Oct 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) is chased by Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston (50) in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City won the game 24-7. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Five Keys to Victory: Chiefs vs. Raiders Part One Follow Up

Every week, we here at Arrowhead Addict break down the Kansas City Chiefs’ matchup of the week and predict five things the team will have to do in order to win. Once the game is over, we take a look at the Five Keys and see how well the team did. Welcome to Five Keys to Victory Follow Up.

Sorry I’m a day late, Addicts. I was a bit busy on my return trip from breaking a world record. Me and 79,000 of my best friends. That would be you. The Addicts.

The Chiefs are 6-0, and I can’t even believe it. Let’s see how well the team stuck to our Five Keys. My original post is in normal type, my comments are in bold.

Key #1: Control the Clock

The Chiefs lead the league in clock management in the fourth quarter. I know that’s hard for head coach Andy Reid detractors to accept, but it’s true. However, the Chiefs should play keep away from Pryor and this Raider offense as much as possible. It’s not that they are all that explosive, but they could be, if given the chance. A rested Chiefs defense against a desperate Raiders offense makes for a good combination in my book.

While the Raiders won the total time of possession game on Sunday, the Chiefs controlled the ball when they needed to. Much of the tilt (34 minutes for the Raiders vs. 26 minutes for the Chiefs) was due to the multiple Raider turnovers that resulted in quick Chiefs scores, thus giving the ball right back to the Raiders. Being that they used the clock when they needed to, I’m giving the Chiefs a win on this one.

Key #1: Achieved

Key #2: Force the Disrespectful Raiders to Respect JC

One of the many reasons the Raiders are such a hated rival is because they are the “bad guy.” The silver and black, the eye patch logo, the “dirty play” it all screams bad guy. But, perhaps the most concerning is their disrespect of Jamaal. The Raiders are one of the better teams against the run thus far. They rank 11th in the NFL, allowing just 96.6 yards per game. The Chiefs, led by Charles, are averaging 120.6 yards per game. A 30 yard differential is pretty significant, especially when so much of the Chiefs 4th quarter ball-control offense relies on the run game. The Chiefs will have to win this battle to stay ahead.

The Chiefs ran the ball at the Raiders and were undeterred by Oakland’s stout run defense. And it worked. Both offensive touchdowns were hand offs to Jamaal Charles, and as a team, the Chiefs ran for 111 yards, which is 15 more than the Raiders were allowing. If nothing else, the Raiders were forced to respect JC, and that’s all that matters.

Key #2: Achieved

Key #3: Continue to Open the Playbook

Where the Raiders defense is pretty good against the run, they rank in the bottom third of the NFL against the pass. Smith showed a bit of his ability to go deep last week. The Chiefs need to press that advantage. Doing that will open up the run game and so on. It’s the same story we’ve been telling since week one, but the truth is there.

This is getting a bit frustrating. Alex Smith was definitely having an off day. Even by his standards (and I mean his stats) he was down. Only throwing for 128 yards and no touchdowns may have gotten it done against the now 2-4 Raiders, but it won’t amount to much against some of the more elite teams in the league like the Denver Broncos. It’s hard to tell if Smith is regressing, is a victim of horrible offensive line play, bad play calling or just had a bad day. Whatever it is, granted the Chiefs are winning but they need to figure it out quickly.

Key #3: NOT Achieved

Key #4: Keep Smith Upright

The Raiders don’t have much of a pass rush, but defensive end Lamar Houston is a threat. The offensive line needs to continue the trend they started last week of keeping the defense out of the back field. When given time, Smith can get the ball out or take off. He can’t do anything from his back.

The first play of the game was an Alex Smith sack and my heart sank. After that, the offensive line only gave up two more, but Smith was hurried – a lot. The line has to play better if Smith is to get the opportunity to find these down field targets Chiefs fans are clamoring for him to throw to. Head coach Andy Reid can keep doing what he’s doing until the bye week, but he’s going to have to make some adjustments before the Chiefs travel to meet the Broncos at Mile High Stadium on week 11.

Key #4: Achieved

Key #5: Contain Pryor

The Chiefs should have a basic blueprint on how to work Pryor based on the defense they ran against the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Michael Vick. Other than one run, the Chiefs managed to keep Vick contained pretty well. Pryor should be similar, and perhaps a bit easier to contain, as he doesn’t have nearly the experience that Vick does. Plus, Pryor has a habit of only escaping to his right, which doesn’t bode well with linebacker Justin Houston bearing down from that side. It could lead to quite a big game for the prolific linebacker.

Pryor had six runs for a total of 60 yards, but wasn’t able to find the end zone or really break one for a huge gain. And the fact that the defense planted the young quarterback ten times and picked him off three times – one for a touchdown – says that they were able to contain the Raiders’ signal caller quite well.

Key #5: Achieved

In case you missed the top of the article, the Chiefs are 6-0 and it’s thanks in large part to this monster defense. If they can keep it up, they will continue to shock the league and break records. Of course, if they can’t beat Denver next month, it might all be for nothing.

I guess we’ll have to just wait and see, Addicts.

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  • Logan Grace

    Great article! I’d like to hear more about your trip to arrowhead and kc. You should bring it up on this weeks AA Radio show

  • toperspective

    Key #3 was spot on. I just hope he had a bad day because he looked horrible. Even the screen passes and check downs were inaccurate and lacked touch. Now that they have raised our expectations by going 6-0, it’s hard not to want to compete with the elite and unless Smith and the offense get a lot better that’s not going to happen.

    • Danny W

      I think we’ll compete despite our offense. I know one thing is for certain though and that is this fan base would be super steamed at the quarterback play if we weren’t winning games right now.

    • berttheclock

      I only saw one poor pass to Charles and it was too high. Charles did not catch others.

      • toperspective

        My recollection, which admittedly is less than infallible, is that short passes were too hot and too high and rather than leading the RB coming out of the backfield the passes were right at or slightly behind the runner.

        • Danny W

          Yeah missed those dump offs this last game. Your analysis is accurate. You have to make a short throw or you don’t belong it’s as simple as that.

  • Tony Harris

    Smith is potentially one good game from getting his groove back. He isn’t there yet and at this point he is regressing, but, if he can be held upright against the Texans (which I think is his main issue) then he might be able to air it down field. How could we know yet, he is constantly being hurried or sacked. Lets give Smith one game on his feet before we judge just how good he is.

    • Danny W

      Most quarterbacks get the ball out in less than two seconds. I’ve seen Smith get all the way up to five seconds on my stop watch. Sometimes he just hangs on and doesn’t take the chance.

      • micah stephenson

        Alex is scared. He playes scared. Call it super conservative. Call it game manage. I call it scared. A weak arm QB that plays scared.

        • Danny W

          I don’t think he’s scared to take a hit because he runs the ball more than Knile Davis. I think he’s scared of his own inability and lacks the courage to make a mistake. He turned it loose (kind of) in one game this year. Then regressed the next two.

          • micah stephenson

            Exactly he has had 1 decent game where he passed a lil.

    • micah stephenson

      What groove??? I havnt seen the groove here in kc?

  • Danny W

    On some of the plays Smith staying up right is going to have to depend on him reading a defensive blitz coming undisguised. On one play I told my wife, they’re blizting form his left. Sure enough he didn’t slide the line over call an audible nothing just hiked it and ran for his life and threw it away thankfully. I’m glad he didn’t take a sack but you have to be able to read something that obvious. He could have rolled right if nothing else and picked up the first with his legs. I think some is on Smith, some on the line, and some on Andy Reid for not calling some better plays. We need some designed plays to Bowe and McCluster. Either way like you said we won we set the record all is good in Chiefs land. Let me tell you though if we weren’t winning the fan base would be rabid about how Smith has played thus far.

    • Chris Tarrants

      You might be on to something there. I never really thought about it that way until now. If we were losing these games we would be rioting and calling for Daniel or Bray. Is this success making us fans turn a blind eye to our short comings? Will Smith get this offense turned around? We won’t know until we play all 16 games and hope upon hope that we don’t get embarrassed again with a one and done in the playoffs

      • Danny W

        I promise you 75% of fans would be calling for Andy Reid to be fired by now. This defense is what is winning games. An offense that throws together three drives a game isn’t going to win unless your defense is historic good. Our offense is horrible right now.

  • Danny W

    It’s going to be tough to beat the Texans even with out Schaub. Their defense is better than ours is in terms of yards allowed. Two power house defenses facing off means whoever wins the turn over battle and time of possession probably wins the game.

    • toperspective

      Points are an important stat. Chiefs are giving up 11 per game and the Texans are giving up 30. Houston is a mess right now at QB and the game is in KC. But the Chiefs offense is very shaky and it’s the NFL so anything is possible.

  • Justin R Groth

    Smith was highly aggravating on Sunday. The line wasn’t doing great but there were several times I saw bowe do the randy moss hand waive. And at least one time Alex had Avery for 6 easy down the middle but he didn’t go tjat way.

    • Danny W

      Saveourchiefs would be out in full force if it weren’t for this defense making the games what they are. Bob Sutton has to be the defensive coordinator of the year thus far.

  • berttheclock

    Yes, Alex Smith should throw more passes. In fact, why not throw 48 and complete 36 for an 8.1 yard average. Now, that should win a game, right?

    Well, that is exactly what Phillip Rivers tried against the Raiders and out of the 48, he threw 3 INTs. Guess what. The Chargers lost 27-17.

    Yes, I wish Alex Smith had the offensive line protection so he could be more productive on offense. But, we WON the damn game and are Six and Zero. The Chargers and the Raiders are simply slip sliding away.

    • micah stephenson

      6-0 becuase of the defense. Alex sucks. They was ripping him on national tv today. 610 radio clowned him. He is horrible. The 49s owe us a refund!!! The didn’t say the oline sucked. They said Alex sucked.

    • Danny W

      I watched Rivers do some real quarterbacking last night and his line is probably in worse shape than ours is. They were timing his throws after the half and he was getting rid of the ball in under two seconds to compensate for poor line play. And the bolts beat one of the best teams in football last night. Our defense is what it is. With out it we’re 2-4.

      • micah stephenson

        I think we are 0-6 without the D. I havnt seen 1 game where I can say the offense won the game.

  • berttheclock

    Amazingly, Rich Gannon knows one HELL of a lot more about quarterbacking than any poster at this site. He kept saying over and over that the DBs for the Raiders were covering like gloves and Alex Smith didn’t have anyone to which to pass. In Gannon and my own two old eyes do I trust. I saw excellent coverage and Alex Smith having to scramble due to inept blocking.

    • micah stephenson

      Apparently the DBs been covering like gloves 6 games now then.

    • micah stephenson

      3 sacks and a few hurries is inept??? Wow. How did T.Pryor hav more passing yrds than Smith while getting sacked ten times?

  • micah stephenson

    Wat does 6-0 matter if we don’t win the superbowl? Our offense is getting worse and worse. Alex Smith is horrible. I dropping him from avg to below avg.

  • micah stephenson

    #3 open the offense. That why the 49s coach got rid of Alex. He felt with Kopernick he cud open up the offense. With Alex u gone have a VERY VERY LIMITED offense. Outside of kc noone likes A.Smith.

    • Danny W

      I think Reid needs to be watching San Fran games just to see what will work for him at this point. I’m sure they’re has to be some packages that made he and Dorsey want this guy. All I know is Dexter McCluster and DBowe are being wasted and it’s not because they’re not open. It’s because plays aren’t called their way or Smith doesn’t trust either. But Chad Hall can get some footballs??? One word, STUPID………..Reid has to have some of the blame too. At this point he has to know Smith’s limitations and work around them. He also needs to get proven playmakers the ball.

      • micah stephenson

        Yup at this point I got to start blaming Ried. How did Bowe catch a million passes his whole career from the worst QBs in the nfl while being doubled teamed, then when with the best QB hes ever had he can’t get no passes thrown his way.

  • micah stephenson

    Alex Sucks!!!! T.Pryor had more passing yards than Alex while being sacked Ten times. Alex was only sacked 3 times. Thats not to bad.

    • Jim Harper

      I ‘m putting forth the idea that going forward from today that nobody responds to micah Stephenson any more. Eventually he will tire of rattling peoples cages any more and he will go away.

      • micah stephenson

        Yea right. I cud care less about responses as long as I say what I feel.

  • tm1946

    Smith was having accuracy problems the last two weeks, why – lot of opinions but needs to be corrected quickly. I see no improvement by the offense since game 1 and now Smith has issues hitting receivers.

    I see a number are looking ahead to Denver – STOP IT. There are games to be played before broncos step into the locker room. This next Sunday we will face a good defense and an unknown at QB, that is what we need to think about.

    Lastly Pryor is telling anyone who will quote him, the raiders will make the playoffs. Genius or joke??

    • Danny W

      Joke for this year. After this year not so much. He’s a talented young man.

      • micah stephenson

        Id take T.Pryor over A.Smith.

  • Mark Bustamante

    Calm down everyone. Is Alex Smith a cannon arm-no. But he does manage the game. Brad Johnson managed the game and Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl. Trent Dilfer managed the game and Baltimore won the Super Bowl. Will AS11 win a Super Bowl I don’t know but he’s a huge upgrade over what we had!!!

    • Danny W

      Those are enigmas. Both quarterbacks were also playing better ball.

    • micah stephenson

      Alex is a slight upgraded over what we had, not a huge upgrade. Not only is his arm weak but he scared to throw into any kind coverage what so eva. If the DB is with in ten yrds of the wr he ain’t passing it.