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Dunta Robinson Says Chiefs "Can Be A Dominant Football Team." Do You Agree?

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Every team believes that it has the potential to be great, and that hope definitely springs eternal in the NFL preseason.

The Chiefs, in particular though, are an interesting case. Kansas City went 2-14 in 2012, and experienced a facelift this offseason as result. Chiefs Kingdom needed a change, and they got plenty of it heading into the 2013 season.

Those changes are well documented here on Arrowhead Addict, and overall, there’s a completely different vibe surrounding the organization.

Dare I say the Chiefs are confident?

I do dare say so.

So confident, in fact, that new Chief’ cornerback Dunta Robinson threw around “the D word” Wednesday at the end of camp in St. Joseph, Mo., according to a report from Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star:

“This can be a dominant football team. Why not believe that?” said Robinson, who spent six previous training camps with Houston and three with Atlanta. “We believe that we can be one of the best teams in this league, and that’s what we’re shooting for when we line up on Sundays.”

Robinson obviously doesn’t lack in confidence. This is the same guy that had this to say this about the team back in late July, also per Teicher and The Kansas City Star:

“We’re going to be way better,’’ said Robinson, who joined the Chiefs this year as a free agent. “We’re going to be a playoff team. Andy’s brought that winning mentality to this football team, so we plan to win.’’

Perhaps Robinson is just an extremely confident individual, but is there reason to buy into what he’s selling?

After all, Andy Reid did lead Philadelphia to double-digit wins eight times during his tenure with the Eagles (

Combine Reid’s coaching ability with a new accurate quarterback in Alex Smith, star offensive players like Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles and a defense that features players like Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry; and it’s not unrealistic to predict that Kansas City will be much improved in 2013.

But dominant?

That’s a word that’s usually reserved for the best of the best in the NFL.

This does bring up a good taking point though, so let’s get to discussing it, addicts.

What are your expectations for the Chiefs in 2013? Anybody ready to predict a record and set it in stone?

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  • Danny W

    Something you would expect someone to say really. What’s he gonna say that we will suck it up? I know there isn’t much to write about though right now.

  • Chris Tarrants

    11-5! Yes I said it here first. We don’t have the big name qb like some of the other teams, but we have a very good and accurate qb who has a plethora of weapons around him. Guy like Bowe, Charles, DMC, Moeaki, Avery, Fasono and then there are the other guys who are all under the radar studs in Hemmingway, Wylie, Gray, Davis, Richardson, Kelse! Mix those weapons with a very stout o line and what should be a top 5-10 defense and we ARE the sleeper team that nobody will recognize or see coming until its too late and they are stuck in Arrowhead in January asking who in the hell did we just get whipped by again? The Pioli built chiefs? Then they can say no no no no NO this is the Reid ran chiefs!

    • DTVTechGuy

      I like 14-5 better…. I think 10/11 regular season wins is reachable without being in the clouds.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I think right now I’m leaning towards 9-7.

  • Calchiefsfan

    It’s fun to get hyped after their performance in NO. Our 1′s played very well. The defense played against an excellent offense so it was a good test for them and they passed with flying colors. The offense went against a D that is in transition and wasn’t very good last year. I’ll feel a whole lot better if AS11 and Co. can duplicate that against a monster D likes San Francisco’s. If the Chiefs offense plays well and executes this Friday that is going to go a long way towards me believing we could go to the playoffs this year. We looked great last week but it was only one series against a weak defense.

  • Scott Reasons

    I expected 10 wins last year…Cassel pretty much single handedly ruined that though. Yes, I put a lot of blame solely on him. Pioli surrounded him with talent, gave him a decent line, and a bunch of weapons and basically just asked him to manage the game, hand the ball off and hit the occasional play action pass without turning the ball over. By week 5 or 6 Cassel had more turnovers by himself than 30 other TEAMS had all together. NO COACH can win when you lose the turnover battle by that much every game. The defense got a bad rap because Cassel and Quinn left them in such terrible situations time fter time…

    THIS YEAR, I am confident that Alex Smith can do EXACTLY what Cassel was expected to do. He does not have to set the world on fire. Just dont make mistakes. He doesnt have to throw for 300 yards a game, just hit his recievers and let them do their job after the catch. He proved he could lead a team, withmuch less talent on offense, deep into the playoffs. Reid can get the same production or better from Smith that Harbaugh got.

    • Michael Shaw

      OOOOHHH, don’t let Micah see this one!! But you are right about the turnover issue. What I may not agree with is the Offensive line comment. As soon as our Center went down last year our line started getting beat up. Allen and Stephenson ended up looking better by years end in my opinion, but Winston seemed to be slipping and the other two were just rookies thrown to the lions to protect a bad qb.

  • FaAmos

    Last year all the hope I had for a good team went out the door by the time Cassel was in his third or fourth year whatever it was either way if was too long and Pioli passing on QB Affer QB even when we took Baldwin we could have traded back again a little further then taken Andy Dalton or Keapernick and sit him behind Cassel for a year or two then put him out thare but he he passed on a trade opportunity to move up for Tannehill and many others including Russel Wilson but now with Alex Smiith who I like but I’m praying is a stop back QB to give Reid time to find that right QB who can launch if down field when needed. Maybe asking the pats to trade us Ryan Mallet for Chase Daneils offering to pay the five mill quaruntees portion of his contract so it’d only cost the pats five mill for three years for Daniels and try and get Lagerrtte Blount by offering a Daniles, pay his five mill gaurnteed on his contract and a fifth round pick. That would fix a ton of things, first if would allow Reid to get his hands on Mallet and mold into a QB with that kinda of arm is priceless and go back to the Jamal Charles on a snap count like with Thomas Jones which i believe JC shouldn’t run more than 320 times max but having Blount would allow us to have a serious Power RB. I love that trade and if he won’t take Daniels then offer Bray or Stanzi and a fourth rounder.

    • Troy Utt

      Cassel & that entire debacle is in the rear-view mirrow…
      This is a new & different team with over 50% of the roster that has been turned over… and not just at the bottom at key positions. Top Rated QB in many catagories in Alex Smith, as well Fasano known for blocking & leadership, & comes to camp & becomes Smiths #1 target, not to mention Avery known for speed to stretch the field. Not failing to mention the many changes on “D” with the additions of DeVito, S.Smith, Robinson,Abdullah… Point being we now have one of the top secondaries in the NFL as well due to all the roster moves. But it cant all be done at once. You do realize that Blount was jettisoned after having a rather crappy season…right? We have Davis backing JC, we are fine, and that is one hell of a one-two punch! Why would we trade Bray at this point? That makes no sense what-so-ever… We know he has an NFL caliber arm (and yes I have seen it myself-camp 10 days) as we were lucky to have gotten Bray as an UDFA! I would have been fine had they drafted him in a 3rd rd or
      later slot as he was projected, but we all know the story. Why are you so stuck on Tyler Wilson? He is stuck on the bottom of the Raiders QB rotation at #4. If they weren’t so desperate the chances of him making the squad would be zero! About the same can be said when Geno Smith is struggling & now appears will not be able to unseat Mark
      Sanchez, Alex Smith is a great QB to run our offense. We should have one of our best seasons barring injury! Let’s leave the last season where it belongs & give the new team a chance to prove themselves before we try to trade them off for someone else… WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • ILChiefan

      This may be the most rambling, non-sensical, poorly-written post, I’ve ever seen.

      • FaAmos

        If you don’t understand things then don’t comment on them but I’ll be the nice guy and explain it too you. I was complaining about our years with Pioli and how bad he F’d up and how long we’ll have to deal with his mistakes. The shouldn’t take anyone with a second grad reading level to understand. Now agree or disagree but its my right to look back and see all the mistakes Pioli had made and be upset about it and if you don’t want to hear it, listen to it or read it then don’t. Its a free country you can skip right on over the comment and there’s not one thing in there that 99% of KC fans wouldn’t agree with on how bad Pioli was when we all even me thought he was our savior. Now I’m certain Reid is that guy so I’m happy we finally have him but I could do without the Pioli era ever happening.

  • Joe Myers

    Wha happened to the regular arrowheadaddict ????????

  • Joe Myers

    Ok I think its ridiculous and a slap in the face to to predict the chiefs a 8-8 9-7 team when just last year we where suppose to be in the playoffs . And now with a waaaaaaaay better coaching staff and better qb and almost the same dame team plus added talent that we are going 9-7 ??? No I have us starting 8-1 with a loss to the texans . And the knocking off denver at denver . Hell we can even go 9-0 but I don’t want to or 13-3 in 03 I know we all get what I’m saying . Look guys as11 is a pure accuracy qb and he has close to what he had in SF . 14-2 a loss to the texans abd at the chargers yeah bit of a surprise huh . I think tge broncos are a bit overrated and the chargers are a bit underrated. And I think the chargers go 4-2 in the div and we shouldn’t over look them . Go chiefs

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Dominate after a 2-14 season? That’s pushing maybe a bit to much. I can see maybe 2nd or 3rd place, getting into the playoffs. They will be much much better then before.

    We will see how far the team can push it and it helps with fans behind them, supporting them. Just don’t think negative and don’t get your hopes up TO HIGH!

    Go Chiefs!

  • Tom Grady

    I’ll go with 10-6 for 2013 – and a Wildcard.