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Chiefs’ 2013 Schedule: 3 Critical Home Games

The Kansas City Chiefs are just a little over a week from reporting to training camp so I thought it would be a good time to look at the schedule and pick out three critical home games.

In the NFL, every game is important but some more than others.

Let’s look at three biggies that will go down at Arrowhead.

9/15 Chiefs vs. Cowboys

The first home game against the Cowboys is important for a number of reasons. It is Andy Reid’s first game at Arrowhead and the first game of the new era. The Chiefs have been miserable at home the last few years (away too) so getting a win in the first one will really help set the tone of Arrowhead dominance once again.

More importantly, the Cowboys present a very solid test.They were not great in 2012 but not terrible either. Dallas presents challenges on both offense and defense. This is an important game for the Chiefs to see where they stand early on in the season.

10/13 Chiefs vs. Raiders

The Raiders have owned the Chiefs at Arrowhead lately. That has to stop. This is the first AFC West game of the year. The Chiefs need to win it and put the rest of the division on notice; times have changed.

12/1 Chiefs vs. Broncos

If the Chiefs have any delusions of taking the AFC West crown, they’re going to have to knock off the Broncos at least once in 2012 and what better placed to do it than Arrowhead? KC has a tough schedule down the stretch and this contest is their next to last home game. After this game, the Chiefs play three of four on the road, including games against the Redskins, Colts and Chargers. This is a big one for KC as they enter the stretch run.

What do you think, Addicts? What three games do you think are the most important contests at Arrowhead in 2013?

According to, Chiefs-Cowboys is the most expensive of the three games with an average ticket price of $202.45, followed by Chiefs-Broncos at $136.82. Chiefs-Raiders is the cheapest of the three games with an average ticket price of only $117.29.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’d swap out the Cowboys game for the game with Houston. That’s the first formidable conference opponent we’ll face. That could be the team we wind up fighting for a wildcard spot in the AFC.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Dallas is a critical game for the reasons you stated. I’m in full agreement. I’m expecting to beat the Jags so that would get us off to a 2-0 start.

    Oakland absolutely because, well, it’s Oakland. The fact that we got swept by them last year takes a 2-14 record from bad to the worst season in the history of the Chiefs. If the only 2 games we won last year were against Oakland then I would have considered it a partially successful year.

    Denver I’m not looking at as critical because I don’t expect the Chiefs to be able to compete for the AFC West title this year. I’m thinking more along the lines of wild card. So that takes me to the Colts. The last 2 games of the season could mean going to the playoffs or not. Both the Colts and the Chargers could be in the running for the last spot so my thinking is, we win the last 2 games we go to the playoffs. I have us at 7-5 going into those last 2 games

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      I agree, if we want to go to the playoffs, we have to beat teams like the Cowboys.

      • Calchiefsfan

        The last game of the season could be the biggest game of the year. A do or die for the playoffs.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I meant to say 9-5 going into the last 2 games, my bad.

      • jim

        Good recovery :) GEAUX CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin R Groth

    I have $200 down on the cow girls game and will be visiting arrowhead for the haters game. hoping my 6-9 wins prediction in low ball and we rob a division crown from the Denver mannings.

  • Jim Harper

    I think you absolutely nailed this one Paddy! Both games with the Raiders and Broncos are important for all the obvious reasons. The Cowboys game may be the single most important home game. Jerry Jones is expecting much from his boys this year and more importantly this game may very well set the tone for the remainder of the season and establish our new identity. The more lopsided the better. Go Chiefs!!!

  • ladner morse

    I think you are absolutely right about the Cowboys game. Most everyone down here in Jerry “Jivin” Jones land is looking at the Chiefs game as a gimme game for the Cowgirls.

    I looked up some info on Andy Reid’s record against the Cowboys during his years in the same division:

    17-12, Philly’s Records vs. the Cowboys in the Andy Reid Era
    1999- 1-1
    2000- 2-0
    2001- 2-0
    2002- 2-0
    2003- 1-1
    2004- 2-0
    2005- 0-2
    2006- 2-0
    2007- 1-1
    2008- 1-1
    2009- 0-3
    2010- 1-1
    2011- 2-0
    2012- 0-2

    With Hali and Houston giving the Chiefs a huge strength over a Cowboys
    weakness… their OL… the Chiefs should be able to come out strong and
    handle them. I can NOT wait for that game.

    Plus, Dallas defense was #22 in the league in rushing yards allowed from scrimmage in 2012 and they haven’t gotten any better over the off-season in that department. Tally-ho Charles. Tally-ho!

    • barry

      Since I’m born, bought and raised Texan I have always been a Cowboys fan. I use to love watching Newhouse, Smith, Staubach and the Boy’z play, they seemed to win many games in the last quarter. I have always had a huge respect for Tom Landry and looked upon his dismissal as a very disrespectful move, as Jerry the Jive came in the picture. If not for Jimmy Johnson the Cowboys would be looked on as the Lions (no offense to Detroit, just truth). I think the Cowboys have a huge hill to climb in way to many areas on both sides of the ball to be successful in 2013, and Romo will take the hit for it as Garrett hits the Jive door (Sudo family or not). I plan on wearing my Cowboys stuff to that game yet as I have ponder it I feel more of a Chiefs fan since I have been rooting for them for 17 years now. I truly believe the Chiefs have a very good possibility of making the Wild Card spot in 2013. Partly because some teams will not take them seriously, and part because from what I’ve read over the past 6 months they have a huge chance of hitting a few teams between the teeth and walking away with a win. So back in January when Clark made his moves I made mine and purchased season tickets. Opening day at Arrowhead with the Cowboys will be an awesome venue. First game I attended when I arrived here in KC was the Cowboys and Chiefs, and the Chiefs won. A moment in time I will never forget, mostly because of the fans that made the stadium rock…..”the home of the CHIEFS!!” Can’t wait!!

      • ladner morse

        Wow! great post!
        I may be going to that game too!
        Go Chiefs!!!!!

  • Kevin Loewke

    As a Raiders fan, that game is just as big for us. We have sucked for 10 years, so I’m not here to brag, but I hope both of our teams get our act together and give the AFC West a little more relevancy. Peyton is the current face of the division, that needs to be adjusted.

  • tm1946

    You are right and wrong at the same time. These games might well have special meaning/emphasis for the team and fans.

    However if the team can re-establish home field advantage, get the Arrowhead crowd going nuts, just take care of business at home (and all the other trite sayings) – win 8 games at home, then they are probably headed for a good to great season and help us get rid of the taste of Pioli et al tenure.

    So every game at home is BIG. There are only 8 and the team cannot give one away.