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Andy Reid: “It’s important that we learn from this”

The Kansas City Chiefs’ undefeated streak may be over, and nobody likes to lose, but the truth of the matter is that this team still has a lot of football left to play.

Listen folks, this was just one game and the Chiefs only have one loss. If I told you a year ago that the Chiefs would be 9-1 midway through November you would have thought I was crazy, but you would have certainly taken that result, right?

Denver is a tough team, and they played better than the Chiefs Sunday night. They deserved to win that game, but Kansas City did some good things as well. Credit where it is due.

Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid talked a bit about the experience of playing in Denver, and how Kansas City can improve moving forward.

“Listen, this is as tough as an environment you’re going to play at up there. This is a good football team that you’re going to play against,” he said

“It’s a great experience and the positive part is that you’re going to learn from this and become a better football team than you were going in. We’re going to need to be that coming up this week.”

“We’re going to see some similar things offensively from San Diego and their defense; they’re going to blitz and bring people from all over the place,” Reid explained. “We’re going to be challenged in that same way and it’s important that we learn from this right here and bring ourselves back a stronger football team.”

“I had a chance to talk to the guys last night after the game and they understand that which is a plus,” he said. “This is a tough minded group, and they understand.”

“As coaches, we know we need to put our guys in better positions to utilize all of those strengths and we’re going to do a better job of that, Reid said. “All of us working together, that’s what a team is, all of us working together to become better as a whole unit. Time’s yours.”

Kansas City’s learning experience has to be a quick one. The Chiefs play a tricky 4-6 San Deigo Chargers team coming up next and then welcome the Broncos to Arrowhead for a rematch in Week 13.

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  • Chris Tarrants

    If they play the bolts like they did Denver then it will be another loss. Alex Smith finally came out of his shell and was repaid with drop after drop after drop! Hali was held the entire game and never got a call so I will leave the pass rush alone because you can’t beat cheaters. The secondary played well considering it was Peyton manning. The oline played great for the first time all year but then the special teams unit fell flat on their faces. Too many bonehead plays against a team that is methodical will always end in a loss, so Reid needs to fix this immediately. If a WR drops a pass make him pay for it, make them run wind sprints forcacwhole practice as well as sitting out the entire next drive! There are too many players looking for work who will hold onto the ball.

  • berttheclock

    I really pity those poor NFL refs who have to work two consecutive games. Why, working the game in Denver and then, having to take the night owl to Carolina for the MNF game is asking a bit too much. No wonder that crew blew the call at the end of the game.

    Of course, there were two separate crews actually working those games, but, what really was the difference? Officiating in the NFL has really hit a new low.

    • ArrowFan

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Tony Parker

      I agree, I seen 3 momentum changing non calls against the donkeys, the push off by Thomas and the hold by the lb on bowe on the crossing pattern on 3rd down being most important. if the correct call had of been made, this could have of been a different ball game. it gave the broncos the momentum.

    • DieHard_ChiefsFan

      I agree also.. What in the heck do they get paid for, oh wait, maybe it is which team pays them the bigger bonus right ?? Anyways we will bounce back and they come to our house next. Peyton will not have the convenience of a quite crowd when he tries to audible out of a play. Trust in Andy and Bob Sutton to get this team back on the right track starting with the Bolts. No need to look back now, lets sweep these last 6 games and grab what is ours again !!

  • Mark Bustamante

    I had the Chiefs 6-10 at the start of the season so I’m more than happy with how they are playing. Do they need to improve in a few areas YES. Are they a playoff team YES! Can they get to the Super Bowl maybe? Can they win the Supwr Bowl NOT YET BIT SOON VERY SOON . The other teams should be very scared. GO CHIEFS

  • Selena G

    Win or lose I Love the Chiefs… they play not only as ah team, but ah family… ready for this loss to be the only loss!!! #CHIEFSKINGDOM #KC #FAMILY ♥♥♥

  • tomflex

    Hey I’m ready to move on. This one’s in the can and the next one’s in our way (to the the playoffs) and It ain’t gonna wait for us to get ready. A win against San Diego counts just as much as the one we let slip away and if we didn’t learn anything else…we know now…this team can beat anybody, in any park, in any condition….If we don’t beat ourselves.

    • RepOurChiefs

      Indeed. Im ready for next week. Need to see some intensity and I KNOW that’s going to happen in arrowhead. Lets split denver and beat out the rest.

      • tomflex

        We’ll be ok.. Some young players still having to think too much to just zone in….and of course there’s the player or two on offense that do fine but seem to short circuit at crunch time.
        All that will smooth out as we move forward.

  • RepOurChiefs

    I cant wait for the next podcast andrew!!! Lol