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Andy Reid On Chiefs Fans: 'The Ground Is Shaking'

The Chiefs gave their fans a gift by winning their home opener at Arrowhead and the fans gave Kansas City a gift by being as loud as possible.

In one of the most anticipated home games in some time, the fans in Kansas City didn’t disappoint. Arrowhead Stadium was packed and while there was a healthy contingent of Cowboys fans, the folks in red made sure that the invaders were not heard.

“They came out and there was a Sea of Red out there. It was crazy and our players felt that,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid after the game. “They wanted to dress in red for the fans and so they asked me about it and I talked to (John) Dorsey about it. He gave us the ok on it, to do that, and the players feel that. Believe it or not, they feel it, especially when the ground is shaking. When our fans are going, you can feel that field and it just kind of rumbles, it’s crazy, but (an) awesome feeling.”

The Chiefs wore all-red uniforms for the first time in franchise history. As Reid said, they did it for the fans.

The scene in KC today was reminiscent of the glory days of the 1990s when Arrowhead was one of the most feared venues in all of the NFL. Though the Chiefs fell on hard times in recent years, the folks from the Fox TV broadcast were on the field measuring the decibel levels once again.

And the ground was shaking.

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  • chiefridgy

    Awesome game….awesome atmosphere!

  • Tanner Cobb

    Was forced to listen to the game on the radio, which was difficult thanks to all the great fans. Today was a great team win for the Chiefs. Maybe this week we’ll get a little more credit, and by this week I mean until Tuesday when ESPN starts telling us about how good the new-look Eagles are. Oh well, I guess being underrated can be an advantage. How many decibels did it get up to out there today?

    • Joe Myers

      That’s what I want to know how many decibels . Cuz I was thier man and itwas so loud I ccouldn’t hear my own voice

      • tm1946

        Reported like being at a rock concert, 100 decibels, if I heard correctly.

      • KCMikeG

        It reminded me of the days of DT…..even with all the blue that was there. WE ALL need to put an end to OUR HOUSE having ANY jerseys that aren’t RED!!!!! Stop selling your tickets unless you KNOW your buyer is a CHIEFS FAN. Let’s start buying up the tickets so it truly is OUR HOUSE exclusively!!

        • Joe Myers

          We have to really get that message out through a televised add !!! Because this is true . Back in the day no one gave up thier tickets ! €€

    • micah stephenson

      102 decibels

      • KCMikeG

        That was with, as Paddy indicated, a healthy contingency of Cowgirls present. We will derail the Chip Kelly Express with our unrelenting, turn over creating pressure and effective offense vs their struggling D who just gave 542 yards to Phyllis “Cry Me a” Rivers. When the NY Football “turnover” Giants the Sea of Red will approach 120 decibels when those cowgirls seats are filled with RED! I predict we will be 5-0 after a tough road win in Tennessee and will set the Guinness World Record for the highest decibel reading at an outdoor stadium!

        • steve james

          Seattle got the record. I heard 131 & 136db. Tall tall order to beat that. I hope we can. Buy all the Raiders game tickets you can!

          • freshmeat62

            BS, I don’t believe it. Their machine was rigged.

          • KCMikeG

            There were way too many Dallas fans there and even more Chiefs fans not giving it their all. Aren’t the Chiefs going to do anything to promote the attempt for the Guinness record? I know the Terrorhead group have met with them buut they need to get the word out.

          • steve james

            It is the Terrorhead group on Face Book. You can get a tshirt and if I was going to be able to go I would. I want to but am out of time off do to family medical issues. I really hope they sell out to Chiefs fans not Raiders, they will screw it up.

          • KCMikeG

            Yes it is & here’s the link.

   Wish you could be there to go for the record and to keep the faiders out of our house!

          • steve james

            It was the Guiness folks setup & process. I hate to say but it is probably impossible to beat. They built the stadium to build SPL. They have an advantage we can’t just scream over.

  • Stephen Doroha


  • Trent Taylor

    Awesome atmosphere! Can barely talk right now, but it was bad ass. Been a long time Chiefs fans!!!

  • redchiefs

    I heard the tv announcers say 104 decibels

    • Bosco Cletus

      You mean there was actually a point when they stopped blowing Tony Romo and talked about the Chiefs? Chris Meyers had to be embarrassed to call that game with Tim Ryan.

      • KCMikeG

        When I got home from that INCREDIBLE DAY AT ARROWHEAD I watched the tape on the game and even Aikman was saying WE FANS were making a difference!! My son & I were on the field with 100 STH holding the huge KC Arrowhead flag while the players ran onto the field. I had my McCluster jersey on and after Dexter ran onto the field he saw me in #22 so he ran by and gave me a high five!!!!!! I could have died and gone to heaven at that point but then I would have missed another fantastic win! So God must want me to stick around for today at least and hopefully a Chiefs Super Bowl run! I was so jacked up by the end of the National Anthem that I was jumping up and down on the field at the 25 yard line when it came to “and the home of the CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!”. I high fived every cheerleader across the back of the end zone on our way off the field. One of the best days ever at Arrowhead!! The DTV recording of the game doesn’t show the pre game – Damn!! Anybody know how to get the tape?? I can’t wait for Thursday!!!!

        • Jim Harper

          But did you have a good time? Just kidding. Wish I could have been there. I was so pissed they did not broadcast the game up here. Instead we got the Eagles vs Bolts. Now if we can just go into Philly and give that one to Reid. Could not be prouder of our Chiefs today though. Hey Mike, send me your email address. I got all my contacts wiped out.

        • Bosco Cletus

          Sounds like a horrible time man, sorry for that. :)

      • freshmeat62


  • Joe Myers

    You could tell “can” tell thies players want to play hear for us for the fans . I live in lee summit I seen bowe at wallmart of all places !!! . He seemed arrogant and just couldn’t wait to get outta thier . But now it seems like him dj especially berry love the crowd the fans seems like andy brought something more then just a ; winning attitude , experience and solid coaching …… but also class !!!!! . That’s why it just feels different and just think the offense hasn’t reached its full potential under alex smith . Thiers still a lot to learn and a lot more talent to showcase !!!!

    • PunjabiPete

      EVERYONE wants to just get in and then right back out of Wal-Mart :D

  • Jacob Crouse

    I saw a picture of Arrowhead’s top press box on twitter with one of its windows being shattered by the vibrations :) Crazy awesome game

  • Chiefswatch

    It is impressive that we were so loud when so many shitty bandwagon Cowboy fans were in attendance. Steelers and Cowboy fans plague every city in the US. Which is weird considering both teams hold the most Super Bowl wins…………

  • Mark Bustamante

    I love the SEA OF RED

  • freshmeat62

    I don’t know, I think Arrowhead can do better.We have the little Manning kid coming in in a couple of weeks. Lets work on him so that when his big brother gets here later in the year, Archie will be in fear of losing a 2nd son.

    • berttheclock

      Look at the configuration of Century Link and Arrowhead. I believe that Seattle stadium keeps the noise within the stadium better, so, to beat their new record might be difficult. I just want to make Arrowhead into the stadium of old where the noise becomes a factor in false starts.

      • freshmeat62

        Too bad they never put that rolling roof on.

        • berttheclock

          Yeah, it might have given an entirely new meaning to “Rolling Thunder”.

  • berttheclock

    Patrick, any word about your intrepid embedded ace reporter, Laddie Morse? As he lives in Dallas and, so far, there has been no word of him, I am a little concerned about his safety. Last I heard of him was he was going to try to interview Jerry Jones, who appears to be caught up in reading Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past”.

  • Drewfish

    This gets me so pump….i cant wait to attend a home game this year. Hopefully Oct. 21st vs Houston…..GO CHIEFS!!!