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Predicting Every Chiefs Game: Round Two

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At the beginning of the season I was charged with the hard task of predicting the outcome of every Chiefs game, a task that was difficult for two reasons.

1. I love the Chiefs, and after the disaster of a year they had in 2012 my hopes were not so high on the upcoming 2013 Chiefs season.
2. Trying to realistically predict every game and remove the love of the Chiefs from the mindset was incredibly difficult.

With those things in mind I began the task of predicting every game. If you did not have a chance to read it here, here is the original article that I put out at the beginning of the season. Predicting Every Chiefs game

Boy was I wrong, and more than happy to be wrong. The Chiefs have surpassed the expectations of me, but are also showing the NFL that this team is now a contender, and also will give the Denver Broncos a run for their money for best in the AFC West.

With the events of this season fresh in my mind, I will once again begin the daunting task of predicting the rest of the Chiefs season. As before, this is all my own opinion, removing the fan from the equation and taking a realistic look at the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 season.

Week 7 Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction: Chiefs 28 Texans 14

The Chiefs defense leads the NFL in several categories, and their offense while it seems to struggle at times getting points on the board, they still move the ball well and keep the mistakes down. Charles is on pace for a career best in touches and will be helpful in the game against a struggling Texans. The Texans have an undrafted rookie quarterback in Case Keenum, and with how aggressive the defense is, look for Keenum to make some mistakes and the Chiefs to capitalize on them. The Chiefs move to 7-0 on the year and the Texans losing streak moves to 5.

Week 8 Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction Chiefs 34 Browns 14

The Browns are having some major drawbacks and with quarterback Brandon Weeden struggling, the Chiefs defense are once again the Browns downfall, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, and Dontari Poe will continue their rampage against the quarterback causing mistakes that will lead to interceptions by the hungry Chiefs Secondary.

Week 9 Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills
Prediction Chiefs 34 Buffalo 24

EJ Manuel is the quarterback that the bills have been waiting for, however as before, the front line of the Chiefs defensive front will make the rookie starter uncomfortable in the pocket sacking him and causing a fumble or two. Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles will once again connect for a score and the quite Dwayne Bowe will get some attention scoring once and finally breaking the 100 yard mark.

Week 10 Chiefs Bye Week

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Week 11 Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos
Prediction Denver 28 Chiefs 21

For the Chiefs, games do not get any bigger than their week 11 meeting with the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs have been called the one defense that will help keep the explosive Denver offense at bay. However Denver at home against a Chiefs team that occasionally has trouble finding the end zone will fall to the Broncos, but it will be a close game that will come down to the wire with a slight edge to Denver.

Week 12 San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction Chiefs 28 Chargers 21

Philip Rivers has been playing at a high level and with new head coach Mike McCoy the offense is clicking. Their defense has the skills to keep the game close, but once again “Terrowhead” strikes and the fans are the MVP of the game causing the Chargers to lose focus and ultimately cost them the game.

Week 13 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction Chiefs 28 Denver 14

This is going to be a good game, and one that will need the fans to get involved. Denver historically has not had an easy time of winning at Arrowhead, and with the Sea of Red behind the Chiefs the Broncos lose this game at Arrowhead and thus split the series against the Chiefs.

Week 14 Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Redskins
Predicition Chiefs 35 Washington 28

The Washington Redskins have had their share of set backs thus far in the season. RGII is not playing with the same explosiveness that he had the year before, and while the defense is starting to get better, it is not enough to stop a Chiefs team with the playoff’s in their sights.

Week 15 Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
Prediction Chiefs 35 Oakland 21

The Chiefs finally gained the upper hand against the Raiders at home for the first time in six years. Riding that “moral victory” they walk into the Black Hole and come away with a win and sweep the Raiders for the first time since 2006.

Week 16 Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction Colts 28 Chiefs 14

The Colts and Andrew Luck come into Arrowhead and walk away with a win with some 4th quarter Luck magic. The Chiefs offense just had trouble getting anything started against the Colts, and Andrew Luck and TY Hilton connect several times as the Colts steal the victory at Arrowhead.

Week 17 Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers
Prediction Chargers 28 Chiefs 24

A close game, but the Chargers have been playing well at home and just get the slight edge against the visiting Kansas City. However with the Chiefs place in the playoff secure, some rest for the starters may be used to ensure the Chiefs are ready for their first playoff appearance since 2010.

The Playoff’s

While it is hard to predict who will be in the playoff’s at this point. I do happen to have a bold prediction.

This Chiefs team is firing on all cylinders and will finally get that elusive playoff win. They win their wild card match up but unfortunately they lose in the divisional round. However even with this final loss, the Chiefs prove they have what it takes and will be a threat from the beginning of the 2014 season.

There you have it, a prediction based on how they are playing right now. I have the Chiefs going 13-3 on the season with a loss in the playoff’s.

Now before the same people who had such negative things to say the last time, take in mind that one can only hope to predict the right outcome of this season, and being a Chiefs fan, I hope that they once again prove me wrong.

Addicts speak up! What are your predictions for the rest of the season based on how well this team is playing? Am I in the wrong again like last time? Comment below and…GO CHIEFS!

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  • travis

    Id love to see this, while I believe we can win most if not all u have said I just have to cringe when I see the points you have given us in games. Our o line isnt that good and our offense has been stagnate, we have left more points on the field than have scored. When we have a opportunity to score we havent been very successful. Unless this changes and our receivers can get a xtra step quicker I just dont see alex throwing the ball. Ive seen alex throw many many passes to other receivers than a guy who was just as open and would have gained way more yards, it just wasnt his fitst or second check down. Now before u say it or think it…im not a alex smith hater I believe he has been a needed spark just not the needed passer at times.

    • Troy Utt

      Travis, I believe getting Fasano back on the field will help tremendously! Although we have been lucky with the pick up & play of McGrath who will continue to play, much of Reids offense (WCO) has been off-limits as it requires the use of 2&3 TE set’s. Back healthy & productive this week it should not only move the chains, but open the play-book down-field, & set-up the running game much better. Defenders won’t automatically be keying on JC all based on where he is lined up, which has been a dead give-away! I was recently reminded of the NFC Champ Game year B4 last SF-v NO… Smith led the 9r’s to within a dropped pass of going to the SB. That game was a very good example of his ability to go down-field when necessary & able… But it all starts at the line of scrimmage, & that has never been more evident than the 1st series of the Oakland game, as he was acousted the entire game! I agree with you that Alex Smith not must dump the ball on the first avail receiver. At the same time he must have enough time to check his progressions…
      I believe it’s coming together… WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Robert Escobedo

    I think I agree with most of that. They may lose one more reg. Season game but I think they can go further in the layoffs. As a Niner fan this team looks an awful lot like that 2011 team that Alex was a drop away from the Super Bowl minus the depth. 6 games in the offense will hit its stride late like that SF team did. Remember Alex torched the Eagles in a come from behind win to get it going. Maybe against a better Colts team? Go Chiefs.

  • Tanner Cobb

    So does our defense disappear after our meeting in Denver? There’s a lot of big scores after week 11…

    • Curtis

      I agree. Kind of surprised to see all those projected points against KC’s D. Are we predicting injuries or what?!

    • Dave

      His initial assessment was just as terrible as this one. This new addition to AA is a f’n Chargers fan I think. He sure as hell doesn’t watch the same Chiefs that we do. What a joke.

      • Patrick Allen

        I don’t think there is any reason for you to insult the guy because of his opinion. Sheesh. Relax. The Chiefs play better teams and better QBs in the second half. It will be very hard for their defense to keep holding teams below 17 points.

        • Davé

          Yea and total game scores will average in the 50s like Nick seems to think. Crap is crap…let me stroll over to see what injured inactive player we need to “Game Plan” for……………..

  • Troy Utt

    Nick… Good eval, I too revamped my pre-season predictions of 10-6 splitting the Denver series… Getting Fasano back in the line-up is paramount, as well any help the OL can muster to bolster additional (any) protection for Smith & the boys in the back-field! I agree we can get that win in the play-offs, but am having trouble seeing us make a long run without the right personnel… It’s not going to stop me from cheering, as ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!! WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    I don’t see our defense giving up all those points. Maybe, in mile high but that’s it. I have us either going 14-2 losing both games to Denver or splitting it and going 15-1! We will sweep the chargers, and if we played the colts in Indy I would give them the edge but they will not beat us at home. Do you guys remember the first drive of the preseason? Believe in this fact, Reid hasn’t opened up his play book yet! We haven’t needed to, when it calls for it “Denver probably” our play book will be wide open and there will be no tape on it for them to review before hand. Trust in Andy Reid, the man is a mad genius

    • Tanner Cobb

      I agree, I think Reid has a card up his sleeve that isn’t coming out until that game in Denver.

      • tm1946

        Disagree. I suspect Reid is pulling every rabbit out of his rear trying to get enough or any kind of offense every Sunday. I do not believe anyone in the organization had the nightmare of Bowe’s lack of offensive support. Or they could not solve Knile fumbling problems. Heck, they know Sutton was the DC for them but who guessed he could mold 11 monsters and several backups who could rule on the field?
        No, what you see is what there is. The offense has not really stunk it up for a whole game YET. If they do, we will find the fall from the football heaven rather quickly.

  • Calchiefsfan

    I don’t see the Chiefs having any kind of a defensive let down in the second half of the season. So I don’t see the Chargers or Washington and Indy scoring that much on them. By the same token I see Denver scoring more that 14, even if it is at Arrowhead. I also see the o line coming together slowly and getting the job done in the last quarter of the season.

    I don’t know if it’s Reid not showing his hand or if ti’s more of a situation of bringing the offense along, building it week by week. I really don’t think we will see the full potential of this offense until next year when everyone has a full grasp of the WCO and they have played together for a while. That being said, I still think we have enough with our dominating D and special teams to make a serious run at the Super Bowl. If our offense starts to gel then that will make them scary good. To think we are talking about winning 14 games, legitimately! This team has so outperformed my expectations, what a great time to be a Chiefs fan!

  • tm1946

    Since I never in my wildest dreams or imagination thought the KC Chiefs would be operating on this level, I am just sitting in my easy chair and wallowing in their success. I have no idea what direction any Sunday will go, just trying not to have a heart attach during the games.

    Could go on and on about it. Reid first year. Dorsey, first year. Draft, only one guy playing. Charles carrying the load basically alone. The defense, wow. Jackson contributing, studs at most positions, Cooper kid. Free agents contributing, as in actually playing on a level possibly better than with their last team.

    Worried, not really. Offense is no good, no idea why. Smith is ok as QB but his passing as gone down last two games, Fisher, nothing “mean” about him. G suspect. Albert seem banged up every game, TE, not sure what their names are, and Bowe, got the money and his game is now blocking WR??

    Playoffs, Who cares, I am thrilled with every Sunday win. Denver, if Manning was not there, we would own the AFC West, but he is.

    Lastly, who would have thought at the end of last year we would be here?? Not me.

  • Kisersosay

    100% in the Red Zone balance of year? No field goals? OK i get it you are excited……and having fun.

  • DXW

    13-3 with no offense???

    Thanks for the laugh, Nick. You’re hilarious.

    If they’re lucky, the Chiefs finish 11-5, swept by both Denver (obviously) and SD, plus a loss to the Colts. And that 11-5 is best case… They have a bottom of the barrel offense with a has-been coach and they’ve been struggling to win against nothing but cupcake teams. Chief fans complain that they don’t get the respect they deserve, but it’s because they don’t deserve respect. They’re a decent team playing really bad teams. They haven’t been tested once this year, and thinking they’ll go 13-3 and be able to beat the Donkeys and the Chargers is full on pie-in-the-sky dreaming.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them lose this week against the cupcakes of all cupcakes, Houston, and their third string QB.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I don’t see how you can say a 6-0 team will be “lucky” to be 11-5. I get that their offense has been sub par so far, but going .500 from here out isn’t best case scenario. KC has beat SD in KC with much worse teams than this one. Not sure why you’re so grumpy about a 6-0 team.

      • ……ChiefsFan……

        He’s always posting on AA, trying to stir up sh**! He obviously doesn’t have a very fulfilling life.

      • KCMikeG

        That’s ‘my little pony” the lost little donkey loving troll. Ignore him. He doesn’t get that (and most everything else) his herd of donkeys have played 5 out of 6 of the same teams we have but yet we don’t deserve respect because of who we have played – duh!

        • DXW

          It’s not who you’ve played, it’s that the Chiefs are playing above their abilities and it’s only a matter of time before they’re exposed. Their offense is a league joke, and their defense, while good, isn’t THAT good, and it won’t win games. The Donkeys, on the other hand, are barely holding it together because their entire defense and O line has been decimated by injuries, yet they still average 40+ points a game. That is why the Chokes don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same category as Denver.

          One thing the Chiefs are going to experience that they’ve never had to deal with before is having a target on their backs. Teams, like Jax, play harder when they play Denver because everyone wants to be the team that beats them for the first time. The Chokes have never had to deal with that. Now that they’ve lucked into a 6-0 record, teams will come at them harder than normal, and I do not believe they have the talent or the coaching to withstand it. The Chiefs have always been more talk than action. They, like their fans, always seem to get ahead of themselves and start to believe they’re something special when they’re really mediocre.

          As far as why I’m here… I love riling up fans like you and ChiefsFan who represent all the lower IQ Chief’s fans out there. You guys get soooo mad, it’s hilarious. You really take football way too seriously, and it’s so much fun to come here when the Chief’s start strong and remind you of Chief football history, and how terrible you’ve been since 1970. I’ve been picking on you guys since the days of Andre Rison and his idiotic Spiderman pose. I still smile when I think of how upset you all were when Denver came into Arrowhead and beat you on the way to their first SB win… Ah, good days.

          This year, I’ll stick around for a few more games until the Chiefs start losing and reality starts to sink in, like it always does. Once that happens, it becomes like shooting cripples, and there’s no fun in that. Hell, even as I’m typing this, the Houston cupcakes and their 3rd string QB are tearing through the Chokes “#1 Defense” (still hard to type that without snickering)… Although I do think the Chokes will win this game. How embarrassing would it be to lose to the Texans?

          I take back what I said about Denver putting up 40 on the Chiefs D… it’ll be 50, and Manning will sit out the 4th quarter.

          Anyway, I don’t expect the Chiefs or the Broncos to win all their games, but when the chiefs start losing, they’ll fall apart. The Broncos don’t. That is why the Chiefs lose every single year, and why the premature talk of SuperBowls is so hilarious.

          • KCMikeG

            EXPOSED = donkeys. CHIEFS DEFENSE = WINS GAMES. Everyone has injuries = YOUR AN EXCUSE MAKING little pony. CHIEFS ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. NOT MAD just having fun making a fool out of you by burying you in facts you can’t address Captain IQ. CHIEFS DEFENSE STILL #1 – SNICKER, SNICKER.
            The little ponies FALL APART with stupid penalties whilel losing to the team the dolts beat last week. Can’t wait to see your pathetic attempt at a 50 burger on the #1 defense in the NFL. Funny that with your being so much smarter how you turn out to be completely wrong time after time. Run along little pony back to papa jorse teeth to lick your wounds in the stable. CHIEFS ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN NFL = NO I INSIST YOU’RE WELCOME!

          • DXW

            Well well… look at all the caps… No reason to shout, son. I know you’re just scared.

            Couple things you’re missing. I never said Denver would go 16-0, and since they can’t seem to stop making stupid mistakes, they’ll be lucky to go 13-3. What I did say was that Denver will sweep the west, and the Chiefs will fall apart the second they play a real team. I stand by both. Denver will absolutely sweep the AFC west. The only team that worries me is SD. The Chiefs will crumble like they always do, and you should be able to tell by the lack of attention they get that they’re not much of a concern for anyone. Everyone knows they won’t be relevant when the playoffs roll around. It’s a movie we’ve all seen before. We know how it ends, and obviously judging by how mad you are getting… so do you.

            Don’t get me wrong. The Chiefs pulled out a clutch win against the Houston cupcakes and their 3rd string QB. Good on the tough KC defense stopping what was basically a college level QB. What a huge test, and they only gave up 300 yards passing!!! I’m sure that filled the leagues #1 defense with a ton of confidence that they’ll be ready for Peyton. Ha! Hopefully the Chiefs can keep that high level of play up when they face the feared Browns and the unstoppable Bills in the next couple weeks.

            You can pretend you’re not scared, but I know better. You reek of fear. You know that the Chiefs have played nobody. You know that they are nothing more than a middle grade team with a decent defense and a terrible offense that has survived on luck and a pillow soft schedule. You know that they are playing their absolute best right now, and they are pushing against the ceiling and it’s obvious to you that their best isn’t good enough. You’re terrified because you know that the broncos have been playing sloppy football all year with penalties and turnovers and injuries and even though they’ve been putting up insane numbers, they have a lot of room to improve.

            See, I don’t blame you for getting so mad and having to yell and call me names. It’s psych 101. You’re insecure and you’re scared because you know what’s coming. You know how much it’s going to hurt when the Chiefs lose to Denver and I come after you to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh…

            Are you ready?

          • KCMikeG

            Psych 101: For someone so confident you sure are trying awful hard to convince me to be scared. That’s because you don’t know ant other way to deal with your fear. All those words that mean nothing but you’re scared. Egghead got slapped around and crumbled. Your little donkeys are falling from the elite fantasy world you were trolling in and the real world is terrifying for you. Poor little pony boy. RGIII will destroy your facade of a defense and then you will stumble into the “only team that worries me” the dolts who beat the colts who just schooled you. You will come crawling back to the stable at 6-3 trembling in fear of the 9-0 #1 CHIEFS!
            “Pillow soft schedule” & “You haven’t played anybody” = FFFFEAR – Reality check: we have played five out of 7 of our games against the same teams – Again, for someone so superior and intelligent you seem to struggle with simple basic facts. Sad really. I would truly be sad for you if i wasn’t so busy LOVING “YELLING” FROM THE ROOF TOPS ABOUT BEING THE ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE NFL! Guess that was just too much pressure for the little ponies last night. Bahahaha!!
            DONKEYS = LOSERS= FEAR.
            P.S. Bring it you psycho stalker. I’ve schooled you every time I post. Again, if you were so smart you would stop embarrassing yourself and run along little pony to the stable so horse teeth can whinny you off to fantasy land.

          • DXW

            Wow, you’re fucking retarded.

          • KCMikeG

            Wow you continue to display your level of intelligence. Clean up your filthy mouth or I will personally see to it that you never post here again. By the way how did your super star VM do Sunday? NO SACKS, two tackles and a defense that gave up 39 points. That’s 2 more points than the Colts hung on the Jags! Sucks to be you.
            Run along little pony, run along.

          • DXW

            You’re still a fucking retard.

            But don’t worry. I’ll leave you alone and let you bask in the glow of beating college level teams for the next couple weeks. We both know this is as good as it’ll get for the Chiefs, and since you apparently derive your self worth from a bad football team, I’ll let you keep going uninterrupted out of pity.

            We’ll talk again after the KC/Denver game. Count on it.

          • Jason Seibel

            You can make all the snide comments you want and flaunt your filthy mouth, but you can’t change the fact that right now…RIGHT NOW, the AFC WEST Standings go like this:
            1. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: 7 0
            2. DENVER BRONCOS: 6 1
            3. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: 4 3
            4. OAKLAND RAIDERS: 2 4
            And oh, by the way, the Chiefs defense leads the league in sacks, takeaways, points allowed and is top 5 in all other statistical categories.
            Their offense is averaging 24 PPG and their defense is averaging 11 PPG. They held the Cowboys who hung 48 on the Broncos to 17. They can hold Manning and his Band of Merry Men to 21. On that garbage defense, they can put up 28. Maybe 35 if defense steals one or special teams sneaks one in.
            Face it. No arugument you have presented has any validity at all. Your team lost while our team won. You have Manning and his “winning” arm, but the Colts gave everyone else a blueprint on how to rattle him. When he faces a real defense instead of teams like the Jags, the Raiders, the Giants, the Cowboys or the Eagles (all teams the Chiefs beat too) he’ll see what it means to watch the game from his back side. I can’t wait to talk to you after the bye week, son, so we can say “bye” for good.

          • KCMikeG

            Jason, Thanks to you and/or whoever else had a hand in deleting my little pony’s last post. Fortunately I didn’t see it or I would have had to buy a ticket to dumbver to straighten things out personally. Sad really when the facts can’t be debated without vulgar attacks. i’m all for a little “horseing” around but that was disgusting. The facts are the facts no matter how many filthy/vulgar comments donkey troll makes. We would all be better off without the likes of him on AA.

          • Patrick Allen

            Don’t feed the Troll. He won’t be back.

    • njew84

      I’m assuming you’re a Chargers fan? You’re halarious! SD sweeping KC?! I agree they MIGHT beat KC in SD but they won’t leave Arrowhead with anything but an ass-kickin’. Chiefs floor is 12 wins and 15 is their ceiling. Denver is the ONLY team in the division KC isn’t capable of sweeping but we will beat them once. I think we will probably lose one in SD but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t win both of those games. SD defense is horrible.

    • Troy Utt

      Let me see who do you pull for? The hapless Chargers, who will only go as far as their streaking half @$$ QB will
      take them as that is their only option? Or that team in Denver w/ the rental QB & that Bailey guy on life support? Either way…Doesn’t matter, KC is making their own respect, one game at a time! Manning is having a great year, but he can’t score if he is on his back… Your argument ends there my friend, it is baseless & without merit! When KC has played the virtual same schedule as DEN give credit where due!!! KC’s “D” is LEGIT… I don’t care what team you root for, you must respect that! The offense will come around now that we have players who have not yet stepped on the field for us this year! SO…. Get your panties out of a bunch, out of our web-page, & let your fingers do the walking back your LOSER EXISTENCE!
      WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Lyle Graversen

    While I don’t disagree with the record you came up with, I don’t know about the score predictions. Looks to me like too many points scored by our offense and too many allowed by the defense. I see more low scoring games in the future.

    • KCMikeG

      The donkeys are the only team capable of scoring more than 20 points against our defense unless our offense has a rash of turnovers. No way we lose the last two weeks. This team will only get better as the year goes on.

    • Dave

      So in essence you think this is complete hogwash made up of the most inaccurate logic you could ever think of right? Like did this dude even look at our scores or the oppositions scores, let alone watch a game???

      • Patrick Allen

        See how Lyle left a constructive comment without coming off like a jerk? Without insulting the writer. You should try that.

        • Davé

          Patrick how on earth can you read this and even assume this guy watches games or is even a Chiefs fan. Lyle writes for this site, I just read. Don’t like comments? Get rid of them. Not as if I cussed him out or even called him a name. Look at these comments I don’t thing many readers look at this and agreed. If you do not care about quality why not just let anybody write for this site…heck maybe it will get as popular as Bleacher Report that way……………………………..

  • njew84

    I think we will go 13-3 as well but I don’t see us losing at home. I think we will lose @Denver, @San Diego and either @Oakland or @Washington but I could see us easily going 14-2 or 15-1 if our defense continues to play lights out. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs would be huge! Unfortunately with Denver playing at the level they are and with practically the same SOS it will take a 14-15 win record to make it happen. It is going to be fun to see how it plays out. Go Chiefs!

  • michael mckee

    Why the defensive collapse???don’t buy this…

  • Dave

    You were so off base the first half of the season it’s a wonder you weren’t canned for knowing nothing about this team or football for that matter. Now you come out with this garbage and its even worse. So according to you our defense will go from allowing 10-11 per game to what 25? On top of that we will somehow score over 30 points multiple times on the road including at Oakland??? I am all for predictions but I think they would at least involve a little bit of intelligent, informed backing. I could ask my three year old what he expects the rest of the season and I am sure it would be a little more accurate than this garbage. Do us a favor and stop writing this crap you are really dragging down this site.

  • phantomebb

    I like the prediction. I think the chiefs get upset a little earlier but close the season with a win. Alex Smith is clutch in the playoffs.

  • Caleb Wylie

    I think we beat Denver at home, but lose to the Redskins on the road, RGIII is back