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Eric Fisher: Chiefs' Rookie Looked Horrible Against Raiders

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When you’re the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, expectations are high. For Chiefs’ offensive tackle, Eric Fisher, perhaps the expectations were too high.

The Chiefs’ rookie has struggled this season, whether it be with injury or inconsistent play, and those struggles continued against the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday afternoon.

Sure, his team is 6-0, so there’s plenty to feel good about, but if you were to judge Fisher solely based off his individual performances this season, the feelings wouldn’t be as good.

To put it lightly, Fisher has struggled to translate his 6’7”, 306 pound frame to the NFL game.

Leaving him on an island to block a defender one-on-one is a major gamble, because at this point, his inconsistencies can end up really hurting the Chiefs’ offense, and Alex Smith.

Let’s take a look at the film.

Note: Screen grabs via NFL Rewind. Markings are my own.

For Fisher, the struggle started on the first offensive play of the game for Kansas City, when he was blown back off the line of scrimmage on a bull rush. Notice how he’s back on his heels and he’s stood straight up:




The defender gives one more shove, and he creates immense separation from Fisher, who is moving backwards at this point. The end result of this play was a sack on Smith. Fisher couldn’t handle the bull rush, and that’s something we’ve seen a few times this year already:




Here’s another example of Fisher struggling in pass protection. Here, his eyes are up field for some reason, despite the fact that he has a defender running through his inside gap. I’m not sure what he’s looking at here:


The defender shoots the gap, easily, and Fisher is left, well, doing nothing in particular:12

That’s a play that’s sure to get you chewed out in the film room, and Fisher won’t be immune to the criticism here in the Arrowhead Addict film room either. This wasn’t just a rookie mistake, this was a bad football play that good linemen don’t make. Where were his eyes? Where is his awareness? This play should be cause for concern, because there are high school players who display more awareness.

Next up, we see Fisher struggling with a speed rush to the outside. All he has to do here is force the Raiders’ defender up field, which will allow Smith to step up into the pocket:21

Unfortunately, and you can’t see it in the still-shot, Fisher gets beat by a nice club and rip move, which allows the defender to get a step on him, dip his shoulder and turn the corner. From there, it’s speed against a lack thereof, and the defender is able to get to Smith:22


24Thankfully, Smith was able to evade this somehow, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Fisher simply got burnt.


For the record, I still do believe that Fisher will be fine in the NFL. Remember, he’s coming from Central Michigan University, which is a huge jump to the NFL, and linemen do traditionally have a longer adjustment period then at other positions.

Fisher still has great size, and it’s not like he’s a complete failure. There were instances against Oakland when he displayed good footwork and upper body strength as a pass-blocker, and others when he was able to clear a running lane for Jamaal Charles with his strength and size.

Still, one cannot simply pretend that his struggles don’t exist, because they are very real.

At times, Fisher has looked less like a No. 1 overall pick and more like an undrafted project player. He’s been straight up beaten on more than one occasion, and he’s looked silly in the process.

The adjustment to the NFL is a tough one, and it is too early to come down with a final judgment on the rookie. But, at least in the early going of his career, things aren’t looking good.

Hopefully 2013 will be looked back on as an intense growing experience for the Chiefs’ offensive tackle, and hopefully he and the coaching staff will be able to clean up some of those issues and work on getting better throughout this year and into the offseason.

Hopefully, taking a chance on Fisher won’t come back to haunt the Chiefs when all is said and done.

Perhaps the only thing he can do is get better, because right now, he may not be able to get any worse.

Remember, the film doesn’t lie.

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  • Danny W

    Its true and for folks thinking its because he isnt on the left side are dreaming under tge kool aid buzz. Most of the best rushers are over there.

    • berttheclock

      In this modern age, the best rushers are moved from side to side. Look at the lineups for the best of the best coming to KC, next Sunday and you will find the Texans let him free lance and he roams up and down the line. Big reason for the recent argument that right O-Ts should make more money. Far better pass rushers are, now, lining up on that side. One of those Fisher has faced is Fletcher Cox of whom I just mentioned had the highest PFF rating of anyone in yesterday’s Philly game. The modern age has brought about the fact any team needs two quality offensive tackles as book ends.

      • Danny W

        In this modern age most rushers are still on the blind side. I guarantee you if you go through the list of elites the majority will play on one side. Either way your deflecting from the point…….Eric Fisher looks like a bag of ass.

        • d-block

          He does. At least he didn’t break his leg like Joekel though.

          • Danny W

            Hey for the record I’m not sitting here saying Fisher is a bust or anything. I think the kid will pull it together. At least I’m routing for him to anyway. Same with Alex Smith. He’s playing awful bad, but I hope he comes around.

        • BigGil

          Graverson has already covered this topic earlier this year.

          • Danny W

            Okay so is Eric Fisher playing good football then. That’s really what we’re talking about here.

          • BigGil

            Actually “what we’re really talking about” in this particular comment thread is your blindly made statement that the best pass rushers all still play the blindside and Bert and I pointing out evidence that suggests otherwise. This comment to my comment is your way of avoiding the evidence brought against your claim. Just so you know that I know what you did there.

            For the record, I’ve been touting the “the OL is underperforming” line for a while. That includes Fisher. I’m a little less worried about him because he is a rook getting used to the speed of the pro game (and the refined talent of the players he’s going against), but concern about the speed of his progression is still there because there are plenty of OLs taken high in past drafts that performed better out of the gate than he is. Long term, I doubt he’s anywhere near a bust. Short term, he will aggravate the hell out of us for a while longer. What concerns me more is the vets not looking up to snuff. Not too confident in our OL coaches right now.

            The common sentiment on here following the 2012 draft seemed to be “three linemen taken with the first three picks? I guess that’s okay. We totally lost the battle in the trenches in the 2010 playoff game against the Ravens, so we could use improvement there”. Well Poe took a huge leap forward, TJax is playing some of the best games we’ve seen him play, and Devito’s certainly not making us miss Dorsey… but where is the improved OL play? The DL coaches are getting the most out of our players and doing it quickly, why the hell is the OL taking so much longer? Alex Smith isn’t gonna consistently beat teams with the long ball (especially not since his shoulder injury screwed with his throwing mechanics), but the least the line can do is give him a little more time to set his feet so that errant balls become less likely.

            P.S. I still hold that he’s capable of throwing deep balls once in a while, just not very many times in the same game (hence the “not gonna consistently beat teams with the long ball” remark). Given the style of offense it looks like Reid wants to play, 35+ yd bombs aren’t exactly necessary (once in a while is nice though). With the defense and special teams playing at the consistently high level they have been, I’d be fine with long, methodical drives consisting of 5-15 yd passes and 4-8 yd runs so long as they can do it successfully and the drive ends with points (TDs preferable to FGs, of course). Smith is capable of doing that (throwing in the occasional 20 yarder to back defenses off) and he’s done just that a few times this season, but he and the offense needs to do that with more consistency. He and the offense have struggled competing those “high percentage” passes these past two games and I don’t think it’s coincidence that the past two defenses we played were among the better ones in terms of pass rush. Give him time to plant his feet and not feel the urgency to rocket passes out too hard (such that they’re more easily dropped) and the offense should do find with such a style of play. But it takes a team effort: the OL according him time to make better (read: more sound) passes, him making better passes, and the receivers not dropping the better passes. It’s a chain reaction that starts at the line of scrimmage, though. The OL needs to start doing better.

          • Danny W

            I don’t blindly do anything. Is the article about Eric Fisher sucking or not? Jared Allen, Demarcus Ware, Aldon and Justin Smith, Robert Mathis, Cameron Wake, etc etc still play on the blind side. Is the league evolving into something that lends to the ends playing well on the right side too? Sure, I’ll concede to that point. I don’t ignore things that aren’t facts. At the end of the day Eric Fisher is playing like crap. That is the point I’m trying to make whether you want that to be it or not.
            I don’t know what else to say about the rest of your defense of Alex Smith…Yes the line has to take some blame, so does Andy Ried for not putting in Schwartz for Allen and maybe benching Fisher for now but you know what?? Alex Smith has to take some blame too. I don’t know why you wouldn’t acknowledge that? Thanks for taking time to comment though.

          • BigGil

            “…but [Smith] and the offense needs to do that with more consistency. He and the offense have struggled competing those “high percentage” passes these past two games…” How is that not acknowledging that he’s partially responsible for some of the blame of the offense’s short comings? That comment pretty much puts equal share of the blame on the entire offense as a unit, and Smith isn’t an exception. Still would put more of the blame on the OL for the time being as for reasons already named, I think the offense’s progression has to start with them getting better first.

            I will concede that the point you’re trying to make in regards to the sum total of all the comments you’ve made on this article is that Fisher is playing poorly; however, this particular comment thread was focused less on that and more on left tackle vs. right tackle debates.

            “At the end of the day Eric Fisher is playing like crap. That is the point I’m trying to make whether you want that to be it or not.” What’s with the “whether you want that to be it or not”? Does my condemning the play of the entire line somehow translate to “Eric Fisher is playing excellently”?

            That’s almost like thinking I wasn’t putting some of the blame on Smith. Do people have to “call players out” individually for you to comprehend criticism of how they’re playing? Can I not say “the entire line is playing subpar” and have that convey the thought that “Eric Fisher is playing subpar”? I apparently can’t say “AS11 and the entire offense have struggled completing ‘high-percentage passes’ especially over the last two games” and inherently convey that “AS11 has struggled completing ‘high-percentage passes’ especially over the last two games”.

            Let me try to be clearer: The offense as a whole needs to get a lot better and they need to do it together, each and every one. There’s no “remove AS11, drop any other QB in and ‘wham bam our problems are solved’”. There’s no “improve the OL play and none of the other guys on offense will have to do anything at all to improve their own play”. There’s no “AS11 is flawless, it’s everyone else on offense that has to get better”. It’s “the entire offense that needs to play better, but that’ll have to start up front”. But since you apparently only comprehend individual criticism, I guess I have to say “Branden Albert has to get better, Jeff Allen has to get better, Rodney Hudson has to get better, Jon Asamoah has to get better, Eric Fisher has to get better, Donald Stephenson has to get better, and Geoff Schwartz has to get better. Then when they can play consistently better, Alex Smith has to consistently throw better passes, then Avery, Bowe, McCluster, Charles, McGrath, Hall, Jenkins, Hemingway, Sherman have to get consistently better at catching the balls and not dropping/fumbling them”.

            ^You see how ridiculous that last segment was? I shouldn’t have to name players individually like that just for your sake, Danny. “Smith and the offense”, “the OL”, “the WRs” all should suffice in a conveying a point about the groups severally or as a whole without having to name them individually (especially when using those terms to reference similar errors that the individuals in the group have made… bad pass protection, or dropped passes etc.). The ultimate point I’m trying to get across is “Reading Comprehension: it’s a thing”.

          • Danny W

            It shouldn’t be so hard to comprehend what your trying to say! I get it now though. It seems that you think no one on the offense is doing any good. I guess Bowe is slacking and Albert is too. Big Jon not doing so hot. I disagree but whatever your opinion in all that is expressed loud and clear.
            You don’t have to name any players for my sake. Your free to choose how long or short your comments are. I think in a round about way your trying to camouflage the fact that your an Alex Smith apologist by throwing the entire offense under the bus.I don’t need 10 sentences to see that Gil. If that’s not what your trying to say then why did you mention every single player on our offense? For the record it’s whatever. I love the same team you do. Just differently.
            As far as your little swipe at my reading comprehension that’s well….petty. I’ve earned a degree from a good school with a plethora of classes that would make a good mans ears bleed. Deans list the whole way. “Writing Clarity: it’s a thing too”.

          • BigGil

            I don’t want to write novels to be understood… sometimes I just have to. ;-) Like I said about a month ago, we’ve had debates before where you’ve aggravated me. This was just one such instance. In hindsight the reading comprehension thing was low. Sorry about that. Funny thing about the writing charity thing I’d that I read and write legalese all day, so parentheticals and extreme comma use have become the norm for me and my idea of “clear writing”. You’re not the only one outside such an environment that gets pissed at the way I write. :-P

            The offense Reid wants can be achieved with the players we have, Smith included. And I do think Smith’s decision making (specifically turnover minimization) is among the best available in the league for such an offense. But, yeah, everyone has to play consistently better together.

            Look at our defense. They turned out some great performances over the past three seasons, but it was only one or twice a year that they seemed to play to the best of their ability all in the same game. They made some upgrades this year (and, though not a new personnel addition, Poe’s progression has been excellent) and changed the scheme and I now trust that the great defensive performances can occur with the consistency they lacked in previous years.

            So what I mean when I say the offense needs to play consistently better together is that the line needs to stop offering good pass protection only some of the time, but a lot more often than they have been (sacks and pressures will get through… but the OL needs to play better to limit that as much as possible). And it’s not enough to give Alex extra time if he doesn’t utilize that extra time to see some obvious things (like Avery open for a TD) and to get his feet planted so his throws aren’t high fliers or otherwise off target. And if the OL does their part, and Alex does his, the receivers gotta work on minimizing some of the drops/turnovers we’ve seen. If they can improve together and play consistently as a complementary unit like the defense and special teams are, this entire team would get so much scarier. But the blame for the currently lacking offensive production falls on them all.

          • Danny W

            You know I don’t disagree. I’ve seen Alex Smith be a really really solid NFL quarterback. I’ve watched his tape. I’ve seen his games in San Fran. He’s made throws that are on par with Joe Flaccoe. He’s not Matt Ryan or even Tony Romo but Smith has ability. He scares the ever loving barbecue out of me though the way he plays for us. I think where our camps differ is that I think a good quarterback can hide a bad offenses execution by reading defenses better and getting the ball out quicker. We’re playing against Peyton Manning and that’s not really a fair comparison because well, he’s as good as there has ever been and maybe as there ever will be. AND HE’S A GD BRONCO!!! #angryface

        • superman_25_58

          Joe Staley looked like ass his first few years in the league too but now he is one of the best lineman in the NFL. I have faith in Fisher and he is just facing growing pains that many football players do coming out of college but after a couple years they turn out to be really good players.

          • Danny W

            Man I’m hoping this is the exact thing that’s happening to Fisher.

          • superman_25_58

            Me too! “fingers crossed” #GottaHaveFaith!

  • Bruce Hurford

    How do you not get better going against Hali and Houston for practice?

    • berttheclock

      First of all one has to be able to practice which Fisher has not been able to do. Just get him a case of Rustoleum.

    • KcNdaRock

      So maybe his confidence is a little shaken up by now!! It must suck to go to work everyday to get ur ass handed to you. Maybe he’s trying to hard to be that number 1 pick and isn’t having fun. Just an idea

  • berttheclock

    So what do you want to do Andrew, start Stephenson instead? Last week, Pro Football Focus rated Stephenson at a minus 6.2. For yesterday’s game, PFF has rated Fisher at minus 4.2, the lowest rating of any player in the game. However, it was better than that of Russell Wilson, er, Stephenson from the week before. BTW, the second highest rated player in the game was the player, Moore, who Fisher spent most of the day trying to block. BTW, I await the full results from PFF, especially, on Jeff Allen who, to me, looked to be one of the worst offensive guards in the game. He should have teamed with Barry “Manilow”, our former RT. They would make a MaHvelous Dance team as neither of them can block. But, they could do a divine Waltz with one another. BTW, yes, Fisher did blow it up on the first play from scrimmage. But, on the next series, no one blocked on the left side. Then, a tackle waltzed Allen and spun around and sacked Smith. Yes, Fisher is in a steep learning curve and the o-line didn’t give Alex Smith enough protection, but, why not tell us something we did not already know.

    All this accomplishes is to fuel the “We wanted Geno” crowd. Now, if you said it fuels the “We wanted Fletcher Cox” crowd, then, they would have a legitimate argument. FC just posted the highest PFF grade in his game of yesterday.

    • Patrick Allen

      What is wrong with pointing out that the kid isn’t playing well yet? It’s the truth.

      • KcNdaRock

        He’s not playing well but neither is the Oline. I think what pisses peeps off is the negitive articles on singled out players when it’s more than one blown assignment on Oline. Plus they need there AA fix a little bit earlier in the am lol. Keep it up Andrew hard to write stuff with a near perfect team buddy.

    • ChadL

      Saying someone else sucked worse is no excuse for one of our highest paid players to be continually the worst rated player on the field.

    • micah stephenson

      People are always on me about Geno. Its not about Geno. We wud have taken any QB. Just get us the best QB you can get. It cud have been EJ.Manual. now we haft to wait till next yr. Or mayby the yr after that, or prolly not till the yr after that, kna prolly not till a few more yr after that. Then we we finally get a QB theres the whole rookie yr learning yr that has to pass by before we can expect playoff wins from him.

  • berttheclock

    Charles is our best offensive weapon, but, yesterday, he dropped several passes and completely missed a crucial block on a blitz.

    We are Freakin’ Six and Zero. Can we move on from the negatives? Yes, there must be improvement on the team, but, we still are Six and Zero and the fans just blew the O-Zone off the top of TerrorHead. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.

    • Spencer

      because, if Fisher doesn’t improve, and if we continue to view Stephenson as the swing tackle/backup, Fisher will hurt this team immesnsily against any team, especially the playoffs, and especially this coming week against J.J. Watt, the best pass rusher we will have faced by far this season…

      • Blake Molina

        Hey now Demarcus Ware is not chopped liver

        • JustCantThinkOfAName

          (Not 100% sure, but…) I think D. Ware lined up against Branden Albert.

    • chris

      We cant ignore the negative, we cant improve if we just let it be

    • micah stephenson

      Enjoying. Always enjoy wins. But I want to win a Super Bowl. Its ok to discuss ways the team need to improve. 2010 we got a lot of wins but beat down n the playoffs. Just don’t want that to happen again.

    • micah stephenson

      Those negatives are what cud keep us from winning the superbowl which is all some of us care about. Beating all these scrubby teams is cool and everything but I want playoff and superbowl wins.

    • redchiefs

      If the O line doesn’t get fixed soon, they are seriously allowing the possibility that Alex Smith will be the one going on IR.

  • berttheclock

    I still can’t get over the reception the wearing of my Chiefs hat has had while walking around Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. I see joy in the faces of many as they yell “Six and O”. I even had a die hard Vikings’ fan stop me and congratulate the Chiefs. I did drop the hat over my heart and commiserated with him about those Vikings. I will love it when I put my new Chiefs’ license plate holders on and drive in front of a Raiders’ fan.

    • HerbanLegend

      As a Chiefs lifer living behind enemy lines (in Denver) I too have been simply astonished at the amount of compliments and “How about them Chiefs??”s that my constant wearing of at least two pieces of Chiefs gear has brought.
      Also love the reactions of Donkey fans who are just flabbergasted that their “invincible, unquestionably Super Bowl-bound record-setting super-team” can’t gain an inch of ground over a team who less than a year ago didn’t hold a lead in regulation for almost half the season.

  • Pealvin

    I’ve been saying this for awhile. I’m glad there is a post about it. If we did not have Albert on the line we’d be in trouble. If fisher was in the left side smith would have a concussion already. The best pass rushers play on that side. Now when they play the chiefs they go over to the right side, or at least that’s what you can expect from defenses that have had time to scout. He’s just not there yet. He has time.

  • Todd Worrel

    I believe we had better protection after Albert got hurt?

  • Todd Worrel

    I believe we had better protection after Albert got hurt?

  • Todd Worrel

    I believe we had better protection after Albert got hurt?

  • tomflex

    lots of options left if he doesn’t come around (I think he will). Fisher can be a back up for Albert and Richardson can take over on the right side…..If Richardson can’t handle it Schwartz can move over and take the tackle position. If all else fails Fisher would still make a fine interior lineman…..

    • Roc

      Richardson hasn’t played for the Chiefs in 3 years

      • tomflex

        OOPs….I’ve still got Richardson burned into the mush that used to serve as my brain.
        I meant Winston……ha ha…God I’m funny.
        Actually I still see Fisher on the left and Stephenson on the right as early as next year….the middle of the line still concerns me more…still no push up the middle.

  • chris

    Fischer does practice (when hes not hurt) against the best defense in football. I expect him to have a better game this week due to a full week of practice and the fact that he’ll be playing a 3-4 defense; whereas, he played a 4-3 d yesterday in oakland, that alone will help his awareness. Does anyone else think that playing schwarts next to him instead of asamoah would help due to his experience(both nfl wise and at rt), he could help fischer out before each snap by pointing stuff out to him. Asamoah is probably the better long term player but I think itd help fischers progress if we started schwarts next to him untill he can get his feet under him

  • Erik Hild

    I think the next three games will be key in our overall success this year. As well as the defense has played our offense needs to show improvement before the bye week. Fisher will adjust to the NFL over time just as Dontari Poe did. Line play in college is much different than the NFL. Last year around this time how many people thought Poe was a bust. Given time to develop Fisher will be a good tackle in this league.

  • Blake Molina

    Give him a full season and offseason to adjust. I remember the adjustment from going from a JV lineman to varsity in high school; 300 pounders were no joke! So I can’t imagine what the talent differential is from the C-USA to the NFL. I think Fisher will still turn out fine.

    Most fans were quick to write off Poe, and now look at him.

    • PunjabiPete

      I agree, he’s got coachable issues, and while I HOPE he gets the kinks worked out, those are some pretty fundamental errors. You keep your arms extended. You do NOT let yourself get stood up. Keep your butt down, chop your feet and keep those hands extended/ pumping. Maybe let every third arm pump “accidentally” sneak up under the facemask for an oopsie uppercut (I used to have lots of those oopsies).

      I was one of those fans arguing Poe was gonna be something special, and it feels great being vindicated. I hope Fischer does the same thing :)

  • Chris Foosman

    It wasn’t just Fisher who struggled, it was the whole offensive line, and the play calling was not helping them out. Twists with 4 defenders flummoxed both sides of the line. At one point they showed how no one was open as the Raiders lined all but three of their defenders at the line of scrimmage. The play had three receivers running outside release routes. I’m not sure if that was SUPPOSED to be the case, but everyone in that stadium knew they were blitzing and the Chiefs were not going to hold long. How about a slant or something with an inside track to help Alex Smith get rid of the ball faster?

  • KcNdaRock

    What about Albert were paying all that money to this year to hold and jump offsides. This league u gotta have 2 tackles worth a shit not just 1. I would also say on play1 debo was open on the slant it looked like. Last night compling about as11 tonight it’s fisher lets just enjoy right now and let the good times roll. Hopefully the coaches are during there jobs and talking shit in the film room!!!

    Go chiefs

  • Tony Harris

    You all are talking about a rookie 6 games into his NFL career dealing with injuries. He has hardly been able to practice and missed a full game. You all are acting like he is a bust. Give him time, he will be fine. Yes, he has lots to work on but every rookie does. He is a hard worker and eager to learn. We are 6-0 and he is currently playing his worst football. Thats a good thing. When he comes around (and he will) we will be far more talented. Great post Andrew, agree with what you are saying I just dont agree with people saying he already needs to be benched. Got to give the rookie time.

  • kmon

    C’mon man, give the kid a break. no need to nitpick his game like that, we all know he’s struggled… so what.. let him grow and be thankful thats he’s learning the game on the right side and not the left

  • vandesan

    Have you never seen an NFL rookie play before? Rookies tend to be episodic and somewhat inconsistent. Fisher started the game poorly and played better as time went on. He is far from a bust and not worth the treatment he is getting here and elsewhere.

  • Roc

    I still have faith in fisher. Joeckel looked like shit before getting hurt , and Lane Johnson isn’t exactly performing spectacularly in Philly either. Gonna take a little while

  • ArrowFan

    It is a good thing we are paying BA at least for this year.

  • micah stephenson

    Yup we just had to have a RT instead of a QB. Now it looks like the fans are complaining the oline is not good enough. So instead of a QB we will always need to draft olinemen. Been drafting olinmen for yrs now and completely ignoring drafting a QB.

  • micah stephenson

    Will somebody keep it real? If we gave Alex Smith an extra sencond or two n the pocket, do you really think he wud b that much better than he is now? I don’t.

    • BigGil

      We know you don’t, Micah. You’ve made that abundantly clear. Unfortunately, with the way the line is playing and our lack of consistently good talent in the WR corps, the only QB in the league that can play at the level you (and Danny for that matter) want our QB to play at is Peyton. He’s the only one with enough play awareness, throwing mechanics and quick release to make up for all else this offense is lacking. Even then his production wouldn’t be what it is in Denver as their receiving crew is more consistently good than ours. Problem is there is only one Peyton Manning and he’s not ours. Alternative route? Get our OL blocking consistently better so plays have time to develop and the QB we do have can get his feet set more often before he throws (should help with those high fliers he’s throwing as of late).

  • PunjabiPete

    I will agree that it’s been tough for Eric Fischer this season. I hope he gets some of these totally coachable issues resolved soon; it is disheartening to see him getting blown up like that. I thin he has starlight in his eyes still, once he settles down, if he still has a job, he will be alright.

    In the meantime, the offense should be carrying the defense’s pads. EVERY GAME. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pathetic. Actually, no. Half of the defenses pads would be fumbled en route to their destination!

  • Danny W

    Can anyone tell me how to clear my notifications?

    • micah stephenson

      I know right. I got 46 beside My Disqus. I’m not gon back track 46 times to clear it.

      • Danny W

        I sucked it up and did mine. I had like 93. Had to go back six months ago worth of posts. Oh well I had to teach computers today anyway. Getting paid to be an Addict!!!

        • micah stephenson

          You sound like me. Soon as I clock in its time for a snack and an hr or 2 on my Chiefs websites. Lol.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Funny how the 1st pick in the draft struggles mightily and a 7th round pick, that was released by the team that drafted him, is blowing it up. Happy for Cooper and I feel for Fisher. The thing is Fish will get it eventually, it’s obvious the game is still too fast for him. He’s thinking too much and nothing seems to be automatic right now. The good news is he is only going to get better. I’m hoping for a Poe like learning curve. Fisher will start to get it the last 4 games of this year, (and the playoffs), and explode next year.

  • redchiefs

    Maybe they should move Fisher to left tackle now, BA can handle the right tackle just fine.

  • BigGil

    It’s not just Fisher. The entire OL is doing worse than last year. Anyone else losing faith in Andy Heck and Eugene Chung? Their pedigree isn’t exactly stellar and, while Fisher’s struggles can be partially attributed to “rookie getting accustomed to the speed of the pro game”, the vets don’t look quite as good either. Even Asamoah isn’t looking like himself at times.

    I know Will Shields still lives and works in KC area … can he freelance coach? Please???

  • Jeff Grasser Jr

    Good work, enjoyed the article. Last years draft class was pretty void of any sure things…it’s just our luck the one year the Chiefs have the number one overall pick, there’s slim pickins