Psychics: Knile Davis Has Bad Karma

The Kansas City Chiefs are just days away from reporting to training camp and so we continue our series of psychic predictions on the team’s upcoming season. We submitted some important Chiefs-related questions to a group of expert psychics to find out how our boys in Red and Gold will perform this season. Thus far, we’ve found out that the Chiefs could be back in the Super Bowl in three years, with one psychic predicting that the team will not return to the championship game until 2021. We also got a prediction that RT Eric Fisher could be sidelined this season with an injury to his extremities. Yikes.

Chiefs fans are hoping RB Knile Davis can step up and be a complimentary back to Jamaal Charles. So I decided to probe a little further to see just what Knile has to offer. After all, there is some concern with Davis in regards to his fumbling and injury issues.

Running back Knile Davis was drafted by the Chiefs this year. He has loads of talent but seems to be a boom or bust type of player. Will Knile have success for the Chiefs or will fans regret that the team drafted him?

The psychic survey says…. The fans and Chiefs’ brass will regret bringing Knile Davis on board. Hollywood Psychics’ Champagne notes, “He’s too full of himself and has bad Karma. His ego will bring him down.” Two other psychics also foresaw that Davis will meet with a modicum of success this season, but most of it may be tied to his association with Fisher, agreeing that while Davis arrives on the scene rarin’ and ready to go, that enthusiasm may fizzle out before the season reaches its midway point.

Let’s continue the fun and find out which Chiefs player is poised to have a breakout season in 2013.

Is there a player on the Chiefs’ roster that appears to be having the stars align so that he can have a surprise or breakout season?

Three of the psychics believe that the Chiefs will have a breakout star this season and that this player will be a running back. Knile Davis was mentioned by name, specifically, with one of the psychics predicting he will start out very well, however, that performance may ebb as the season progresses.

Hmmm. So Knile has bad Karma, eh? That doesn’t sound good.

Interestingly, some psychic’s think Knile is the candidate for a breakout season while others think he will start out hot and then fade.

What do you think, Addicts? Which psychics are right on Knile? Is he a breakout star or a bust waiting to happen?


This series of psychic predictions for the 2013 Chiefs season is for fun and entertainment purposes. Nobody on the Arrowhead Addict staff thinks Knile Davis has a bad attitude and we’re rooting for him 100%.

Want to get your own questions answered? Check out the psychics from Hollywood Psychics to get the guidance you’re looking for.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Ah man… I was totally wondering if they’d tell us who’ll win the footrace between he and Charles.

  • ladner morse

    Dang……. seems like the “Psyde-kicks” information has been “aweful” reliable so far…….. would you please ask them about Area 51 and whether it was a gov prank or really really aliens???

  • Clint Moran

    “Expert phsycics”? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Hard to say who’s right or wrong on this topic, since they are all just taking a wild shot into the dark. My take is, Reid made it clear that fumblitis will not be tolerated, so you can bet he will take care of that if he wants to see the field. The injuries, that’s a tough one to stop. I can imagine the strength and conditioning program at Arkansas was top notch, and he is clearly a gym rat to boot. Nfl conditioning may not make a big difference in that category, but he is a physical specimen, and if he can stay healthy, I would imagine we might see some big things out of this kid. Especially, since he won’t be a feature back, rather a reliever for Charles and a good “thunder” complement to our “lightning” in Charles.

  • chiefridgy


  • ArrowFan

    All I want to know is when is the next time I stub my big toe so I can stop my self. But then again could I realy make a diference in the outcome?

  • micah stephenson

    I think you shud ask them was Alex Smith the right choice or shud we have drafted Geno Smith? Jus saying :-)

  • kcpauly

    Please stop with this nonsense

  • Tim Cudmore

    If I may Pat; just to add an element of factual perspective to these claims. As all pseudo-foretelling is reliant on observation and pattern awareness.

    Chiefs Superbowl.
    Alex Smith is good enough to get this team to the playoffs and will provide the experience to the younger players needed to strengthen their psychological aptitude for winning. He however does not have the skill set to make the necessary throws and will be replaced for a rare rookie talent who will take this team to the Superbowl. The prediction ties in with the ‘primary’ player age groups and their maturity growth rate. Win-loss prediction being, 8-8 then 9-7 with a loss in the wild card round, then Smiths replacement and a Superbowl appearance.

    Eric Fisher.
    Chances are he will likely attract injury due the following reasons. The forced adjustment from Left to Right tackle is not simply about technique but also (and often forgotten) muscular distribution and allocation of force leverage points. The risk being as predicted, primarily in the extremities. As he rolls to the right and contorts his body as such, he will be placing new tension in the opposite direction to his tissue strength. He will adjust not with his body, but rather the additional application of strength and pressure through his arms and therefore increase the risk of such. Given that as a LT his right arm is the brace arm and not the guide arm, when having to apply that generation of tension through such, it will increase the pressure to the Tricep and force rapid change to elasticity. This is why RT are considered better run blockers or ‘maulers’ as their ‘primary hand’ being their right, is used both as a drive and guide arm rather than the differentiation that the left tackle must make. As evident in B.Alberts ability to run block but early struggles with pass protection.

    Knile Davis.
    Knile has a unique running style for someone of his build and proportions. His frame allows him to carry more weight with no sacrifice to speed. However, where he gains in power, he lacks in lateral agility. The stronger he gets, the more he relies on bulldozing smaller defenders using One cut straight line power runs. For a larger back, ei, Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson, this is fine and the added height allows them to redistribute force over a larger area. The tackle zone for defenders is minimized to certain weak points due to their height. Unfortunately for Davis and many other smaller power backs, this results in a greater chance of injury. What plays against Davis, and to why his ‘ego’ and ‘karma’ are challenge in this case is quite simple. Potential success breeds either arrogance or resentment. As he and everyone else knows, that when he is healthy, he could be a phenomenal player; and thus the challenge in not his success but rather simply just staying healthy. This in-turn effects performance and becomes a vicious cycle. Either he sheds the mindset and plays with instinct, which results in greater success and higher injury risk rate OR he plays scared and never achieves his true potential, yet will remain an adequate back up RB for his career. This is why the coaching staff will most likely involve him in special teams and long 3rd down plays, to increase his confidence and minimize impact until his body can adjust to the game speed of the pros. He is lucky in that he is starting as a back up and not being forced to compete right away.



  • Marcus J. Walker

    These psychics are very pessimistic. I wouldn’t mind hearing these guys cook up something positive for once. As kcpauly said, “Pat, Please stop with this nonsense!”