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Chiefs May Not Win Another Game

You may not want to hear it but there is a distinct possibility that the Kansas City Chiefs will not win another game this season.

The though occurred to me during the third quarter of the Chiefs’ 56-31 thrashing of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. I had just watched the Raiders score three unanswered touchdowns on the once considered “elite” Chiefs defense.

I turned to my dog Zelda, who is experiencing her first Chiefs season in the Allen house. She was the only other living being in the room. My wife was barricaded in the bedroom wrapping Christmas presents.

“These guys are in serious trouble,” I said. “I don’t think they’re going to lose this game but this crap isn’t going to fly against decent teams. I am worried they might not win another game.”

Zelda yawned.

Zelda’s indifference to my concern is likely to be the kindest response I will get to this theory. You see, I wrote for this site daily for over three years. I know the kind of passion Chiefs fans bring loving their team. Doubting the good guys is high treason, punishable by internet comments of “you’re an idiot” and “go cheer for the Raiders, then” and even sometimes the ever-ironic “your and idiot.”

Perhaps years of heartbreak has me jaded. Perhaps, as a die-hard fan it is my duty to give the boys in red the benefit of the doubt. Fans believe in their teams, isn’t that how it works?

The problem is, I am more than just a Chiefs fan. I’m also the managing editor of this site and that means that some people spend a good amount of their free time on this site paying no good money to hear my opinion on the team so they can tell me I’m wrong. I know I’m going to get torn apart for even suggesting this. I’ve seen the kind of comments poor Adam Teicher gets over at and all of his comments are usually right on the money. The problem is, Teicher points out the obvious flaws that Chiefs fans don’t want to hear and they eviscerate him for it.

Will the Chiefs win another game this season?

I believe it is a fair question. The Chiefs just recently lost three games in a row. Two of those games were to the playoff-bound Denver Broncos and the other was to the inconsistent, yet talented, San Diego Chargers.

The Chiefs are only guaranteed three more games this season. They get the playoff-bound Indianapolis Colts next week, the inconsistent, yet talented, San Diego Chargers in the regular season finale and then, more than likely, they’ll meet the Colts again in the first round of the playoffs.

Sound familiar?

For the first nine games of the season, I defended the Chiefs against their detractors. Despite the fact that the team had played an incredibly light schedule against a slew of backup Qbs and even backup QB’s backups, I maintained that what mattered was that the Chiefs were finding a way to win, which is something all good teams do. The real feather in the cap of my argument, was that although the Chiefs had been struggling on offense, the team featured what appeared to be sporting a championship caliber defense.

And the Chiefs did have a championship caliber defense…until they played an actual championship contender.

I feel I should interrupt this ramble for a reality check. The Kansas City Chiefs are a very good football team. Winning 11 games in the NFL is really, really hard. KC has a good QB, a terrific running back and an excellent head coach. Those three things, combined with a pretty talented roster, is good enough to help the Chiefs beat the NFL’s worst and the NFL’s mediocre.

So far, however, it hasn’t been good enough for the Chiefs to beat the NFL’s best.

The Chiefs don’t have a signature win. Their best wins of the season came against a Cowboys team that is an 8-8 squad that can’t get out of its own way and an Eagles team that at the time of the game, was being led by a totally different QB.

Through the first nine games, the Chiefs’ defensive weaknesses were slowly exposed. KC’s aggressive scheme allows for huge plays down the field. Case Keenum, Jeff Tuel and Jason Campbell all made big plays against the Chiefs. As the weeks went by, the formula to beat the Chiefs’ D became clear:

1. Get the ball out quickly

2. Throw it deep and throw it deep often

3. Pick on the rookie

Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers did just that and sent the Chiefs on a three-game losing streak that likely cost them the AFC West.

After the Chiefs beat the Washington Redskins 45-10, I started reading articles about a “revived” Chiefs defense. Folks saw the fact that KC only gave up 10 points and sacked RG3 and Kirk Cousins six times as proof that the Chiefs dense was back.

I never bought that. The “resurgence” had more to do with the fact that the Redskins are a dumpster fire posing as a football team than it did with the KC defense fixing their issues.

The last two games against the Redskins and Raiders reminded me an awful lot of the Chiefs’ December 26, 2010 victory over the Tennessee Titans. The easy win was KC’s tenth victory of the season and it ended up being the win that clinched the AFC West for the then Todd Haley-led squad. QB Matt Cassel has probably his best game as a Chief, shredding the Titans secondary to the tune of 314 yards and three touchdowns. Dwayne Bowe had a monster day too, snagging six passes for 153 yards and a TD. The Chiefs looked prime for the playoffs.

They never won another game.

Just like the 2010 Titans, the 2013 Redskins and Raiders are finished and their playing like it. The holidays are right around the corner and while some teams around the league with nothing to play for are playing like they’re in the playoff hunt (see the Matt Cassel-led Vikings), other also-rans are clearly throwing in the towel. It happens every season.

The fact that Washington and Oakland are a mess doesn’t take away from what the Chiefs have accomplished this season. They’ve engineered one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NFL history. The entire organization, from Clark Hunt all the way down to the hot dog vendors, should be incredibly proud.

And so should the fans.

But that doesn’t mean the Chiefs are going to do damage in the postseason.

The Chiefs defense is struggling mightily. They looked absolutely horrid at times on Sunday and don’t let the fact that they picked off rookie QB Matt McCloin four times trick you into believing that it was a good day for Bob Sutton’s crew. The Chiefs gave up 331 yards passing, 130 yards rushing and 31 points to the Raiders. They recorded zero sacks. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Oakland defense absolutely refused to chase Jamaal Charles with any sense of urgency, the Chiefs very well might had lost the game.

If the Chiefs give Andrew Luck seven seconds to throw in the pocket next week, like they did to McCloin on one occasion, he isn’t going to stand there and calmly throw the ball to Frank Zombo.

The San Diego Chargers are not going to play so poorly as to allow the Chiefs to run the exact same screen play to Jamaal Charles over and over with the same result.

And in the playoffs, if the Chiefs defense plays like they have since the Bye Week, the KC offense had better keep finding ways to score 56 points a game.

I realize this all sounds rather harsh. It hasn’t all been bad for the Chiefs since the Bye. The offense seems to have found its footing. The special teams continue to be extremely dangerous. The team has managed to stay mostly healthy and Branden Albert, Justin Houston and Anthony Fasano all should be back in time for the playoffs. Heck, the Chiefs even still have a shot (albeit a small one) to win the AFC West should Denver stumble against Houston or Oakland. If the Chiefs can put it all together, 2013-2014 could absolutely be the year they break their long and embarrassing playoff losing streak.

Unfortunately, the Chiefs have failed their three most important tests this season and until they show they can beat the big boys, they’re going to continue to have to face the doubters.

Kansas City have two excellent opportunities to show it is for real in the coming weeks. Next week’s contest agains the Colts is likely a warmup game agains their future playoff opponent. The Chiefs can erase a lot of bad playoff memories by finally enacting revenge against the team that has caused them so much postseason heartbreak over the years.

In the season finale, the Chiefs get another chance to go up against Chargers QB Philip Rivers. The KC defense didn’t have an answer for the San Diego passing attack a few weeks ago. Taking down the Bolts out in California in Week 17 will be a great way for the Chiefs to show the NFL that their defense is ready to face playoff QBs.

The Chiefs have a real chance to accomplish something very special in the playoffs…but first they have to grow up. It is time for Andy Reid’s team to go from a cute story to a legitimate Super Bowl threat. They failed to do it during their three game losing streak. Thankfully, they get another chance to prove themselves in their next three games.

Hope for the best, Chiefs fans.

But prepare for the worst.


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  • Stacy D. Smith

    You’ve changed, Patrick! *weeps loudly*

  • Trent Taylor

    Its a valid point, Patrick. Regardless of the turnovers. If the defense doesn’t right the ship, this team will be one and done in the playoffs. Too many penalties, yards, long drives and points are being surrendered. It won’t fly against Super Bowl caliber teams.

  • Michael Shaw

    Nice read and a few great points. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PunjabiPete

    I didn’t bother reading the post becus your and idiot! Whadoncha go cheer for the Faiders, Chiiieeeffsss!

    On a more serious note, I had the same feeling. For much of the 3rd quarter, the Chiefs reminded me of the Chiefs teams of the 90s, who would get up a score or two, then smugly sit back and say “beat that, loser!” Their complacency would lead to them either eking out another win against a piss poor team or they would lose and be completely shocked as to how giving John Elway 5 minutes in the 4th quarter with a 10 point lead could have gone awry.

    Andy Reid has his work cut out for him, this is an ingrained behavior they’ve been exhibiting for decades, but good teams don’t let their foot off the accelerator, no matter WHO is over there chucking the ball.

    • JDInOregon


      • Patrick Allen


    • KCMikeG

      The difference is they didn’t sit back. They responded with their own unanswered 21 point run and sat down their starters while punishing that piss poor team by 25 – in their house!

  • JDInOregon

    There’s no doubt the KC defense needs to find some answers. Some folks think that’s on Sutton. I honestly don’t know, but it’s completely crazy how things have flipped around. You can’t normally be giving up 400+ yards a game and expect to win. I know Houston has been out, but Zombo has played decently from what I can tell. It sure would be interesting to get Houston back by the first round and see what happens.

    As for whether KC wins another game, it’s foolish for me or anyone to pretend to know for sure. My gut says they beat Indy and lose to San Diego again. As for the playoffs, I would take a wait and see approach. This season has been one of the whackiest in Chiefs’ history, so who the heck knows. The NFL set a record for points scored on Sunday, so engaging in shootouts may be the new normal. Chiefs 62 New England 54? That would be beyond strange.

    • chris

      Houston will likely play against Indy setting that he prescribed last week and was held out as a Precaution same with fasano, albert and mccluster will probably be back too. I think it’s a pretty successful week when you have 4 important players out and beat a divisional opponent by 25 on the road

  • micah stephenson

    Doubting the good guys is high treason, punishable by internet comments of “you’re an idiot” and “go cheer for the Raiders, then” and even sometimes the ever-ironic “your and idiot.”…….lol.

  • micah stephenson

    I hope we beat indy and SD! The team is clicking on all cylinders.

  • Troy Utt

    Paddy: There is a distinct difference between you & Teicher… Not only do we lost red sea soul’s posting here on AA like you, but we appreciate the caliber of your writing for what it is. Teicher on the other hand goes way beyond stating what might be considered fact, & up until a couple of weeks ago seemed to always have a little extra dig to get in! I believe that is the problem everyone had with him.
    As for our Chiefs… I like their chances down the stretch! While we all knew it would take a minute for the offense to come around with new coaches, system, & over 60% turn-over on our roster they finally seem to have figured it all out. To be honest this looks more like the team I was expecting after the time I spent at camp than what I saw the first 9 weeks. The D should be fully healed (with luck) & Houston back to add pressure on the other end, adding an element that certainly would have helped against SD in the first meeting. Even thru jaded eyes I can’t help but think we are in good shape for a good run!!! WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • Jim bernard

      I’m with you!! Great comment

  • chris

    Wouldn’t the colt qualify as inconsistent too? And I think the same would go denver(Peyton) in the playoffs and ne this year and Cincinnati also. I believe the chiefs have a very good chance in the playoffs sting that we’re a pretty good road team (6-1 this season) and if the chiefs give up 21 unanswered when they’re up by 25 and then score 21 of their own unanswered points to ultimately win by 25 that’s ok with me. Look at the Broncos who’destroyed’ the redskins yet were down by 14 at one point in the game and that was before started playing poorly I know the chiefs lost 3 straight after their bye but since then they’re starting fast (at least 35 in the first half since the last loss) and that’s what we’ve been w wanting all season and now that we’re doing it you guys just find something else to criticize (rightfully so to an extent) but I don’t feel the chiefs have anything to worry aboutwhen they need to tighten up d does maybe the fact that it seems that they struggle when we have a lead coming out at half is because of the defensive play calls and the coaches don’t want us to get too comfortable. .. that’s probably not the reason but it’s possible I guess lol.

    • chris

      And one of Oaklands tds shouldn’t have been, that was not unsportmen like conduct by Lewis in one of their td drives that shouldn’t have even have got started. It was a 3rd and 7 so they should pointed and probably went into half with only 10 instead of 17 pts, not to mention the chiefs would’ve got good field position and probably go into half with more than 35

  • Jarad

    Spot on !!! As i watched the Oakland game, i kept thinking “They score a TD if we dont force a turnover. I hoped those days were behind us as Chiefs fans, but this defense just isnt as good as we hoped. They give up mass amounts of yards to bad QBs only getting saved by offensive mistakes. The great QBs dont make those mistakes to bail out the D. I love the big play abiity that some of the players possess, but overall the unit is a liability. This team has done a complete 180. They’ll have to be carried by the offense and Special teams now.



    • stevekozak

      I agree. I don’t understand the doom and gloom. When the Chiefs were 9-0, all we heard was that the offense (in particular Alex Smith, needed to get it together and that the Chiefs “didn’t win good enough”. Now that the offense is putting up big numbers and AS 11 is showing what he can do, all we are hearing is that the Dfense needs to get it together, and the Chiefs didn’t “win good enough”. Pathetic!! A W is a W (and a W that incorporates 56 points is a mind blowing W). Act like you been here before!!!

  • Joe M.

    Ye of little faith. This has been asked so much this season but I`ll ask again. What is the difference between the Bronco`s season and the Chief`s season ? We both have 3 lose`s. We lost to them and the Charger`s and they lost to the Charger`s,Colt`s and the Pat`s. The teams they beat we beat.

    • KCMikeG

      Thank you! We just outscored their highest score all year and they have three games where they have given more than our highest allowed total.In fact the least amount of points they have allowed is 19 to the then struggling Jags – who we allowed 2 points. Houston’s return will stabilize the defense and all will be well.

      • Mike Brennan

        We hope Houston’s return will stabilize the defense.

    • Patrick Allen

      The difference is they beat the Chiefs twice, head to head. So until the Chiefs chance that, the Broncos are better.

      • steve james

        Not discounting that. They are better. Thing is I think the Bronco’s already peaked & the Chiefs have yet to imho. Write an article on that! (With some stats please)

        • Patrick Allen

          I think the Chiefs are peaking on offense. I think they already peaked on defense. I think that Bob Sutton needs to make adjustments and he has failed to do so thus far.

          • steve james

            If the most points of any team this year is the peak I am happy with that. Don’t give me but it’s the Raiders either as the Bronco’s played the Jags & they didn’t do what the Chiefs did. As far as defense it’s obvious the rest of the league has seen enough tape to adjust. If Houston is back I think it won’t matter as much. The key in my mind is all the coaches seem to be putting the players into a position to excell; which they will.

  • Joe Myers

    7 turnovers Patrick short field for our offense = quicker scores = more possessions for raiders offense = more chances to take the ball away . With fact that the league rules are bent twards offense even a bad team will eventually have success .

    • Patrick Allen

      Getting smoked by a rookie QB is still getting smoked by a rookie QB. It is a concern.

  • Harm Williams

    You are way off base. KC has outscored their opponents by 144 points this season. Indy has outscored their opponents by 19 points. The Colts are total garbage. Houston will be back for the SD game and Rivers will not be effective just like he wasn’t before Hali and Houston were both out for the game.

    You need to get better perspective and study up on the Chiefs a little bit better, Patrick

    • Patrick Allen

      Point differential doesn’t mean much of anything. How many of those point came off of turnovers that absolutely terrible QBs served up to the team? Beating the crap out of a terrible team doesn’t mean you are going to be good against good teams. A team can score 56 points one week and then get blown out the next week.

      I am basing my opinion on what I have seen, not what the box score says. What I have seen is that the Chiefs defense often gets torched down field by good and bad QBs alike. Good teams don’t turn the ball over 7 times. A lot of KC’s stats, both sacks and turnovers, are inflated by teams against bad QBs.

      • Josh J

        Yes a team can put up gawdy numbers against a bad team and then get blown out by a good team the very next week, but when has that happened THIS year to THIS team? Our 3 losses were by 10 points or less, and the two home losses came down to the very last play. One in which we lost our two best pass rushers. Before Hali/ Houston went down the Chargers had managed a meager 3 points to our 14. This team is still learning how to win against quality opposition, outside of a handful of players this is the same team that went 2-14 last year, but they have been in every game this year, and led at one point in both of the close losses. This team may not make it to the Super Bowl, but a loss to INDY in the playoffs? That would be about as surprising as the Texans beating the Broncos this week.

      • Harm Williams

        They really don’t get torched by good and bad QB’s alike. The only QB that torched us this season without and asterisk next to their production was Manning at Denver. When we faced Denver at home we were without our best player on defense ( Justin Houston ). Phillip Rivers wasn’t doing jack squat against us until both Hali and Houston were out. He will not have that luxury in two weeks.

        More to the point, we are playing our best offense of the season and and starting to figure it out on that side of the ball. We just scored 56 points in one game. Something the Bronco’s Organization has never once accomplished in their franchise history and the Raiders Organization has never allowed that many points to be scored on them in their franchise history…. and here you are talking about not winning another game. It’s completely insane.

        Kansas City through 15 weeks has the #3 scoring offense, the #4 scoring defense. Through 15 weeks Jammal Charles is only behind McCoy by a few yards as the #1 player in the NFL for total yards from scrimmage and through 15 weeks our quarterback is #9 in passer rating. With all that said, here you are talking about not winning another game when Justin Houston is almost 100% and back to the line up and 99% of QB’s in the NFL will go back to having no time throw the ball when they face Kansas City’s pass rush and our secondary will look all world again.

        Lets be honest. You created this article to troll fans who actually follow things and know what the hell they are talking about…

        • Patrick Allen

          I could buy all your arguments until you say something idiotic like your last sentence. If that is what you really think then there isn’t much point having an honest and friendly debate with you.

    • Jarad

      This whole article is about struggling against good QBs. So what is the point differential vs good QBs??? Dont let the 56 hide the fact that the dreadful Raiders put up 31.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Agree 100%. The Raiders are a really crappy team and they were within three in the third. We should have beaten them by 40.

        • steve james

          Raiders always bring it in the division. They swept the whole AFC west in 2010 yet sucked against everyone else & missed the playoffs at 3rd in the Division. A division opponent is never a gimme.

      • Harm Williams

        Jared, The Colts have been completely blown out of the building by struggling teams this year though, Same goes for San Diego and here Patrick is telling us we may not win another game. If Hali and Houston were never injured against San Diego, it would have been a complete blowout. Bank on it.

        • Jarad

          but the colts have also beaten good teams. The chiefs have not beaten 1 good team yet.I’m not by any means saying the chiefs won’t win 1, but patrick has a good point. This defense is opportunistic. And right now that’s the only thing that is saving them against average teams. Good teams dont supply as many opportunities


    Almost everything you say has merit. The Chiefs could have (and should have) beaten the Raiders by 50. If they play like that against the Broncos, they will get 38 and lose by 20. That game should never have been close. Midway, they were up by seven. This won’t cut it against a playoff team. They might get smoked at San Diego. If so, they will crawl into the post-season, and not have an edge. The only way they can end this is to keep crushing teams, and take no prisoners. The Chiefs did not do this against the Raiders. This game was a hell of a lot closer than many of my fellow Chiefs fans would care to admit.

    • Davé

      It was close for one quarter and essentially from the moment Flowers left to the locker room. 56 to 31 is not close.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Yeah, your are correct. But 34-31 late in the third is close. And don’t forget, the Raiders scored 21 unanswered. This is not gonna’ cut it in the playoffs.

    • Lisa Agans

      In what realm is 56-31 a close game…?

  • Corey Bell

    Is there any team in the NFL with a perfect record? The answer is a big no! As a matter of fact the last team to lose was those Chiefs that you highly doubt. No team in the league is undefeated which means EVERY team has shortcomings and/or bad games. The thing that counts is winning in spite of things not going your way. Anybody can win when everything that goes just your way. But what truly makes a team great is those that will band together and make it regardless. So what the defense wasn’t “elite” Sunday, the offense took up the slack. There have been doubters this whole season and pessimistic a-holes will continue to try to find faults in KC. But i challenge you to find a perfect team…you won’t! So stop trying to tear our team down!

    • T.Hagen

      Right on bro.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen Corey! Anything short of perfect is a sure sign of future failure. Not. Not sure why some want to exaggerate the flaws while discounting the success. Then they criticize those of us who choose to enjoy the great year w/o lamenting our areas that need improvement by saying we are “blind” or “homers”. I see what we need to do to get better, am aware of the factors affecting our team and savoring the journey of our 11-3 playoff bound team. Anything can happen once you get into the playoffs.

    • Patrick Allen

      How is pointing out that the team has flaws “tearing them down?” We should all be concerned about this team’s ability to win against the NFL’s best because we haven’t seem them do it yet.

      Not sure why daring to not stick your head in the sand about the realities of your team means you are trying to tear them down.

      • chris

        The point is that the one’s who point out flaws are pessimists bc they try to think the worst so that they can avoid a possible let down. And I don’t even know if you’re football fans in that case,being any kind of sports fan requires hope which naysayers obviously have none of. And if you’re truly a chiefs fan and can only point out the negative, especially after last season, then you are probably a scroog like person(before seeing the ghosts) and are just unhappy. This team has a good shot at making the super bowl, the entire afc playoff pictUre is inconsistent and the chiefs play good in cold weather as we seen last week in Washington, there are a few things that we can maybe add to this team to make it better but noone can do anything about until after the superbowl anyway so have hope in your team, dont fucking doubt them, and if you do, keep it to your self until the off-season because all you’re seeing is bringing fans that do have hope down and more helping the situation for anybody

      • stevekozak

        There is a big difference in pointing out flaws and saying the team that you are supposedly a fan of might not win another game, an 11-3 team, btw…. I have never seen such negativity from a supposedly fanbase in my life! AS11 will lead you where you (or a real fan at least) want to go. Have some faith, PattyCake!! :)

  • Davé

    Bleh this could be said of any playoff bound team. The Colts have looked just as poor at times and worse. New England has had to struggle to win their ten games and lost multiple to mediocre teams, New Orleans can’t play on the road at all and Denver has an even shittier (with no upside) defense. In the last four games we have put up 38, 28, 45 and 56 points. Who the hell was surprised we lost to Denver anyway? And to discount the game that Rivers played at Arrowhead is to discount the team that also went on to Beat Denver. Inconsistent means they are good and bad and when they played us they were very good. The defense has every opportunity to improve and as some players get back they will. Even the Raiders took advantage of the time that Flowers was out of the game and cooper was in. To be honest how close were we to beating both Denver and the Chargers??? Not like either of those teams dominated us in their win.

    Next week we take this good offense against Indy which has a truly bad pass defense. So for every chance that Luck lights us up, we have the chance to light Indy up.

    We aren’t even backing into the playoffs, which your article implies. And to compare this team to the shitty ass excuse for a playoff team that was the Cassel led Chiefs is laughable. That team truly was shit with no hope of beating anyone in the playoffs.

    • sidibeke

      Hear, hear. And Indy’s run D is even worse than it’s pass (28th in league). I hope we grind it out a little more, keep Luck off the field, dress rehearsal for another crack at Den if we get one.

    • stevekozak

      I think this was very well said!! I also think the original article writer was stirring up BS because he had nothing better to do. I continue to be shocked that the editors of this site do not seem to be actual Chiefs fans.

      • steve james

        Paddy is the original Chiefs fan on this site. Respect. I just think he has gotten cranky having to keep up with all the other teams at fan sided & not getting enough Chiefs in his blood. He needs to come to Arrowhead this last game. That’ll fix him right up:)

    • Patrick Allen

      Based on who they’ve played, I’d say this team on paper is very similar to the 2010 Chiefs. The 2010 Chiefs started out very pathetic on offense and their D kept them in games. I wrote articles at the time that Matt Cassel looked like crap. The team was winning though and everyone was happy so much like what is happening with this article, I got torn apart for saying what I SAW rather than what I wanted to believe. When Cassel has a good game against the Titans, I allowed myself to be sucked in and fooled into believing he was improving.

      I’m not going to sit around and pretend I think the Chiefs are playing well on defense when they’re not, regardless of the final score. They have been terrible at generating pass rush against QBs that will actually throw the ball and their coverage has been awful against good QBs and at times, against bad QBs. And if they don’t get it fixed, they very well could lose the next three.

      • Davé

        I was never suckered into believing that 2010 squad was worth anything at all. They truly did play the cushiest schedule imaginable and were proved a fraud easily in the playoffs. Cassel was a turd dinking and dunking up the field and honestly just tossing shitty throws that Bowe was able to come down with. He only showed an occasional good game but hey every dog has his day.

        Nothing about this team resembles that team at all, I honestly do not know what paper you are looking at. Smith alone makes that comparison completely void.

        If you want to say we might be the 2003 Chiefs who will walk into the playoffs, score a bunch of points and lose than I might agree. The defense may not be able to recover. I don’t think its possible to be as bad as that 2003 defense but still they have yet to make me thing they have turned a corner.

        The point is that no team is a power house. The Denver defense is even worse than ours. The difference is they have Peyton and may be able to play through it. But remember the only Super Bowl Peyton has won is when his defense went on a tear in the playoffs.

        You make it sound like we stand a bigger chance of losing than winning these next two which is ludicrous. If our defense improves only slightly we can beat San Diego, I think we proved that in the last match up. The Colts are an even easier task. Like I said before Smith has played better than Luck and our Running game is better. Furthermore our Defense despite the recent struggles is better than the Colts still. Our losses to Denver and San Diego do not compare to their losses. They were dominated in most every loss to include games against the Rams, Chargers, and Cardinals.

  • Kansas City Rob

    Wow! Amidst a huge game for Charles and Smith,obviously, taking the reigns of this offence, you choose to write such a downer article. Nevertheless less obviously for attention, but I couldn’t even be bothered to read the whole story.

    • chris

      It was disappointing but to say that with chiefs Will not win another game this season is a bit of an overraction

    • Patrick Allen

      You know, shockingly, other people have opinions that differ from yours and it actually doesn’t mean that they are out for attention. Just because you don’t want to hear something doesn’t mean it isn’t true or possible.

      I didn’t say the Chiefs would lose the rest of their games but I do think it is a distinct possibility based on their play on defense against good QBs.

      • Kansas City Rob

        No, I was just pointing out that you wrote an attention-seeking article that was impossible for me to even read through. You are correct we cannot predict the future, and that is why I will be super excited for some Chiefs football at least three more times this year.

        • Ardent Shepherd

          Dude, that’s not the right take. The Chiefs do have those problems. It’s responsible journalism to point it out. Being honest with this critique doesn’t mean he wants us to lose. He’s saying that the win this weekend doesn’t nullify the bad football the past four weeks. You should be excited for the rest of the season, but you should also be aware of just how our Chiefs are playing and how it compares to elite teams in the NFL. Your posts SCREAM homer, but lack any points other than I’m rooting for them because they’re my team.

          • Patrick Allen

            This. It’s always baffled me how hard this is for some people to understand.

      • Harm Williams

        It’s a trolling article. Yes we lost to Pey Pey in Denver, but other than that this team has lost to good QB’s without their most important and gifted pass rusher. You wrote a doom and gloom article to troll and get comments. It lacks journalistic integrity.

        • Patrick Allen

          Do you know anything about journalism? Do you know what an “opinion piece is?” Do you know know the difference between blogs and newspapers?

          It appears that you don’t.

          I wrote this article because it is what I think. And if you read the article, you’ll see that I predicted the kind of comments I’d get, because many fans such as yourself, can’t deal with someone having a differing opinion than you.

    • freshmeat62

      All the back slapping and hurraying were done Sunday nite and yesterday. Nothing wrong w/ pointing out some of the issues the Chiefs still have. A little bit of getting back to reality.

  • Shawn Jones

    I’m not a “blind” chiefs fan but broncos are only team to score a lot of points against our defense while we were healthy… Until Hali n Houston got hurt San Diego had 3 total points and I realize injuries happen but let’s face it, frank zombo is NO justin Houston… While I was upset in 3rd qtr yesterday a lot of their scoring drives were kept alive by us doing stupid mistakes like k Lewis takin helmet off when he should’ve had a pick 6

    • chris

      He didn’t intentionally take his helmet off, shouldn’t have got that flag thrown on him

      • sidibeke

        I agree that intent should matter, but I think it’s a black and white thing: if the helmet comes off and it’s not because it came off because someone else knocked it off with a big hit, it’s a flag. Weird, sloppy game, but they tend to be in the black hole.

      • KCMikeG

        No but he should have intentionally caught a pick six right in his hands and a few actual tackles would be nice instead of the limp noodle shoulder bumps he hands out like Christmas presents. Oh and an occasional over the top coverage – dare I say with a big hit too. If he hadn’t been throwing a tantrum for blowing the INT and extending their drive the helmet wouldn’t have flown off on its own. I’m with Larry – Lewis is costing in so many ways.

        • chris

          It was a third down, it wasn’t really a tantrum (the chiefs were up 35-10, trust me he was not in a bad mood)he was rightfully upset with himself(bc he didn’t get the pick 6 that he should’ve definitely got) and simply unstrapped his chinstrap but bc he was running his helmet bounced off his head there was nothing unsportsman like about it

    • Larry Devore

      they really need to sit Kendricks down

    • sidibeke

      I’m starting to wonder if we should draft a pass rushing OLB 1st round. I know you want a starter, but how many more years does Hali have and look what happens when we don’t have one of our starters in. Sutton’s D doesn’t work so well.

      • chris

        I think we franchise albert and try to trade him for a high draft pick again this year, and I think we should get a fs who doesn’t take terrible angles to the ball with a high draft pick. Demps is a free agent and I would like to see him brought back if for nothing else than returner and backup safety, if we do indeed get a high draft pick out of albert than draft a good rt and move fischer to his true position at lt. I feel there’s a good chance we get maclin as our#2 receiver and haven’t heard any speculation but I think everyone in kc will agree with me here, get Jarrod allen back, Jackson’s a fa let him go Allen’s also a fa bring him back home. Our pass rush would be best in the league hands dOwn I def believe if we don’t sign albert back (noone else is any where close to worth the franchise tag this year)that it’ll free up the cap space to get Allen pretty easily(ziggy hood is also a fa who may like to come here with Daniel being our backup and maclin possibly coming to kc (plus he’d be back in mo)

        • steve james

          Allen is not the right kind of back for this defense. He is not coming back. Doesn’t fit the scheme as Winston didn’t. Good players wrong fit.

        • sidibeke

          I like the idea, and also think we don’t re-sign Albert, but if we tag him again, he’s due 11+ mill and that’s an untradable contract. I think we let him walk and get the comp pick, probably a 3rd rounder.

  • Doc

    I have to agree with you Paddy. The recent performance of our D has me concerned. Sure they had some picks and made a few plays, but they made too many bone head plays and gave up 21 points from being I disciplined. Sorry, I have higher expectations for our Chiefs and even though they won, it is not okay that the D is giving up so many yards – to a bad team. This team cannot get in a track meet to score every possession with other teams because they are not built that way. Sure the ‘W’ is the most important thing, but let’s not confuse the ‘W’ against a poor team just to gloss over the shortcomings of our Chiefs. We have to be critical and have higher expectations if we are to go all the way. Otherwise by living in the denial will make the losing in the playoffs that much harder to stomach. We are there but we have to acknowledge the shortcomings too as fans. A heck of a turn around from last year – but let’s demand more so we can go all the way.

    • T.Hagen

      The team is almost there. The games we lost wasn’t by much. Really happy about the turnaround. The Chiefs will be a good team for a few seasons or more.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I hear what you’re saying Patrick and the possibility does exist that we won’t win again, but I don’t think that will be the case.

    • chris

      The possibility exists four every team I’m the league

  • Randy5k

    Very good points but frankly Paddy the whole season has been like that.

  • Randy5k

    Our O is screaming now. Earlier in the season we were winning games strictly by D

  • kcseek

    Nothing here I haven’t thought of many times about the Chiefs this season! There’s always something wrong with this team. Why? Because this was supposed to be a rebuilding year! Very few expected the Chiefs to come out swinging like it did at the beginning of the season. Mostly people just wanted to win at least 50‰ of our games. Now all of a sudden you have an ahha moment and announce “The Chiefs Might Not Win Another Game!”? Wow, where have you been all season? Weren’t you here Patrick when they said the Chief’s were the worst 9-0 team ever? Didn’t you get the memo, the message, the point? That the Chiefs suck and are not an elite team? How’d you miss that? They told us repeatedly over and over! Get over yourselves Chief’s fans! Your team sucks and is a total fraud!
    Therefore Patrick, you are beyond fashionably late to the party! But thanks for setting us all straight so we won’t be surprised when the Chiefs lose the rest of their games! I like a good negative outlook, the glass is half empty point of view. It keeps me grounded so my precious feelings won’t get hurt!
    Best of all, your timing is impeccable! The day after the Chief’s clinch a playoff berth, you swoop in and bring us all gently back down to earth by emptying all of our emotional bank accounts of all hope and pride in our team for our own good! You Patrick are a true gentleman and a scholar! LOL
    Thank you for looking out for us. We really did need to be told the truth about our beloved Chiefs before we all got carried away with hope and aspirations!
    I’m forever in your debt!
    Thank you!

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Well done Paddy and right on the mark. If the D does not step up, we are one and done in the playoffs.

  • DTVTechGuy

    I’m not sold on the Chargers game as an indication of anything. Hali AND Houston go out and THEN the Chargers start putting up points. Fact is…. With Houston AND Hali on the field…. The Defense is a different Monster.

    The Denver games… I pray it comes down to the Chiefs and the Broncos in the playoffs… Watch what happens. Denver doesn’t even score 20 and the Chiefs walk away with their helmets. The first game was a parade of mistakes… The second game was a good football game… Broncos beat the Chiefs for a 3rd time… It won’t happen.

    It won’t.

    It’s time for ALL of us to start having some swagger…. Chiefs may not win another game??

    The Chiefs won’t lose another game.

    It’s Super Bowl time…

    • sidibeke

      I agree with you on the 1st Den game. It just felt like none of the bounces were going our way. Didn’t get the turnovers we usually do, lost one of our own. That one just wasn’t meant to be, and I also hope we get a 3rd crack at Denver. I think the outcome will be different. Especially if we follow SD’s recipe and keep it on the ground more, use Davis a bit with JC.

    • Patrick Allen

      I hope you are right but the Chiefs were at full strength when the Broncos smoked their defense the first time around.

      The fact of the matter is, until the Chiefs prove they can beat really good QBs it is hard to believe they are going to.

      • KCMikeG

        Smoked?? They put up 27 which was more than two TD’s below their average and their 2nd lowest point total at that time. We were a play away from beating the most elite team in the AFC on both occasions. The only other game we lost was another one play make or break game vs the team that just beat the donkeys in Dumbver. If we had lost to a bad team or gotten blown out by the good teams we play then I could maybe see the perspective you have chosen but none of that has happened. Where was the talk always heard that a loss or two is “good” for a team getting the undefeated monkey off their back and getting them refocused for a playoff run? Chiefs are peaking at the right time while others are losing or struggling and nobody wants to play us for a reason.

        • Patrick Allen

          KC played better in the second game, on offense. In the first game, they’d of lost by a lot more if Denver didn’t get up by a couple of scores and start running the clock.

          You know I love the Chiefs but their DBs got smoked by Manning in both games. All those TDs to Decker? That is just embarrassing. I am not saying the Chiefs can’t beat the Broncos but I am saying they haven’t proven they can get it done yet.

          • chris

            Denver started running clock bc they didn’t want to give the chiefs a chance, hOw many other teams do you see the Broncos ‘run the clock’ on.

          • kcseek

            Consistency is always a problem with a “new” team and for all intents and purposes I’d say the 2013 KC Chiefs qualify for that distinction. If not the team then at least the coaching and their philosophy for winning is new. Either way, playing inconsistent against the Denver Broncos is not an indicator for playing poorly against every team.
            Just exactly what is an elite team anyway? If you have the best record does that make you elite? The Seahawks are 12-2 so that must make them elite but they lost 2 games so perhaps even elite teams sometimes fail. If you have the best stats does that make you elite? Look no futher than the Raiders game and their stats vs the Chiefs and you’ll see stats don’t mean squat.
            So that leaves us with only consistency. Elite teams must be consistent. Denver & Seattle have been building up their consistency at the very least since last year. This is year 1 for the Chiefs. Yes they are inconsistent but they are by no means consistently inconsistent. I would say a team that loses 50‰ of the time is consistently inconsistent.

            Patrick I see everything you are pointing out and I agree with you that they are nagging problems. However, if I see them and you see them then you can damn well guarantee that the players and coaches see them and are making every attempt possible to correct those flaws, but seldom is any team 100% perfect. Even elite NFL teams lose games.
            I didn’t like the way our secondary looked against the Broncos twice or the Raiders this last game.
            If you look at the top winning record teams, or just those teams with 4 or less losses on their record. How many of those teams are in their 1st year of rebuilding a new team from the ground up?
            Yes, the Chiefs keep showing some flaws but they have only lost to the very best and dropped a game in the last minute when the Chiefs Defense lost Hali & Houston.

            The Chiefs are improving by leaps and bounds while other teams are only seeing moderate gains. That is why I believe that the Chiefs will step up and win their remaining games.

            But you know what? I’m tired. Tired of defending the Chiefs from naysayers all year. So I’m going to stop now. Piss on everybody that don’t think the Chiefs can win 3 games and beat the Broncos too.
            As far as a Super Bowl? Well we’ll see won’t we?
            If we don’t win another game……c’est la vie!
            But what a fun ride it’s been this year! Wow! Well worth all the time I spent reading, watching, analyzing, arguing, brooding, and daydreaming! Thank you Chiefs! I really needed you this year to play well. I lost my dad a year ago and you Chiefs have helped distract me enough and keep my mind occupied enough to make it through this 1st year!
            So, Patrick forgive me if I hang all my hopes and dreams on a team that may lose, but it’s ok! I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from the Chiefs.
            Every year from here on out will be icing on the cake! :-)

            Happy Holidays folks!
            You already know what I want for Christmas! :-)

      • Joe M.

        Which really good QB`s did the Bronco`s beat ?

    • guest

      “….to start having some swagger” Indeed

  • Larry Devore

    but those 3 qb’s you talked about lost. SO their big plays really didn’t do much damage, now did they?

    • Patrick Allen

      Well the point is that they aren’t good QBs…so the Chiefs have been good enough to scrape by against bad QBs but haven’t been able to beat the good ones.

  • sidibeke

    I don’t read all of the comments about Teicher, but I think he’s overboard in his evaluation of the Chiefs. For example, his take on the first Denver loss was that it showed how very far KC was away from competing with the best in the NFL. They lost by 10 at Denver, holding Manning to 27 even with a few bad bounces. The better team won, no doubt, but I failed to see how horribly over-matched the Chiefs were.

    To your points, I just don’t see it. Does the D need to play better? Yes. Could KC lose the next 3? Sure, it could happen. Is it likely? I really don’t see that.

    A main point is that KC lost 3 in a row earlier in the season. Okay. Two of those losses, albeit at home, went down to the last play. This is not a team that isn’t competing. They can play, IMO, with anyone in the league.

    The two losses that came down to the wire have been without Houston (for most of the game against SD) and one without Hali for most of the game. Frankly, that the games were as close as it was is something. All teams play through injuries. The relevance, though, is that barring another injury, these next three games will NOT be without our two starting OLBs.

    You also seem to be pinning a lot on the last game. Games have flow, and high scoring games tend to allow both teams to put up numbers. You don’t see too many true blowouts like the one in DC two weekends ago. Putting things in perspective, though, KC beat a team by 25 points. 25 points. With 4 starters out with injury.

    KC’s D will give up big plays. The D should also get turnovers. Sutton needs to dial up some more blitzes to get to the quarterback. But the sky is not falling.

    The Chiefs are a good and flawed football team. There is no team in the AFC that they cannot beat, and if I were a fan of Cincy or Indy, I wouldn’t want KC first round. Just like I didn’t want Bal in 2010. Add to that the fact that Indy has not played well since Wayne was lost for the season, and I’d be happy to take a wager that KC will NOT lose its next 3. It would be nice if they could keep 2 score leads for longer, more often. Giving me a heart attack.

  • sidibeke

    And not that Vegas is the end all, but KC is 7 pt favorites over Indy. For comparison, Cincy is 7 over Min. That’s a pretty big line.

  • Chuck Burrell

    I’m not so sure our defense was ever supposed to be a complete “shutdown” type of defense. I think bobs scheme is more fit for a game much like this weeks. Lots of turnovers and yards. Think about it. It’s predicated off of high risk – high reward blitzes, leaving single man coverage all day.
    As much as I hate admitting it… When we were stopping the league from scoring before the bye, we were facing poor offenses and quarterbacks. We were still giving up yards. Our defense is full of athletic freaks. That’s also why they’re the most expensive D in the entire league.
    Most of the time our D out athletes the opposing O. Brains and pinpoint accuracy can sometimes beat a more athletic opponent (see weeks 11-13). That’s why it’s so exciting that the offense has begun to click. I think the chiefs win atleast 2 of the next 3 and possibly 4 of the next 5.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent honest assessment.

      • Chuck Burrell

        Thank you, sir

  • Mike Brennan

    As always Patrick you make a good point. The question of who the Chiefs really are/ how good they really are is unanswered. They are above the middle of the pack. But yet not as good as the best. A five seed playoff team is probably hitting the nail on the head. Call me crazy but is the easiest path to the Super Bowl as the 5 seed? At Indy at New England. Neither team is impressive after both have had key injuries. They both seem to be middle of the pack teams. That would leave us at Denver. Third times a charm!

  • tomflex

    We know Patrick…..and don’t worry. We will take whatever we get and call it a good year.

  • 2dogs

    Who cares about the next two games. So you think they may lose their playoff game in three weeks. It will be on the road so sure it’s a fifty fifty.

  • Bosco Cletus

    I’m excited for the playoffs, I for some reason without stat tracking think the Chiefs play better on the road. You could use the Oakland and Denver games as examples, of course those were before 50 got hurt and we were playing better defense. Indy and Cincy don’t really scare anyone, doesn’t mean we will beat them, but we should.

  • berttheclock

    Ah, Paddy, stirring the pot, eh? Fine Devil’s Advocate work.

    Sometimes, those at political and sports sites appear to not know the original comment involving country and used for sporting teams. They tend to only remember the part which said, “My country (or team) right or wrong”. However, the original comment was “My country right or wrong. If right keep it right. If wrong make it right”.

    Your position is closer to the original of “My team……………if wrong make it right”. A true fan should have the capacity to see flaws and want them corrected because he or she truly cares about wanting the team to do better. Does anyone really believe John Dorsey is resting upon his well deserved laurels for finding talent for this team? I suspect John Dorsey is still working on finding better talent, while, both Reid and his assistant coaches are working diligently to correct flaws and make this team even better. Keep it stirring, Paddy, keep it stirring.

  • Tristian Shelley

    How can u say a team might have very well lost and they won by 4 scores? I think you are forgetting a bunch of things as well. For instance the passing yards given up to oakland is totally understandable considering it was 21-3 before they blinked so they were behind from the getgo. Meaning passing the rest of the game. Also oakland beat us by 9 minutes in time of possesion-because jammal kept scoring so quickly so the defense had virtually no time to rest. But we scorerd Touchdowns. Also we had 5 interceptions which means for every big play there was also a booboo. If u tell me the way this offense is playing we can get 5 takeaways from anyone ill show u another blowout. The next 2 opponents have considerably weak defenses and we know this isnt the same defense as the first 9 weeks now. But when Houston comes back the sacks will go up and the turnovers will continue. Indianapolis dosent do anything well offensively or defensively. They are an NFC East team in disguise and won the division due its terribleness. Lets not act like any AFC team is perfect they all have considerable flaws. Denver’s defense and peyton in the playoffs and cold weather keeps it from being anything. New Englands defense is pathetic and on offense they lost too much and have too many injuries. Cincinnati has Andy Dalton and thats enough to b one and done. Baltimore has a good defense but virtually 0 running game. Miami has no running game either and Tannehill has been hit/sacked more than any QB in the league so stop acting like every team is head and shoulders above KC cause its not even close to true. You also failed to mention adjustments the coaching staff has made against teams theyve already seen like Denver which peyton threw 2 pics and our offense looked playoff ready. We will make adjustments against san diego as well and it wouldnt shock me if we are playing for the number 1 seed next week cause the last 2 teams Denver play have running games that can keep the ball away from Manning. KC goes in hot no matter what. I personally think it’s highly unlikely they lose another game.

  • Mauricio Isaak

    I agree with you patrick I was desperated on sunday seeing our defense giving all the plays including the fast score in the
    beggining og the 3 qt

  • freshmeat62

    I agree totally. I basically said the same thing yesterday. The offense and special teams are peaking at the right time. The big question is the defense, that defense that the first 8 games this year was dominate. You stated that since the bye the Chiefs D has been vulnerable. I think it started a game earlier, against the Bills. They quit attacking. Houston especially wasn’t going full bore to the QB. He was making contact w/ the RT, and then stop his rush and just boxing in. I’m sure he wasn’t doing that on his own, that that was the play that Sutton called.

    Not only are they not making sacks, they’re not even putting pressure on the QB’s. The Chiefs secondary is not an elite secondary. They can’t cover for 4-5-6 seconds. It’s not all quick releases.

    And how about the secondary knocking these receivers down at the line of scrimmage, or at least delay, or knock them off their routes. They get 5 yards that they can pretty much maul the receiver, do it.

    • berttheclock

      Against the Broncos, Houston received high marks from Pro Football Focus, but, it was not about sacks, it was due to his aggressive run stoppage. Even on the play where he was injured, he had moved across to his right to help stop a run. One ironic part of hitting the receivers at the line of scrimmage, the receiver who scored a TD inside of the five, was jammed at the line and the DB stayed with him into the end zone, only to have the receiver break it off and come back for the ball. That said, I believe Patrick has written an excellent Devil’s Advocate thread. No matter how you win, don’t ever rest upon your laurels. Keep evaluating in order to keep improving.

  • Bryan Anderson

    Or its a real possibility the Chiefs may not lose another game this season. SUPER BOWL!

  • tm1946

    If Manning can lead the broncos to another loss, hate to see the Chiefs lose another game. So close to not end it the best in the AFC.

  • Guest

    Or its a real possibility the Chiefs may not lose another game this season. SUPER BOWL!

  • 2dogs

    Sounds like you overrated them and now you’re underrating them.



  • kcpauly

    Patrick you’re an idiot, go root for the Broncos or something……………..
    Just kidding buddy, I see your doom and I raise you gloom, LOL, it’s not all over yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that certain aspects of this team tend to play down to their competition, as the offense did(as well as working out kinks) the first nine games, and now the def. is playing down to oponents levels, otherwise how could we have been so competitive in Den. and SD games, I think we got taken by suprise because of the tendencies of playing down, especially in the first Den. game, and I think we started to put it together after that, but just as it took awhile for the Off. to gel, I think it also took awhile for the whole team to gel, as not playing down to oponents, although I think the Def. is still doing a little bit of that, and I also think(homer thought) that Sutton realized at 9-0 that we would make the playoffs so he took his foot of the throttle a bit, while Andy has wanted to play with his new toy(gelling offense) to figure out a few things before the dance. But as always Pat, I like your reads and wish you wouldn’t have left, I have had to keep my eye on Andrew but he’s coming around LOL….
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve james

    Please don’t allude to yourself being even remotely like the “journalist” who shall not be named. You can still write about the Chiefs in an objective & non Kool aid drinking way and not resort to his ALWAYS negative, pot stirring writing. He is not a fan of the Chief’s period. He is not “usually spot on” he looks for the bad to highlight and deride. It’s sad when I have seen him write more good things about Peyton & the Bronco’s than the Chiefs. You could report on the Bronco’s the same way, 48 points to Romo! The sky is falling! This season is Historic for the Chiefs warts & all & he writes like it’s another 2-14 soul killing year. DON’T GO DOWN THAT ROAD PADDY! SNAP OUT OF IT’

  • Justin R Groth

    Chargers already beat us once (in Arrowhead) though I like are chances with the colts I wouldn’t be completely flabbergasted if we somehow lose. The Colts are a good team and unless our d steps back up we might let them hang around too long. so it quite possible for us to go 2-0 1-1 or 0-2 before the playoffs. However its hard to predict the post season and I wouldn’t count us out till the end of the games.

  • Andy

    Wow, I almost totally agree. This was pretty much truth. Every AFC playoff team is flawed and thus the AFC SB rep will be up for grabs. I don’t agree we need to beat Indy or the Chargers. If it means a bye week, then sure, win Baby. Odds are we will not win the West and thus should rest a few players to be healthy for the playoffs. Even sitting Houston for the Indy game (so they won’t have person to person game tape) would be wise. I do like our chances in the playoffs.
    Bottom line for me, I am enjoying the ride this year, not expecting much, just too be competative. I am excited as heck of how much we have grown and the future for our team. We will get better. The Broncos on the other hand are as good as they are going to get…period. So, I am glad, going forward, to be Chiefs fan rather then any other team in the West. That is the truth.

  • John Bartram

    All fair comments. The Chiefs allowing the Raiders to get within four points in that game was disturbing.
    I do agree with others about the SD game. KC was smacking them around with Hali and Houston on the field. When they left, if went to shit.
    They need to smack the Colts and SD around. Get both the offense and defense going at the same time.
    Chiefs are a flawed, but very, very good team.

  • Lorenzo Jordan

    Losing the rest of our games? Teich i mean allen, this article wasnt even worth the read, i read three and a half paragraphs and scrolled here bc i knew what the rest of the content consisted of. In your starting sentences you asked for an open mind, but in reality your comments were as closeminded as adams! Your a fraud allen, cant wait to prove you wrong sunday! GO CHIEFS