Andy Reid: "I wasn’t dancing, not really, just having fun."

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By now we’ve all seen the epic screen grab of Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid, and if you haven’t it yet, it’s about time to feast on the epic Kool-Aid man GIF.

Here it is, in all it’s splendor:reidloop

The Chiefs are 7-0 and the case could be made that Reid is the coach of the year so far in the NFL. After watching him celebrate with the team and listening to him talk post-game for seven weeks in a row now, the argument could be made that Reid is one of the coolest coaches in the NFL as well.

Per a recent press release, here’s what Reid had to say about his epic locker room dance:

“I just tell the players, you have to let your personality show a little bit,” he said. “I wasn’t dancing, not really, just having fun. Listen, big win, and the guys, you just have to keep it loose for a minute.”

Coach Reid also had this to say when asked whether or not it was too early to look at the standings.

“You know what; I don’t look at any of that. I just (look at) the next game, one game at a time,” Reid said. “I’m not very good with that other stuff. I’m not very good with numbers as far as all the numbers go with standings or stats.”


Remember, Denver lost last night, so Kansas City sits alone on top of the AFC West.

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  • Erik Hild

    Andy Reid is the perfect coach for KC. Philly’s fan base got tired of him and thank god they did. Andy Reid is relaxed and having fun since he only has to focus on coaching and not front office bs. I also think the chiefs offense improved from week 6 to 7. I hope Andy Reid coaches in KCfpr the rest of his career. Andy Reid kicks ass GO CHIEFS!!!

  • tomflex

    What a difference a year makes…..for us all

  • chris

    Lets hope we see this ‘dance’ again in february ; D

  • Davé

    I listened to whatever yahoo was opposite of Shlerith on ESPN today and he said quote : ” the Chiefs are the worst 7-0 team” ever, in history, he can think of…i don’t quite remember. Then that piece of shit bronco Shlerith comes to our defense a little just to end up saying we will be bounced round one of the playoffs. Fans on all message boards say we are a joke. We did not face anyone therefore we are behind NO, GB, Broncos, Seattle, and San Fran in what they perceive as the actual rankings. F em all is my opinion. Just wait. Wait till this defense punches your pansy ass team in the mouth. Just wait till the Chiefs have two weeks to plan for how to put Peyton back on the sideline. IMO we would kill Colin show boat ugly ass face Kaepernick. We would make the midget Wilson regret ever leaving the pocket. The Colts…not a chance against this defense. This offense that WILL pick it up just end time for a playoff run. Superbowl here we come. Shut everyone the fuck up.

    • DTVTechGuy

      You have a point, everyone suckin Denver’s knob should keep in mind we have played the SAME teams. Shlerith is an idiot, he always has been, he’s purely an opinion guy as he ignores facts. ESPN doesn’t give any credit to anyone outside the big markets. Look at all the attention the Giants still get on Sportscenter even though they are irrelevant. The Patriots are the worst team with a winning record right now and no one wants to say it. Brady looks like shit and his receivers can’t run routes. D is decimated and they will start losing games by the truckload. The problem with expecting ESPN or any of its people to give the Chiefs respect is the Chiefs have been non contenders for so long they just figure its a fluke. Look at our 13-3 season a decade ago… Bounced because we couldn’t force a team to punt once and missing f’ing field goals. They are going to have to go deep in the playoffs, maybe the SB before meatheads like Shlerith and half the other brain dead athletes who make up the talking heads at ESPN give them any respect. I wouldn’t get so heated about it, it’s just how it is. Dumb, wouldn’t be shit without handouts, athletes now getting paid to talk about sports. Without football Shlerith works at Midas or JiffyLube as the night manager. The guy has no talent or intelligence outside football.

      Relax man!
      Go Chiefs!

    • berttheclock

      Remember, Schlereth will always be a Bronco.

      Yesterday, over at the Huffington Post, there was a thread “Manning Stunned”. There were many posts from fans of the Colts, who were saying the same thing about the Chiefs. However, as I noted above, fans from other teams we have faced have all said that about the Chiefs before the Chiefs quieted them. But, I did go back and read comments from those losing fans and all they could do was blame their own coaches and teams. They still could not just say the obvious, that being, the Chiefs, in each case, was the better team.

    • berttheclock

      I believe you are referring to Trey Wingo, a Baylor product, who ended up working in St Louis sports prior to going on to ESPN. He has partnered with Mark Schlereth for some time.

  • Ray Herman

    • berttheclock

      Ah, the Richter Scale Rumba.

  • berttheclock

    Remember one thing. Prior to every game except the Jags, fans of each team we faced said the same thing. That was the Chiefs had not faced any team like their particular team. Well, the Chiefs faced all six teams and won all six games. I’m sure if I go to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and read about the Browns, many of their fans will say the same.

    Now, let the Chiefs “munch” those “Brownies”.

    • berttheclock

      Actually, I was wrong. At the Plain Dealer, they have a poll up concerning each team winning and by how much. By an overwhelming margin, the top vote had the Chiefs winning by over 14 points. Yeah, there were a few bashing our playing the worst teams, but, loved the one which said “If Weedon starts, the Browns will give the Jags their first win of the season”. Another asked whether or not the Jags would rest their starters against the Browns. Much of this has to do with the fact, Cleveland fans really dislike Weedon.

  • cd3382

    More of a high step I would say. I love it…never gets old! Chiefs!!!