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Which Chiefs Player Has Played the Best During 7-0 Start?


There are a lot of guys on this 2013 Kansas City Chiefs team who have contributed to the successful start.

The defense is all anyone can talk about, because there are times where this offense has just seemed miserable. There were times where I could have compared this offense to the offense of last year, minus the interceptions. However, there has been one man who has not only successfully contributed to this offense week in and week out, but is being considered a dark horse MVP candidate. This man Addicts, is your Kansas City Chiefs running back, number 25, Jamaal Charles.

What more can we say about this guy?

After he tore his ACL in 2011, he comes back and runs for 1500+ yards in 2012 while the Chiefs went on to have a 2-14 season. This year, many people didn’t know what to expect from Charles because of the type of offense Andy Reid likes to run. Those people, including myself, are pleasantly surprised by how he has done this year. In every single game Charles has surpassed 100 yards from scrimmage and has scored a touchdown (and carried my fantasy team to victory to boot).

Without Jamaal, this offense would be absolutely lost.

With that said, the team needs to find a way to make sure the offense doesn’t rely so heavily on him moving forward, as the Chiefs will need him for the postseason.

What do you think Addicts? Who do you think has played the best so far during this great start?

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  • Kansas City Rob

    My man, Dontari Poe. This guy is a beast!!

  • DT58HOF

    JC with Hali and Houston a close second

  • Larry Devore

    why then did they trade for Alex Smith. Your assessment is correct, Offense would be nothing without Charles Which begs the question, why are we giving up so much for Alex Smith.

    • Chuck Burrell

      Because ball security (AKA Alex Smith) is the difference between a 2012 1-6 team and a 2013 7-0 team.

    • tomflex

      He is the only undefeated QB in the NFL…and really doesn’t deserve all the negativity he is getting.

      • kcpauly

        I totally agree, with you Tom, he is playing better than most people realize, after what we have gone through at QB the last few you would think people would be estatic that AS11 is undefeated, but when you are 7-0 there is nothing to bitch about except to nit pick, you would think with all the negativity around here, that none of these people were around last year, or the year before etc. I for one am tickled pink with how AS11 WINS, might not be pretty or flashy but I’ll take WIN over that crap any day, plus this team is a TEAM and AS11 experience and leadership has directly had a lot to do with the whole culture around the team, he wants to be a winner and he does WIN so let’s get off his back a little…just sayin
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

        • Alan Nonamaker

          Alex Smith may not have the big numbers of some QBs, but he has made some big plays when needed which i believe is attributed to his experience. To the Chief haters….i dunno what they are so upset about. Last i knew a team has to win all the playoff games to get to the SB….right? Anyway……GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Ryan Longstreth

    Everyone is feeding off each other this team is the true defination of “team” which we haven’t seen in a decade, I cannot pinpoint which player is playing best I could name them all but they are ALL “MVP” this year!

  • tomflex

    Jamaal is the complete package which makes him so valuable in this kind of offense. He has one of the quickest bursts I’ve ever seen in a running back. He find holes daylight can’t get through, he gets the extra yards that keep a drive alive, he’s great at getting yards after the catch and when he gets room and turns on the jets…. everybody else on the field suddenly appears to be going in slow motion.
    Any team in the NFL would die for a player like Jamaal and all would use him probably more than they should.

    • berttheclock

      Well said, but, many fans of the Chiefs would have worked him more than they should. Recall the many comments at the Star when Charles would rest while Thomas Jones ran the ball. Post after post brought the difference in their running yardage and say the Chiefs would be better off just keeping Charles running. They did not consider the needed rest time for him. That little rest allowed him to keep getting his higher yardage. He is a great football player, in fact, he is a football player first and a track star second, but, he is not a machine.

      • Selena G

        I agree… he is not ah machine!

  • berttheclock

    Very hard to argue against Charles being the catalyst, but, look at the defense and you will see the vast improvement of Poe has led the way for others on the defensive unit to shine. Pioli, once, thought he was drafting the foundation for the Chiefs in Jackson. Jackson has played extremely well, but, it is Poe who is the foundation. I try to watch Poe on defense more than any other player. When, he lines up in front of center, he will draw two teams. Often, he slides after the snap and he takes those two players with him opening holes behind him. However, notice on many running plays, especially, for short yardage, how he plugs the hole allowing others to join him in pushing back the offensive line. Just look back on several of the goal line stands. One of his new nicknames is going to become “Stonewall”. He reminds me more and more of the HOFer, Cortez Kennedy. When, Cortez was double teamed, Adams had his finest pass rushing year.

  • freshmeat62

    I don’t know if it’s the offense that is opening up more, or if it’s the opposing defenses that are causing it to be more versatile, but it has been noticeable the last few weeks. I was getting concerned that they were using Charles way to much. I’d like to see them put Davis or Gray in for a series each half.

    As for who has played the best this year, or who is the MVP thus far, I’d have to say Poe. I think he has made a world of difference for the defense. You could see flashes of it toward the end of last year, how quick and fast he is.

    Maybe Pioli did know how to draft good players. He just didn’t know how to use what he had.

    • ArrowFan

      He did know how to let the HC do his job or how to hire one, both I think are related.

  • Selena G

    #25 Jamaal Charles :)