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Alex Smith Established Himself As Chiefs’ Offensive Leader vs. Steelers

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Every leader has a defining moment, and Alex Smith’s moment came against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week No. 3 of the 2013 preseason.

Smith solidified himself as the quarterback of this team late in the second quarter of the Chiefs 26-20 overtime win in Pittsburgh. It may have been Chase Daniel who threw the game winning touchdown in overtime, but it was Smith who made the statement Saturday night.

With a minute and eight seconds left in the second half, Smith hit Dwayne Bowe for 35 yard. Smith was scrambling to the right when he found Bowe, and was hit hard by Steelers safety Troy Polamalu right after he released the football.

It was a jarring hit by the Steelers’ safety, and it drew a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Unfortunately, Smith’s reaction to the hit can’t be found in the stat books, but the way Kansas City’s quarterback responded was the highlight of the night, in this analyst’s opinion.

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Smith hopped right back up and looked unfazed by the hit. He had a good pep in his step, and he went on to finish off the drive with a touchdown to Junior Hemingway with 21 seconds left in the half.

Here’s what Chiefs’ wideout Dwayne Bowe had to say about his quarterback, per Reid Ferrin of

“That’s what he does,” Bowe said of Smith. ”Just standing in the pocket, making the throws he has to. Also, he makes the checks and locates the mike to help the linemen out. He’s just an all-around quarterback. He’s going to stick in there and get us the ball. Remember, he wants to win too with us.”

It was just one touchdown drive in the preseason, so ultimately it was meaningless. With that said, I firmly believe that if Kansas City goes on to have success in 2013, that drive is going to be looked back on as the moment Smith took over this offense.

Quarterbacks are often times looked at as the “pretty boys” of the team, but that’s usually far from the truth. No position is more physically and mentally demanding than quarterback, and it takes a great player to really thrive at the position.

Not only does the quarterback have to know the playbook inside and out, but he has to know the defense inside and out as well.

The quarterback is often times the hardest worker on the team, and he’s often times one of the most well-respected too.

The thing is, every quarterback has to earn that respect.

With that said, I firmly believe that Smith earned respect and solidified himself as the leader of the Chiefs’ offense during that final drive of the half.

Not only did he bounce back from a huge hit, but remember, he also bounced back from a pretty bad performance against the 49ers at Arrowhead.

I also firmly believe that good players find a way to bounce back from bad games, so I was eagerly anticipating Smith’s performance against the Steelers.

He bounced back when the 49ers shut him down and he bounced back when Polamalu put him on the ground.

Smith is a quarterback who has proven he can bounce back from adversity, and in the NFL—a league where nothing comes easy—that’s the type of quarterback you want leading your team.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    He’s a tough guy and he proved it last night. I’m glad he rebounded from a performance that brought his detractors out last week.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Well put andrew. #nuffsaid

  • clay simester

    Also, i think a lot of people forgot how well he runs. He’s easily fast enough to scramble for tons of first downs this year when the pocket collapses

  • Chris Tarrants

    It was an encouraging drive that’s for sure. I hope he “checks down” for 300 yards and three scores every week

  • paul pace

    The Chiefs played a good game against the Steelers and they got a win! Although, a preseason game win really means nothing, this win was more of a mental boost of confidence for the team. Sure, there are areas that need to be improved but that is one of the reasons why they have preseason games. Playing these games allows coaches to identify areas that the team needs to work on to get better. I, for one, are encouraged by what I observed on Saturday and think this team will be ready to rumble when the season begins!!

  • micah stephenson

    Alex Smith is a bum.

    • John

      Michelle, in comparison to him, your more of a bum. While he’s getting a chance to better himself in the nfl, your sitting in front of your computer typing as if people care about your uneducated view in football. Lol your avatar pic is a joke, take it off n get a life. Hater.

      • micah stephenson

        1st of all don’t b a coward a make an account under another name cus you scared of me. I clicked on yo name and this is the only comment you have every made. 2nd if you don’t care then don’t respond you lil b**ch @$$ p*$$y!!!!

        • John

          Dear Me-BUM Stupidson,

          I apologize if i made you cry.

          But 1st of all- illiterate internet gangsters that doesn’t know anything about fb like you just make people laugh so control your barking, bum.

          2ndly- I passed by this article and noticed your ignorant comment. So just thought i drop a few lines on behalf of the people here on this thread to tell you what a dumb ass you are.

          I dont need to have multiple comments posted to be a real person. The name is John, even if you know where i am, you’re too broke to book a ticket to come see me any way so dont waste you time barking.


          PS- you’re a good laugh.

    • Rick Valentine

      You’re a piece of trash. Go post on your favorite team’s blogs. Dallas?

      Your father should have shot you onto a fence post.

      • micah stephenson

        I only fuck with the Chiefs. I’m bout to shoot some in yo girlfriends mouth then have her snowball you.

        • John

          Yeah, but chiefs doesnt fuck with you, so fuck off and go shoot some in your own mouth, you dirty crap.

    • Gene Yuknis

      geno how are ya??? j.e.t.s. jets jets jets

  • Rick Valentine

    Sick and tired of you so called “analysts” saying Smith had a bad game vs. SF last week. He was pressured on 80% of his passes and there were FOUR dropped passes that were pretty much perfectly thrown. Had those balls been caught, you chumps would be talking about how good he looked vs. relentless pressure last week.

    • micah stephenson

      It don’t work like that. If the passes dropped last yr was Cassels fualt then the passes dropped this yr is Alex Smiths fualt.

      • John

        You are no one to say if it works or doesnt work. Plus, no one care what you think, so just move on with life (if you have one) and get the heck out this comment thread already. Go be tough somewhere else.

  • ArrowFan

    On a side note I watched a little of the Sunday night game last night. MC was looking very MCish last night. I’m so happy we have AS11.

    • micah stephenson

      Both Cassel and A.Smith suck. Alex Smith wud look just like Cassel playing for the Vikings.

      • Gene Yuknis

        hi geno

      • ArrowFan

        You may not like AS but I could easily see a huge difference between the two without trying. Cassel was high on all his passes and always a little late. AS was only a little high on a couple of passes and he seems to be getting the ball there at the right time. Cassel was just un catch-able.