Mar 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback speaks with hall of fame quarterback Len Dawson (right) after the press conference at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Don’t Run The Ball In First Two Practices

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is focusing on the passing game during the first two days of training camp.

According to the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs did not practice a single running play during the first two days of camp.

It was all passing, all Wednesday morning for the Chiefs’ quarterbacks, rookies and selected veterans. The Chiefs have not attempted a running play during the team portions of the first two days of camp. Quarterback Alex Smith wasted little time finding his favorite target, rookie tight end Travis Kelce, on several routes. Chase Daniel and rookie wide receiver Rico Richardson combined on a deep corner route for a touchdown. Daniel also connected with rookie Frankie Hammond Jr. on an out pattern. The best throw of the day was during seven-on-seven drills when Smith hit Donnie Avery on a deep pass for a score. Third-team QB Tyler Bray fumbled a snap from rookie center Eric Kush.

Right now, there are only a handful of veterans in attendance at camp. The rest of the team will arrive this afternoon and the first full team practice will be tomorrow afternoon.

Though it may alarm some folks that the Chiefs aren’t working on the running game, I wouldn’t worry too much. Yes, Andy Reid is know to be a bit pass-happy but the Chiefs don’t need nearly as much work running the ball as they do throwing it. KC has three new QBs, new receivers and a new offense to boot. The Chiefs were awful throwing the football last season so Reid is smart to focus on the passing game out of the gate. We know the Chiefs can run the football.

And I suspect when Mr. Jamaal Charles arrives, there will be a few running plays called.

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  • Norman Gunn

    Great to hear. I coach and my practice is normally 95% pass.

  • kidkongs

    This sure looks like a run to me…

    • Norman Gunn

      look at the third guy, this wasn’t a “play”.

    • Patrick Allen

      No runs during the team portion of practice. It doesn’t mean they didn’t practice handoffs.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    They do need to Pass Pass Pass. But I’m sure they won’t Pass up on the running plays.

  • Jason Collins

    Does anyone from arrowhead addict proofread their articles? Oh btw, with Bob Sutton as DC the chiefs are 5-11. The jets D went from worst to first after firing him as DC in 2008.

    • chiefridgy

      Thanks for the optimism.

      • Jason Collins

        Why would anyone think a former “assistant” LB coach (because he suck at DC) will suddenly be a better good DC cuz he’s is now KC? Haha. Andy better be calling D plays as well

        • clay simester

          You should consider proofreading your comments. But more importantly, did you even read the article? There isn’t one word about Bob Sutton or defense. The article only talks about how they have only focused on passing plays so far, not running plays, which i’m pretty sure neither of those are defense related

        • Daniel Mayfield

          Clay, if it’s like that then I guess Collins is writing his own articles.

        • P Heitman

          Senior Assistant AND Linebackers coach.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      So you are have negative thoughts about KC? Even after they picked up some great D players and we already have a few. CB Sean Smith is the 1st guy that pops out. 1 of the best in the league. On the other side there’s Flowers…..looks like to good 2 great CBs to me. Berry improved the 2nd half of the season last yr. Though Bob might look like he’s not a good DC, maybe he just didn’t have a very good team to make him look like a good coach. Think POSITIVE! Come on ppl! We’ve got better players and coaches some fans still think KC will be kicked around/ran over like last yr? Where is your hope? ( not to high I hope) They will do better. How much? Nobody knows until the end of the season.

      • Jason Collins

        I grew up in KC, I’m a fan, I’m just not. I just know it doesnt matter who is throwing the ball or HC, if Sutton is DC. He had one of the worst defenses with some of the most talented plays from 2006 to 2008. So bad in fact, he was demoted

        • Daniel Mayfield

          So that means he will with KC too? I don’t get my hopes up to high but you don’t know what’s gonna happen. You are talking about 5 yrs ago! You know, ppl can learn and improve.

        • Calchiefsfan

          I think your concern is justified Jason. Sutton does not have a history of success. I fear that everyone is making excuses for him and glossing over this like we did with Daboll. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I’m very concerned.

    • Dee Micks

      The jets had a pretty good secondary but didn’t have true pass rushers. Pass rushers are the difference. They cut down the timing of an offense and force short or inaccurate passes. I agree that Sutton is a step down from Romeo Crennel, but like the Chiefs last year, the Jets didn’t have a complimentary offense to their defense. No defense is good when they have to play 45/60 minutes a game. Look at the Colts when they won the super bowl, Ridiculous offense but their defense basically consisted of Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. Chiefs offense just got a lot better. Now watch Tamba Hali and Justin Houston go stupid (not to mention the other ballers we have on defense)… Watch my boys get down this year. We Play off Bound!

      • P Heitman

        You’re so right about the amount of time the defense spent on the field. KC’s defensive statistics are skewed because of the offense, too. Look at the discrepancy between yards allowed per game, and points allowed per game. Opponents didn’t rack up yards like they did points. Is this because of Romeo’s stellar defense, or because the offense consistently gave the opposition short fields. Then, on top of the short field, Offenses cut through Crennel’s defense like a hot knife through butter.

        Not worried about Sutton one bit. Can’t get any worse, seriously.

        • KCMikeG

          Dead on with the turnovers in our end of the field. Playing from behind made our offense even worse than they were and directly affects the defense. Would love to see a post about scoring drive lengths and how many were from T/O’s. Also how many were held to FG’s instead of TD’s one short fields. The defense didn’t have 4 Pro Bowlers on it for nothing.

    • nick lein

      man you complain about everything all the time

      • Jason Collins

        Maybe if you complained more management would put people in place to win a championship like fans do in NYC, Chicago, New England and Baltimore. Don’t ya think. Why except mediocracy when you pay $200 a ticket?

        • P Heitman

          Ridiculous comment. How do you think we swapped out Cassel, Crennel and Pioli for Smith, Reid and Dorsey? Complaining. Let the new regime play ONE game at least before freaking out. Good Lord. Just remember the hires and signings we praised as a fan base that ended up being turds…

          • Jason Collins

            Did it really take one game to know Crennel would blow? Did it really take 6 total years of Haley and Herm would not work? The chiefs are going no where without a DC. Keep drinking the ATTACK style kool aid. I see the chiefs getting destroyed with screens.

          • P Heitman

            Haha. Wow, man. Why even be a fan…

    • Jason Collins

      Sutton’s track record is horrible. The jets demoted Sutton and had the #1 defense and went to the AFC championship with Sanchez and Jones, because their defense. It’s going to be a long year. I think the offense will be 500% better. The defense is going to blow. I’m pissed, the chiefs could have found 20 DC’s better than Sutton!!

      • P Heitman

        You have a point, but Romeo Crennel’s defense was archaic. I think moving from the 2-Gap alone makes us better.

  • Carlos Nevarez

    I Think the key statement is “the chiefs don’t really need practice running the ball.” I am concerned with Bob Sutton at DC Though. Andy Reid was at his best when he had the defensive genius whos name slips my mind ATM, on the team. When he retired Is when he started to decline.

    • KCMikeG

      Jim Johnson

  • P Heitman

    Do they even have enough guys in camp right now to run the ball? If it’s truly a handful of vets, rookies, and qbs, could they even construct an O-Line? As far as I know we have 4 Rookie Offensive Lineman, one of which is unsigned. The only rookie backs I know of are Davis, Roberts, Wilson, and Opurum…

  • KCMikeG

    And as usual not a word on Captain America……

  • Perch

    why does one need to run the ball when they have the best running game…

  • cd3382

    We were dead last in passing last season…enough said! Go Chiefs!!!

  • PunjabiPete

    must….get….out….there…. :D