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Dexter McCluster Rumor: WR Unhappy, Chiefs "Looking At All Options"

It’s being reported that Chiefs’ wide receiver Dexter McCluster is unhappy about not being on the return team, and that could be causing some issues.

Before we get into this news any further, let me stress that this is a rumor and we are simply passing what has been said on to you.

Danny Parkins of 610 Sports reported this rumor on his Twitter feed:

Trading Dexter McCluster because he’s unhappy about not being on the return team? Doesn’t that seem like a bit of an overreaction?

As a coach, I can tell you that players are occasionally not happy with their roles, so if true, it’s not as if Andy Reid or his staff have never dealt with this before. McCluster projects to play a big role on offense, at least, for the Chiefs this season, so trading him wouldn’t make much sense.

Still, Parkins goes on to Tweet that McCluster’s illness (he’s been sick, thus hasn’t been practicing), could be illegitimate, and also says head coach Andy Reid is not happy:

Again this is just a rumor that has been tweeted by a radio host, so let’s try to keep this all into perspective. We’ll have to wait until the media talks to Reid, McCluster or both, as they’re sure to bring this up if the rumor continues to pick up steam.

If true, this will be the first real speed bump the Chiefs will have to deal with this preseason, but like I said earlier, it just seems like an overreaction.

Players and coaches bump heads time-to-time in regard to roles on the team, it’s only natural. If this rumor is true, it’s probably nothing more than that.

Still, this is definitely worth reporting.

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  • ArrowFan

    Come on, I don’t think he cares about preseason returns. But this does bring up a big question or poll who would you rather have as kick returner Davis or McCluster?

    • ArrowFan

      I will take a fresh Davis over a tired McCluster (because he has been working with the O) any day. But if both are fresh it is hard to say. Davis is a big guy.

      • Richard Comstock

        I don’t like Dex as our KR..hes just to small and not fast enough to be honest. Punts, that’s a whole different ball game. I love Dex returning punts, his quickness is deadly!

        I also don’t like Davis as our punt returner guy either. He doesn’t seem quick enough to me. When he gets going hes a bad man. He reminds me of a Cribbs type with more top end speed..


        that would be my choice.

        • ArrowFan

          Yea, Davis would probably fumble the punts anyway.

          • paul pace

            Let’s hope he has gotten the fumble issue under control a little. He fumbled against the Steelers but ran a kick off back for a touchdown, so I guess we can forgive him for that one.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Wait…WHAT? Why would he be seeking a trade because he won’t be on the return team? Reid’s been gushing over the guy all offseason. Seems a bit odd that if being in the return rotation meant that much to him, that Reid would oblige him. And faking sick because he’s disgruntled? This is a strange rumor.

    • ladner morse

      Why we’re talking about “news” that really isn’t… is beyond me. Knee-jerk journalism isn’t journalism at all. AA fans deserve better. We need to draw the line somewhere else but not at “he-said, she-said twitter gibberish.” Let’s set a higher standard.

      • Montez K.

        Took the words out of my mouth…especially for us out of towners who don’t have access to Kansas City radio and rely on the validity of AA. Hopefully sources will be checked next time. I’m just glad DMC is going nowhere!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Here, here! Stuff like this is every reason why I don’t like local radio personalities. They often act like teenage girls. Gossip does not constitute respectable journalism.

      • Jim Harper

        Absolutely Laddie. Should not be a story until confirmation happens. It makes zero sense which puts it in the questionable category immediately. Andrew made it clear that it was rumor only, but if it was me I would not have published anything at this point.

      • Patrick Allen

        Like it or not, this is the story of the day in Chiefs-land and Andrew has done nothing wrong by passing along the report. And it is a report, because it is being reported by a member of the media.

        AA is not a new organization. We pass along all the Chiefs news and rumors we find to be relevant. To not post about this would have been a disservice to the folks that come here wanting to know what is going on in the Chiefs kingdom. It is up to you to decide what is true and what is not, when we post a a report or rumor.

  • Montez K.

    I believe this is a rumor…DMC is a humble guy man I’ve talked to him before I don’t think he would go about it this way

  • Richard Comstock

    this makes me sick if its true..I am expecting big things from Dex in the Slot..I do think he should be our starting punt returner too.. I think Davis should be our KR..He is stronger and not as quick as Dex…When returning kicks Davis gets up to full speed and man hes tough to bring down once hes going.

  • Montez K.

    Rumor killed.

    • Richard Comstock

      way to smash that rumor to the dirt..I went right to his twitter…i guess i should get with instagram lol

    • Priest4Prez

      Let’s hear it for Instant gratification

  • scomstock55

    shame on Parkins for tweeting this BS. I think Parkins is just bored and trying to see how much shit he can stir up by starting this rumor. He needs a dickpunch

  • Montez K.

    Further evidence

    • RepOurChiefs

      He said what ive toooo much class for the nonsense. Get well DMc. #Chiefnation

    • cd3382

      Nice! I figured DMC wouldn’t act this way, but these days you just never know with all these prima donnas in the NFL today. Montez is a great name by the way!

  • tm1946

    I do not buy it. What player wants to play Sp. teams rather than be a featured offensive player.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Dont fall for the nana in the tailpipe because DMC has always shown nothing but wanting to help this team in any way or position that required him. No crybaby in him in my opinion. #Go Chiefs #youaintseennothingyet

  • P Heitman

    It would make lots of sense to trade McCluster twelve days before the season starts because he’s upset about not being on the kick return unit. I mean, they’d be stupid NOT to do it.


  • Justin R Groth

    Idk bout this on my way home after the game I heard Ried tell Mitch that he (coach) made McCluster sit out. I think he said “”Dex tried to go, but hasn’t been feeling well so I pulled the pads off of him. He is one tough cookie.” Definitely sounds like he isn’t happy with 22 huh?

  • Andrew Kulha

    Everybody, had I not passed this on, I would be doing you a disservice. This is a rumor (true or not) about one of the bigger name players on your team. I was clear to name the source, clear to mention that it is only a rumor. Nothing in here was presented as fact.

  • Manhattan_Wildcat

    I appreciate the post. I don’t know this Parkins guy, but sounds like he can go f@(< himself.

  • More Faves

    I like Danny, but he’s Nick’s boy and Nick Wright was never shy about
    making things up with no basis in fact, only his opinion, and then
    putting it out there that “he’s hearing…..”.
    I called him several
    times on his made up rumor that Jamaal was unhappy with not “starting”
    or getting 20+ carries, and that he’d never sign long term here. He
    signed about a week after Nick made it up, and Nick never acknowledged
    he made the whole thing up because he thought Jamaal should have been

  • Stacy D. Smith

    And now Danny Parkins is in full backpedal. SMH. Gives me another reason never again to listen to sports radio in Kansas City.