Achieving Chiefs-a-topia

Wow, you win your first four games and all the sudden people are buzzing. Some from drinking too much and then getting on the internet. Never a good combo. What’s surprising is, it’s not all glowing raves. I should have figured by now, there is never going to be Chiefs nirvana even if they win the Lombardi.

A headline for the an article points more to the effect this loss had on the “New York” team than it had on the Kansas City team who celebrated the victory and… reached a fairly distinguished level of achievement. The East coast bias never dies.’s game review piece about the Chiefs win over the Giants reads: “Giants Fall to 0-4 After Blowout to the Chiefs.” So, is it a bigger story when a 2-14 team goes 4-0 or a 9-7 teams goes 0-4? The answer is… the city with 8.3 million people matters more than the one with half a million.

At least ESPN pointed to perhaps a more realistic reason the Chiefs are in the predicament they’re in,

Eric Berry credits Kansas City’s 4-0 start to the “family feeling” that held everyone together during the hapless 2-14 season of 2012.

This is also out there and shouldn’t be missed.

Like many fans, referee Terry McAulay is used to Reid being with the Eagles. After Reid successfully challenged a spot in the third quarter, McAulay announced, “Philadelphia will not be charged a timeout.

We shouldn’t get too much further down the road before we straighten out a great injustice. One of Alex Smith’s interceptions… wasn’t. Take a peek at these pictures.





Okay… breath in… breath out. Now, let it go.

I ESPN’s new Power Rankings the Chiefs are #5. However, Adam Teicher has finally given the Chiefs some props with this analysis and also says in his rankings the Chiefs would be #4.

The “Chiefs Monsta D” is becoming just that. A monster. The Chiefs, in what is the most common ranking for defenses, come out as the #7 overall defense following this weekend. But, I like to take a look at which defense would be considered best if… you targeted the team that has allowed the least amount of points and that… would be the Kansas City Chiefs… with 41 points allowed (among all teams who have played four games). Or you can simply look at all teams and then focus on the average amount a defense has allowed per game and it would still be the Chiefs with a mere 10.2 points per game.

Monster in deed.

For those of you wondering how the offense fairs on their end of the “total amount of points scored game.” How about #10. That’s right. Your Kansas City Chiefs have a top ten scoring machine.

I guess that Alex Smith guy really is a lousy-bad QB after all! Right? WRONG!

On Monday, Pro Football Focus (PFF) has this to say about Alex,

It’s far too often that we hear the term “game manager” thrown around, as it usually has more to do with a team’s defense and running game rather than a quarterback’s ability to actually manage the game. Alex Smith (+3.3) will certainly don the label if this season continues as is… but to win in the NFL the QB must make some throws at some point, and Smith did just that on Sunday.

Since we’re hanging with PFF, what do you think they had to say about the defense?

…Hali (+4.7) and Justin Houston (+2.8) rushing off the edge on must-pass situations. Houston has been a monster to this point in the season, and he got on board with four hurries on his 32 rushes to finish with a +1.2 pass rush grade. But it was Hali who played the role of closer, as he was seemingly in the backfield on every Giants’ pass from the late third quarter and beyond.

There’s that word “monster” again. Mmm. Take it in. Digest it. It’s interesting isn’t it, when you want to watch the defense take the field more than he offense. It’s the inverse of those old Vermeil-ian offensive assaults.

Let’s come full circle and close with another quote of Eric Berry by CBS Sports…

We just kept working, kept sticking together. We know things don’t always go your way. But you’ve got to be able to stick together through tough times, in life, period. We kept leaning on each other. Nobody pointed a finger at anybody at any time. We just stuck together and I feel like that was the foundation that was built for us to do what we’re doing now. But we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

We are family….

What say you Chiefs Addicts? Monsta” D and a top ten offense… can you dig it?

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  • Tanner Cobb

    We never WIN games, whoever we play LOSES. No love from the big city media…

    • Clint Moran

      Ok by me. As long as we win in the playoffs this year they can call it whatever they want. I just want the 20 year drought to end. And they can say “the jets squandered their wild card hopes”, while the chiefs win some playoff games!

      • ladner morse

        It’s just refreshing to hear so many Chiefs fans using the word, “playoffs.”

        • Joe Myers

          Iv allready made bets last year thT we woukd win the sb this year . The year I was born the royals won the WS . My son was born February 1 this year . Its only wired if it doesn’t work

    • PunjabiPete

      Absolutely, we will let opposing teams LOSE games all the way to the Superbowl though… will be funny to hear ESPN analysts say “Well, Seattle is having a pretty tough Superbowl half against…. *inaudible mumbling Chiefs*, let’s check in and see what Peyton Manning is doing right now, Bob?”

      • ladner morse

        “Well, Seattle is having a pretty tough Superbowl half against…. *inaudible mumbling Chiefs*, let’s check in and see what Peyton Manning is doing right now, Bob?”

        That was greatness!!!!!!!

  • Danny W

    I told my wife as I was waiting for NFL network to recap the game. I said “I bet you they’re gonna talk about how bad the Giants are instead of highlighting the Chiefs positives. They did mostly that all save for the Dexter return. That’s a top play anywhere they had to throw that in.

    • cd3382

      Yea…I’ve gotten used to that. We are a 4-0 underdog team…Love it! CHIEFS!!!

    • ladner morse

      Yes… true about McCluster’s last run… but I found it very delimiting of all the other great plays KC made on Sunday. That was actually a close tough game until the mid-third quarter and the Chiefs kept their heads in the game until they prevailed. It was a game to be proud of.

      • Danny W

        It was a hard fought win for sure.

      • Jim Harper

        That is what this team does though. They are a ball control offense that just wears their opponent down and breaks loose in the 4th quarter.

        • ladner morse

          I was concerned before we faced the Eagles… about conditioning. It looks like the players have bought into the plan so much so that they showed up for camp in shape and just got better from there. Now… it’s fun to anticipate what’s coming in the 4th quarter because I expect the defense to step it up a notch and the offense to grind it out. Now, that is part of their M.O. too.

          • Jim Harper

            Exactly Laddie! Everybody got fearful of the Eagles with their up tempo offense, but as it turned out it is the Chiefs who are better conditioned than anyone else. The one thing you heard about the mini camps and preseason was what a fast pace Reid ran in practice. I have been to every camp since they moved to St Joe and the first thing I noticed this year was the pace and not one player has complained. Not even the usual suspects. It is so exciting to see them all perform as a single unit. Everyone has everyone else’s back.

          • ladner morse

            This year was my very first Chiefs training camp. Thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of it. I was impressed because for some reason, yelling “faster, faster” was somehow different or better for players to hear than, “let’s go, harder, move it!.” Interesting nuance of a difference but it seemed to resonate with the players and they hit the first game at game speed and haven’t looked back since. I really didn’t think it was possible for me to be this impressed. I don’t always drink the cool-aid as you know but my doubting Thomas side has been squarely squelched.

          • berttheclock

            Paylor of the Star has mentioned that Andy Reid has given Kudos to the conditioning staff for having the Chiefs in excellent physical shape. Yes, they do get stronger in the 2nd halves.

    • hipnetic

      I feel ya man. But playing devil’s advocate here…I can sort of see how they work. The announcers are in lock-step with the fantasy football mentality. Eli’s hail mary-esque deep pass is highlight-worthy, but Alex’s churning and distributing short-to-medium passes to a variety of players offers nothing exciting that they can show in a 5 second clip. Still, it’s especially sad when you consider that most of these announcers are former football players themselves. If anyone should be able to appreciate/highlight quality football playing, it’s them, no?

      • Danny W

        True. We don’t make too many highlights but when the Ravens defense is dominating they highlight that stuff. Our defense is some of the best anywhere right now.

  • ArrowFan

    What is our Special Team rated? How do we compare to Dumbver?

    • ladner morse

      That’s a great question. I don’t know if there is specifically a site that rate special teams but the Chief’s has to be up there.

  • jbyrd

    Yesterday on NFL Network they had a poll asking which 4-0 team would lose first: A. New Orleans, B. Seattle, C. Denver or D. New England. They didn’t even include the Chiefs. Maybe they didn’t include our beloved Chiefs because they believe we may never lose!

    • ladner morse

      I was listening to that in the background and was dumbfounded that they didn’t include KC… what it really shows is that they don’t care when KC loses….. they probably believe there’s really a loss built within the Chiefs 4-0 record anyway.

      • KCMikeG

        The eye candy commentator said not sure why they didn’t have the Chiefs on that list – maybe we left the Chiefs off there because they aren’t going to lose! Great recovery!

    • Larry Devore

      I was watching NFL network Sunday night looking for the Chiefs-Giants highlights, they didn’t show anything from the game. They then went on to show Denvers highlights. It just pissed me off.

  • Kurt Rauch

    Love your stuff, Ladner. And I mean no offense, but I had to laugh at your series of ‘grassy knoll’ photos which really didn’t prove a thing! :) As a Chief fan and a fan of the game, I have to tip my hat to Antrel Rolle–that was one of the most amazing (and lucky) interceptions I’ve seen in quite some time. And there isn’t a lick of evidence to prove otherwise–or to overturn a call.

    • ladner morse

      The grassy knoll play? I love it. But yes… I really do believe in my heart of hearts that it was not an INT but don’t have a lick of proof to prove it. I actually was just trying to please myself right after the game… going over that play… frame by frame… then I decided to include my findings in this week drivel. In fact, I included really… to prove absolutely nothing! :)

      • steve james

        Thanks for the pics, I appreciate it. I am constantly amazed at how many calls they do get right. I wouldn’t have a prayer the game moves so fast.

        • ladner morse

          Yep… but haven’t you ever thought that they could have a couple of officials up in the booth who see it all and could radio down to the refs on the field between any play just to clean up some calls that do go wrong… sometimes way way wrong. Since the QBs and coaches on the field and the coaches in the booths use a com system… why not the refs? They’ve incorporated technology into the game already… why not keep up with the times.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Love the article! I spent the better part of an hour arguing with some donkey fans who called me out that our defense isn’t the best in the AFC? The keyboard Analist claim that Denver is the best defense, but when I put the facts in front of them they got their feathers ruffled! #1 in points allowed, #1 in sacks, #1 in turnovers. Then they claimed who have you played? In which I replied the same teams minus Baltimore. I also pointed out that we allowed far less points against the same teams that Denver had played. So at some point the media and all the chief hating commoners are going to have to face facts, thisdefense is BAD to the bone!

    • ladner morse

      Wow… I’m glad you… ruffled some feathers Chris. Especially Denver feathers. The Chiefs @ Denver game following the break is shaping up to be a megpolousa! Just imagine if they’re the only two unbeatens by then. Oh Lordy, but sumpthin’ is going to hit the fan!

      • Chris Tarrants

        Laddie how do you beat Manning? Same as its always been put pressure on him. They are playing Dallas this week and they have some serious pass rushers! The boys could catch the donkeys sleeping and we would end up at the top of the division! Well if we get through the tits which we should

        • ladner morse

          Yea.. I’ve thought the same thing… we just need to survive the Tits this weekend. Then it’s Raiders, Texans, Browns at home and Bills on the road. All very winnable games.

          • steve james

            the “tits” haha, somehow I hadn’t heard that before. I bet they love that nickname.

          • ladner morse

            Yes… but you have to say it with the proper long “i” sound in the middle or it just ends up being a rude crude insult to anyone from Tennessee. hehehe

            Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits…Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits… Tits……………. actually two will do!

          • Danny W


          • BWrangler

            I’m willing to survive the Tits this weekend….I’m just saying.

    • Joe Myers

      Denver fans love to say ” you got better but you just ain’t thier yet sry chiefs fans” like thier in a position to tell us how good we are when really they have faced no better competition then us . Thier going to realize the chiefs year is this year not paytons !!!!

  • Jeremy

    Good article. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks Jeremy!

  • Larry Devore

    what gets me, NFL network got to the chiefs game highlights, they then cut away to the Broncos highlights. didn’t even show any highlight from the Chiefs-Giants game. What the hell is up with that

    • ladner morse

      A New York team losing big, and all the plays that go into that, will never be the medias focus. It would upset too many big apple assholes.

  • BigGil

    Maybe it’s just me, but I read that article headline and think: meh, it’s the media, they’re gonna hone in on the negative; and “after blowout to the Chiefs” is a positive spin for KC… they could’ve said something like “after dropping game to the Chiefs” which would’ve done more to minimize the Chiefs’ accomplishment by making it seem like the Giants had it in the bag and just beat themselves.

    • ladner morse

      What if the Chiefs make it to the AFC Championship? I think that’s a real possibility as long as they don’t have to go through Denver in the playoffs. Not that KC can’t beat Denver… but in the case they have to face them… then the path becomes much more difficult. So… if the Chiefs make it to that game and none of the big eastern sea board teams are in it……. what happens media wise then? What if the Super Bowl is the Seahawks vs the Chiefs? How excited would the media to cover that game? Oddly enough……. this Super Bowl is in none other than….. New York…. well, the Meadowlands!

      • steve james

        Well I am almost sorry to hear that. If the Chiefs go to the big dance (try not to dream too much but if) A hotel room will be 1k a night! They are already what $400-$500?

        • ladner morse

          Since I live in Dallas now… If the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl this season I think I’d rather go to KC and watch the game with a big group and family.

      • BigGil

        Media was giving KC attention at the beginning of last year… then they [expletive] the bed. If KC continues on this trend (defense remains consistently awesome, and offense keeps improving), I wouldn’t be surprised if they got more media attention in short order. Between the turnaround, Andy Reid having immediate, clear success in year one out of Philly (where his success had tapered off in the end), and the implications of Alex’s fresh start (especially if Kaepernick/SF continues to look like he’s/they’re struggling some) there’s a lot of intrigue to play up on. Maybe even some (albeit slightly condescending) “Little Engine(Team) That Could” media focus/appeal.

        As far as “what if the Chiefs (God willing) make it to the SB?”… the media would go nuts! An NFL team having a shot to go from worst to first??? They’d be all over that. In that scenario I think the only way they wouldn’t be focused entirely on the Chiefs is if SF would manage to represent the NFC, in which case there’d be hourly specials every night highlighting and juxtaposing every week of the lives of Alex Smith and Kaepernick (even the boring part of their week/days when they’re sleeping). “As you can see Alex Smith sleeps on his back, hands behind his head. Cool, calm and collected. Ready to take on any threat that dare encounters him while he slumbers. By comparison, Colin Kaepernick sleeps in the protective fetal position, with his thumb in his mouth and a blankie clutched tight to his chest, clearly already experiencing PTSD before even facing Justin Houston and Dontari Poe…” Yeah, I’m in a weird humor mood tonight…

        • ladner morse

          I just watched “Inside the NFL” and they did it too. Somehow, some way… they found a way to minimize showing that a NY team was whipped badly. Here’s what they did: they mic’ed up Eric Berry and showed him talking about wanting to throw up before the game because of the hamburger he had last night,,, then they did a close up of Berry on the field with no shots of NY players and then the showed the McCluster return close up and then they went back to Eric Berry predicting they would get the ball back and his fumble recovery later in the game. No shots of JC. No shots of the beard. No shots of Alex Smith. No shots of Tamba Hali of Justin Houston nor mention of them. I am so disgusted. Chiefs fans what to see Chiefs players playing football. Especially when they are 4-0 and winning, winning, winning!!!

          • BigGil

            I don’t get Showtime to get Inside the NFL, but they had
            pretty much the same thing on NFL Network’s SoundFX. I forget exactly what the rule is (except that QBs are always mic’d up), but there is a definite limitation on how many players can be mic’d up on the field. I think for sure it includes one defensive player… the QB for the defense… and maybe if they have a show like SoundFX in mind, they’ll permit a third player (outside QB, and Defensive leader) mic’d up, but that’s just speculation; CBAs too long for me to want to comb through it for specifics at the moment. SoundFX did the same thing with focusing mostly on Berry, but they did the same thing with the footage of Brain Cushing and the Texans and… some Titans player whose name I didn’t catch and the Titans. If your focus is on “listening to players on the field for entertainment”, and they only focus on the player(s) that are mic’d up (minus the QB of course b/c I’m sure that’d give away too much play/audible info), then it kinda makes sense that they just focus on those players for the most part.

            Maybe it’s just a relativity thing that has us looking at it in different ways. I live (and have always lived) in a geographical location nowhere near Kansas City (or many other Chiefs fans, for that matter). When I see ANY amount of significant coverage of the Chiefs on a major network program, it’s a huge deal… b/c years like last (when they did terribly) I pretty much have to go find print articles on the interwebs to hear a whiff about them (and watch whatever videos are on their official website). NFL Total Access interviews Berry? Big deal to me. NFL Sound FX mics up Berry (and previously Reid, although that decision probably had more to do with his Philly homecoming)? Big deal to me. And, again, it might just be a relativity thing. Living geographically closer to KC, I’m sure they get talked about on local TV quite a bit, comparatively, so when the major networks show so little, I’m sure it pales by comparison. For fans like me, though, I never get constant TV chatter on KC due to my geography, so it’s easier to cherish when these “little” things happen (“little” in quotations, b/c again, it’s relative).

            Even if the producers of these shows aren’t focusing in on KC at the moment, most of the networks analysts/commentators seem to be showing quite a bit of respect and signs that they’re buying into the turnaround during the little time they are slated to talk about them. For now, that’s good enough for me. Our Chiefs continue to improve, and those analysts/commentators grow discontent with NOT talking about them more, the producers will eventually crumble and give them more airtime.

            But for me, mic’ing up Berry/interviewing Berry is a very nice thing to see.

      • Joe Myers

        Man I really think both teams denver and kc woll be unbeaten and the chiefs are prime for a upset in dever . In dominant fashion . Ok look at what happened to dallas we doubled Jason and miles and forced romo to throw to the outside . I’m seeing the same game plan for denver at the same time force the wr out of bounds . All I seen is can anyone beat the Broncos can any team stop payton . We can ….. and we will !!!!

  • BigGil

    Berry’s “family feeling” quote isn’t too surprising. In one of the post-game locker room videos on (I think it was the one following the Dallas game) the guys give a chant(?) of “Family on 2… 1, 2 FAMILY!”

    • BigGil

      God help me, now I’m imagining a Replacement-style scenario where, instead of singing/dancing “I Will Survive”, they’re doing it to “We Are Family”… I’ll have fun trying to get that randomness out of my head…

      • ladner morse

        Yea… thanks for that image… although… I don’t necessarily want to get it out of my head.

        Thanks for making me smile BigGil!!!

      • berttheclock

        Didn’t the Steelers trademark that?

  • John Ross

    you know this team reminds me of the 2000 Baltimore ravens they don’t get respect, and great defense

    • ladner morse

      Big question is… is Alex Smith as god as Trent Dilfer????