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Dexter McCluster Expected To Return, Chiefs Move Accordingly

The latest news regarding Chiefs’ wideout and punt returner Dexter McCluster is that he should be medically cleared to go for the Colts game.

McCluster missed last weekend’s win over Oakland with a cut on his angle that got infected and swelled up, but Adam Teicher of is reporting that the team is making moves that signal McCluster will be coming back.

What are those moves, you ask?

First off, the team has released receiver Chad Hall, who was McCluster’s replacement. The club also brought back defensive tackle Jerrell Powe to take Hall’s spot, according to a press release. Powe was released on December 13th after being picked back up by the Chiefs on December 3rd. He was originally drafted by Kansas City in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL draft, but was released before this season.

Long story short, he’s back with the team.

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As far as McCluster is concerned, he’s focused on staying healthy, per Teicher’s report:

“This is a first for me,” he said. “You get those small cuts every day. It’s just something that kind of popped up on me, but we caught it early. Doctors did the (procedure to clean the wound), and I’ve been taking positive steps forward after that.

“I’m going to keep treating it. I’m going to keep doing whatever I have to do off the field to get back on the field.”

And Dave Toub, special teams coach, talked about getting No. 22 back on the field as well, per Teicher:

“Getting Dexter back is big,” special teams coordinator Dave Toub said. “He’s a threat, obviously, with the two touchdowns. He saves field position catching all of those short kicks. He catches the deep ones. Obviously, the threat that he’s going to catch it every time, that creates a lot of pressure on the punt team as well.”

All signs point to Dexter being back this weekend.

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  • chris

    Irrelevant to this article- if Houston is ready to go this week I say sit him til half and put him in fresh to wreak havok in the second half

    • BWrangler

      I disagree, I think he needs to be in from the start and get Luck on his horse (no pun intended). Hali and Houston are the linchpins of this defense. Now that the offense has found it’s stride and the ST is doing it’s thing, the defense needs to dominate.


      Sitting Houston ’till the half makes absolutely zero sense. Why would you do that? You mean an extra hour and a half gets him healthier?

      • guest


      • paul pace

        I agree, if you are going to sit him out the first half then just keep him out of the game completely. If he is cleared to play then he needs to play the entire game so that he can get back into the flow of playing a full game. The playoffs are right around the corner and he needs to get game ready to play his best ball.

      • chris

        So you don’t think that by playing Zombo in the first half and then playing a fresh Houston in the second half after you’d already played a full half wouldn’t affect the rot at all? The dude would quit by the end of the third quarter, and if Houston only plays half of the game he will only take half of the punishment. If you think about it it doesn’t make’absolutely zero sense’ it has nothing to do with giving him an hour and a half to get healthier dip shit; however, the guys comment after you did make a valid point, in getting him to play a full game to get back in the swing of playing a full game but I do disagree with sitting him out of the game completely if they did sit him the first half(if he’s cleared to play)

        • TAZMOSIS

          So why wouldn’t Houston be fresh to start the game? As for Zombo, he has shown nothing that would keep me from playing Houston over him. And maybe if Houston plays the whole game, then he will be the one delivering the punishment, which is what he does.Let Zombo in for ten or twelve snaps just to give Houston some breathers. And by the way, Chris, does it make you feel empowered to call a complete stranger “dip shit”? I can give you my section and seat number. So, look me up.

          • superman_25_58

            I disagree with you about Zombo and IMO you might need some glasses if you really believe he hasn’t shown anything. He has shown he can play and take care of business in Houston’s absent, he has been putting pressure on QB’s causing fumbles and picking the ball off (due to having a motor that never stops IMO). It’s not a bad idea IMO because it seems like we play conservative in the first half which I think Zombo is better in pass coverage than both Hali and Houston. The second half is when they like to send some blitzes and get after the QB and a fresh Justin Houston bull rushing a tired OT would be pretty DAMN scary lol. Than again Justin Houston has had some time to rest to get healed up so having him in all game isn’t such a bad thing either!

          • TAZMOSIS

            I do agree about Zombo and his intensity, but he sometimes lacks focus and becomes lost on a play. Then, against the Raiders, he ran up the back of an offensive player in the end zone after losing coverage and it cost the Chiefs a penalty and ultimately a Raider score. I know he hasn’t played much in his career, but he is a back-up, and unless and until he can be more in control, that is where he value lies.

          • superman_25_58

            I see a lot of LBs doing this very same thing “ran up the back of an offensive player in the end zone after losing coverage” for instance Luke Keuckley (however you spell it) is one of the best LBs in the NFL and I seen him do this same thing against New England. So is this where his value lies as well? A back-up? I think not! Now Zombo is no Keuckly but he is young and only human.

          • chris

            I’m a marine bro and I’m not going to the game, what superman said is what I was getting at in the first place.Zombo is a good player and putting zombo in for the first half (unless he isn’t playing well) wouldnt hurt the team and Houston the second wouldwould be a change for the rot and ultimately allow the chiefs to dominate the second half even more

          • chris

            Looks like all this was irrelevant bc Houston is inactive today

  • Chris Tarrants

    I feel sorry for some of these guys. You’re fired! No no we were just kidding you’re hired again, ohhh wait you really are fired. Well now you can have your job back, hahaha just kidding you’re fired

    • Larry Devore

      It’s the nature of the beast.

    • Deadmeat

      Right before Xmas…:(