Mar 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith speaks to media during the press conference at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Smith On Loss of Hali and Houston

In the wake of the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the San Diego Chargers, quarterback Alex Smith was asked if the the loss of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston put pressure on the offense.

“Not necessarily, but obviously them being out, you recognize it. They’re not just the players they are, but the leaders on the team so anytime you see that on the field you certainly recognize it. You kind of form your own ground, I guess, you’re still trying to stay focused on what you have to do. You don’t have time out there to worry about things that are outside of your control. Realizing every time they scored, we had to answer. That was really our mindset on offense.”

This is the first time all season the Chiefs offense actually had to answer every score with a score to stay in this game. Up until this point, Smith and the Chiefs offense could depend on the combination of Hali and Houston to get the ball back into the offense’s hands. That may change going forward, at least to some degree, and Smith and his offense will have to figure out how to adjust to not having the NFL’s leading pass rushing duo to do his dirty work.

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  • trinity

    Without their defense being able to carry Alex, it’s all over. Alex smith is not going to win a superbowl for you guys

    • Lewis Rigor

      Piss off trinity you sir do not know a damn thing about this guy. You are so full of hate that it blinds you when Alex did everything possible to win this game and had the D not showing up today did nothing to help the team. Go hate somewhere else

      • GDL40

        I see absolutely nothing wrong with what he said ….. I know nobody gives a damn about MY opinion, but really, I pride myself on being a Chiefs fan because FOR THE MOST PART, Chiefs fans have a little class, some respect, and are not so ignorant . I am a HUGE Chiefs fan, since ’95, and I agree that Alex Smith is NOT a QB that will carry this team to a SB (hope he proves me wrong) …… but the truth is our deffense and SP teams have carried this team, and it is also true, just like Denver we haven’t played too many tough opponents ….now that our D is not doing their thing, and we’re playing better teams, we lost 2 in a row, maybe 3 ….. I am a Chiefs fan, but I am not blind, and don’t drink too much kool-aid, I keep it real ! and really, we need our D to get back on track, like they played the first 7 games, and we need our offense to play like they did today …… with those 2 things, WE ARE DANGEROUS ! ….. ONLY TIME WILL TELL !. GO CHIEFS !!!!!!!

        • Travis Crouch

          If you go back to when Alex was in san fan everytime they needed him out play the other qbs he did lions saints seehawks eagles and iItit seems like when he is against the wall he proves everone wrong didn’t everone say he could not trade tds with drew bress but he did and out throw him

      • William G. Edwards

        thank you Lewis!

    • Austin Bradley

      The trinity troll. Sad sad and just sad! Your life must suck!

      • trinity

        As a chiefs fan, you would certainly be the authority on sucking Austin. Lol!

  • Jim Harper

    Is the exact nature of their injuries known yet, Jason?

  • Chuck Burrell

    Alex played well today. The offense played well too. Not sure why Jamaal didn’t rush the ball one time after the 7 min mark in the 3rd??? The guy was averaging 8.2 per carry at that point and we totally went away from the running game.
    Alex says his mindset was answering the other team’s scores. To me, that is not how you win games. Maybe I’m reading too much into those words but that could explain why our offense continually has slows starts. They wait to get going until they feel they need to answer. Just a thought. Again, I thought Alex played well today, but it would be nice to start a game without going 3 and out on our first possession.

  • Andy

    Bottom line, Chiefs allowed 38 of the 41 points after Houston and Hali went out. Period.
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