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Alex Smith Explains Costly Interception vs. Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs had a chance to start the game against the Denver Broncos in a most impressive fashion.

Starting at their own 31-yard line, the Chiefs drove the football down the field on their opening possession. It was first and two with the ball on Denver’s two-yard line going in. All Kansas City had to do was punch it in, and start the game off with a huge statement.

Instead, Alex Smith threw a poor ball to a wide open Anthony Fasano in the end zone, and it was picked off by Denver linebacker Wesley Woodyard.

Smith broke down the interception when talking to the media, saying, “No, I saw him late. I really think it was a good decision, I thought he was open.”

“You know (it was) first down, it was just a bad throw,” Smith explained. “First down passing, you look back and you miss that ball high. You really throw it to (Anthony) Fasano or nobody because it wasn’t fourth down or third down,” he said. “Looking back on that, I thought it was a good decision. I thought he was open; I still think he was, it was just a bad throw, bad execution.”

It truly was a bad throw. In the pictures below, you can see that Fasano was indeed wide open, but the throw was unfortunately too low.



too low


The Chiefs’ offense was still able to bounce back, and it looked good for much of the game. But without a doubt, this was a poor way to start this huge matchup.

Ironically enough, Kansas City lost by one touchdown, 28-35

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  • Davé

    The call should have been two runs followed by a throw if necessary. Any coach on earth with Jamaal Charles would have done that. Seattle just showed that with two Lynch runs than a safe as hell slant into the endzone with a big bodied Zach Miller. Not only was the throw bad so was the play calling. The same shit red zone play calling that hurt us later in the last drive by an idiotic throw to Bowe when you had JC and needed only four yards. I do not blame Alex, he routinely under throws, I blame Ried knowing that and still calling a pass play when you have Jamaal Charles which can get two yards in his sleep. Reid was just as responsible for that loss as the WRs who can’t catch, Sutton who can’t coach, and Dexter who idiotically caught that punt at the two.

    • Phillip Maxwell

      Exactly, I could not believe the call to pass on first and goal on the 2.

  • Andy

    What a tail of two half seasons. Defense good, offense bad the first half of this season. Now the D has disappeared and the O is keeping us in games. I am not complaining. We are the 5th youngest team and year one of our new staff.

  • KCNJ

    Of all the things we could and should point out, play calls and Alex Smith are the least of our issues. Alex played really, really well, as did the o-line (best of the year?) giving him time to make reads and get the ball downfield. How many amazing throws just where only the receiver could make a play did he make? How many were made? It’s just to simple to throw blame around. We need the D to play like they can. Jamaal is great, but he can’t be a one-man show. Reid is not our problem. Reid is our reason we’re even in the conversation.

    • PunjabiPete

      I agree, I was actually excited for a while waiting for the offense to come back out. We need to get our defense back to form, and next year no one gets a bye week! That way we can play the same great defense all year. Completely sound logic, not sure why no one else thought of it first!

  • redchiefs

    Let’s talk about the 5 dropped passes and Bob Sutton NOT helping Cooper after the second time Peyton started targeting Decker.

  • Patrick Allen

    Tough break here but Smith is still taking incredibly good care of the football and he has been the reason the Chiefs have had a chance to win the last two weeks. He impressed the heck out of me on Sunday with some of those throws. All we can do is hope things equalize. The defense has to make some adjustments to what they do. If they can do that, we could have a pretty dang good football team on our hands.

    • RepOurChiefs

      The Chiefs will bounce back. They are making a playoff run off a 2-14 season. The jags finished the same last year and are playing for draft picks. No issues we are having out weighs that for me. Despite the tough having fun. Now lets get those (place color here) skins. Lol

  • Jane Okkinga

    Patrick I totally agree – we are not far away! Just a general comment – there are so many postings every day that are rediculously negative – and we were 2-14 last year – never mind the last 10years. What Reid has done (admittedly with some talent on hand) is amazing. AS threw a bad ball but overall had a great game. The Oline with the “second string” is playing much better. The O is coming together. Yes the rush and secondary have declined – need to make adjustments – but we still have talent there. Special teams are good. Yes we have raised our expectations as the season has gone on – but I think some fans have lost perspective. Bottom line – what a blast it has been this year – just to be in almost all games. Its exciting again and – look out after the draft. We need to enjoy this!!!

    • RepOurChiefs

      Exactly. Ive been stressing this point since mid season. We werent the only 2-14 team last year. We could be in the same place as the jags right now. To quote my grandfather because I think it fits this. “Quit crying before I give you something to cry about!” Lol

  • PunjabiPete

    I’m gonna say it, outside of that horrible pass, this loss was not only NOT on AS, it was not even really the offense. Even the BS dropped passes that literally could not have been thrown any better that got inexplicably dropped, we should have won. Going up 21-7, my boy was like “whelp, looks like we won this one” and I told him “no, in order to beat Peyton Manning you need 2 scores up with less than 5 minutes on the clock in the 4th. He’ll come back from this”

    And come back he did. Here is my short and sweet (and totally biased) break down:

    Marcus Cooper is a rising star. I really still believe that. Marcus Cooper is not quite ready to take on an Eric Decker. Someone should have been assigned to help Marcus Cooper over the top. Not watch the run, not do much of anything else, someone should have been there to help MC. I really think he is so sure of himself he can just go up and take chances every time, and rather than stifle that I’d like to see someone support his efforts as he has shown lots of times those efforts pay off.

    Sean Smith is not a good cornerback. I hate saying it, and I hope I’m wrong, and I very well could be since I have no idea what the difference in defensive packages is (as a DL my job was always rush QB or hold blocks and stuff the run, not a lot of complicated coverages so take this for what you will, but I see him getting beat and then turning toward the safety every time. I have a hard time believing the issue is always the safety. I hope I’m wrong, I was really excited when they picked SS up, but from my untrained eye it just looks like he’s getting wholloped out there (I made that word up).

    Our DL needs to get hungry again. Poe is getting double and triple teamed, so I am less inclined to blame him for a lot of it, but if he is commanding all that, there should be no reason we can’t rush 4 and have SOMEONE get back there.

    On Offense, if one of our WRs catches one of those totally catchable, actually decently placed throws and helps Alex Smith out, we tie the game up and go into OT and possibly win this. The last pass was a bad one, but if you look Alex Smith really didn’t have anywhere to throw it and the Broncos were pretty keyed up waiting for him or JC to run it. It should never have gotten that far.

    I learned last night to temper my expectations. Before the season started I expected an 8-8 team, and they have exceeded those initial expectations. While they need to pull out wins the rest of the season (and I think they will), if you all go back and think about what you had hoped for, not even the biggest Kool-Aid drinker could have forseen this team being relevant in December, and the fact of the matter is they still are.

    Nice write up Andrew, sorry for derailing.

    • Chuck Burrell

      I think your opinions on MC and SS are misguided. Cooper has made big plays all year long, save the last few weeks when he’s been picked on. But even during the first 9 games, he was continually caught burnt and out of position. His good fortunes were due to bad ball placement by subpar QBs. If you go back and watch the tape, you’ll notice that most of his pass break ups were due to under thrown balls while the WRs had 1 and sometimes 2 steps on him. That being said, I still believe MC has a huge upside. He has tremendous size and ball-hawking skills. Those traits cannot be coached. Fortunately, better technique, bump and run coverage, and game film preparation can be. I think his biggest downfall is his speed, or lack thereof. The same could be said for SS. I remember several weeks ago when some addicts were calling for Coop to be our lockdown corner, rather than BF. Though Flowers received a beating from Manning-Decker as well, I hope those same addicts realize how ludicrous that thought really was/is.

      • PunjabiPete

        Duly noted, I could be wrong… I just see Sean Smith getting caught out of position a lot. I give Marcus Cooper a little leeway since he’s relatively young, but I see your point. I would never advocate anyone taking Flowers job, though. That’s just silly.

    • micah stephenson

      This loss was not on Alex. Hasnt won us a game yet ether. MC will b ok but a lil help for now wud b usefull. I disagree a S.Smith. he might not b the best CB in the NFL but he is good and our defense needs him. The last few weeks I’ve seen B.Flowers giving up plays too. As far as the drops go, every wr drops passes, its just with Alex Smith at QB, the oline can’t give up any sacks at all and the wrs can’t drop any passes at all. Everybody has to play a perfect game for the offense to look decent.

      • RepOurChiefs


  • e_racer

    Yes, the Chiefs may have run the ball, but the play had Fasano open at the back of the end zone. Alex Smith made a bad throw. He needs to work on getting more touch on the ball. A high pass where Fasano was the only recipient would have been an almost certain 6 points.