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Chiefs Trust Alex Smith’s Legs

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson spoke to the media on Thursday, and one point he made early is that the team is comfortable with Alex Smith running the ball when he gets the chance. Here’s what he had to say:

“[I]t’s in him to run, I mean he did that in college and in his NFL career he’s done that. He’s very instinctive that way. It’s something you can’t teach. He knows when to go, he knows when to get down and protect himself, and it’s good to see that he’s been able to pick up that many first downs from that.”

Alex Smith currently ranks 5th in rushing yards by a Quarterback, ahead of guys like Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton. Fifty-three percent of his 259 rushing yards have come on 3rd down. His rushing yards on 3rd down ranks 1st in the NFL, illustrating that his scrambles are coming in key situations. He’s gotten 13 first downs with his legs, which ranks 6th in the league. The 5 players that rank ahead of him all have more carries, with the exception of Michael Vick.

What do you think, Addicts? Are you comfortable with Smith running the ball like he has so far this season?

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  • Chris Tarrants

    So far his legs are better than his arm have been. So run wild Alex, but please work on your passing in the mean time

    • Jordan

      If he could just place the damn deep ball already we might not get called out for “weak” wins against lesser competition

      • berttheclock

        If his offensive line was able to block long enough and his receivers could get open, he might not have to run as much. I loved comments from Rich Gannon saying over and over again about his receivers being covered, then, reading comments at this site the next day about many open receivers. Now, who do I trust better, a former NFL QB sitting high in the stands observing the action on the field or fans who swear receivers had been open?

        • Jordan

          Quite frankly I don’t give a damn about Rich Gannon but I
          Agree it is a two way street , and the Oline and WR’s have been lacking. On the other hand though I’ve watched Alex smith throw the deep ball and he throws a pretty ugly one. We would have kept ourselves out of a lot of scary situations if he makes a few of those

          • berttheclock

            Other color commentators have said the same thing about our receivers being covered. I have even seen this on replays where no one is open. In the Giants game, Avery was covered like a glove while Bowe was being double covered. On some of those long throws, most of them have been near misses. Yes, he has thrown a few ugly ones, as you correctly say, but, then, all QBs have such throws. In the Giants game, Eli seemingly made one which looked more like a long punt which was picked off by the Chiefs. However, later on one the NFL Network shows, it showed the reason why. A young wide out made two moves which were not in the play call and Eli thought he was throwing to his first move.

          • Jordan

            I agree our WR can’t get open if their lives depended on it. This does not excuse frequently missing those throws when they present themselves. Since you chose the giants game, I’ll counter that argue meant by pointing out the fact that earlier in said game Eli hit Cruz with a bomb when it appeared something Alex smith has yet to do in a chiefs jersey. Yes he hit Avery deep in the Tennessee game I believe but he also didn’t put it in front of him where he could’ve run for a score instead it was behind him he had to wait for it made the grab( thankfully) before being lit up and getting hurt even his mid to short accuracy has been atrocious I hardly ever see him lead a receiver more often the receivers are having to make a full adjustment 1. Slowing themselves down and 2. Leaving them open to a big hit. While yes we are winning and yes smith does a lot of good with his legs he is most importantly a QB with talent issues left and right thankfully he’s got a pretty big brain that’s made him serviceable

          • berttheclock

            Eli Manning has worked with Victor Cruz for 3 and one half years. Alex Smith has only worked with Avery in training camp and through 8 games. He has had a couple of very near misses to him and just missed Charles on another.

          • Jordan

            What about the over thrown screens swings and bubble passes? How about the slant patterns high and away that every single NFL QB has HAS to make? Like it or not Smith needs to improve plain and simple.

          • D forte

            that throw to Avery was short by design,if he puts that out infringing of him it is a 50/50, puttingit behindhim made it Avery or nobody.

          • toperspective

            The list of of badly missed passes to wide open receivers for potential TD’s or long gains grows weekly. Avery, Charles, Fasano, McGrath….. The guy is so afraid of making a mistake he throws the pass out of bounds or badly overthrows the receiver. I appreciate that he doesn’t make dumb interceptions but at some point he is going to have to trust himself and the receivers. The good quarterbacks make completions in small windows. Has Alex ever completed a back shoulder pass to a KC receiver?

        • micah stephenson

          peyton manning completes 70% of his passes is while b n blitzed. Alex is down around 40-50% when being blitzed. Also just like we blitz 4, 5, 6 people now well so does everyone else. When u got a bum that won’t make you pay for the blitz with his passing, teams are gon blitz.

          • berttheclock

            michah, you have been fun often and, apparently, you have a passion for the Chiefs, but, your usage of the pejorative “bum” is totally out of line and completely false. Just because you happen to believe it, that does not make it true. I am very happy we have Alex Smith leading this team. He is light years from being a “bum”. I place your observations concerning Alex Smith in the same category of your inane comment concerning offensive linemen as being “boring”. I, once, asked you if Peyton Manning considered his starting Pro Bowl left tackle as “boring” and you never responded.

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    It’s the guys 1st year with the team it will come be patient!!

    • Jim Harper


  • Jim Harper

    I am not only comfortable, but thankful for his running ability. He is extremely smart about it as well. He protects himself and the football which is one of the big reasons we are 8-0. Remember early on when a lot of people were saying prior to the season’s start that if the Chiefs could go 8-8 that would be huge. Kinda nice that is already a guarantee.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    A welcomed, but unexpected part of this offense.

  • Mark Bustamante

    I like how AS11 manages the game. The point behind any game is to WIN! By 1 point or 100 a win is a win. I love this team. GO CHIEFS

  • berttheclock

    Well, all I can say, he sure the hell ain’t no Bobby Douglas, but, then, again, Thank You someone up and/or out there for that.

  • berttheclock

    Whenever, I yell at the TV screen for something to happen, I recall many days at race tracks or in Vegas where fans would yell at the screens somehow expecting their words to somehow carry through to some jockey out on the track. I knew Eddie D could never hear me, but, I would scream, “Come on Eddie D”.

    Last Sunday, in D’s Bar in Portland, the entire crowd was yelling for Andy Reid to throw the red flag after the slide by Alex Smith was called short of the first down by the on field ref. Just before the Browns could set up, Reid tossed the flag, there was a review upstairs and the call was reversed. Heady slide with Alex Smith having the ball placed forward.

    • berttheclock

      One other thing concerning the running by Alex Smith and this has been a bit scary. After coming up short of a needed first down due to a slide, he changed up and on his next runs, he went forward, one to the point where he ended up doing a very scary flip. I am positive Alex Smith has the total respect in the locker room and in the huddle by the players of the Chiefs. They know they have a gutsy leader.

  • micah stephenson

    If Alex threw with his legs that wud great? When they gon trust his arm????

  • Blake Molina

    There’s times where you think maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to abandon the pass to run, but then he always ends up getting great yardage. He just needs to learn how to slide better!

  • oldchiefsfan

    I am glad we have Alex Smith. The last few years we would have killed for a QB like him.
    The point of any game in any sport is to win. I hear it said “well they only won by one point” and “It was an ugly win.” Unless I am mistaken every win we have has been against NFL teams. Every one of those NFL teams we have beaten are staffed by “Professional” Athletes. “Professional” Athletes who get paid big money to play the game too.

    As can be evidenced by past years wins in this league are HARD to come by. Alex Smith is a good QB. He is not the best but he does know how to win. Super Bowls have been won by teams with QBs no better than Alex Smith. I am really enjoying the ride.
    It scares me when he takes off running but I am happy he has that capability. I feel like with him we have the chance to win any game. I haven’t felt that way for quite a while.