Media Hates Chiefs ‘Cuz They Force Them To Focus On Football

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 8-0, but outside of Chiefs’ Kingdom, not everybody is celebrating Kansas City’s undefeated season.

Just look around Twitter and you’ll find all kinds of opinions on the Chiefs. Some, mostly Chiefs fans, are elated. Others, despite the  8-0 record, still don’t believe Kansas City is for real.




That last hashtag from who I can only presume is a Chiefs fan really tells you all you need to know, Addicts. Haters are going to hate.

The Chiefs aren’t perfect, I don’t think anybody would argue that they are, but the fact remains that in the NFL, you are what your record says you are.

No win is easy in this league, no matter what the pundits want to say, so the fact that the Chiefs haven’t lost a game this season is incredibly impressive. Other teams have had easy schedules, yet haven’t run the table.

Bad teams don’t go 8-0. Hell, good teams don’t go 8-0.

It takes an extremely talented and cohesive unit to run half the table of an NFL schedule, and that’s exactly what the Chiefs have.

It may not be pretty, it may not look like the Patriots or Packers or any of the other elite teams we’ve seen in the last decade, but it’s undoubtedly 8-0.

You just can’t argue with that.

At the end of the day, a win’s a win. It doesn’t go into the record book with an asterix that says (ugly game) or (close one) and it certainly doesn’t go into a computer or comity that is able to devalue the meaning of a win.

Part of the reason we love the NFL so much is because it’s a clear-cut league. The best teams make the playoffs, and from there it only comes down to winning.

Win and you move on. A playoff win is still a playoff win regardless if it comes by a last second field goal to win by one, or a blowout win by 27.

A win is a win, and Kansas City has eight of them.

Haters can hate all they want, but that doesn’t change the overall record of this team.

Despite the success of surprise parties, there’s a part of me that believes people don’t like surprises—and that’s especially true when they’re in the national media.

Sports media today is predicated around arguments and debate. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Who predicted which teams will go to the playoffs, and really, who has the biggest sports brain out there?

Take it from me, because I am one. Media personalities are egotistical self-righteous children pretending to be grownups.

They can’t stand being wrong and they always want to be the smartest person in the room. If they didn’t see it coming or didn’t “call it”, it must be some kind of anomaly or trick.

It must not be legitimate.

Let’s face it, even we at Arrowhead Addict didn’t see the Chiefs going 8-0, so imagine how silly some of these national pundits must feel?

They’re the so-called experts, after all.

The Chiefs being 8-0 is essentially a slap in the face to everything the NFL and NFL media has become nowadays.

How can a team be good without an elite quarterback with a model girlfriend or a shoe deal? How can a team that relies on a grind-it-out style that isn’t always exciting be the best team in the league?

No unruly players? No scandals? No drama?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

How can we create a “controversial take” or argue about this?

For as much as the hipster-esque mass media doesn’t want to accept him as one of their own, NFL media has taken on the personality of Skip Bayless.

If it’s not flashy we don’t want to talk about it. If there are no huge personalities is must not be interesting.

Where are the Bible-thumping pretty boy quarterbacks or man-whore, Twitter obsessed superstars?

Where is TMZ? Where is the celebrity connection to this team? When’s the last time you saw Alex Smith or Tamba Hali on a Gillette commercial, or any of the Chiefs in a pop-culture magazine for that matter?

The media doesn’t like the Chiefs because the Chiefs force them to focus on what is becoming increasingly boring to them—football.

It forces them to applaud solid special teams, a reliance on a steady run game and a quarterback who does enough to put his team in a position to win.

It forces them to put the spotlight on the fact that an ugly win is still, in fact, a win. So what if it doesn’t feature huge personalities, sound bites, off-field drama or SportsCenter highlights?

So what if the offense doesn’t put up 42 points per game?

A win is still a win.

That’s the one thing that the media pundits can’t argue, and that’s what makes them so upset.

Despite the fact that the Chiefs fly in the face of everything that they’ve built in today’s NFL-media culture, the boring team from a small city far from any beaches, coasts or media-hubs is the best team in the NFL.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how much they argue that, the record book speaks to that fact.

So Chiefs fans, let the haters hate. At the end of the day, the Chiefs record is the only thing that matters.

Next time somebody tries to devalue the undeniable success of your team, all you need to do is look at them and say the one, universally unchallenged phrase in sports.


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  • Trent Taylor

    Nice read! That’s about as accurate as it gets right there. Way to put em on blast Andrew! Scoreboard Bitches!

    • Andrew Kulha

      I read that in Jessie Pinkman’s voice

  • Jason Seibel

    Andrew my friend, I wish I had written this myself. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • BurtGummer44

    An article about ‘nothing errrrrr I mean an article about hating the haters or something like that, I guess. But I must admit I just couldn’t read the whole thing it was just too painful on the eyes. In the end this whole non controversy will be settled in the Playoffs and whether or not the Chiefs win at least 1 lousy playoff game; well that will speak volumes.

    • BWrangler

      Hey Debbie Downer, I was waiting for you to show up!

    • BWrangler

      Must’ve run out of puppies to kick on the way to the ‘puter.

    • HerbanLegend

      If you couldn’t even read the whole article, why write a paragraph in response? Somewhere there’s a lonely hovel under a bridge missing its troll.

    • 44WinMag

      Amen to the playoffs being the final judgement of this Chiefs Team, not MSM hacks or thin skinned Homers.

  • AmishElectrician

    Amen Brother! The media can suck it because the scoreboard says 8-0.

  • berttheclock

    Pete Prisco is nothing more than a race track tout. As of last week, he was 41-49 in picking winners and he picked the Texans to beat the Chiefs. He reminds me of Hank Goldberg who works for ESPN horse racing.

    • berttheclock

      Pete Prisco is miffed the Chiefs didn’t win the way he predicted, last week. He had the Chiefs winning 26-10 as he dismissed Jason Campbell.

  • berttheclock

    I have written this before. When, Chip Kelly and the Eagles blew the Redskins asunder, he became the darling of the pundits. He was the new Guru who was going to break the old establishment of the NFL. His Blitzkreig type of offensive scheme was going to be far too fast for the other teams. It was going to be “Springtime for Kelly and the Vick led team, winter for everyone else”. When, an old establishment type NFL coach took his new team into Philly and beat Kelly and the Eagles and showed the football world that the league was not going to march to any “faster pace”, those bandwagon pundits wanted revenge to be hurled upon the Chiefs. Sal Palantonio still is livid and enraged. He almost swallowed his tongue when Merril Hodge said on “Matchup” or whatever that early Sunday is called that Alex Smith was going to bring a championship to Kansas City and Jaws agreed. Sal turned purple.

    • jacati

      That would have been cool had he been able to pull that off. Then Merril could have given him the “Hind lick maneuver “…snicker snicker

    • KCMikeG

      Did you see Reid snub Sal Pal after the game? It was so sweet. Something like “this guy not important”.

      Here’s the link – hilarious! Reid will reach those pundolts what respect is….

      • Joe Myers

        Just watched it made me smile !!

      • None ofyour Business

        Thanks for sharing that link, man. Made my day!

      • Chris R

        I saw that game night… only thing better would have been for Andy to throw a stiff arm in Sal’s mug

  • jacati

    Nice read Andrew. Gotta call em as you see em. Let the hatin begin…lol

  • Travis Crouch

    They hate one reason they like to say Alex smith is not a good qb look at the 49ers this year still can’t throw the ball but now the media says its not having good wrs even thou they have better ones then Alex had but last year it was Alex’s fult they could not throw

    • berttheclock

      Interesting that with all of the problems to wide outs, Jonathan Baldwin has not been able to make a dent.

  • tomflex

    There are “football people” and then there are football people. Real football people tell it like it is and they are the only ones worth listening to….besides… let the pretenders blow all they want, nothing motivates a team more than being disrespected and we can ride that all the way to the Superbowl.

  • Shelly Morgan Sangster

    Loved everything about this story! Well done!

  • berttheclock

    I love that photo of Sherman which leads this excellent column. Remember the posters at the Star who kept questioning why the Chiefs needed to trade for him?

  • hipnetic

    Great post Andrew. Best line:

    “The media doesn’t like the Chiefs because the Chiefs force them to focus on what is becoming increasingly boring to them—football.”

    So true.

  • berttheclock

    Speaking of “haters”, where are those who post at the Star who kept posting that Dexter was too small and would fall down if anyone breathed upon him?

  • Patrick Allen

    Great piece, Andrew. Well put!

    • PunjabiPete

      OMG I’m stealing your avatar. I want that. Beautiful.

  • JDInOregon

    I would not discount the psychological effect of being disrespected, it’s likely very motivating for people who are, after all, world class athletes with a lot of pride.

    Kansas City, the AFL-NFL team, and the city, have always been disrespected. Len Dawson was not a shoe-in to become a Hall of Fame QB, he actually had some pretty rough moments early on, I think even when they were the Dallas Texans. Stram believed in him, was an innovator, and recruited a stellar defense partly by creating a non-racist atmosphere and giving players from HBC’s a chance.

    It’s not exactly the same now, but how can any Chief’s fan not love the attitude and concept this year? Strong defense, special teams, and smart (meaning minimize mistakes) offense. Yeah, Smith misses some throws. He also had two TD passes and no picks today. Works for me. If the offensive line can hold together and improve, look out.

    This IS Chiefs football, from an historical perspective, even down to having a very very good place kicker and an outstanding punter. I say relax and enjoy the ride, we’re just chumps on the Internet anyhow.

    • berttheclock

      Interesting comment about Lenny Dawson. People forget there was a time in KC, when, near the end of, perhaps, the 65 season, there was a mini QB controversy about whether or not the Chiefs should play Pete Beatherd over Dawson.

      • KCMikeG

        And Livingston got us to the playoffs in 1969 while Dawson was hurt.

  • Bigchief

    As long as there talking about us it’s a good thing,when they stop talking its not. Who cares what is said there are a lot of teams out there that wish they were being talked about now 8-0 buff said

  • T.Hagen

    Prisco can go bob on a pole. His comments are very unprofessional and obviously hes probably bobbling on Bradys or Mannings knob. There’s my unprofessional comment.

    • Larry Devore

      Prisco’s an idiot

      • T.Hagen

        Exactly,there’s a bunch of guy’s like Pissco out there running there mouths but us chief fans can hold are head high all week knowing we are undefeated. Yea Baby!

      • T.Hagen

        I came up with a funny name at least for Prisco (Pissco). Lol.

    • Bosco Cletus

      Lol @ your unprofessional comment.

  • BigGil

    This seems a little over the top. Just within the last day or two (including today), I’ve heard plenty of analysts going to lengths to point out that KC can continue to win, and compete for a SB, playing the style of ball they’re playing. These were the better football minds stating such though (you know the type, ones that were either successful coaches or players). There are still fluff guys out there “hating”, but when those guys are wrong so many times on so many subjects, who cares what they think?

    • toperspective

      Absolutely. It’s not college football so it will be decided on the field. It just doesn’t matter what anyone says.

  • tomflex

    How many winning teams has Denver defeated?

    • PunjabiPete

      Oh but of course that doesn’t matter because Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Demerius Thomas Peyton Manning Peyton Manning… peytonmanning?

      • Bosco Cletus

        You forgot #peytonmanning#knowshown#ericdecker#manningisgod#johnfoxisreallytheheadcoach. :)

        • PunjabiPete

          I should drive down Independence Avenue every morning and scream “Peyton Manning!” at random people. I just got over screaming “Brett Favre” and I think people are getting complacent

          • Michael Shaw

            lol!! do it Pete!!!! go get’em buddy!!!

    • Michael Shaw

      None! None of the teams they have beaten had winning records at the time the Donkeys faced them!!!

  • 44WinMag

    Seriously what’s the point? There is no BCS vote in the NFL. It’s just dumb to be obsessively offended by the MSM, unless your name is Sarah Palin.

  • T.Hagen

    Yeah, I guess if we didn’t win by 20 or or more points then we suck. Thats when guy’s like pissco come out of the wood work and make dumb statements like that. A win is a win. Go KC!

  • Mark Bustamante

    Andrew!!!! I love you man! You hit the mail right on the head!! I’m a NATIVE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAN. I married a woman from KC. I LOVE THE CHIEFS!!!! I’ve loved then for over 33 years. Through the good and the awful. I may bitch about them I may cry about them I may cheer and scream my head off for them but WIN OR LOSE I’m a CHIEFS FAN! A win IS A WIN! Let the pundits hate who cares. We THE LOYAL KC CHIEFS FANS will always love our team. Screw them we don’t need flashy because we PLAY FOOTBALL!

  • Larry Devore

    don’t care if you win by 3 or 23 KC’s run is impressive Go Chiefs

  • Norm Bissonnette

    From one fans perspective:

    I’m a Long time Chiefs fan and have seen some of the best and a lot of the worst of games from previous years. What I can’t grasp is why the media and some folks continue to overlook this years Chiefs squad/team being 8-0. This team was 2-14 all of last year.

    The MEN on this current squad are just that…MEN.

    MEN with compassion to do the right things on and off the field

    The MEN aren’t perfect, I don’t think anybody would argue that they are, but the fact remains that in the NFL, you are what your record says you are. No win is easy in this league, no matter what others want to say.

    The Chiefs haven’t lost a game this year…think about that and let it soak in for a bit.

    At this time last year the Chiefs were 1-7 with all kinds of issues on and off the field……Bad teams don’t go 8-0 in this league.

    The MEN on this team have come together as a “family” and all that a true Chiefs fans wanted was a competitive team.

    It takes an extremely talented and cohesive unit to run half the table of an NFL schedule, and that’s exactly what these MEN have done. The MEN on this team don’t play for the Packers, Broncos, Niners etc…they play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Their actions on and off the field embrace just whom we are that cheer for these MEN.

    Watching these MEN play, makes me proud to say I am a Chiefs fan (not just for their 8-0) record.

    These men have no unruly players, no scandals, and no drama…what these MEN have are fans all over the world who are happy they are doing the right thing…and it’s ok to do the right thing!!!!

    The NFL wants “controversial players, they want “scandals” they want “drama”…sorry you won’t get that from these MEN.

    These MEN are a breed of their fan base. Sometimes we don’t do things that look pretty, but rest assured we go to work everyday giving it our best. There are days when things just don’t go as smooth as we would like them to. When that happens, we lace up our shoes and go back to work.

    These MEN are destined for good things because they are doing the right thing. When/if they should stumble these MEN know they have a wonderful support group (the fans) in place to help them stand back up and get back in there.

    Yes this is football and winning is of most importance…These MEN get it, but they also get “it’s ok to do the right thing”.

  • Barrie Neal Parkes Jr.

    I was at work the other day and a co-worker told me you guys have been handed that 7-0 record. I live close to pittsburgh so it really hurts the steeler fans to have such a crappy record while my chiefs are undefeated at 8-0. So i asked him what that smell was he said i dont know. I said i do it’s envy!

    • KCMikeG

      And now they have lost to the faiders – sucks to be a Steeler. Thanks again for taking Haley off our sideline.

      • PunjabiPete

        While I do miss the “wild eyed caveman” style Todd Haley approach to coaching, yes, I am glad he’s gone as well. Romeo hurt a little more because he’s like everyone’s grandfather, so emotionally I just couldn’t bring myself to think ill of him. Andy Reid would look perfect holding a large net of crabs talking about “Yeah It’s quite a squall out deah” in a thick Boston Accent, and that makes me laugh. Also, I still can’t get over him saying Jack Stack is the best BBQ in KC. Someone needs to sneak a Z-Man to him during a press conference. Really, what are you going to miss? “Yeah ___________ did a good job there”?

  • berttheclock

    One stat not mentioned is the improvement on 3rd downs. Prior to the game, the Chiefs were in 18th place in the NFL with a 34.6% average. Today, the Chiefs were 10 of 19. So improvement has begun. BTW, the Browns were 3 for 12.

  • chiefridgy


  • Joe Myers

    Iv always felt they didn’t (nfl) like the chiefs because Lamar hunt pretty much forced the merger and thought of the superbowl and left sour grapes in many nfl owners pillows because the great minds of the nfl didn’t think of it first . Hunt and al Davis gave birth to what the nfl is today !!!!!

  • HerbanLegend

    My ‘friendly’ neighborhood bodega cashier (and bronco fan) very snidely mentioned the Chiefs’ strength of schedule this morning after asking who we were playing today. I laughed and responded ‘hate to be THAT guy, but their schedules only have 2 uncommon games’, no response. Hate all they want, our record remains untainted. The second half was ugly indeed, but as has been stated countless times on this thread, a W is a W, no matter how it looked and who it was against. WAR CHIEFS!!!!

    • berttheclock

      You did double check your receipt before leaving?

      • PunjabiPete

        Odd but true fact, Broncos fans can’t count. I have no doubt the receipt said: TOTAL: Peytonmanning

  • sidibeke

    We are also a knee jerk society. Last week, after a reasonably impressive win over the Texans, the buzz was that KC had the look of a championship team.

    So much of pro sports is emotion. What happens if Succop hits the 52 yarder. My guess is the game continues as it started and KC wins by double digits.

    Am I not worried? No. In particular, I’m worried we only sacked Campbell once today. But now it’s on to the next task: Buffalo.

    By the way, is it that KC’s opponents are under .500 or that teams that have played KC have lost (and probably 2x since they played Den, too), and are thus under .500. The numerous teams that are over .500, many are so by 1 game. There are a handful of GOOD teams this year: KC, Den, NO, GB…and a lot of good but inconsistent teams: Cin, Det, Chi.

    • KCMikeG

      Reality. Sweet, sweet reality! It’s getting to the point that I was happy the faiders stumbled into a win today so our SOS would be better. WTH? Undefeated is undefeated. Savor the moments.

      • Joe Myers

        Thier was a poll what viewer’s thought was the toughest division . Nfc west and east won . But the afce over all has the winning record this year .

  • Danny W

    8-0 has far and a way surpassed everything I expected about this football team. I would never have dreamed we would be 8-0. This so far has been a really really great and exciting season. We’ve won every game and lost none half way through the season. That’s incredible.
    If you look at our team not through the gaze of the Chiefs fan though you will see a team that’s got an incredible defense and special teams unit. They’re deep there. I do think our defense was exposed today with the quick slant pass. I believe Peyton Manning will expose this area of our defense with a quick pass thus leaving our rushing ends out of the game.
    Our offense is subpar. All offenses are built around a quarterback. He’s what drives the offense. Our quarterback is very safe with the football and usually can make some plays with his legs and short throws. He made a nice throw to McCluster for a touch down on the seam today. (He usually misses these.) That said he also hangs on to the football longer than he should on many plays. He also misses some very makable passes. Like by a mile. He doesn’t throw too many picks or fumble though. He and the rest of our offense do just enough every week to allow our defense to win.
    With a weak link like this on our football team I cannot in any way see looking at this team as a deep run team. Especially when that link is what makes you score points thus winning the game.
    I don’t blame the media for calling it like they see it. Ugly wins are wins I agree. It’s what makes this team different from last year. We’re on this end of not making the crucial mistake to lose the game. Is that how you win playoff games though?
    It’s time to view this team as a playoff team and not just a feel good story any more. We’re 8-0, and winning is fun but will we win in the playoffs? Can we win a Super Bowl? Possibly. If I weren’t a Chiefs fan just a gambler I’m not placing any money on us in the Championship game though. Any thing is possible and no one would be more happy than me if we won a playoff game or won the whole damn thing.
    After 8 weeks of watching missed wide open receivers and opposing defenses close the short pass on Smith thus allowing him to be rushed to pieces doesn’t do much for my confidence level. Relying too hard on the D or any faucet of a team is not a way to win a championship.

    • Davé

      Rock on brother I posted nearly the same stuff before I read this. Had I read this I wouldn’t have bothered.

  • Colorado Dan

    Chef fans crying about not being liked by the football experts. Maybe because its obvious to everyone who doesn’t watch games at CamaroHead that your team is one dimensional and hasn’t played anyone. I can’t wait for the Broncos to smash your dreams of glory in a few weeks. Face it, the Chefs haven’t won a playoff game in a lifetime and that won’t change this year either. Remember 1995? 1997? or how about 2003? Yep this Chefs team reminds me of the 03 team only this time its your offense that sucks re-fried beans, I predict the Broncos will win both times; at home 35-3 and at CamaroHead 31-7.

    • Trent Taylor

      I predict that you live in your mom’s basement.

      • sidibeke


    • T.Hagen

      Wow! A donkey fan on a chiefs website. Peyton throws those interceptions and loses the ball like he did today against the chiefs defense its all over for you guy’s. The chiefs will have their hands full but you can bet old alien head makes a mistake the chiefs will capitalize.

    • Joe Myers

      Be scared man !!! Just wait the chiefs will have back to back long drives and if they have to go blow for blow with denver but chew up that clock. And do that throwing the ball !!! ….. and its 2013 !!! You know in your dame hart when we come to town and payton goes on the field your going to be nervous !!! And when you go three and out your going know your going down !!!

      • Colorado Dan

        Looking at the Chef’s remaining games I see them going 3-5 at best, but that gets you to 11-5 and a wildcard loss at either Indy or Cinci. Now here’s the bad news for you, a tougher schedule and still stuck with a bottom feeding QB means you follow up this year with yet another losing Season in 14. I mean really only deaf, dumb and blind CamaroHeads can’t see that the Chefs are a snake bit bottom tier NFL team, always have been and always will be. Leave the playoff wins and Superbowl appearances to the Real NFL Teams with the Real NFL QBs.

        • Joe Myers

          Your pretty desperate trying to insult me clearly you have no idea what football is all about . chiefs have proven they can stop high powered offense’s(Dallas, Philly, giants)(all three teams averaged 30 +points a game) !!!! And the offense has beat good defense’ (BROWNS, texans, titans , ) . Yeah we are 8-0 for a reason we win as a team !!!!

    • Joe Myers

      We are going to show you how a great “TEAM” beats a great team trust me your harts going to drop when you realize the chiefs are going to beat you guys its going to happen late in the 3rd quarter and when the forth rolls around we are going o show you hiw to close the game on both sides of the ball .

    • Doc

      Hmmmm…gotta post on the Chiefs site – why? You must be secretly worried. Chiefs are going to give you a game AND get to your belved QB. I think I sense worry in your post about playing us.

    • JMO13

      Well, rather than stoop to name calling, here is my take on the Broncos. They have re-built the great Elway Broncos of old: a mediocre team with one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. That formula led to some of the most amazing blowouts in Superbowl history. It also led to two Superbowl wins. So who has the better formula? Chiefs plan of put pressure on the QB and don’t screw up (the formula that proved it could beat Elway), or Denver’s score like crazy and you can’t lose formula. Trash talk all you want, Dec. 1 in Arrowhead is where it gets settled.

    • Davé

      I predict they will win too but you are a fucking moron to say they will score only three and seven against your mediocre defense.

  • PunjabiPete

    You know what’s funny? I read your article, word for word, without scrolling past the first couple of sentences. This is what I’ve been saying for a while. I like how on ESPN they will be talking about the Chiefs, some doocher will say “Tom Brady/Peyton Manning/ Drew Brees/ Aaron Rodgers” and while half the group will swoon, you can tell who the unbiased guys are because they have an instant where they are like “um… OK I guess we’re moving on”…

  • Joe Myers
  • Joe Myers

    Alex is as advertised a dip in production being on a new team but really not much of one !!! Lets show support cuz he hasn’t lost a game scored when he has to .

  • Joe Myers
  • Tom Sparks

    Excellent stuff, Andrew! The National pre-game pundits were having a great time dising the Chiefs & throwing out all the “undeserved” 7-0 record bullshit! For once, it’s great to one of our own mouthpieces shove it right back down their throats & here’s hoping they choke (or at least regurgitate) on their petty excuses for spewing it in the first place!
    They are just “selling” themselves for their own selfish opinions, which I always thought were, in essence, compared to what is physically attached to their mouths, their assholes! And everybody has one, correct? They just believe that there own don’t really smell like the crap they choose to speak……..

  • Tom Sparks

    Sorry, everyone…….. I love run-on sentences………

  • Doc

    Remember back when, the NFL wanted more scoring to excite the fans. They don’t want to grind it out of game that KC plays. That is boring so the NFL doesn’t like it. Those that have drank the NFL Koop-aid for high scoring games don’t like it. Let them hate. You know how we shut them up? Keep on winning. Win in any fashion as long as when the 0:00 shows up they have more points than the other team. Face it, we will get NO respect until the final dance is won – then you will see all of the people jump on the bandwagon.

  • Doc

    The haters are hating for one of two reasons. One – they are envious of our record. Two – they are fearful that they may have to admit that this team can win the big game. A possible third is that they are liberals and easily get confused with the fact this team is 8-0. As for Chiefs fans themselves, we are wanting ‘pretty’ wins because the ‘ugly’ wins are just too close to bringing back the horrors of last year’s play. It is just lurking under the surface and the ‘ugly’ wins are causing those uneasy feelings and anxiety from last year to surface. We are still a year or two from really putting last year’s performance behind us. So if the haters want to hate – let them. If the NFL doesn’t want to gives us our props – let them. We continue to stay humble like our Chiefs are and we can smile all the more when we hoist the Lombardy in February – then we can rub their noses in it! Go Chiefs!

  • Bosco Cletus

    I gotta say I just use the head in the sand trick when it comes to what the “experts” think. I don’t read twitter and I don’t read many articles about the Chiefs who religiously is the only sports team I follow. I check in here for articles and sometimes the star. After the games over, if we win I watch the highlights, if they dont I’m usually done with football until the next sunday.

    I think more about what fans on here think than what the guys at fox, espn, or nbc. I mean really, last night Dan Patrick and Tony Dungy talked for 5 minutes before the Vikings game about how HUGE the Chiefs and Broncos game was in two weeks, with one problem, its in 3 weeks geniuses. Thanks “experts”.

  • tomflex

    We stand alone as we always have, this team, this town and these fans. Disrespect? What’s new? We’ve seen it all….We’re the team on every highlight reel that gave up the big play….we’re the easy team on the schedule…We’re the team that get’s the broadcast crew with the drinking problems….we make more news for inappropriate cheering than from football. Now we are 8-0 and guess what…we are the worst ever 8-0 team of all time. Hey they created a new category just for us!!!
    It ain’t no thang!! We were born for this …but one little iota remains…sorry folks…somebody’s special plans to get one more shot at the Superbowl…still gotta go through us.

  • cd3382

    Haters everywhere…The Chiefs don’t make their schedule and you still have to win those games! You have to give credit where credit is due. This is a legit team no matter how you look at it. 8-0!

  • ArrowFan


  • freshmeat62

    OK, I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    You know what I hate – the term “haters” for people that love their team as much as those living on “primrose lane” wearing “rose colored glasses”. I prefer the term “realist”.

    I’m sure I’m one that most call a hater, because I’ve been criticizing the offense almost all year, except for last week when I thought it looked like they were improving. But I’m also the same one that, even before the season started, was predicting that this D was a top 5 D, and maybe one of the best the Chiefs, or anyone for that matter, has ever had.

    But that offensive line, especially yesterday, was pitiful. Even in the 1st half, when the Chiefs made yards on a play, the Browns were in their backfield. I realize that they are a young unit, an new to each other, but after 8 games, I was hoping to see some improvement. I think yesterday was their worst game of the year.

    I’m happy as anyone that they are 8-0. In my preseason predictions I thought they would be 6-2 at this point, and 10-6 for the season, so they are doing better than I thought. Most thought I was nuts, the one wearing rose colored glasses, to think they would go 10-6 this season.

    When is the last time you ever heard a coach whose team just won 58-0 or some lop sided score say “Man we’re good, we are there!”? No! They are finding areas that the team could improve in. You think Nick Saban is down there at Alabama telling his players they are really good? Hell no.

    I’m not a coach,but I’ve been around coaches my whole life, either as a player, or as friends. I’ve had 2 head coaches that I’ve known very well. One a successful high school coach, and the other a very successful college coach. They were always encouraging, but never content. I’m not as hard as they are or were, but maybe that’s where my “realism” comes from.

    • None ofyour Business

      Agreed! The one glimmer I see is that we haven’t used JC anywhere near as much as we can. When the going gets tough, I’m hoping Reid will give him the opportunity to light it up! Until then, all I can do is shake my head at our O-line.

      • toperspective

        JC has been used more than anyone in football. He leads the league in touches.

        • Davé


        • None ofyour Business

          One, not rushing touches, he’s in second. Two, not during prime time. Most touches have come in running the clock down situations, not throughout the game. Three, how many of those touches were backwards or lateral passes? Case in point, just look at his dismal yards per game!

          • toperspective

            Touches are touches whether they are runs or passes. So what if they are laterals or backwards passes? He still gets tackled. You’re probably the only one who doesn’t think he’s being used enough. Most are asking if the “overuse” of Charles is asking for trouble.

          • None ofyour Business

            Okay, how about “utilized?” I’m not talking volume here, I’m talking “how” he’s being used. Less than 80 yards per game??? That’s not JC running the ball the way JC CAN run the ball.

  • Altarium

    It all comes down to money. If ESPN spends more time talking about a team in a “large market”, they have a larger pool of people who might watch their station… which equals more eyes seeing advertisements… which equals more money.
    I know that’s nothing earth shattering to anyone… but it seems that a lot of sports media are INTENTIONALLY making “mistakes” when talking about the AFC West in favor of the broncos. In addition to the other post here on AA that called out the “5-2″ record mistake. TWICE over the weekend I heard the phrase “the first place broncos”. Is it not their JOB to keep track of things like that? There are only 32 teams in the NFL. Only 4 teams in the AFC West. Only 1 team in the AFC West with a perfect record. Not that difficult to remember. I’m not saying we’re the better team than denver, but I don’t see any way you can spin the records in the AFC West giving the broncos first place right now.

  • Michael Shaw

    Here is another fun fact…….who is the first team to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, now considered to be the class of their division? The team we just beat. The team we just beat does not represent their record. They are better than their record. Just food for thought….

  • DoubleD

    Good piece Andrew.

    Remember also that rule changes in the NFL in recent years have been designed to make the game more flashy, favoring the down field passing games, to better feature QBs and WRs with gawdy numbers and highlight reel moments. The Chiefs don’t fit that mold and so they don’t get the same love.

  • Dave Hargitt

    Through week 8 the Chiefs’ opponents are a combined 12-17. One team was at .500 (PHI 1-1) and one had a winning record (TEN 3-2).
    By comparison, the Donkeys’ opponents are a combined 11-16. Two teams were at .500 (OAK 1-1, DAL 2-2) and one had a winning record (IND 5-1).
    So accordingly, since the Donks finished way better than the Chiefs last year, they have a little more difficult schedule. But they lost to the one winning team they have played, and the Chiefs prevailed against theirs…

  • Davé

    Well there is no doubt we are not a team they would rather cover as much as Peyton, Dallas, NO or whoever but largely I agree with the reasons we do not get labeled the best team in the NFL right now. No we can’t pick our opponents, yet it is hard to win the NFL, but frankly this has been too easy and we have barely been winning.

    I always despised having that turd Cassel on our team EVEN in that 10-6 year which we ended up being just another sham division winner and were promptly kicked out of the playoffs by a much better Baltimore team. That year I did attribute those wins to a cushy schedule and this year I am doing the same but I am not saying we are anywhere near as awful as we were that 10-6 year.

    Let’s be real. The past two weeks we have seen Kace Keenum and Jason Cambell light up our defense with big plays. We have also seen our offense become even more sluggish than it has been. Our red zone touch downs are getting worse, and Alex has lost nearly all ability to throw accurately more than 1/10 deep passes. JC is getting a lot of total yards but we haven’t been able to rush him very well. We do not have a second RB that has shown anything to date. We don’t have a capable tight end let alone one that can stay healthy. If we did he would have a ton more receptions and some TDs in this offense.

    I think though we might able to hold Peyton to 30 points but no way our offense can score 30. I didn’t want to believe this but I think we will drop both games against Denver we will also lose to the giant killing Colts. Wouldn’t surprise me to lose to the Raiders (though I do not think we will) at home and I do not think we will beat San Diego twice (maybe not once).

    We don’t deserve to be called the best team in football when you squeak by third string QBs and you have an offense that simply is not very good. Yes our defense is pretty stellar but we have yet to see how a real QB can pick them apart. You think Cambell gets the ball out quick? Try Peyton Manning with Welker, Decker and two pretty good Thomas’s.

    As good as this is, and as exciting as it is to watch the defense play I just can’t drink the kool-aid any longer. We have beat bad teams but not convincingly. We have beat alright teams but barely. We have beat no good teams. I question if we would be 8-0 had we met Bryan Hoyer or Jake Locker to be honest.

    I am not hating on these Chiefs I am just being real. This offense might never turn it on and at some point we will need them to.

    • Danny W

      You would think 8 games in the offense would be firing at all cylinders. Not so much. I think it’s as good as it’s going to get.

  • Bobby Reeves

    Like it’s the Chiefs fault for having an easier schedule. Wanting parity in the league will give any team the opportunity to turn it around like the Chiefs have this year. It just so happens that this team has gelled enough to improve to an 8-0 team and not a mediocre 4-4 one.

    I’d be interested to see what the strength of schedule for the undefeated ’72 Dolphins was. Oh wait… that’s what google is for. Lookie here… “The 1972 Dolphins, the NFL’s
    only undefeated Super Bowl Champ, faced the second easiest regular
    season schedule on their way to the playoffs (.357). They faced only
    two teams who ended over .500 and nine teams who ended under .500″

    We all are supposed to marvel at that accomplishment now. But they took advantage of a system much like the Chiefs are doing this year.

    Go Chiefs.

  • Bobby Reeves

    Like it’s the Chiefs fault for having an easier schedule. Wanting parity in the league will give any team the opportunity to turn it around like the Chiefs have this year. It just so happens that this team has gelled enough to improve to an 8-0 team and not a mediocre 4-4 one.

    I’d be interested to see what the strength of schedule for the undefeated ’72 Dolphins was. Oh wait… that’s what google is for. Lookie here… “The 1972 Dolphins, the NFL’s only undefeated Super Bowl Champ, faced the second easiest regular season schedule on their way to the playoffs (.357). They faced only two teams who ended over .500 and nine teams who ended under .500″

    We all are supposed to marvel at that accomplishment now. But they took advantage of a system much like the Chiefs are doing this year.

    Go Chiefs.

  • Chris R

    Last sentence is perfect “Scoreboard”

  • ArrowFan

    I love that top pic

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