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Letter From The Editor: Bold Guarantees For Kansas City Chiefs And Arrowhead Addict

Time flies when you’re covering the Chiefs. Believe me, I know.

I signed on to be the editor here at Arrowhead Addict 12 days ago. The past 12 days have felt like a blur.

I was thrown into the fire right away with a preseason game on my first day, and we haven’t looked back since then, have we, addicts? It’s been a learning experience for me personally, and I feel as if I’m going through a preseason camp of my own.

Much like the Chiefs on the practice field and formerly at camp in St. Joseph, Mo., there have been ups and downs. I definitely feel things are trending in the right direction, though.

This is a new feature I’d like to bring to the table, and we’ll call it “Letter From The Editor”.

Basically, once a week I’d like to sit down and have a fireside conversation with all of my favorite addicts. Let’s look at it as sort of an AA meeting of sorts (I’ve got jokes).

In this space I’ll wax poetic about your favorite team, do a little bit of venting myself, and of course, give you the opportunity to sound off on your favorite addiction—and hopefully your favorite site.

Okay, here we go. Let’s talk Chiefs.

Preseason is a time of the year known for guarantees in the NFL. Everybody feels like they can win the Super Bowl, and everybody’s feeling good, knowing that real football is just weeks away.

Here are a few guarantees of my own as we quickly approach Week 1:


Guarantee #1: The Chiefs will be vastly improved in 2013.

-They may not win the Super Bowl, but this season will feel completely different for you, addicts. By different I mean meaningful games in December, different.


Guarantee #2: Alex Smith Can Throw the Deep Ball

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-It may not seem like “Captain Checkdown” (as some of you like to call him) can or wants to go deep, but he does have an arm. We saw it against the 49ers, albeit without accuracy, but the fact remains that Smith can throw the longer routes. He’s an accurate quarterback in general, so I don’t expect this to be problem.


Guarantee #3: Dontari Poe Will Be A Pro Bowler

-The guy gave up barbecue, and he plays in Kansas City. If that’s not beast mode, than I don’t know what is.


Okay, now that we’ve covered some Chiefs guarantees, let’s move on to this great site of ours, Arrowhead Addict.


Guarantee #1: We will strive to bring you the best news and opinion every day on the Kansas City Chiefs. 

-Self explanatory.


Guarantee #2: We will be thought-provoking, analytical and sometimes hilarious. 

-That was an easy one to make, especially the funny part.


Guarantee #3: We Will Always Be Improving.

-As a football coach it’s firmly engrained in my mindset that if you’re not getting better, chances are you’re getting worse. I took over this site with a high bar set by Patrick Allen and Adam Best, and my one goal is to set that bar even higher as the days and weeks go on.

If we’re not doing something right, we’re going to fix it. Conversely, if we’re doing something you love, we’re going to keep doing more of it.

I’d like to open up the comments section for you, the addicts. Please feel free to give me feedback on these first 12 days. What did you like? What do I need to do better?

Let me know, and I’ll make sure to take your advise into account. This is, after all, your site. I’m just the editor.

Finally, things to look for.

I’d like to do a fan meet up of sorts. This will allow us to meet you, and you to put a face to your favorite writers. There are a few of us here in the Kansas City area, and we’d love to get to know our readers.

If you know of a good “watering hole” of sorts, please post it down below or email me at [email protected] If we can find a place that will allow us all to gather, hang out and talk Chiefs, I’ll put together an official “Arrowhead Addict Meet Up”.  I’ll be looking for your suggestions in the comments.

Finally, AA Radio will be making its return very soon. Keep an eye out for that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed things so far, but there’s a lot more to look forward to, addicts.


-Andrew Kulha

Editor, Arrowhead Addict

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  • Canad-Ian

    I know a lot of good watering holes if anybody wants to come up to Edmonton Alberta. If not I’ll still rock the Red Friday by myself. -Ian

    • Andrew Kulha

      Somewhat of a drive…

    • Danny W

      Yeah gas and all that but tell you what I take a fishing trip up there annually if I’m ever around you can’t miss me. Arrowhead Red all day bud.

    • stephan costa

      I hang my Chiefs cap outside Boise Idaho these days. But I bartend & cook at the Dutch Goose bar & grill here. Surprisingly there are quite a few Chief fans out here. If any addicts get out this far stop in I’ll buy ya a cold one and we will harass some faider fans

  • Jason

    I believe that your guarantees are not too far out of reach, and as for the site if you keep coming with that attitude this has no place to go but up. One reason i enjoy this site so much is because we get so little attention from the national media and it’s nice to read about the Chiefs, positive or negative. As for the watering hole maybe you could do something where we could put what city we live in with an email so chiefs fan can contact each other around the states. put a link that has contacts by city, but that may be too much work? I grew up in Kansas City but live in Fort Worth and can’t tell you how much it stinks having to go to a bar surrounded by other fans (not chiefs fans), it really takes away from watching my game. Chiefs!

    • Andrew Kulha

      We can probably make that happen, Jason.

  • Chief Hokie

    Wait a second… What happened to Paddy?

    • Andrew Kulha

      Still around. Just moved up to bigger things. He posts occasionally though:

    • Jim Harper

      That is old news. Where you been? Welcome back though!

      • Chief Hokie

        Holy shit I had no idea. I was wondering what happened to the morning fix. Nowhere I’ve just been lurking every now and then, been real busy

  • Andrew Kulha

    I’m thinking perhaps we could even try to meet up this weekend for the football game. Anybody have thoughts on that? If you’re in the KC area sound off please.

    • chiefridgy

      I’d be down for that.

    • Danny W

      I’m two and half hours a way but do plan to make it to a couple of the meets if you a find a spot.

  • kcpauly

    Post Falls, Idaho, any Addicts wanna hang in Coeur d’Alene or maybe Spokane, WA. would like to cheer the Chiefs with fellow Addicts from time to time
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suzi Conger

    Like your article and objectives Andrew CHIEFS!

    • Andrew Kulha

      Thank you, Suzi.

  • Jim Harper

    I live in Iowa now but used to live in KC for 8 years. There are several cool watering holes in Brookside. I know one used to be one of George Brett’s favorite places with lots of his memorabilia on the walls. They are all smaller with great ambiance.

  • Jim Harper

    I do have one concern about the site. For some reason we have been getting an unusually large number of posters who only seem to come on in order to run down a player or coaches or both. I’ve been a fan for over 50 years and understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but all the negativity is bothersome. I’ve been posting on here for over 2 years, but this seems to be a rather recent problem. And it comes from people who apparently think they know more than Reid or Dorsey which is really absurd. I know there is nothing you can do about it but just wanted to get it off my chest. Go Chiefs!

    • Andrew Kulha

      I understand. It will be hard to moderate though. What do you think we can do about it. Suggestions are welcome

      • Jim Harper

        In truth Andrew, there is nothing that can be done without infringing on their freedom of speech rights. The best way to deal with it is to not respond to their posts. That is, afterall, why they do it. They enjoy getting people all riled up. If we could collectively no respond then it takes away their reason for doing it. That is hard to do when you are getting attacked though. That will be my way of dealing with it though.

        • Patrick Allen

          It is up to our regulars to police the community. That means setting the standard for how AA commenters behave. Sticking together and never lowering yourself to personal attacks and things like that. Always keeping the conversation civil and debating respectfully will rub off on the new readers.

          This site belongs to the Addicts and if our regulars set the tone, others will follow.

          • jimfromkcj

            That is a great idea Patrick, but I hope it doesn’t work out like Pride, where anyone who doesn’t drink their kool aid is ganged up on by some of the fair haired boys. I got banned, and I never use foul language and I try to never make anything personal unless someone chooses to start it. I like their format, but I think they are a bunch of wusses who like to dish it out, but like old Rover they can’t take it when returned.

          • Patrick Allen

            I think for the most part AP has a good community of commenters, though I haven’t been active there in a long time. I think if everyone just remembers that we are all Chiefs fans most things can work themselves out. We’re glad you have you, Jim.

  • jimfromkcj

    Andrew, My former fellow employees meet at the Corner Café in Riverside for breakfast once a month. They have a side room with tables that you can move around to fit most any size group that you are likely to have. Best of all it is not a watering hole per se. Alcohol is the biggest problem with diverse groups of rabid fans who have different opinions. There is the Argosy Casino close by for anyone wanting to make a day of it. there are a couple of places for great barbeque north of the river too. Smoking Gun in NKC and one in Gladstone which I can’t think of the name of off the top of my head. You might check it out.

    • Andrew Kulha

      I’m from NKC so that could work.