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Arrowhead Sets World Record For Loudest Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs have a perfect 6-0 record, but that’s not the only record making noise around the NFL right now.

According to multiple sources on Twitter, Arrowhead Stadium is now officially the loudest stadium in the world.

Arrowhead is known as a tough place for opponents to play in, but now Chiefs Kingdom can officially claim to be the loudest.

Why does this matter?

One, it’s a world record, and anytime you can set a world record, it’s a good time.

More importantly though, it’s proven that noise at a stadium can dramatically impact the opposing team in a negative way. Not only does it make it make it hard for the visiting team to communicate, but in many instances, they have to change the way they call plays, and even change the way they practice.

Fans can directly impact the course of a football game with the noise that they make, and now it’s official—the Chiefs have the best 12th man in the world.

The previous decibel record was 131.9 136.6, set by Seattle fans at CenturyLink Field.

Arrowhead has no roof or overhangs that would have helped make things louder. Just terrific fans, a.k.a. addicts.

Note: For the record, the Chiefs record is 137.5 decibels.

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  • calciomoti

    Oh yeah GO CHIEFS! Cuz we beat the hell outta you, and you, and you n you n you!

  • Spencer

    stupid seapigeons thinking that they could have the record and claim to loudest stadium for more then a couple of weeks…come on man, this is Arrowhead, nobody steals our claim to fame.

  • Robert

    136.6db was the record. Get it right.

    • DTVTechGuy


    • DTVTechGuy

      Pease don’t reply… That was rhetorical.

      • Robert

        An incorrect stat is rhetorical? Really? Please don’t reply.

        • DTVTechGuy

          No, was more a comment in regards to how you went about it Bob… You took a typo and felt the need to be a juvenile DB.

          Good for you.

          Real life not satisfying for you?

          Find some meaning Bob, then a harmless typo becomes a harmless typo not an excuse to take out aggression with strangers on the Internet!

          Have a great day Bob!

          • d-block

            On the rag today?

          • Robert

            Aggression? Wow. I was commenting on the bad journalism on this page is for not getting the information right. You have the problems. Do you see me calling you juvenile? Do you see me calling you a DB?

            Seroiulsly, shame on you.

          • DTVTechGuy

            It’s called a typo and you felt the need to be a DB about it.

            ” Get it right ”

            Or did you forget typing that?

            And after I said ” really? “… I expected you to actually respond like I needed your input on a typo… And you decided to be condescending and sarcastic again….

            And then shame on me?!?

            Grow up Bob… I am a condescending DB… At least I can admit it…. A-Hole.

          • Joe Myers

            Hold on bad journalism !!! Your ef in high man you dhoukd just not post !!!

    • Andrew Kulha

      Robert, I am sorry I had read the wrong information somewhere on the previous record.

      • Robert

        Thanks for the fix! Good job on going 6-0!

  • Jim Harper

    How cool is that?! What a treat for Jason’s first trip to Arrowhead. That was a game he will treasure forever. The defense was incredible. 10 and a half sacks! Are you kidding me? We needed that from the defense because Alex had an off game. His accuracy was off but that happens to all QB’s so nothing to worry about. I was surprised that McGrath had no receptions. Jamaal had yet again another stellar game, but the story of this game was our defense.


    131.9? Did you just guess at it?

    • calciomoti

      I think that was a typo, but 131.9 or 136.6 neither number matters…it’s 137.7!!! Go CHIEFS!!! Loudest fans in the world!

  • redchiefs

    Arrowhead is such a magical place! Remember how Gunther breaking his headset? Remember how the Chiefs and Arrowhead broke Ryan Leaf, my god there’s so many good memories……

    • Tom Sparks

      Oh Yea! DT’s most sacks in one game vs. Seattle, with 8, even though we lost! And he almost got his 9th on Kreig, it would have been a KC win, if he had! Just the atomosphere of The Marty/King Carl years was amazing at every game I ever went to, back then! Good to see us keep the legendary “Loudest Stadium in NFL”! Magical indeed!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of this team AND this city today! #toughestplacetoplayintheNFL

    • Tom Sparks

      Stacey, you are so right! I’m having to blink hard and take another look at a lot of this success that KC is getting!
      Just think, we set at least 2 records today; #1 being the loudest crowd at a Sporting Venue in the WORLD…think about that? (I wonder if Guiness let those crazy Europeans use those, obnoxiously loud, old crank-by-hand air raid sirens? LOL). #2 being that every contined W is adding to Andy Reid’s record of Most Cosecutive W’s for an NFL Coach Starting With A New Team! Plus, we must be leading the league in Sacks, as well as D point’s allowed! I love see great D in KC, again! If we could get Fasano back & The O-line to keep improving, we could be very deadly at the end of the season, when we really need to be! We could easily be setting the game up at Piled High for the game of the only undefeated teams in the league!

  • ladner morse

    It’s a conundrum… was it the fans or was it the team that gave the fans something to yell about… or was it the fans who gave the encouragement because they were yelling and that’s the reason the players could do what they did… or … or…

    Chicken or the egg?????

    • Joe Myers

      Lol I think it went both ways cuz that td before the half gave the fans something to keep cheering for !!!

  • ArrowFan

    Wish I could have been there, this would have been a fun on live.