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Jamaal Charles In, Eric Fisher Out Per Latest Chiefs' Injury Update

Unfortunately, injury updates have been somewhat of a theme this preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs.

A day after the Chiefs lost 15-13 to the San Francisco 49ers in preseason game No. 2 of the Andy Reid era, Kansas City’s new coach updated the media in regard to injuries on a conference call. Here’s what he had to say:

“Let me give you the injury update. So, for tomorrow’s practice, (Eric) Fisher and (Travis) Kelce will not practice. Fisher’s shoulder has been bothering him, so he won’t practice. Travis has a knee bruise, so he won’t practice. Jamar Newsome has both a sprained ankle and a shoulder and he is not going to practice tomorrow. Dunta Robinson has an AC sprain in the shoulder, and he is going to be ok. He just probably won’t practice tomorrow. (Sanders) Commings won’t practice tomorrow. Everybody else will be good to go. (Mike) Catapano will be back in. Malcolm Bronson will go full. Jamaal (Charles) will be back in and we’ll see what he can do.”

Fisher missed practice last week with a hurt finger, and now he’ll be missing with a shoulder. Reid and has staff have taken a very cautious approach to injuries, so there’s probably not much to worry about here. With that said, it’s not encouraging to hear that the No. 1 overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft is sitting out again, and a shoulder problem is a bit more concerning than the finger.

Reid stated that they’re taking it “day-by-day” with Charles’ injury, going on to say:

“He’ll practice tomorrow and we’ll see how he does. We’ll see how it works out for him tomorrow. He needs work, I mean they all need to work. But we’ll see how he feels tomorrow.”

It’s going to be good for Kansas City’s first offense to get Charles back in practice for many reasons. He’s undoubtedly a star player who defenses have to focus on, and his presence in the backfield will help the Chiefs’ open things up offensively.

Hopefully he’ll be able to stay healthy this week, and hopefully the offense will be able to take some steps forward.

Note: Quotes Via Chiefs Communications.

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  • Chris Tarrants

    Keep Fisher out until he is 100% but I hope he isn’t one of those guys where when he gets beat or misses an assignment he will claim to be hurt just to dodge an ass chewing? I also like Reid’s approach with keeping the injury bug in check. Other than Cummings we really haven’t have a bad one yet

    • Andrew Kulha

      Best to play it safe in preseason, you’re right. I do think Fisher is legit hurting. IMO.

      • KCMikeG

        There is a fine line between playing it safe and Fisher getting the reps he needs to get up to NFL game speed. Coming from a small school the difference in talent level his is playing against now has caused him to struggle in camp. Hopefully he will get healthy and make the adjustment by week #1.

  • Mark Bustamante

    I hope Fisher isn’t a baby who whines every time he gets a ‘boo-boo’. Dude this is the NFL not touch/flag football. Nut up and play

    • Jim Harper

      That is pretty harsh for someone who does not know the nature of the injury. Maybe you should go do a little one on one with him and then see who whines!

      • KCMikeG

        Fisher has a tough as nails rep and a nasty disposition.

    • berttheclock

      “Play through pain” is the dumbest thought process ever conceived by any coaching staff. That idiocy has ruined many an athlete in various sports. Now, travel back in time to the Coliseums of old so you can vote with your hand to see gladiators killed.

      • Mark Bustamante

        If he’s that badly hurt the the trainers, team doctors, and coaching staff F-ed up. He should not have played. We need him 100% for the regular season.

        • berttheclock

          Yeah, I was a little harsh on you. I recall one of the greatest runners I have ever seen (and I can not remember his name). He was a premier 800 meter runner from Cuba who starred at the Olympics in Montreal. First legitimate 800 meter runner I ever saw who sprinted the entire distance. He suffered an injury and wanted to drop out to let it heal, but, was forced to “play through pain” by his training staff. It cost him his career.

  • Pealvin

    I’m glad we have three weeks to get ready. We’ll be ok.

  • Happee_Bumpee

    It usually is the staff that is overly cautious during pre-season, when no meaningful games are played. The goal is to have everybody ready for game one.

  • Danny W

    I’d take it slow with Jammal Chuck. Dude is far and away our best offensive weapon.

  • berttheclock

    Oh, horrors of horrors. Missed blocks resulting in devastating sacks. Fumbles going in for apparent TDs resulting in over 100 yard fumble recovery returns, injuries to key players, changes to game plans to only allow short passes. Think I’m trying to type about the Chiefs? Wrong. Peruse last night’s Denver debacle against the Seahawks. Best part was when Montee Ball missed a crucial block on a blitzer and Manning was introduced to “Hard Knocks”. Failed to mention the many penalties against the Broncos for false starts, missed calling of a TO by Osweiler when the clock ran out and other mental lapses, special teams giving up long returns, etc. The Broncos were definitely not ready for prime time. Please, anyone care to shed one tear, just one teensy one, perhaps?

    • Da Menace

      Saw the struggles of Manning and Co. As well. I feel for the players but revel in knowing the donk are short handed and sloppy !

    • paul pace

      Sorry b, I am not having any tears of sorrow for the Donkeys, not even one teensy one, more like tears from laughing too hard because they looked pathetic!!! (LOL)

  • ArrowFan

    I’m so glad BA is on this team right now.

  • Tim Cudmore

    I’d just like to say that I predicated this exact injury in my post before the pre-season. Feeling proud. :)