K.C. Chiefs 2014 Draft: That’s What The Mock Says

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There are only 75 more shopping days until Christmas and you know what that means: the postseason will just about be here and we’ll all be cheering the Chiefs on to the playoffs. And of course, we’ll be looking forward to the 2014 NFL draft! So, why wait til it’s too late to say who you want the Chiefs to be slipping under the tree!

Reids 14 1st rounds picks for PhillyThe motivating force for doing this right now of course is “wondering with great wonder what the next step will be for our beloved Chiefs in the season coming up.” Plus, in our recent past we Chiefs fans have been compelled, by this time of the season, to dream about winning futures (like this one) and so thinking about future drafts has been the solution. However, this year it is by choice that we dream about just how much better this team can be. And that’s a pretty dreamy dream.

I have no preconceived notion or a specific idea prior to writing this who I will select in any given round. I have watched a fair amount of college games but, more game tape highlights than is healthy for anyone’s brain cells. However, I set about this task as if the draft were this coming week and as if no one knows for sure yet who will land where. Which of course no one does.

I will admit up front, that this mock is not based upon the “best player available” philosophy specifically, although I certainly am not going to be picking players who rank in the 200s, in the first round. These choices all come from multiple rankings services that place them near the spot they have been slotted to be selected. Also, this is not a prediction for the Chiefs. However, certain assumptions are being made about “team needs” based upon the Chiefs overall play so far, as well as what is trending around the league.

Dorseys 14 1st round picks for the PackersFor instance, while Alex Smith is to be the Chiefs QB for the foreseeable future, there also appears to be a need to provide him with more targets at the WR and TE positions. It also means I won’t be projecting any QBs this year. While this is supposed to be a good year for QBs… the upside of that is that the higher all these QBs are selected… the further down other high quality players will fall, and hopefully fall into the Chiefs lap.

That being said, if I had to choose, I would take QB Marcus Mariota from Oregon if he was available late in the first round but I’m afraid he could go as early as #1 in the draft so I won’t be faced with that conundrum. Mariota reads the whole defense in the span of one second before firing his passes with that super-fast release. He’s amazing to watch.

Draft order will not be a factor here. While gaining a precise idea about the position the Chiefs will pick at in 2014 would be preferable, it isn’t doable at this point in time so I won’t make up an arbitrary and therefore meaningless drafting order. This mock will be based on the popular and growing idea that the Chiefs will select in the last ⅓ of each round in the 2014 NFL draft. Also, since it would be absurd to project a single prospect for the Chiefs to select at this point in time, I’ll provide three possibilities in each of the first three rounds. After all, who really knows how things will shake out beyond the top 100 picks but, it’s time we start hearing some more names and possibilities for our early picks. If you’ve missed any of our scheduled AA coverage of potential NFL prospects by Jeff Grasser Jr. have a look-see here.

As Arrowhead Addict’s resident Armchair Addict, Lyle Graversen, has stated in his Monday column called “Just How Good Are The 5-0 Kansas City Chiefs?“,

While there is NO question that the Chiefs are light years better than they were last season, the general consensus seems to be that this team is still a work in progress.

With that, let’s proceed to round one.

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  • berttheclock

    Speaking of “Catch-22″, I am reminded of Pioli’s office being off limits to the point one could only go in to see him if he was no longer in the room. Pioli was the Major Major Major from the novel.

    No, it is not too early for “Mocks”. Should the Chiefs keep winning, they will be selecting in the lower part of the 1st round. It looks as though the cream of the QBs, OTs and, especially defensive studs will be taken long before the Chiefs select. But, there is quality out there. There are very good TEs who will be there. The stud from The Dub will be gone, but, there are others, as well as wide outs. We need more depth on the offensive and the best will be gone. However, I have faith in Dorsey and his scouts. BTW, Laddie, as to that chart of Andy Reid, it is a bit skewed. He had better drafts when he had better college scouting and a quality GM to aid him (one left to rebuild the Colts and the other to rebuild the Browns, only to get fired by the same guy, Banner, who helped ruin Philly). His last two drafts were not that good as those mentioned talents for scouting had departed Philly. What works so well now is having Dorsey and Ballard and their great scouts to be heavily involved with player selection.

    What the Chiefs do not need is have a Jerry Jones situation where the owner believes he is the greatest evaluator of talent the world has ever known.

    • berttheclock

      I wrote the stud from The Dub would be gone. Just noticed, one of the Mocks has him going to the Chiefs with the 25th selection. By then, all of the top OTs, QBs and defensive players will be gone.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict


    Nice article. I would also look at Jordan Matthews, WR from Vanderbilt. Over at DraftTek, the Chiefs took CB/S Marcus Roberson from Florida.

    • ladner morse

      Yea… the problem is they have him ranked #15 and I think the Chiefs will be drafting much later than that.

  • Calchiefsfan

    3 weeks ago I felt that CB and LG were the Chiefs biggest needs. Now that Marcus Cooper has come on I believe it’s LG and WR. Unless Allen can improve substantially, that’s where I would be leaning. The way Dorsey has been going about his business I have an awful lot of confidence in what he will accomplish in the 2014 draft. With a full year on the job with the Chiefs he should be able to find some quality players. No second round pick hurts though.

    • Troy Utt

      With the arrival of Cooper I believe we are pretty set in the secondary for next year. I would expect Commings back full strength & that our greatest needs to be at OL & WR, in no particular order… It’s a bit early to tell which we need worse, as both appear to be glaring areas of need. While in Reid’s offense I do believe getting Fasano or ?? TE back on the field will help open up not just the passing game but the play book, allowing us to run more freely & gain seperation downfield when we finally get those mid-range targets rolling like they are suppose to.

  • jimfromkcj

    Good ideas for the most part. I have always been a proponent of bigger is better. I also think the interior of the Chief’s off line leaves a lot to be desired. I also have never been sold on Albert as a complete package at LT and I have not been pleased with Fisher either. So you could draft completely all of the Off line and I wouldn’t complain. I have always liked TE’s and linebackers mainly because they make very good special teamers, So I don’t think you can ever have too many of them on your roster. Sad to say that Pioli’s blunders will be with us for some time because some of our best players will be older and needing replaced about the same time we will be in position to make a run at the Super Bowl.

    • ladner morse

      So Jim… are you also saying now is not the time for the Chiefs to make a Super Bowl run? I look around the league and see one “great team” (to bad it’s in the same division as the Chiefs) and a whole bunch of “possibilities” and the Chiefs are in that second group. The next 4 weeks will tell us a lot bout the new upstart Chiefs. If they go to 9-0 by the bye week then anything is possible for this group — this year.

      • jimfromkcj

        Laddie, I think the Chiefs are in big trouble if Jamal is used as much as he was in this last game. If he goes down it could very well be goodbye to play off hopes. I also think that the teams that the Chiefs are playing are going to try and put a hit on him that will either put him out but to slow him up. I like Alex, but if the other side doesn’t have to load the box and can set back and double cover 2 or 3 receivers, I don’t think Alex can operate under those conditions.

  • Larry Devore

    Top priority wide reciever,wide reciever ,wide reciever and again wide reciever

    • ladner morse

      Yep… that’s why I’ve listed a couple of WRs here who could be impact players.

  • freshmeat62

    We all talk about drafting for “need” or the “best player available”. I say there is a 3rd grouping “player that will improve the team the most”. If drafting for need, you may be reaching just to fill that need. If you take best player available, there may be a Justin Houston in front of him.By taking the player that will improve the team the most, you are taking into consideration both of the other areas. So maybe the Chiefs should go to MIT, Harvard or some such institution to hire the next draft whiz that can come up w/ a formula to draft the perfect player.

    • ladner morse

      So would you call that the…. “best value available” ???

    • berttheclock

      What? And bypass Mizzou?

  • Danny W

    I’m actually enjoying not thinking too much about the draft yet. Good read though Laddie.

    • Troy Utt

      Good Point Danny! It’s kind of sad that many years we have already been forced to be at that point where we are already banking on the next years crop!

  • berttheclock

    Laddie, if you happen to come back to visit. Did you see where the Niners cut B J Daniels? He led the 4th quarter winning drive against the Chiefs in August. He is a Kaepernick option read type guy as he can both run and has a strong arm. For whatever reason, the Niners decided he was more of a long term project and signed a new QB to try to push Colt McCoy. Seattle swooped and signed him. That waiver wire change after the 3rd week allowed the Seahawks to be ahead of the Chiefs. But, with KC developing Bray, perhaps, Dorsey couldn’t envision trying to develop another QB.