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The Chiefs in Arrowhead: Home Sweet Home

I remember a time when Kansas City Chiefs fans could pencil in at least five victories in any upcoming season, without even looking at the schedule. I remember sideline reporters clutching decimal meters, and screaming into their microphones, reporting on the noise as Arrowhead thundered with the screams of 80,000 rabid fans cloaked in bright red. I remember Jeff George and the Raiders falling victim to crowds at Arrowhead like many, many teams have in seasons past. I remember a home field advantage.

But the Chiefs haven’t had a winning home record since 2010, and they have only won 6 of their last 12 games at Arrowhead Stadium.

So why is this? It seems to come down to a “chicken or the egg” question. Did bad teams result in lowered attendance and lack of a home field advantage? Or, did lowered attendance result in poor home football?

A look at the numbers doesn’t strongly support either argument. In Kansas City’s defensive heyday under Head Coaches Marty Shottenheimer and Gunther Cunningham, the Chiefs won 117 games. Of those 117 victories, 73 of them were at home. That’s good for 62.3% of Chief victories during that time being won at home. From 2001-2012 (Vermeil, Edwards, Haley, Crennel) the Chiefs won 82 games, 50 of them being at home. That’s 60.9% of their total victories.

Though the “mystique” of Arrowhead Stadium seems to have dwindled, the reality is that the Chiefs can still thank their home field for over 60% of their total victories since 1989. Even after The team as a whole may have played sub-par football for the last few years, but without Arrowhead, it could have been worse.

The Chiefs have 4 of their next 5 games at home. Will we see crowds reminiscent of those from the 90’s? Will the Chiefs be able to use Arrowhead to their advantage?

What’s your take Addicts? How many games do the Chiefs win at home this season?

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  • chief4ever

    Heads Up ! The NY Giants are not going 0-16——do not let them come in here and get their first victory. Tens days of telling ourselves how good we are and the entire NFL telling everyone how awful the Giants are … KC Strong ! Beat the Giants early and often – All Day. Go Chiefs !

  • Curtis

    Honestly, we’ve already seen a crowd reminiscent of the 90′s. Happened week 2 against the Cowboys, so ultimately, I don’t think it’s a question of the Chicken or the Egg. If you build the team, they will come. I know, a baseball movie line, but to be honest, it’s true in Kansas City. The fans are starting to come back. The feathers are being re-applied to the headdresses and the face paint is coming back out. Kansas City is back folks. I’m not saying we’ll make the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean we’re not back!

  • KCMikeG

    I know there are plenty of my fellow Chiefs fans out there that have felt what I am about to share. When Arrowhead is full (looking like standing room only tickets going on sale this week for the faider game) and the Chiefs are winning, it is so loud that at times you can’t hear – at all. It is like the decibel level goes beyond our range of hearing. As if things aren’t otherworldly enough at that point for you then the concrete stadium beneath your feet will actually VIBRATE!! NOTHING LIKE IT! Andy Reid spoke about it after the Dallas game. That they could feel the field vibrate. It set our players on fire directly physically feeling the power of their fans. Plus it doesn’t just intimidate – it strikes FEAR into the hearts and minds of our defenders and many of our competitors retired players will validate it so. The nymini’s will be a sweet warm up for the hated chokeland faiders AND our Guinness WORLD RECORD DECIBEL WAVES.

    • Curtis

      Going to be hard to beat Seattle for those Guiness records.

  • Jim Harper

    We don’t have to beat Seattle’s noise level in order to impact the game. I totally expect a very loud and proud contingent at Arrowhead this weekend and with the Giants having more questions than answers about their team this could very well turn into a massacre of epic proportions. Go Chiefs!

    • berttheclock

      Without a sliding roof, it would tough to beat the Seattle record. Century Link’s configuration traps more noise. Recently, freshmeat62 commented on how much different it would be at Arrowhead if the sliding roof had been approved. Might give new meaning to “Rolling Thunder”.

      • Jim Harper

        A sliding roof at Arrowhead would be so awesome. When was this voted down? I used to live in KC, but now live in Iowa and don’t remember this. If they had a dome they would soon find themselves hosting a Super Bowl.

  • berttheclock

    Interesting comment by Tom Jackson on ESPN, yesterday. The question before the panel was which 3 and 0 team, excluding the Broncos and Seahawks was going to keep winning. New Orleans. Da’ Bears and Miami were picked, but, Tom Jackson said it would be the Chiefs. He mentioned the defense, Andy Reid, Alex Smith, but, said how difficult it was to play the Chiefs at Arrowhead with the noise level.

  • freshmeat62

    I remember a game against Denver, I believe a Monday nite game, where the Broncs had 3 or 4 false starts in just the first few minutes of the 1st qtr. And each penalty just fed the crowd into a bigger frenzy and got louder. That game against the Cowboys was just a warmup. The old vocal cords haven’t been stretched out yet. Dang I wish Denver was coming sooner. I can’t wait to see old man Manning jumping around back there like a chicken on a hotplate as the Hali, Poe, Houston vise closes.

    • PunjabiPete

      No doubt. If we win Sunday, KC call centers are going to have to shut down Monday because NO one is going to be able to talk.

  • PunjabiPete

    I think the Giants game is going to be thought of as a victory, and that bodes well because more fans will show up and make it happen… And if the Chiefs pick up NY, the Titans don’t pose much of a threat, Oakland I think will be tougher than we think but winnable… by golly don’t let these Chiefs get to 5 or 6-0… some of the fans won’t leave after the game!

    • berttheclock

      But, I was happy to read Andy Reid is going to keep reminding his players of the time not too far back when the Giants started off poorly, only to win the SB.

  • toperspective

    Even home field advantage can’t overcome Crennel, Cassel and Pioli.

  • Jamie Denton

    I remember the days of old and rockin Arrowhead, and I think those days can come back again! But here’s the problem. There were to many years of mediocre play, no playoffs, and no one doing anything to change it! But now that Andy Reid was brought in and Dorsey, and Clark Hunt is actually showing he cares about the team his father built, (the team that he had poured his life into, a team that had so much to do with the change in the NFL in general), I think if we continue on the road we have started to travel down in 2013 it will bring back those happy times of days past!!! But I would like to mention 1 thing to the players (PLAYERS) I watch the behind the scenes coverage of how the team acts in the locker room and I am very proud of all of you for becoming a family and not just team mates. But with that being said your devoted fans also need to feel they are a part of the family as well! During a home game get them involved, raise your hands in the air let them know you want crowd noise as this crowd is no stranger to player crowd interaction! Make them feel as they are in it with you, and Chiefs fans will give you 110% every game, but you players have to let the crowd know you want it from them!!!! GO CHIEFS!!! 3-0 AND PLAYOFF BOUND IN 2013!!!