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Andy Reid on Ill-Timed, Time Out Call

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was notorious in Philadelphia for having poor clock management. Many would say that rap has followed him to the Chiefs after today. Reid called a timeout during the Chiefs penultimate offensive drive, stopping the clock and allowing Phillip Rivers to have enough time to drive down the field. When asked about time  out, Reid had this to say:

“No. I was just calming the storm there and making sure that—we needed a touchdown at that point—make sure that we had the right things in and we were ready to go.”

It would seem that making sure they had the right things, the Chiefs left a fired up Phillip Rivers enough time — 82 seconds, though he only needed 58 — to drive the Chargers down the field and score a touchdown. Let there be no mistake, the Chiefs players lost the game on the field during the four quarters of football. But  they didn’t get any help from their head coach, calling a time out when he didn’t have to. As much as his play calling, Reid needs to get better understanding when they should let the clock run and when they should stop it. In this case, it probably should have run a bit more.

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  • jeffromac23

    Not only should he have at least let 14 more scounds run off the clock before calling that time out if he would of at least called one or two more running plays on that drive Rivers probally would not of had time to score the go ahead touchdown.

  • Daniel Alvarado

    i agree completely…..Reid cost us that game we had three time outs he could of ran the clock to 30 or 40 we burned maybe 4 seconds and scored! run would of been a better call after the time out too

  • Jason

    if this offense can stay as good as it was today into the playoffs and the defense settle somewhere in the middle, i don’t think anyone could stop us, not even denver at mile high. just saying, look at the bright side people, we put up 38 points and if we had 30 more seconds there isn’t a part of me that doesn’t believe it wouldn’t have been 45.

    • SM

      Jason – I wish I could be as optimistic as you are… I tend to be a pessimist and was really trying to be more optimistic – but games like this sure makes it hard. At this point we can win the rest of our games and still be a 5th seed – I do not see Denver losing any more games and they would have the tie breaker after this lost.

      • Jason

        As long as we make the playoffs, and we continue to be competitive. that’s all a fan can realistically ask for right? And honestly, i’m just excited the offense has come around, we’ll see how things go from here, but i have no doubt we’ll end up 12-4 or 13-3 and that my friends is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Larry Devore

      after today will they make the playoffs. no easy teams left on the schedule. Denver comes in next.

  • Andy

    A lot of things cost us. Demps dropped a int right in his hands, cost us three points.

  • Omar

    No I would more likely say our secondary cost is this game… This was the absolute worst defense I’ve seen out of them

  • redchiefs

    I won’t say it cost the game, but why not call a time out with 1second left…… or run a play with Jamaal, call a time out and call that same pass?

  • berttheclock

    Sutton calling for a prevent defense cost the victory, not the time out.

  • Tony Parker

    I would place the blame on shawn smith giving up and not staying with his man on the last TD, then acted like it was the safety’s fault. cmon man, all he had to do was stay with the receiver, not stop and let him run by. SD was going for the TD and to just let your man run by you was lazy. by the time he decided to run after the WR it was too late, touchdown, end of game.

    • berttheclock

      The real shame of it was the receiver was a walk on, who had been with different teams. But, this was yet another example of not jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage and falls into the stupid “prevent” type so-called defense.

      But, another part of it was allowing Woodhead to make two consecutive big gains and allowing him to run out of bounds on one of them. One would have thought Andy Reid knew something about the skills of Woodhead, as he had once torched the Reid led Eagles in a pre-season game running for well over 100 yards and scoring 2 TDs against him. That was when Woodhead was with the Jets and before his move to the Pats.

  • TwistedLefty

    F’n Duh! Thanx Andy, WTF??? yeah we needed to “calm” the “storm”. Philly fans were right Terrible clock management. He had the game won, or at least tied. 1st and 10 on the 5???? give it to Charles 3 times! Why let Rivers have 82 seconds to march down the field on our injured D?

  • Anthony Spadaccini

    Eagles fan here. Andy Reid was a good coach for a long time, but his clock management is woeful.

  • Anthony Spadaccini

    Despite what the national media would lead you to believe, Philadelphia appreciated everything that Andy Reid did for this city. That being said, there’s a reason Reid was 4-12 last season (actually many reasons). His terrible decisions, both in-game and personnel-wise, finally caught up to him. He will win many games as the Chiefs coach, but in big games, his deficiencies will rear their collective ugly head.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    I don’t mind Reid taking a time out there. However, you let the play clock run down to 1 second first. Then you take that time out.

  • phantomebb

    They only wasted about 10-15 seconds with the timeout. They needed to run twice then throw. If you dont make it kick the fg and go to overtime.