playoff game this year, I think we can win more but I’m not going to set my hopes too high this year, next year I’ll probably bring a super bowl out bust mentality to preseason lol. But with that said I am fully confident that we have the ability to make the super bowl this year but one must consider the any given sunday philosophy

          • Jordan

            I can’t believe I’m almost 20 and the chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since Montana’s roughly two months before I was born

          • chris

            I remember watching Montana and Allen year it up but don’t specifically remember the playoff game. That being said the 90′s were still a badass time to be a chiefs fan, man those were the days I could definitely use another wnning decade or more

    • KCMikeG

      Yeah, I heard that too Jason. NFL Channel said last 5 SB winners were .500 in the final four weeks.

  • sidibeke

    While I’d love KC to have a home playoff game, I’m not hopeful. That written, I like our chances in the playoffs. I think we beat Indy in the dome, and then assuming Cincy beats whomever is the #6, we get another crack at Den in Den in the cold. I like those odds. I see the two decade drought coming to an end.

  • tomflex

    I’m with you all the way Andrew on this game being critical as far as momentum is concerned. But this game in particular is critical for another important reason. The Colts, because they are a division winner and have one of the better QB’s qualify as one of the teams we haven’t had to face, hence our winning record. Win this game and everyone must accept our position is justified, lose this game and everyone goes back to “can’t beat a good team”.
    The good news is the Colts aren’t that good outside the house and the conditions at game time…well…if we don’t win this we’ll all be scratching our heads.

  • 2dogs

    I don’t see much on the line these last two games other than forcing Denver to win their last two and they will win them if need be. Momentum gained by winning out only comes into play when the games are meaningful as far as seeding or just getting into the playoffs. These two games have none of that. Get healthy. Real healthy and consider these games practice for 2nd teasers. Go Chiefs!!!!

  • Jordan

    I just wanted to throw this out there, but seeing as Denver plays two weak teams in the next two weeks, the chiefs have forced Denver to keep playing their starters. Had we lost one more game Denver would’ve been able to sit whoever they want these two weeks to get ready for the playoffs but now they don’t want to accidentally drop a game in this any given Sunday league. Did anyone else notice this, think it’ll matter, or care. Am I wrong?

    • chris

      It definitely matters, and hopefully they’re looking at Houston like you are, they’re not a team of push overs dispite their record, and shaub may play out of his mind this Sunday seeing t that he’s getting another chance and he’s got to if he doesn’t want to get cut (he definitely doesn’t) he’s due to make potentially $26 mil next season if he’s still on the team. And they’re still basically the same team that went to the playoffs last season, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Houston wins but I don’t see it happening but I def think it will be closer than every one thinks

      • 2dogs

        Wish I could agree but 2-12 Houston minus there top players?

        • chris

          Miller just went down I didn’t see it so u can’t say anything else

          • chris

            He tore his acl

    • chris

      And now von Miller is our for the season