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Kansas City Chiefs: Quotes and Thoughts After Preseason Clash With Saints


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The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost their first preseason game to the New Orleans Saints, but considering the buzz surrounding the team, it sure doesn’t feel like the day after a loss.

Granted, this is the preseason, and we all know the wins and losses don’t matter. With that said, a good start is important, especially for a team with new faces in important places.

At first glance, it would appear as if Andy Reid’s team didn’t start the year strong, losing 17-13 to the Saints, but this game was more than just the final score.

The real story here was the offensive first team. Led by new quarterback Alex Smith, the Chiefs took the ball and drove the field with confidence. Smith went 7-of-8 for 68 yards and orchestrated a touchdown drive on the Chiefs first try. He spread the ball around, hitting four different receivers, and Jamaal Charles was able to punch it in from the one.

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It was just one drive in the preseason, but it offered a glimpse of what this team may be able to do under the experienced and watchful eye of coach Reid. According to Smith himself, via Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, it was a step in the right direction:

“It’s just one step,” new quarterback Alex Smith says. “It’s an early step. But … a little confirmation of where we’re going, and maybe what this thing will look like come the regular season and moving forward.”

Dexter McCluster, on the other-hand, seemed excited about what the Chiefs brought to the table last night, according to a report from Reid Ferrin of

“This offense is amazing,” McCluster said. “Everybody gets the ball and we have a great quarterback and offensive line and it’s just running and gunning.”

As far as I’m concerned?

I was impressed by the overall flow and tempo of the offense, and I am expecting a good year out of Smith. The NFL is a quarterback’s league, and the Chiefs will only go as far in 2013 as Smith is able to take them.

The good news is, Reid will put Smith in the best position to succeed, and No. 11 does have some playmakers around him. Charles is going to be a huge part of the offense, utilized as both a runner and a pass-catcher out of the backfield, and the tight end position could end up being an X-factor. Anthony Fasano is going to be a consistent target, and rookie Travis Kelce  has the potential to really stretch the defense.There’s a lot to look forward to, and one can only assume that the offense will continue to mesh and grow as the preseason rolls on.


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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Mostly positive signs after Game 1. Hopefully they’ll build momentum and have another good showing next Friday night.

    • Andrew Kulha

      Just gotta keep getting better.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Impressive opening drive. When was the last time we saw the Chiefs methodically dismantle a defense and march down to score a TD on an opening drive? I also liked the fact that not only did our 1′s stop a prolific offense with Drew Brees but we did it again with mostly 2′s, holding them to a field goal. Not Bad.
    Alex Smith is the real deal.
    Poe looked good.
    Kelce could have looked very good if he had caught the dang, (game winning), TD pass from Bray.
    Poor Vince Agnew got schooled, it was painful to watch.
    It looks like special teams are going to be , well “special” this year.
    Knile Davis had flashes. Devon Wylie had flashes.
    I’m expecting big things from McCluster this year.
    No deep passes but then again none were needed. Is that an indication of Smith’s game or will he pull the trigger when our WR’s are open or we need to keep the opposing D honest? Time will tell.
    Can’t wait until next week now. Remember Arizona last tear? We were all sky high after we rolled on AZ’s D, then the wheels fell off. I want to see this same kind of performance against the very tough D of the 49ers.
    Bray vs Stanzi? I’m leaning towards Bray.

    • calciomoti

      The deep ball is usually set up by all things that were done last night in the opening drive…I think it would have come out in the second our third possession.

      Vince Agnew did have a rough night and it was hard to watch. But Ty Hartman had a good game, so did McDougald.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Yes, get the D creeping up, cheating a bit and then go deep. We should see a lot more of what this offense has in the coming weeks.

        Hartman and McDougald were all over the field. It seems we have better depth than last year. If Kelce hadn’t dropped that pass we probably would have won the game in spite of Agnew. Kelce did look promising though.

    • Dfrey87

      I keep hearing people talk about how AS11 didn’t go deep last night. Don’t you guys know what the West Coast Offense is? It is an extension of the running game. It uses the RB’s, TE’s, and WR’s on high percentage short to intermediate routes to move the ball. They don’t usually go deep down field but maybe a few times a game. Most of the routes are from 5 to 25 yards down the field. The WCO uses the RB’s and TE’s more than anything. We seen a very vanilla game plan last night, we will see the WR’s get much more involved. It’s just crazy everyone is bringing up how we didn’t throw the ball deep. Its not AS11 not pulling the trigger, its a product of the WCO.

      • KCMikeG

        Thanks for bringing the reality back into focus! That’s why I’m not distraught over Baldwin or Avery not breaking out so far. The #2 WR in this offense will be the #5 or #6 in receptions behind Bowe, Charles, (insert TE of your preference) and McCluster.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’m perfectly aware of what the WCO is. I was just pointing out that the WR’s weren’t targeted once by Smith. I also stated that it wasn’t needed in that drive. I was simply making reference to the fact that Smith comes to KC with a reputation of not wanting to go long which Reid has stated that he has been pushing Smith on in camp.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am totally excited about Smith and this offense. What we saw last night we haven’t seen in a long long time. You’re right it was just one series and very vanilla at that but wide receivers are a part of the WCO and I hope to, (and expect to), see them targeted more in the future.

  • Trent Taylor

    Cant wait to see more of the starters on both sides of the ball! ST’s were equally impressive. Its just nice to see a competent coaching staff instilling fire and belief back in these players. Still hasnt sunk in that Andy Reid is steering the ship. But damn it feels good!!! Go Chiefs!!!

  • Caleb Wylie

    I like our first drive, but I wanted to see more of Baldwin. Aldo after the first preseason game for all divisional rivals, I hate to say it but I think the Raiders look better than the Chargers. Still we did some good things and is just the first game, but there is some concerning in QB besides Smith theres no one truly reliable, Daniel was a dissapointment imo Bray startes hot, but then it got cold and Stanzi is Stanzi

    • Jim Harper

      More of Baldwin? We did not see any of Baldwin. Way too early to be concerned about QB depth. Daniel will come around as he becomes more comfortable in the system. Bray shows much promise and Stanzi should start packing.

  • sidibeke

    Starting QB play = much better
    Oline = good starters, worried about depth
    ST = we’ll score some points in this aspect of the game
    Would like to see some more pressure on the QB on D, but first unit did well.

    KC should be able to beat Jax :)

  • erocks49ers

    7 points is 7 points. Doesn’t matter if its 40 2.5 yard passes. Keep that D on the field and those short dumps will turn into long TDs